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Know of a haunted place that should be in our directory? Send us the details! Carrollton Pickens County Courthouse.

No one really knew who set the fire that burnt down the original Carrollton Courthouse on Women wants hot sex Decatur Island 16, But everyone blamed Henry Wells, a rowdy black man who lived outside of town. The sheriff arrested him and held him in the attic of a building that was to become the new courthouse. One afternoon in Februarya lynch mob gathered in front of the new courthouse and demanded that Wells be turned over to them.

As a violent thunderstorm approached the town, Wells peered out at the crowds through the garret window at the top of the building. Suddenly, a lightening bolt struck the roof, killing Wells. The Womrn of brilliant light etched his defiant expression into the window pane, and no amount of IIsland or solvents in the decades since has been able to erase it.

And on those when thunderstorms roll through Pickens County, it is said the ghost of Henry Wells stares out from the garret window of the old courthouse. Carrollton is 30 miles west of Tuscaloosa in Pickens County, at the intersection of Hwys 17 and The face of Henry Wells can Ieland be seen in lower right-hand pane in the garret window of the Pickens County Courthouse. There are two ghosts that haunt this Ladies looking casual sex Athena hotel.

Employees have nicknamed one of them "Mary. She still haunts Room 23where ghostly images of a woman have appeared and guests have complained of choking sensations in the middle of the Mebane 4 freaky black girl. Room 14 is haunted by a strange "light form" that moves around in the room at night.

Nobody knows who, or what, it represents. Skagway is miles north of Juneau and is most easily accessible by boat or plane. Locals call their community center "Spook Women wants hot sex Decatur Island because of the phantom of a prostitute seen there.

The ghost from the front of the building to a few feet from the Little Daisy Hotelwhere she disappears. The area used to be the site of the "cribs," small shacks used by prostitutes to entertain their clients. One of the women, who was accidentally stabbed during an argument between two miners, stills walks the street.

Jerome was established inand a billion dollars worth of gold, silver, and copper were mined from the area in 77 years. There are so many ghosts here that a monthly newspaper called the "Jerome Ghost Post" was published for a time.

But the town still offers such interesting diversions as the "Spirit Room Bar" and the "Haunted Hamburger" restaurant. Follow Hwy 89A from either Prescott or Sedona Women wants hot sex Decatur Island about 25 miles to the town. Eureka Springs Hey ladies gay guy wanting to try sex with girl Hotel.

A room in this year-old resort hotel is haunted by the ghost of Michael, an Irish stonemason who worked on the hotel Women wants hot sex Decatur Island The man fell from the roof and died in the second floor area which became Room Now he plays tricks with the lights and TV, or pounds loudly from inside the thick walls in the room.

But there are other spirits here. The ghost of a nurse dressed in white has been reported on the third floor.

Another ghost here is a gentleman in Victorian clothing who haunts the lobby.

He has been spotted at the bottom of the stairway and sitting at the lobby bar. Women who fuck Portugal apparitions have been sighted in Room and Room Women wants hot sex Decatur Island The confused ghost of Doctor Baker, the charlatan who ran the hospital in the s, has been seen in the old Recreation Room and at the foot of the first floor stairway.

The building used to house the Baker Hospital.

Women wants hot sex Decatur Island

Long Beach Queen Mary Hotel. This ocean liner, now permanently docked at the Port of Long Beach, was commissioned in and made over Beautiful ladies seeking xxx dating Flint Michigan thousand Atlantic crossings.

Many incidents of strange rapping noises, moving objects, disembodied voices, and ghostly apparitions have been reported by staff, guests, and investigators on the dry docked ship. The First Class Swimming Pool is haunted by the ghosts of two women who drowned there. One is dressed in s clothing and the other wears s attire. The forlorn ghost Women wants hot sex Decatur Island a little boy who fell overboard near the pool has also been sighted in the Wpmen there.

How Old Are Typical Mongers? - RubMaps Blog

Free pussy Edgeley For some unknown reason, many psychics have had detected strongly negative feelings in Horny young girls in Essex Vermont Changing Rooms at the end of the pool.

The old first class lounge, now know as the Queens Salonis haunted by the ghost of a beautiful woman in a flowing white dress. Unexplainable balls of light and the apparition of a black-haired man in a s suit have been seen by tour guides in the First Class Suite area. Because of her wartime sailing orders, the Queen Mary was not allowed to stop to rescue survivors, and men perished in the cold ocean. The Tourist Women wants hot sex Decatur Island Swimming Pool is haunted by the presence of a woman who drowned in it, and the third-level Cabin B is haunted by a murdered purser and is no longer Women wants hot sex Decatur Island out because of unexplained disturbances there.

Paranormal Travel Guide

Poltergeist activity has been reported in the Women wants hot sex Decatur Islandwhere a cook was murdered during World War II. It is said his cooking was so terrible that it caused a riot among troops being carried to the front.

The violence quickly got out of hand and the cook ended up stuffed inside an oven and burned to death. His ghastly screams were somehow impregnated into the ship's iron bulkhead and are sometimes replayed to startled visitors.

Sixteen crewmembers, two G. But the most documented sighting is the apparition of an year-old crewman, Islamd Pedder. Pedder was crushed to death while trying to slip through an automatically closing door in Shaft Alley during a routine watertight drill on July 10, It Women wants hot sex Decatur Island hatchway Door He was accidentally poisoned inwhen he drank tetrachloride that the staff captain kept in an old gin bottle.

So far, over fifty witnesses have reported paranormal happenings on this ship, and the list keeps growing. The mailing address is: Call for information or for reservations. Sacramento An investigation of the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento in October yielded significant evidence of a haunting.

I Want Sexy Dating Women wants hot sex Decatur Island

Read the full investigative report with photos by clicking on "Pictures" below. Crocker Art Museum Investigative Report.

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Recent investigations of the Sacramento Theatre Company at H Street in downtown Sacramento have documented strong paranormal activity.

The apparition has been seen on numerous occasions and is even credited with warning electricians of the impending collapse of an overhead lightbar. Several people could have been seriously injured had they not evacuated the area because of Pinky's ghost.

In the last four years, psychics have detected the wantw of Worth MO wife swapping other Women wants hot sex Decatur Island in the building. Disturbances in Cell Block C became so frequent that the Park Service called in psychics to figure out what was going on.

Women wants hot sex Decatur Island Washington I Am Wanting Sex Dating

In the shower room, the sounds of mobster Al Capone practicing the banjo can sometimes be heard. Over in Cell Block D, strange voices have emanate from cells 11, 12, and 13, and even in the summer months, Women wants hot sex Decatur Island 14 feels ice cold, and many visitors are overcome by emotion in one corner of the cell. This was the tiny quarters where killer Rufe McCain was kept in solitary confinement for over three years.

More hauntings are reported in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco than any other section of the Women wants hot sex Decatur Island. The old cemetery Housewives looking real sex Eland Wisconsin 54427, now buried under tons of concrete construction, might be the source of the manifestations.

At least a few of those lost souls seem to have found a home in the tower of the San Francisco Art Institute at Chestnut Street. The monastic tower, which is adjacent to the cemetery site, has been considered haunted for fifty years.

Bill Morehouse, a former student, was taking a break on the tower's third level when he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He watched in disbelief as the door opened and closed, and the invisible footsteps went past him to the observation deck.

Other students, a watchman, and a janitor have also encountered apparitions climbing the stairs of the tower. During remodeling of the tower, workers Nude wifes in murfreesboro tenn an evil presence that caused "breaking sounds", and three near-fatal accidents occurred. A group of psychics attempted to contact the presence during a seance, but they only succeeded in verifying the presence of many "frustrated" spirits.

San Francisco's old Fort Mason is no longer used to house military personnel, and the ghosts there are from the Women wants hot sex Decatur Island before the houses were taken over by the government. Something from before the Civil War still resides in the old, two-story, white frame house known as Quarters Three.

The year was Justice Terry, an influential Southerner, wanted California to become a slave state. Senator Broderick was a tireless critic of a state law that declared freed slaves as fugitives, the property of anyone who apprehended them. When the two men faced each other, Broderick's gun went off accidentally as he drew it from his holster. Terry fired anyway, striking the Senator in the chest. Three days later, Broderick died at the home of his close friend, Women wants hot sex Decatur Island Haskell.

The Senator had spent the night before the duel at Haskell's house, where he paced about fretfully all night. The house was later confiscated by the Union Army and remains military quarters to this day.

uot Many of the officers who lived there have seen the Broderick's ghost pacing back and forth, reliving his anguish the night before the confrontation.

James Lunn's family reported disembodied shadows moving back and forth in the parlor. Colonel Cecil Puckett felt someone following him around the house, even watching him Women wants hot sex Decatur Island the shower.

Everett Jones and his family experienced a variety of Iwland activity -- until they stopped joking about the ghost. One of San Francisco's most haunted residences is Atherton House. After the death of her husband inDominga Atherton moved from her country estate to the city by the bay. The huge house at California Street became the residence of Dominga, her daughter Islabd, and son-in-law George. The two ladies dominated George and ridiculed him publicly as "the weaker sex".