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Wang everybody, "Way back in I was sitting in my garage with a little Wurlitzer electric piano Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont this song popped out and started this whole train a rolling". This was a line I came up with for the the Paradise Tour in briefly describing how Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont song Lady yonight written.

JY's father who owned a construction business was tearing out a bunch of acoustic ceiling tiles out of the University of Chicago and had asked if we had any use for them.

I had decided to turn my one car garage Bentonville IN adult personals a small rehearsal space for the band while we assembled some songs for our first record. It was in this garage that I wandered out one day in hopes of writing a song that would make the album. To that point I had not considered myself a songwriter but more of a singer keyboardist in a cover band.

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I had written a song years before for TW-4 called So Long Now that we ssx played but other than that my only solo song writing attempt had been "I'm Gonna Chat sex Pasadena Ya Feel It" which we first recorded in What did I know about composition, not much.

It has been a mystery Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont me all these years as to how I came up waht Lady in the first place.

My memory tells me I was listening to Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont Crimson's "Court of the Crimson King" at Roeemont time and maybe the images of kings and queens and lords and ladies was lurking in my subconscious.

Or was it "What Has Come Between Us" a song given to us to record that contained the lyrical chorus "Lovely Lady" that I thought sounded pretty cool that once again had seeped into my brain. I know for sure the lyrics I came up with were written to describe Suzanne, who even at a young age had ,adies maintained the aura and dignity of a true "lady".

It could have all these things, I really can't say because I had never written much so I was clueless that Lady was in fact special.

Anyway I found this photo on Google taken by Warring Abbott a great photographer who followed us on parts of the Paradise Theater in This is backstage in a dressing room wSeet Nassau Coliseum and there it is that little Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont Piano.


Rumor has it that Prince saw me in this Purple outfit and immediately wrote Purple Rain and Raspberry Jacket which he later turned into Beret. But that's just a rumor. Truth be told I started writing this song on the Wurlitzer but finished it on a Waltham baby grand piano Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont our house.

My daughter now has the Waltham in her house but sadly in my dismissal from Styx it was not returned to me.

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A terrific anti war movie set in a German prisoner of war camp during WWI. I made note of the film's title and thought immediately it would make a fantastic title for an album. I mentioned it to one of my best friends Tom Short and he agreed it Naughty wives looking hot sex Red Wing way cool.

In Tom would quit his job and Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont to work for the band as an assistant to the tour manager. I wasn't sure what the Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont of the title would mean in terms of a rock record but I was convinced it was very memorable. Two years went by with many upheavals for me personally and professionally not least of which were changes in personnel within Styx.

JC left and Tommy filled his spot and we recorded Crystal Ball inJanuary of came and we prepared to start to record a new album.

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One day the phone rang and it was Tonigut Short calling to have one of our thousands of chats wxnt music, or sports or whatever when the conversation turned to the new album.

He said whatever happened to that idea you had about naming the album The Grand Illusion. The minute he said it I thought thank God he remembered it because I had completely forgotten about it. And so it began. I sat down and attempted to write a song that could not only be a theme for the record but also the ultimate show opener.

It's good to have high expectations and goals because every once in a while you could fall over yourself head first into something special. Most times however you simply bump your head but not that time. The song Grand Illusion with help from everyone in Styx Rosemoont not only the albums theme but one hell of a show opener. Thanks to Tom Short for remembering something so important from my big blabbing mouth.

Sadly Tom one of my very Rosejont friends passed away in his early fifties from colon cancer, far, far to Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont to say the least.

His two Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont bands in the world were Led Zeppelin and you guessed it Styx. Lady looking sex Birch Creek

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Thanks Beautiful women seeking sex Dillon Tom, I'll picture you now in a gathering of angels. The ground breaking guitar sounds and the immediate catchiness of the songs guaranteed them headline status. We opened the show and as I recall it was a great success primarily for the kids kadies the Marines who sponsored the show for Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont children. Both bands did a fine job for the sellout crowd at the Omni.

Tom Scholz the guitar player and keyboard wiz was the mastermind behind the group and remains so to this day. Throw in Brad Delps supersonic vocals and Ya got somethin.

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Turn on any classic hits or classic rock station today and you might think it's stillthats how monumental that record was. I would like to thank Tom, his wife Kim and the entire Boston band and crew for their kindness and Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont toward Suzanne and me and the boys it was certainly appreciated.

They tonkght me they had marked the date on their calendar knowing that we would performing together. I was truly shocked and humbled Rosdmont their kind words and man did they do a fantastic job recreating that Boston sound.

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It was so good that after the show Justiceburg TX adult personals pahked my cahh in Havahd yahd. By the way I wrote this last night after watching Ray Donovan.

Cheers, Dennis ps Thanks to the Boston crew for my logo projection they are a real class act. Kadies video of our concert in Phoenix: I just received the new Styx Vinyl Collection in the mail and decided to Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont it open to have a look. I called the local fire department to assist me seeing as how to open anything you buy these days takes considerable ingenuity and effort.

After they had gotten it open I decided to buy my own set of "Jaws of Life" for the ,adies time I have to open something, you know like a bottle of Listerine. Tonihht child proof cap on this thing should state that this product is safe for all children under the age of cause ya ain't agittin it open. Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont the marked sides and twist, only to realize after 72 attempts that your gingivitis and plaque will be celebrating and your breath will have to remain questionable.

Buy one bottle and it will be yours for life, Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont would you give to have 5 minutes alone with the murdering, tamperingTylenol guy who stared all this idiotic protective packaging crap. Tonitht believe, though I could be wrong that hospital emergency rooms have invested heavily in this protective packaging.

Obamacare does not cover this. After seeing the collection I was impressed to find that all the albums appeared to be as I had remembered them, with the exception of the laser etching on Paradise Theater. Of the four million that sold only the first million were actually etched. It was the brainchild of Jeff Ayeroff at A and M. They contain the same lyrics and photo's as the originals oRsemont Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont Grand Illusion poster.

It's a wonderful poster and the photo shoot was memorable in that I never heard anyone yelling Rosmont more smoke at crotch level".

For those of you who do not Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont the reference check out an earlier post where I discuss our first album photo shoot. As of yet I don't know if I will make the effort to listen to these records because it would entail some work on my part to fix Naked Padthaway girls turntable and stylus, connect it to an amp and speakers and find my hookah and platform shoes.

Besides I know what they sound like i was there when we did them.

If any of you were bold enough to get these new things let me know what you think and please do not post your prom pictures The theme of this article concerns the regimen I go through before I perform each concert. Actually I had to make tonighf up considering what I do is virtually nothing. That's me considering the playlist minutes before going on stage, hmm should we play Don't Stop Believin or Plexiglass Toilette tonight me adjusting Suzanne's wireless Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont, yeah sure I am me and the band warming up vocally, me and Jean Ravel toight Windsor knots and finally me singing in the shower Housewives seeking sex TX Chico 76431 the hotel.

Normally I do this without stage clothes but this is after all a family newspaper. The original pic taken in the shower was hysterical but Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont was counseled against using it because it really represents my inner Jerry Lewis which perhaps is too silly for a "rock star.

I may post it anyway.

Here are some quotes from radio, TV and print translated into English by ours friends at Le Capitole. Come tonkght Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont I plan to run for president of Quebec on the Suite Madame Blue platform which promises every Quebecer a sample of me holding the long morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre note in that song. Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont should cure them.

Wait I have just been Rosemknt that they do not have a president and if they did I would have to have been born here and at the very least be able to order food en Francais without making hand gestures and make clucking sounds to order coq au vin.

Not true I can say poulet without wwant not to mention poutine. I am also doubling as Rick Steve's DeYoung today with some pics from my hotel room. Next I will be making you sit through some home movies of our family vacation to Starved Rock Illinois. We appreciate the way he moves, the way he plays the ses, his impeccable voice and the quality of his Been naughty tied up n spanked. At the age of 67, he has lost nothing of his voice and still masters the art to move Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont stage.

A perfect show for nostalgic people! Same for the successes of Styx. Run to see and hear this living legend!

We sing, we shed a few tears, and we still ask for more! Everything was there in this well-oiled and smooth-running show. The vocal harmonies, the sound effects, the lighting effects, but Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont the unique voice of this rock legend which made us vibrate, leaving us an immortal souvenir, pure Styx, what a pleasure!

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Hey everybody, Found this on YouTube. Obviously the female narrator is computer generated but they did a good job, better then most I have read.

Sweet ladies want sex tonight Rosemont small correction, in the year which I was replaced the tour had not yet been planned so there were no commitments that needed to be fulfilled by the band. Also during the years to the band did not break up we simply went on hiatus waiting for Tommy to return. Quebec Shows - Lqdies Website Article http: Kilroy and Roboto catching up on old times.

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This young man whose name escapes me showed up at Epcot all 3 nights. I asked him why pray tell and he genuflected, kissed my rings and said and I quote "your eminence without the Kilroy album to guide me through life I most certainly would have given in to the temptation of becoming A Flock of Seagulls fan".

No he didn't Actually all he said was he thought it might be fun. I brought him on stage and he did the robot.

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