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Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas Looking Sexy Chat

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Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas

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Now, these lyrics tell as absolutely nothing, so maybe the answer lies within the video? It's just pretentious crapola with Scott Anderson singing by the sea in a black and white scene with birds flyin' everywhere and a hottie looking all serious while a toniyht hour glass runs out.

I'm thinking the song is about a dude Lady wants sex AR Ward 72176 digs a chick then lost her and now wants her back. Isn't that what every song is about? Eminem Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas shit and it makes sooo Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas sense, and people say he sucks and talk shit about him and then some no name shit band comes out with a song and writes lyrics to qasted because they sound good together and puts no fucking effort into what they mean, personally that just pisses me the fuck off and makes me wanna shoot them and they shouldnt be millionares cuz they have no fucking wastrd.

I don't hate Eminem.

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In fact, I thoroughly enjoy his music. I even saw him back in when he opened for Limp Bizkit. And who ever said there was a correlation between talent and income? Far less talented people than Finger Dallss have far more money than Finger Eleven. And I disagree that every song has to have deep, powerful lyrics.

Meaningful lyrics make a song better, but if the music behind the lyrics is good, do nonsensical lyrics ruin the song? Just like amazing lyrics embedded within crappy music make a crappy song. So please, don't shoot anyone. It's simply not worth a trip to pound-me-in-the-ass-prison. Go back to your bedroom and listen to Stan again.

I Seeking Real Swingers Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas

I'm addicted to Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas song, but I couldn't figure Rdstless out either. Then I discovered on the Finger Eleven website that the lead singer put in a note about the song:. I wrote myself a note in the form of a song to tell myself Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas that. So, basically if I interpret correctly, the song is about having regrets and what happens when you don't do the 'one thing' that waster afraid to do. Didn't see the vid as yet, but I assume from the description it's about the guy wasting time and not getting the girl?

Wow, I can't even imagine the stupidity required to make it difficult to understand this song, or any one like it. Restless tonight Cause I wasted the light Between both these times I drew a really thin line. Right there Sweet sexy girl looking for you says, basically, that he screwed up when he wasted his time. He means that every day he regrets the thing he "didn't do" and that it keeps him cjz when he goes to bed at night, thinking about it.

From my experience, I'd guess it's a girl Worse yet, he knows exactly what's happening to him. He knows he's in love Rsstless her, he knows what he needs to do, and he knows he's putting it off so long it'll probably never happen.

I promise I might Not walk l by Maybe next time But not this time.

Restless Heart - The Bluest Eyes In Texas Lyrics |

He's just afraid and face it, who has never had the fear of rejection? But the message of the song is really optimistic:. So what is it, you ask? All we have to do is gather up the courage to tell those people we love that we love them, similar to the courage it takes to "give it all away.

But when it's "that one thing" Trust me, I've been there, but I did it. Well, that's the most obvious explanation, and I certainly think this is not a whole lot of crapola. Besides the lyrics, though, I was Dal,as interested in this Women seeking casual sex Boerne Texas for the music.

I think it has a very good sound, and Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas.

Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas I Am Seeking Teen Fuck

Plus Dalls upbeat-ness and rhythm around the refrain goes well with the message. I believe it all has to work together to be really good. For the record, I didn't necessarily say the lyrics were crapola, I said the video was.

Today's News It was an eventful return to Dallas on last week's two-hour season premiere. After five months off the air, the Ewing clan & Co. wasted no time answering some of "[Their relationship] has some huge ups and downs too because neither is willing to be hurt. . The Young and the Restless; 4. Dallas (TV Series –) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Spoofed and more. The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Patrick Duffy/ Red Buttons/Ann . Because of the poor TV reception, Sophia says, "I thought Benson was .. The Young and the Restless: Episode # () (TV Episode). Restless tonight. Cause I wasted the light. Between both these times. I drew a really thin line. It's nothing I planned. And not that I can. But you should be mine.

C'mon, that's some pretentious bullshit. A black and white motif with massive quantities of imagery plastered from wall to wall.

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I think they threw a bunch of symbols into a pot and stirred. So, I stand by my statement that the video is crapola but I like the song although I'm growing tired of it and I do think you're a genius. This Dalllas is amazing gay and repetitive. The lyrics and the way the song way put together sound as if a pre school kid through it all together.

I am a big fan of their old album though. Who are we to say what this song means? We didn't write it.

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Some of the best songs of all time were not written to satisfy fans so that they know what it means, as long as he knows what it means. You can criticize the song all you want, but you cannot begin to say that you know what the lyrics otnight.

This song is a great song in my opinion. And if this song is like "a pre school kid put it together" than how come "One Thing" is so popular, and does that make you less intelligent than a pre school kid considering you are posting a comment on a message board about their song?

Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas

An ignorant and closed-mind is not a good thing to have, and mike, a thesaurus is a pathetic excuse for an education. My opinion is that the writer used the words "One thing" to awe the listener and make them wonder what the meaning of the song is, and most likely the listener relates it to what is going on in their life at the time, which makes the listener like the song, and make it a great song. Josh, you need to read my posts a little tonigjt I don't think I've Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas cared what this song is about.

As for that "pre school kid through it all together" quote - that wasn't from me. I know the difference between threw and through.

And regarding your quote that "a thesaurus is a pathetic excuse for an education", I'm glad you added that little jab because it Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas little doubt as to your ignorance.

When I first heard this song, I thought czu would be great Reetless one of the "Smallville" episodes. For those who don't watch Smallville, basically this song would be great for Clark Kent's and Lana's relationship. For those who do watch the show, you know what I mean. Finger Eleven has been a band for a long time Under a different moniker. I saw them in Carelton Place, Beautiful housewives looking sex Los Gatos. It was pretty fun for such a small venue.

Rock Lyrics: Accept: Restless and Wild lyrics

I don't care what anyone says bout the song but i personally like it and jus stop dissing the song and Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas them fucking sing it, who cares what it means!! Oh, I totally agree with Justine, except for the last part, because I care what it means. I often listen to certain songs for their messages especially Christian or so-called Christian songs, since Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas seems to be the whole point of them sometimesincluding or instead of the sound.

And for the record The interpretation I posted is just ONE interpretation, which is Sexy mature women in Perth like an opinion than anything else. It works well because it incorporates the whole lyrics by unifying the lines cohearancepointing out the main tension, and offering a solid theme for the work as a whole. I challenge you to come up with a better interpretation, Josh.

I'm sure it's possible, 'cause I know I left a lot of unanswered questions. So stay in school, Josh. Thanks Mike for the compliment, but I really can't take all the credit.

I learned how to analyze like that in a very wasteed high school English class. Ok don't get me wrong i do care what it means, but people are so stupid sometimes and piss me off saying shit that is just plain stupid or rude Finger Eleven - One Thing.

September 21, 5: A Dwllas ballad from Finger Eleven. October 31, 7: November 9, Can someone explain this song to me? I don't get the lyrics. November 9, 4: Lets work this out together, shall we? Here are the lyrics to One Thing: November 13, No matter what the song is 'really' about, i thinks its pretty darn good.

November 25, 1: November 27, 4: November 28, 9: November 28, 3: Then I discovered Restless tonight cuz i wasted the Dallas the Finger Eleven website tonighht the lead singer put in a note about the song: Alanson MI 3 somes 30, 9: Restless tonight Cause I wasted the light Between both these times I drew a really thin line Tonignt there he says, basically, that he screwed up when he wasted his time.