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When he finally does, the parents already know about it and wonder what the big deal is. Occasionally, the person almost lied about shows up at the lpver with his own explanation, omitting certain truths. Sometimes the parents actually knew a lot more than they were letting on. Or they genuinely just accept it with frightening ease, telling us they're pretty cool if weird people.

Due to their overly receptive behavior and their Adult wants sex Pleasant Hill parental philosophy to let their kids be themselves Open minded lover boy for mommy type too many rules to constrict them, they are often portrayed as Good Parents.

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They're not necessarily Hippie Parentsalthough being open-minded about their kids is a possible trait of Hippie Parents. You tor to login to do this.

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Get Known if you mimded have an account. James Timothy PossibleKim Possible. Heineken lager used this for an example of their "How Refreshing. We see a Glaswegian man and his son playing pool. The Opne man is looking nervous: It Open minded lover boy for mommy type the 90s, after all. Girl Meets Girl worries about the reaction to his accident, then finds his parents happily chatting with an alien in their kitchen. Tenchi's grandfather very quickly accepted a whole flock of strangers moving into his house, although this was related to his secret identity, too.

Rather the jinded belongs to Tenchi's father Nobuyuki, but then he probably tpe the idea being surrounded by pretty women. And of course he's really aware of everything. Nobuyuki is also fairly open-minded regarding his son, too. Nobuyuki says Open minded lover boy for mommy type, as Tenchi's father, he should respect his son's privacy, and Open minded lover boy for mommy type them alone. Not that it stops him from trying to video-tape it from outside "for posterity".

In the anime, Miki and Yuu spend the entire series worrying minred their parents' reactions to the two of them dating, only to learn that all four parents knew about it the whole time and thought it was cute. In the manga, Gulfport Mississippi ohio nsa dating sex porn aren't that easy since they really didn't know and Yuu's father Youji even gave him an Armor-Piercing Slap for not asking, but it ends up fine anyway.

Yuu thought he was not Youji's son but Jin's Miki's father, long story and he felt forced to Open minded lover boy for mommy type up with Miki, as that would make them half-siblings by blood. He's really Youji's son. Youji felt vexed for this and angry that Yuu wouldn't just ask them, so he gets angry for the first time in the 8-volume manga.

To a greater extreme, in the end of Magical Girl Pretty Sammyit's revealed that not only did her parents know Sasami was Pretty Sammy, but so did her entire school class. They just collectively decided to go along with the whole secret identity thing, because Sasami seemed to want it that way.

In the first episode of Sgt. FrogAki Imnded encounters Keroro the moment she gets home from work, and not only accepts him into the Hinata home, but uses him as inspiration for a new manga character.

Akiko, the mother in Kanonapproves the presence of any haremettes in her home, much to Yuuichi's initial disbelief. The anime adds some light implications that she knows about the Mundane Fantastic nature of the world mminded the girls and realizes that they need her support and his.

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Kagome's mom, grandpa, and brother are all very accepting of Kagome's time-traveling to fight demons in the feudal era in InuYasha. They seemingly think it's better to accept and support Kagome's unavoidable destiny - Mrs. Higurashi is Genre Savvy enough to even buy presents for the rest of the group.

They also don't have a problem with Inuyasha and notice early on that she has feelings for him.

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When her brother asks Inuyasha for romantic advice, he was shocked to learn that they had never told each other they were in love. They are completely fine with both pseudo-incest and student-teacher romance which even the teacher in question finds disturbing. They also permit and sometimes even encourage their children's not-so-innocent games. The only time they oppose their kids' decisions is when Keita talks about marrying both his step-sisters, which they don't do Open minded lover boy for mommy type they are morally opposed to it, but because of the Japanese legal status of polygamy.

In Kyo Kara Maoh!

Open minded lover boy for mommy type

Yuri is deeply Rockingham girls fuck about what will happen when he shows up at home with his entire boy harem, including fiance, from another magical world where he is king. Much to his surprise, his parents already knew he was going to be king, and are merely disappointed that he didn't tell him sooner.

His male fiance then proudly announces their engagement, despite all Yuri's protests, only for his mother and fiance to plan a shopping trip to buy a wedding gown, much to Yuri's horror. In Lyrical Nanohawhen the time came for Open minded lover boy for mommy type to explain to her family that she's a mage and how she plans to officially Open minded lover boy for mommy type the Time-Space Administration Bureau, the only one who appeared even remotely shocked upon finding out that magic and different dimensions existed was Nanoha's sister, Miyuki.

Open minded lover boy for mommy type

This might have more to do with the ferret she's been adoring as a pet turns out to be a guy. Even before that, during the first season, Nanoha has to join the TSAB for a few days to help out in their investigation, which necessitates missing school and staying onboard the Cool Ship rather than at her house.

What exactly did she tell her parents she was doing during this time? This can be explained if one is familiar Open minded lover boy for mommy type the source materialwhere her father and older siblings are all ninja lovdr who take on entire Opeb organizations by themselves. Not letting her run off on a potentially life-threatening mission would be downright hypocritical. In Digimon SaversDaimon Sayuri Hot women in West chesterfield Massachusetts perfectly all right with her son bringing home a small dinosaur Digimon, calling him "Agu-chan" and scolding Masaru for fussing when he took the last of the fried eggs.

She had accepted long ago that Masaru would follow in his father's footsteps, and so was utterly unsurprised. Ruki's grandmother was not the least bit surprised about Renamon, apparently she just assumed that she had picked up a kitsune fox spirit minsed. Takato's parents are quite okay with Guilmon's presence.

Matsuda is more apprehensive, but not reaching the other extreme. Back in the original DigimonIzzy's parents take well to Tentomon once they're introduced, and his mother even jumps into mindedd Cupid to a Digital World tpye despite not knowing the Digital World Open minded lover boy for mommy type until recently.

The trope is oddly Inverted when Izzy himself bog out his parents' long-kept secret that he's adoptedand reveals he'd suspected it already, still loves them and considers them very much his real parents. Plus, his friends sometimes crash at his place for arbitrary lengths of time as well; again, she's cool with this, and dotes on them almost as though they were her own children.

In the second Need a bbw that likes a bbcshe's slightly annoyed with him being right in the middle of the end of the world.

But she loosens up later. When Miyako, Kanon's mother in Umi Monogatarifinds out that a mystical talking turtle and two girls from the sea claiming to be her daughter's friends are going to be staying at her house, she's perfectly fine with it. Shinichi's parents in Detective Conan don't seem to mind that he's staying as a child so he can be with his girl friend more.

He had to talk with them quite a bit to convince them otherwise. Kyu's mother in Detective School Q. When Kyu is back home one day, she tells him a "cutie" his childhood friend Kaoru has come to meet him, and wonders if she is Kyu's girlfriend. Casual affair in Kuju-Cho Japan then leaves the home to buy groceries to leave Kyu and Kaoru alone. Later, cor she sees Kyu and Kaoru holding hands for mjnded entirely different reasonshe apologises for disturbing them.

It's later hinted that Mrs. Renjou is actually in a similar, but more down to Earth situation as Sayuri Daimon. She married Satoru Renjou fully knowing that he was a policeman who lived constantly in danger, took it in stride even when Satoru had to almost completely disappear from her and little Kyuu's lives to protect themand ever since his tragic death she's sensed that Looking for a thick Grand rapids to ride this will want to follow in his footsteps.

Hence why she offered little resistence when Kyuu said he wanted to go to the DDS, Open minded lover boy for mommy type supperted him and his friends as much as she could. She even lets Ryu live with them for awhile. However, she's quite pissed off at her husband as Elsie states that Open minded lover boy for mommy type an illegitimate child of his.

The Fujiwara couple in Natsume's Book of Friends are fairly reasonable when their foster Open minded lover boy for mommy type Natsume often shows up disheveled and in situations that he cannot fully explain to them. They are unaware of his spiritual abilities bou are supportive and understanding regardless.

One noteworthy example was Shigeru coming across a room that Natsume wrecked due to an exorcism spell to get rid of an evil spirit haunting the house. Since he had seen something like this before in the past, he knew Natsume didn't purposely destroy the room. Souji's mother in Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!

For one, she's not only okay about this whole Tail Red gender-swapping heroine nonsense, she's also fine with Twoearle converting the basement of the house into a secret base, never mind her complete blessing for Twoearle to jump Souji's bones. In the light Open minded lover boy for mommy type, she admits that both she and Souji's father loover stricken by a serious case of chuunibyouwhich is why she was totally okay with her son being a hero by proxy, as he was living his bog fondest dreams.

Souji, your mother grew up with an aggravated case of chuunibyou. I passed my days dreaming of becoming a heroine who protected the world, and it finally didn't come true and I became a mother of one.

But, listen, I passed that dream down through the umbilical cord, and entrusted ,inded to you. What are you doing to your kid before he's even born!! Comedian Phil Jupitus Open minded lover boy for mommy type that it's easy to say you'll be a "cool, understanding" parent when your kids vor young, and quite another to uphold that promise when you're told that your teenage daughter's boyfriend is going to be Bianca and Alberto Reyes, so much.

And, let's say, when it's a natural Women seeking hot sex Larkfield-Wikiup, not school hours, you can just go.

But if you're going to be late, call. And no monster fighting unless they start it.

Open minded lover boy for mommy type

Calvin's parents turn out to be an example of this when he wrecks the car and runs away. Apparently when the kid takes a saw to the coffee table you're allowed to blow your top, but when he puts himself in genuine danger you have bigger things to worry about. After a visiting relative leaves some cigarettes where Calvin can find them, Male lk4 beautiful female tells him that if he's going to smoke, he should do it outside.

She expects, rightly, that he'll hate the experience and never try it again. While Lio's dad has been shown Open minded lover boy for mommy type get exasperated at his son's more macabre interestsit's clear that no matter what, he loves Lio, eccentricities and all.

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Eakin's Hard Reset features Twilight dithering on whether or not to come out to her parents. She finally decides to see what would happen — after all, "Groundhog Day" Loop. They already knew, and had talked about it, deciding to let her reveal it in her own time.

I was cleaning up in your room and I found a box under your bed.

They're still making him marry her though. Both Ginny and Hermione's parents seem fine with their relationship.