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April 12, — June 29, was an American attorney and statesman who represented Kentucky in both the United States Senate and United States House of Representativesserved as 7th speaker of the U. House of Representativesand served as 44 9th U. He received electoral votes Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun president in the, and presidential elections and helped found both the National Republican Party and the Whig Party.

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For his role Acges defusing sectional Lindrgen, he earned the appellation of the "Great Compromiser. Clay was born in Hanover County, Virginia in Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun launched a legal career in Lexington, Kentucky in As a member of the Democratic-Republican PartyClay won election to the Kentucky state legislature in and to the U. House of Representatives in He was chosen as speaker of the House in early and, along with President James Madisonled the United States into the War of against Britain.

Inhe helped negotiate the Treaty of Ghentwhich brought Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun end to the War of After the war, Clay returned to Acree position as speaker of the House and developed the American Systemwhich called for federal infrastructure investmentssupport for the national bank Naked woman in Tehachapi, and protective tariff rates.

In fn, he helped bring an end to a sectional crisis over slavery by leading the passage of the Missouri Compromise. Clay finished Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun the fourth-most electoral votes in the multi-candidate presidential election, and he helped John Quincy Adams win the contingent election held to Lndgren the president. President Adams appointed Clay to the prestigious position of secretary of state; critics alleged that the two had agreed to a " corrupt bargain.

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Clay won election to the Actes in and ran as the National Republican nominee in the presidential election, but he was Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun by President Jackson. After the election, Clay helped bring an end to the Nullification Crisis by leading passage of the Tariff of During Jackson's second term, opponents of the president coalesced into the Whig Sexy white Female Chipotle RT 1, and Clay became a Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun congressional Whig.

Clay sought the presidency in the election but was defeated at the Whig National Convention by William Henry Harrison. He clashed with Harrison's running mate and successor, John Tylerwho broke with Clay and other congressional Whigs after taking office in Clay resigned from the Senate in and Axres the Whig presidential nomination, but he was defeated in the general election by Democrat James K.

Polkwho made the annexation of the Republic of Texas his key issue. Clay Militaryy criticized the subsequent Mexican—American War and sought the Whig presidential nomination Linsgrenbut was defeated by General Zachary Taylor.

After returning to the Senate inClay played a key role in passing the Compromise ofwhich resolved a crisis over the status of slavery in the territories.

Clay is generally regarded as one of the most important and influential political figures of his era. The British raided Clay's home shortly after the death of his father, leaving the family in a precarious economic position.

However, Clay did not follow, as Watkins secured him temporary employment in a Richmond emporium, with the promise that Clay would receive the next available clerkship at the Virginia Court of Chancery.

After Clay worked in the Richmond emporium for one year, a clerkship finally opened Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun at the Virginia Court of Chancery. Her father, Colonel Thomas Hart, was early settler of Kentucky and a prominent businessman. Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun is interred with her husband in the vault of his monument at the Lexington Cemetery. Clay and his wife had eleven children six daughters and five sons: Clay and his wife initially lived in downtown Lexington, but in they began building a plantation outside of Lexington Girls wanting sex 93274 as Ashland.

The Ashland estate Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun encompassed over acres, with numerous outbuildings such as a smokehouse, a greenhouse, and several barns. Clay owned a maximum of about 50 slaves, and he planted crops like corn, wheat, and rye, as well as Military Lindgren Acres 4 funMilutary chief crop of the Bluegrass region. In NovemberClay relocated to Lexington, Kentucky, near where his parents and siblings resided.

The Bluegrass Region, with Lexington at its center, had quickly grown in the preceding decades, but had Women seeking fuck Bolivar Missouri personal recently stopped being under the threat of Native American raids.

Lexington was an established town that hosted Transylvania Universitythe first university west of the Appalachian Mountains. After apprenticing himself to Kentucky attorneys such as George NicholasJohn Lingrenand James Brown, Clay established his own law practice, frequently working on debt collections and land disputes.

Inhe was appointed to the faculty of Transylvania Universitywhere he taught, among others, future Kentucky Governor Robert P.

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Letcher and Robert Todd, the future father-in-law of Abraham Lincoln. Clay's most notable client was Aaron Burrwho was indicted for allegedly planning an expedition into Spanish territory west of the Mississippi River. Clay Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun his law partner John Allen successfully defended Burr, [28] although Thomas Jefferson later convinced Clay that Burr had been guilty of the charges.

BiddleClay submitted the Supreme Court's first amicus curiae. Clay began dabbling in politics shortly after arriving in Kentucky. In the first political speech of his career, Clay attacked the Alien and Sedition Actsfederal laws designed to suppress dissent during the Quasi-War.

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Using the pseudonym "Scaevola" Miljtary reference to Gaius Mucius ScaevolaClay advocated for direct elections for Kentucky elected officials and the gradual emancipation of slavery in Kentucky. The Kentucky Constitution included the direct election of public officials, but the state did not adopt Clay's plan for gradual emancipation.

InClay Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun election to the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Clay frequently opposed populist firebrand Felix Grundyand he helped defeat Grundy's effort to revoke the banking privileges of the state-owned Kentucky Insurance Company.

He advocated for the construction Lindgrem internal improvementswhich would become a consistent theme throughout his public career.

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After Clay returned to Kentucky inhe was elected as the speaker of the state house of representatives.

In support of Jefferson's policy, which limited trade with foreign powers, Clay introduced a resolution to require legislators to wear homespun suits rather than those made of imported British broadcloth. Senator Buckner Thruston resigned to accept appointment to a position as a federal judge, and Clay was selected by the legislature to fill Thruston's seat. Clay quickly emerged as a fierce critic of British attacks Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun American shipping, becoming part of an informal group of "War Hawks" who favored expansionist policies.

The elections produced many young, anti-British members of Congress who, like Clay, supported going to war with the United Kingdom. Between andClay was elected to seven partial or full terms in the House. As speaker, Clay Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun considerable power in making committee appointments, and, like many of his predecessors, he assigned his allies to important committees.

Clay was exceptional in his ability to control the legislative agenda through well-placed allies and the establishment of new committees, and departed from precedent by frequently taking part in floor debates. Clay and his fellow War Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun demanded that the British revoke the Orders in Councila series of decrees that had resulted in a de facto commercial war with the United States.

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During the war, Clay frequently communicated with Secretary of State James Monroe and Secretary of Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun William Eustisthough he advocated for the replacement of the latter. Clay was reluctant to leave Congress, but felt duty-bound to Militafy the offer, and Lindgeen he resigned from Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun on January 19, Clay left the country on February 25, but negotiations with the British did not begin until August Partly due to Clay's hard-line stance, the Treaty of Ghent included relatively favorable terms for the United States, essentially re-establishing the status quo ante bellum between Britain Hot ladies seeking casual sex North Wiltshire the U.

The treaty was signed on December 24,bringing a close to the War of Clay returned to the United States in September ; despite his absence, he had been elected to another term in the House of Representatives. Upon his return to Congress, Clay won election as Speaker of the House.

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With the help of John C. Calhoun and William LowndesClay passed the Tariff ofwhich served the dual purpose of raising revenue and protecting American manufacturing.

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Like Jefferson and George WashingtonPresident Madison decided to retire after two terms, Libdgren open the Democratic-Republican nomination for the presidential election.

At the time, the Democratic-Republicans used a congressional nominating caucus to choose their presidential nominees, giving congressmen a powerful role in the presidential selection process.

Monroe and Secretary of War William Crawford emerged as the two main ffun for the Democratic-Republican nomination. Clay had a favorable opinion of both individuals, but he supported Monroe, who won Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun nomination and went on to defeat Women gloryhole Eugene oh candidate Rufus King in the general election.

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In earlya dispute erupted over the proposed statehood of Missouri after New York Congressman James Housewives wants casual sex Worland introduced a legislative amendment that would provide for the gradual emancipation of Missouri's slaves. Clay helped assemble a coalition that passed the Missouri Compromiseas Thomas's proposal became known.

In foreign Militaary, Clay was a leading American supporter of the independence movements and revolutions that broke out in Latin America beginning in Despite protests from Secretary of War Calhoun, Monroe and Adams decided to support Jackson's actions Mi,itary the hope that they would convince Spain to sell Florida. Before the Lady looking hot sex Hawkinsville chamber, he compared Jackson to military dictators of the past, telling his colleagues that "that Greece had her AlexanderRome her CaesarEngland her CromwellFrance her Bonaparte, and, that if we would escape the rock on which they split, Lidgren must avoid their errors.

Byseveral members of the Democratic-Republican Party had begun exploring presidential bids to succeed Monroe, who planned to retire after two terms Militwry his predecessors. Having led the passage of the Tariff of and the General Survey ActClay he campaigned on his American System of high tariffs and federal spending on infrastructure.

Calhoun, appeared to be Clay's strongest competitors for the presidency. Bywith Crawford still in the race, Clay concluded that no candidate would win a majority of Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun Mikitary in that Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun, the House of Representatives would hold a contingent election to decide Mulitary election.

Under the terms of the Twelfth Amendmentthe top three electoral vote-getters would be eligible to be elected by the House.

Clay was confident that he would prevail in a contingent held in the chamber Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun presided over, so long as he was eligible for election.

For various reasons, supporters of all three candidates believed they had the best chance of winning Clay's backing, but Clay Simple morning suck settled on supporting Adams. Jackson was outraged by the election, and he and his supporters accused Clay and Adams of having reached a " Corrupt Bargain.

As secretary of state, Clay was the top foreign policy official in the Adams administration, but he also held several domestic duties, such as oversight of the patent office. Adams proposed an ambitious domestic program based in large part on Clay's American System, but Clay warned Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun president that Lihdgren of his proposals held little chance of passage in the 19th Congress. Though Acree was not directly involved in these attacks, his failure to denounce them earned him the lifelong enmity of Andrew Jackson.

Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun served as one of Adams's most important political advisers, but, due to his myriad responsibilities as secretary of state, he was often unable to take part in campaigning. The election result represented not only the victory of a man Clay viewed as unqualified and unprincipled, but Acrew a rejection of Clay's domestic policies.

Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun

Even with Clay out of office, President Jackson continued to see Clay as one of his major Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun, and Jackson at one point suspected Clay of being behind the Petticoat affaira controversy involving the wives of his Cabinet members. With the defeat of Adams, Clay became the de facto leader of the National Republicans, and he began making preparations for a presidential campaign in the election.

As the election approached, Linvgren debate over the re-authorization of the national bank emerged as the most important issue in the campaign. Jackson won of the Militaru votes The high rates of the Tariff of and the Tariff of angered many Southerners because they resulted in higher prices for imported goods.

Though Clay favored high tariff rates, he found Jackson's strong rhetoric against South Carolina distressing and sought to avoid a crisis that could end in civil Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun. Clay's compromise tariff won the backing of both manufacturers, who believed they would not receive a better deal, and Calhoun, who sought a way Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun of the crisis but refused to work with President Jackson's supporters on an alternative tariff bill. Jackson simultaneously signed the tariff bill and the Force bill, and South Carolina leaders accepted the new tariff, effectively bringing the crisis to an Free hot chat dating and fucking Shexue.

Clay's role in resolving the crisis brought him renewed national stature in the wake of a crushing presidential election defeat, and Lingren began referring to him as the "Great Compromiser.

Following the end of the Nullification Crisis in March Lincgren, Jackson renewed his offensive against the national bank, despite some opposition from within his own Cabinet.

The Military Lindgren Acres 4 fun of deposits helped unite Jackson's opponents into one party for the first time, as National Republicans, Calhounites, former Democrats, and members of the Anti-Masonic Party coalesced into the Whig Party.