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Lost Gallery: Back Page - The Known Photographer - A thru D - Cabinet Cards

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Lost Springs, KS Trails | Lost Springs, KS Trail Maps | TrailLink

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Lost Spring, Kansas Old Photo's

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Product information Package Dimensions 10 x 8. For warranty information about this product, please click here. The average household size was 2. The median age was 44 years. The gender makeup was At the census[31] there were 2, people, households Lost springs KS hot wife families residing in the city. The median age was 42 years.

For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were The Marion government consists of a mayor and four council Lost springs KS hot wife.

The council meets every other Monday at 4: Marion is part of Unified School Naughty woman want real sex Lakewood Colorado The Marion High School mascot is a Warrior. All high school athletic and non-athletic competition is overseen by the Kansas State High School Activities Association.

Located just south of Marion Elementary School, the pool is open all year round and the gym has a walking track above a sunken gymnasium floor.

Each USD school has a library for student access. The library is a Lost springs KS hot wife of the North Central Kansas Libraries System, which provides an inter-library book loan service between its members. Marion is served by numerous radio stations Lost springs KS hot wife the Wichita - Hutchinson listening market area, [39] and satellite radio.

See Media in Wichita, Kansas. Route 56 runs along the city's northern side, and U. Route 77 is 2 miles 3. See also Henry S. Tinder Obituary from Fond du Lac Daily newspaper There will be some overlapping of dates since the data comes from several sources and assumptions have been made about events.

A general sense of where Chadbourne was working can still be drawn. Miller on Macy St or from obit: Richard Leon Chalmers - 29 Apr born Lost springs KS hot wife Newberry, SC age 14, family has moved to Dallas, TX Dallas city directory as photographer Chalmers and Williams at Elm Dallas city directory as photographer at Elm Dallas city directory as photographer at Elm and Dallas city directory as photographer at Elm US census as photographer with Harley Wilkes at Beaton.

John Christoph It appears that photography was only a sideline for John Christoph most of the time. He apparently had some real estate holdings that Lost springs KS hot wife him busy. He also served as Police Judge for several years.

Ellinwood, Kansas, is a small town and so portraits by John Christoph will be Lost springs KS hot wife rare. A newspaper item indicates he sold his studio in but it is not clear if that included his equipment.

His active years seem to be about to One could almost believe it was two different people. What drew him to Dallas, TX, from Massachusetts is unknown. Lost springs KS hot wife, Ross, Dallas, TX. Albert Edwin Churchill Churchill appears to have been a full time photographer. He seems to have been active about through As one might imagine, there were several dentists in central Illinois about the right age to also be a cabinet card photographer.

However, no connection has been made with any of these who had a sideline in photography. The card design was used and after. No biographical information was found for D. Clark searches on Ancestry. As would be expected there were a number of men by that name in the cabinet card era, they were listed as farmer, cigar salesman, Lost springs KS hot wife and retired.

No connection to photography was found. Some mentions were found in the Goodland Newspaper, the Republic, from to The last item is a short statement that D. Clark and family have moved to Boulder, CO, and will be living there.

The cabinet card here must have been finished before January of when he left Goodland. Clark turns up often in searches but there is nothing to indicate which is the right one.

Many of the photographers of that era worked in other professions Adult searching real sex TX did studio photography as a side-line. Hence, a census or city directory might identify them as "merchant" or "laborer" and the photography goes without credit. So far, there is not much evidence to tie them to Marlin, a small town just north of Houston, Texas. No city directory listings or census enumerations have been found for a Photographer Clay in or around Marlin, Texas, which suggests at best, that Lost springs KS hot wife partnership of Clay and Walker might have been short.

Castor was a full time photographer. He changed cities three or more times in his career. He was joined temporarily by one of his brothers in but no records have been found to say how long this lasted.

Newspaper items show he worked in Carthage, MO, in the year of and the US census also places him in Carthage. His younger siblings John, Harvey, Godfrey and Ira were also born there. This card would have been finished between and when both brothers were living in Carthage, MO.

Cobb was in the only in the photograph business just the short time he was in partnership with G. After he was mostly a traveling salesman for Remington Guns and ammunition. This cabinet card must have been done then, between and Wakely seems to have moved around a great deal after his partnership with Cobb disolved in See lots more details about George D. It is added just below. Coleman There are many examples of the work by this partnership to be found on genealogy and sales sites.

Another example found on the net gives the address as 25 Westminster Street, Providence. William Coleman and O. Remington were cited on the Edgar Allen Poe Society website. Coleman was a lifelong photographer.

He apparently never married and lived in boarding houses all his life. There are many city directory listings for him and for Coleman and Lost springs KS hot wife. He died in at the age of He and Remington were apparently partners Lost springs KS hot wife to Notes on Collins Collins seems a very common name in New York State around the turn of the 20th century.

One Collins found connected with photography was Henry A. He is a lodger in the same house as Irving C. He was born in New York and his parents came from England. This however, is the only item found of photography with any Henry Collins. Collins also had a son named Henry A. Collins living in New York State. Their professions mentioned were engineer, marine engineer, plumber, maintenance and shipping yard. If the photographer was Henry Collins, it appears he was only in the business for a short time.

Another possible choice is Harry S. Collins emigrated from England in and Lost springs KS hot wife in New York State for the rest of his life, always as a photographer. But there is Lost springs KS hot wife documentation saying he was ever in Schuylerville, New York.

The Conley Brothers were not easy to trace at first. Then another cabinet card turned up on a web site credited to photographer D. Conley and Brother, Celina, Ohio.

Considering it is the same name and the same city, it must be the same photographer. All of his brothers are still living at home on the farm in Van Pelt, Ohio.

The earliest mention as a photographer is the US Census when he was All records of him after that Beautiful housewives looking sex Los Gatos him as photographer except the US Census which says he is a farmer. In he and Emma C. Daniel is now He was an active photographer in Ohio from to Through all the years Daniel Calvin is listed as photographer as occupation or profession, there is no evidence he ever had a studio.

So this photograph was made around then. It would be one of his earliest prints.

The National Old Trails Road, also known as the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway, was established in , and was routed through Lehigh, Hillsboro, Marion and Lost Springs.. In , the Marion County Lake was completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps south-east of Marion for the purpose of recreation. There were numerous floods during the early history of Marion. Kansas City is the third-largest city in the State of Kansas, the county seat of Wyandotte County, and the third-largest city of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Kansas City, Kansas is abbreviated as "KCK" to differentiate it from Kansas City, Missouri, after which it is named. It is part of a consolidated city-county government known as the "Unified Government". () · Central Ave Hot Springs, AR

December 25,Vol. The Blue Gallery is famous throughout this region for making good pictures for little money. Tom is a fixture in McKinney and enjoys a good patronage.

Those desiring their beauty struck should give him a call. Walker Corlis moved around a lot, living mostly in Ontario, Connecticut and Ohio, he apparently visited Illinois only late in life, between and A s;rings timeline would be: Elmore Howard Corwin was born 29 Junin Ohio.

He married Bernice Coykendall 6 Jun and they had four children together. Bernice died in He Free sex in Arapohoe tonight married Harriet Elizabeth Stinebaugh, 28 May and they had two children together.

Elmore died on August 3,in Los Lost springs KS hot wife, California, at the age of 92, and Lets fuck before 1230 so now buried there.

This photograph was done sometime between and Approximate Time line Census to Birth of daughter as photographer in Fulton, Illinois Census to city directory as photographer in Ottawa, Kansas Census as photographer Census as fruit sprinfs to Census as fruit farmer Death in August of Another example at Wendellreseaarch.

The only clue found so far is this item in the Houston Post, 13 Feb about the sale of the sprints to two other photographers. So the photograph here would have to have been made before that date. Gray No connections have been made so far. The newspaper clipping at the left does show that Mullins and Gray Lost springs KS hot wife spgings studio to Tucker and Nichols in Feb of The cabinet Card at the far left would most likely have been done before February of when they Loxt out Lost springs KS hot wife business.

Perhaps the name on this one is Robert Mailins. Edwin Rodney Curtiss - E.

Searching Men Lost springs KS hot wife

Curtiss sprins a lifelong, full time photographer, his studio at times employing as many as five assistants. His surviving photographs are quite plentiful including srings stereo views. His portraits often included dignitaries of New York and Wisconsin.

Cuyler - began photography in at the age of 24 continuing in this single occupation until his death in US Census as photographer living at a boarding house. Dabb was probably the photographer for this Lost springs KS hot wife card. He spent most of his photographic career in Le Mars, Iowa. Oddly, there was only six years difference in their age. Dabb of Le Mars, IA, from the "late 's". Daggett living in the south-west corner of Missouri between and That stated, although several records were found for Elbert Sweet wife wants hot sex Lafayette Daggett, nothing ever confirms that he was a photographer.

In the US census, he is recorded as being an insurance adjustor and all other records found say he was a farmer. There was a family of Daggetts living in and around New York State but there is no indication that any of them Lost springs KS hot wife west.

Daggett found in the Nunda, NY, city directory, but it is unlikely he might have traveled to Billings, MO, at any time. Daggett in their tree. So if Elbert Otis Daggett is the right person, it must be concluded wige he was a photographer for only a short time, probably aroundwhen he was open to being something other than a farmer. Dorsaz and Frank E. Several Housewives wants hot sex Bayboro newspaper items reprinted below - Photographer: Davis Pennsylvania Ave.

The reverse of the card on the left. Davis is mentioned often for the hiring of James Conway, a prominent black photographer, at a time when that was unusual. He is also said to have fired other employees who objected. Brown is working at the photographic gallery of George W.

This is a slightly enhanced version. To see the original, click on this picture and then in the resulting page, scroll down. Robert Wolstenholme Dawson - Nov 03 R. Wfe is Girls hot sex in Bicknell Utah address on this cabinet card so it could have been done Lost springs KS hot wife any time during that period. The Brothers Deane Photographer: Deane Elm St. Dallas It appeared at first that Deane the photographer was a restless traveller Sexy Italy fe senior women all over Texas for several decades.

After documenting a family tree around one of them, it shows that there Lost springs KS hot wife four brothers, all photographers, all working in Texas. Deane appears often in the Texas newspaper items and ads but these seldom include first name or initials making it difficult to establish which brother was where and when.

The following timeline is constructed of newspaper dates and placesUS censuscity directories and some other Vital Documents. This should help separate and trace the brothers. Added to each timeline event is a name if available. If the name hott in parentheses then it is a speculation based on other items. Jervis Deane loses an eye while photographing a Lost springs KS hot wife train wreck. From Historic Camera website: His childhood was spent on the family farm and he attended public schools until age 13, when Lost springs KS hot wife became a mercantile clerk to help support his family.

After seven years, he went into business for himself, enjoying some success as a merchandiser. After relocating eife Lost springs KS hot wife, Ohio, inMr.