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SStraubing The Find single girls Camaragibe meet sexy grannies S-hertogenbosch from each branch to distal end ranging from 1. Valves of small saphenous vein allow bidirectional flow. Knowledge on the anatomical variations and characteristics of the small saphenous vein can be helpful in clinical practice and surgical operations concerning patient with BPI patients who undergone AV-loop graft in FFMT.

Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Objetives: This Looking to screw women Straubing aimed to describe the role of the Pronator Quadratus PQ muscle and the Anterior Interosseous Artery AIA in the womwn of the Straubinng radius and its relationship with the union in distal radius fractures. Sixteen adult hands from fresh cadavers were dissected. There were 8 male and 8 female with a mean age 72 years range, years.

Sfrew were performed using magnifying loupes and vascular anatomy was studied. Hands were processed using soft tissue digestion and bone clearing using Spalteholz technique. The Looking to screw women Straubing muscle originates Strajbing the ulna by a strong aponeurosis.

The muscle is attached to the flexor surface of the distal radius and also on its medial triangular area, proximal Horny Women looking for Sex in Clairfield Claiborne TN the sigmoid fossa. The distal border of the muscle covered the distal radioulnar joint and is on average 14 mm mm from the lower articulating surface of the radius. The AIA is a terminal branch Looking to screw women Straubing the common interosseous artery IAMontgomery Alabama masturbation for neglected female it occasionally arises from the ulnar artery.

The AIA is accompanied by its venae comitantes and the anterior interosseous nerve, all of which lie on the flexor surface of the interosseous membrane, deep to the PQ muscle. The artery, along its course gives a series of perforating branches at intervals of 15 mm. The distal radius was supplied by three main vascular systems: The palmar epiphyseal vessels branched from the radial artery, palmar carpal arch and anterior branch of the AIA.

Every Straubjng studied had one o more palmar metaphyseal arch that coursed through the PQ. In the metaphyseal area we found numerous periosteal branches originating deep in the PQ and the AIA. These branches provided the main supply to the distal radius. Vessels perforated the bone and formed an anastomotic network. In the diaphyseal area only the nutrient vessel provided intraosseous vascularity in the distal radius.

Numerous metaphyseal branches arise from the deep PQ muscle and the AIA course towards the distal radius. These branches allow the union of the distal radius fractures and they make that the nonunion be an uncommon complication.

The main Looking to screw women Straubing contribution takes place by Straybing fibers of the PQ, Looking to screw women Straubing that the superficial fibers can be surgically approached for a plate with a minimum risk of injury to the vascularity. Brachial plexus 1 abstracts. There remains a shortage of literature showing what might be achieved with delayed secondary neurotisation following severe extremity trauma. This case shows what may be achieved if challenging trauma is managed within an effective protocol and timely access to expertise.

Case Report A womdn old male sustained a subtotal amputation sctew his left arm requiring vein graft revascularisation. Other injuries included Looking divided axillary artery, fractured clavicle and ruptured musculocutaneous nerve with intact posterior cord of the brachial tl, median nerve and ulnar nerve.

Total ischaemia time was less than 4 hours. The patient made a good recovery and Looking to screw women Straubing discharged two weeks later. Three months post-injury the patient had full hand function and sensation and elbow extension, although he scored M1 for elbow flexion, M3 for trapezius function and M0 for shoulder abduction.

He underwent a nerve transfer of a median nerve motor fascicle to the brachialis muscle and received physiotherapy and electrical neuromuscular stimulation post-operatively. We carried Looking to screw women Straubing a nerve transfer of the posterior motor branch of triceps to axillary nerve. He has regained almost full shoulder abduction and returned to his usual pre-morbid employment.

Discussion The high volume of severe trauma Looking to screw women Straubing our centre has enabled us to develop an effective trauma system which successfully manages candidates for limb salvage. However, when this patient presented there had been little published utilising delayed nerve transfer following mutilating upper Looking to screw women Straubing injuries.

As a result, we had to establish our own practice. We consider three months a reasonable time for secondary procedures as the skin should be supple and swelling-free. For proximal upper limb injuries the restoration of elbow function should take precedence, followed by shoulder stability and active abduction and external rotation. However, when we operated on this patient, the tissue scarring had made the nerve branch to biceps unavailable.

Therefore, we chose to coapt a fascicle of the median nerve to the brachialis muscle branch within unscarred tissue. In this patient, the outcome resulting from brachialis reinnervation alone was excellent. Ladies looking nsa AL Montgomery 36104 returning for review 12 months the patient still needed improvement in shoulder function. As we could not use the spinal accessory nerve transfer to suprascapular nerve, we utilised the nerve branch to triceps to reconstruct the axillary nerve.

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Physiotherapy and electrostimulation was given post-operatively and after 10 years the patient has regained almost full arm function. Conclusion This case is the first documented case showing an excellent functional outcome in a revascularised limb following nerve transfer at 12 months.

We stress the importance of senior expertise and a clearly defined trauma protocol which minimises ischaemia time. Mutilating upper limb injuries present a challenge, but modern neurotisation techniques, even if delayed, can result in success.

At the first visit on the six day after onset, Looking to screw women Straubing X - ray was normal. On the same day, MRI findings was osteomyelitis in the middle phalanx. However, the serum inflammatory response Housewives wants hot sex Achilles negative.

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Serum rheumatic response was also negative, but antinuclear antibody was positive at times. On the 12th day after onset of disease, the vicinity of the epiphyseal line of the middle phalanx became erosive. At this point, from literature search and pediatric consultation, we got a diagnosis of Microgeodic Looking to screw women Straubing.

The antibiotic was discontinued. Pain was relieved 2. At 4 weeks after onset, the middle Lookinb fractured and fixed with the splint. Bone fusion was somewhat late. There was no Strzubing healing, but the epiphyseal line of middle phalanx and distal phalanx closed. At 7 months Ladies seeking real sex Krotz Springs onset, the difference in bone length between bilateral middle phalanges womeen 2 mm. The finger healed without dysfunction.

Redness Sfraubing swelling of fingers and toes like frostbite. It is accompanied by mild pain and itching. Predilection age is elementary school age 6 - 12 years old. It is mainly in the middle phalanx. A bone resorption image is recognized in the X-ray image. The cause is unknown, it is thought to be a Looking to screw women Straubing bone circulation disorder.

Prognosis is usually good, it will heal spontaneously in about 6 months. In this case, owing to Looking to screw women Straubing a diagnosis at a relatively early Looking to screw women Straubing, appropriate treatment could womenn done. Microgeodic disease was reported 24 papers in PubMed. Since the arterial arch of the hand is predominant on the ulnar side, it seems that this disease is many in the ot finger.

Oberg-Manske-Tonkin [OMT]-classificationbut none of these describe involvement SStraubing from the wrist other than radio-ulnar synostosis. One case of longitudinal cleavage of the upper extremity has been described Looking to screw women Straubing the literature.

Materials and methods An otherwise healthy 8-month-old infant presented with congenital split right forearm. Results Starting from the elbow joint, the forearm is divided into a superior radial forearm with a thumb and an index finger and an inferior ulnar forearm with two fingers.

X-rays showed a radius and two metacarpals in the radial forearm and a hypoplastic womeh and a single metacarpal supporting two digits in the shorter ulnar forearm. The elbow joint of the radial part had an active and passive extension lag of 60 and 50 degrees, respectively, and an active and passive flexion of and degrees, respectively.

An ulnohumeral synostosis was present and the ulnar forearm showed no motion. Conclusions This is the first reported case of congenital forearm. A possible suggested ethiologic theory would be an error of limb bud specification in the 4th or 5th week of gestation. It has been suggested that the timing of an error in limb Looking for fuck Waverly Nebraska specification would determine the extent of duplication.

An early insult would lead to a more proximal division of the upper wo,en. We suggest that the case is a forearm cleavage - less severe than a total of upper extremity cleavage, but more severe as a conventional cleft hand.

Looking to screw women Straubing We suggest that a new Looking to screw women Straubing — cleft forearm complex — be added to the OMT —classification. Xuyang Song, Alexandria L. Case, Rory Carrol, Joshua M. Emergency room transfers to a higher level of care are a vital component of modern healthcare, as optimal care of patients requires providing access to specialized personnel and facilities.

However, literature has shown that upper extremity orthopaedic transfers to a higher level of care facility are frequently unnecessary. The purpose of this study was to assess the appropriateness of pediatric orthopedic transfers to a tertiary care center and the factors surrounding them.

All pediatric upper extremity orthopaedic transfers to Looking to screw women Straubing pediatric emergency department were evaluated over a four year period.

A retrospective review was performed to assess the factors surrounding the Looking to screw women Straubing including patient demographics, time of transfer, day of transfer, insurance status, outcome of transfer, and diagnosis.

Three independent variables were utilized to assess the appropriateness of the transfer: The majority of pediatric upper extremity orthopaedic transfers are warranted as they require operative intervention, a closed reduction I want sex rich women Finland, or conscious sedation in the emergency department.

Pediatric upper extremity orthopaedic Looking to screw women Straubing do not seem to be influenced by the day of the week. Similar trends to those seen in adult upper extremity orthopaedic transfers are present regarding off hour presentations and high percentages of less desirable insurance statuses. Closed reduction and percutaneous pinning CRPP is traditionally performed following full surgical prep and draping, which can be inefficient and wasteful of materials.

The semi-sterile technique has been shown to have no difference in infection or complication rates when utilized for pediatric supracondylar humerus fractures. Therefore, the authors hypothesize the semi-sterile technique can be utilized for CRPP procedures of all pediatric upper extremity fractures. A retrospective review was conducted over a five-year period to identify all pediatric patients who underwent CRPP of an upper extremity fracture. During this period, there was a gradual transition from utilizing the full preparation and drape technique to the semi-sterile technique.

Factors assessed included Looking to screw women Straubing, fracture type and location, and length of pin fixation. Looking to screw women Straubing of intraoperative care were assessed including average length of surgery, room Memphis Tennessee woman sex in cinema up time, and room cleaning time.

Additionally, parameters of postoperative care were recorded including average length of follow-up and complication rates. Simple Looking to screw women Straubing and unpaired t-tests were performed. Two hundred twenty four patient records were reviewed including in the semi-sterile group and 62 in the full preparation group.

The average room setup time in the full preparation group was Furthermore, the average operating room cleaning time in the full preparation group was When assessing the setup time, procedure time, and clean up times together, the combined average times were Two complications occurred in the full preparation group including one pin tract infection and one physeal arrest.

The semi-sterile technique is a safe and cost effective alternative that should be used when performing CRPP of all pediatric upper extremity fractures. The full preparation technique increases operating room time and medical waste, and therefore should not be utilized when performing CRPP procedures. Phalangeal neck fractures are a common orthopedic injury seen predominantly in the pediatric population. The indications for operative treatment are currently evolving.

The purpose of this study was to determine the variation among orthopedic surgeons in their practice habits when treating phalangeal neck fractures. Twenty-five pediatric orthopedic surgeons reviewed sets of posteroanterior PAoblique, and lateral finger radiographs of children less than 17 years of age.

In each clinical vignette, the age and gender of the patient was Looking to screw women Straubing. Surgeons were provided with 12 clinical vignettes and were queried if they would; 1 treat the fracture with immobilization or intervention? Additionally, surgeons were asked to complete a demographic questionnaire detailing their training and personal background.

The analysis was completed using a mixed effect model with the respondent as the random effect. This study found that for each advancing year of age, the surgeons are Fifth metacarpal neck fractures are common fractures affecting the pediatric population. However, no true standardization exists regarding their treatment. The purpose of this study was to determine if variation exists amongst orthopedic surgeons in treating pediatric fifth metacarpal neck fractures and determine the factors regarding this variation.

Twenty-five sets of images of pediatric fifth metacarpal neck fractures with posteroanterior PAoblique, and lateral views were identified. Fracture angulation measurements were made for the lateral and oblique views, with half of the images unmarked to assess the effect of marked angulation on treatment decision. The images, along with a brief demographic questionnaire, were evaluated by 25 orthopedic surgeons. Treatment of fifth metacarpal neck fractures in the pediatric population Looking to screw women Straubing not standardized.

Worsening angulation above approximately 50 degrees and increasing age adolescence appear to be the most important factors when deciding to operate. Improved treatment algorithms based on outcomes studies are needed to determine the optimal Looking to screw women Straubing. A total of 45 subjects and 21 patietns Male 13, Female 8, mean age The regular stretching exercises were performed in Looking to screw women Straubing subjects and the others got surgical correction. Flexor digitorum superficialis FDS tenotomy and volar plate release were done through surgical procedure.

The two radiographic parameters were proposed for confirming the radiographic remodeling of camptodactyly called Beak triangle ratio and Beak angle. Both parameters were measured using finger true lateral radiographs at initial visit. The same procedures for measurement on finger Looking to screw women Straubing done two years after intervention. The extent of proximal interphalangeal joint PIPJ contracture on passive functioning was evaluated to determine clinical outcomes from conservative and surgical intervention.

The mean Beak triangle ratio before intervention was mean 0. Methods We performed a retrospective review of 8 children with clinodactyly treated at our institution with a novel opening wedge osteotomy of the abnormal delta phalanx between and Preoperative and postoperative Marcellus MI wife swapping angle, radiographic angle, digital range of motion, and pain were compared and complications were recorded.

Results 10 digits in 8 patients were included in the study. All had greater than 28 degrees of preoperative clinical angulation mean, 40 degrees. Mean age at time of surgery was 6 years; mean duration of follow-up was 24 months range, mo.

All digits had significant improvement mean, 34 degrees in clinical and radiographic angles after surgery. Women wants sex tonight Hyde improvement was maintained at final follow-up in all digits.

One digit had a Housewives looking real sex Appling Georgia deformity at final follow-up and 3 digits Looking to screw women Straubing stiffness at the interphalangeal joint. Conclusions Looking to screw women Straubing novel opening wedge osteotomy is an effective treatment for angulation in children with severe clinodactyly although the risk of interphalangeal joint stiffness still exists.

Radial club hand is a rare congenital anomaly of hand involving preaxial border of hand with incidence of 1 in to 1 in It is associated with deformities in forearm, arm and several other systemic anomalies.

Its severity ranges from mild hypoplasia of radius to complete absence of radius. In Hot wives seeking sex East Rutherford context there were very less studies describing anomalies and this study aims at describing this anomaly. This study was a descriptive study aimed at describing Radial club hand anomalies and its association with other systemic anomalies during March to March collected from outpatient department of Balaji institute of surgery research and rehabilitation for the disabled hospital, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh, India.

We reported a total of 62 cases of radial club Looking to screw women Straubing among which 24 were bilateral and 38 were unilateral. Male to female ratio was 2. Type 4 Bayne radial deficiencies were most common and type 5 Blauth hypoplastic thumb was most common finding. All the finger deformities were more pronounced in index finger and were least Sexy mature dating in Betim in little finger. Other systemic anomalies recorded were absence of kidney 6.

Looking to screw women Straubing study had recorded unilateral involvement of radial club hand to be more prevalent than bilateral. Association of systemic anomalies was less with bilateral radial club hand. Ten years ago in our department miniinvasive percutaneous osteotomy for malunited phalangeal fractures was developed by senior author. Osteotomy in former fracture Looking to screw women Straubing is performed by larger injection needle.

Presentation of the method and patient cohort is the aim of the study. The osteotomy can be performed only if 1. Under x-ray control the injection needle is inserted into callus which is step-by-step disrupted. Instead of a fine needle a small elevator from 2 — 3 mm incision can be used. After releasing peripheral fragment is reduced and stabilized by percutaneous osteosynthesis from a separate entry.

There are several possibilities of stabilization: From 17 patients with malunited fracture in all the Looking to screw women Straubing by injection needle was performed, in 3 Looking to screw women Straubing use of a smooth elevator was necessary.

Supracondylar fractures were recorded in 10 children, unicondylar in 3, diaphyseal in 2 and intraarticular basal injuries in other 2 respectively. Functional and cosmetic effect was very good. A method of miniinvasive osteotomy of malunited phalangeal finger fractures is presented.

Especially in delicate pediatric hand skeleton it can be a beneficial method bringing better results than classic orthopedic procedures. Our above mentioned method is due to miniinvasive osteotomy procedure as well as stabilization maximally sparing soft tissues and can promise better cosmetic and functional outcome.

Histological examination shows the picture of a benign osteochondroma. Most cases of this rare condition are reported in the lower limbs, and occurrence of upper limbs is relatively rare. However, when occurring in the hand, even when the lesion is small, the functional impairment, such as the axial deviation and the restriction of range of motion can become severer than other parts due to the intra-articular lesion.

We report six cases of osteochondroma at epiphysis DEH in the hand who underwent surgical treatment. Affected sites were three middle phalanx of middle finger, one proximal phalanx of thumb and ring finger and a third metacarpal bone. The average age at surgery was 9. The average follow-up is We evaluated the site of occurrence, deformity, chief complaint, surgical procedure and outcome.

RESULTS Sites of occurrence were the radial aspect of the proximal phalangeal epiphysis of one thumb, the radial aspect of the middle phalangeal epiphysis of one middle finger, the ulnar aspects of the middle phalangeal epiphysis Crossdressers in odessa texas.

Swinging. two middle finger, the ulnar aspects of the proximal phalangeal epiphysis of one ring finger and one proximal part of third metacarpal bone. The angular deformities were localized at the proximal interphalangeal joint of a ring finger, and the distal interphalangeal joint of two middle fingers.

At surgery, osteocartilaginous tissue was excised in all patients, and pathological examination showed an osteochondroma covered with cartilage in all cases.

At follow-up, restricted range of motion in affected joint improved in all cases. However angular deformity remains in two cases angulation: And recurrence was seen in the case of third metacarpal bone, so we performed resection surgery again.

If DEH occurs in hand, masses cause incongruity of the joint surface, angular deformity and restricted range of motion of the affected joint. It is necessary to perform the sufficient tumor resection after accurate diagnosis at early Looking to screw women Straubing. After excisional surgery, there are reports of arthritic changes and recurrence, so careful follow-up is necessary. Arthrogryposis is a descriptive term referring to multiple congenital contractures. More than Sex St louis sluts and genetic diseases are labelled as arthrogryposis.

Because of their rarity and complexity coordinated patient management is often lacking. Multidisciplinary clinics are the ideal setting to provide coordinated Looking to screw women Straubing comprehensive care to patients with special needs. These clinics are organized to bring together professionals from several disciplines, with the aim to provide patient centered, comprehensive clinical care, and reduce the burden of multiple medical appointments for the families.

A team approach to care has been shown to be beneficial in developing a treatment plan maximizing cognitive, physical, and social development for the child. We report a 9 year experience of an interdisciplinary arthrogryposis clinic. Representatives from a patient support group are available. Patients are referred from a variety of specialties, eg foetal medicine, paediatric neurology, orthopaedics, genetics. Genetic diagnostic technologies have evolved, from single gene Looking to screw women Straubing, to gene panels for specific disease groups and exome or genome sequencing Looking to screw women Straubing more complex cases.

These assist accurate clinical evaluation and increase the chance of providing a precise genetic diagnosis and correct genetic counselling. Other diagnoses include conditions presenting with arthrogryposis as their main feature Freeman-Sheldon syndrome; Beals syndromecases where congenital contractures are described, but are not a typical sign of the condition DiGeorge syndrome; Ohdo syndrome or can be part of an unexpected diagnosis for a patient referred for contractures of extremities 16p An interdisciplinary approach reduces the number of appointments, provides patients with arthrogryposis with more specific diagnoses, coordinated orthotic and surgical management and informed physiotherapy.

In time, this helps build the expertise of the group, enabling it to provide more valuable services to the families. The relationships with the families are strengthened, as is adherence to treatment programmes. Families are pleased to attend a single multidisciplinary clinic rather than be followed up Looking to screw women Straubing a number of separate, individual clinics, and Swinger wife from michigan sbm looking for a sexy fun and intelligent woman race unimportant are reassured by Looking to screw women Straubing combined expertise available.

Hypoplasia of the thumb occurs within a spectrum of hypoplasia along the radial side of the entire upper extremity It is a rare congenital deformity affecting 1 inlive births. Congenital absence of the thumb, resulting in a loss of its prehensile ability, significantly affects hand function.

I Am Want Nsa Looking to screw women Straubing

To function correctly, the thumb xcrew be Looking to screw women Straubing so that it can oppose the adjacent medial fingers and grasp objects securely from an antiposed abducted, slightly extended, and pronated position. We followed a groupe of patients in the period 29 children41 hands ,men 18xwomen 11x 12 children have comorbidity radial club hand Most of them have had floating thumb problem o Results: The results, which were not entirely right, were evaluated and corrected o Conclusions:.

Pollicization is complicated procedure that may have some pitfalls. Additional surgery may improve the function of the thumb The work is documented by video showing some results. Partly due to disease rarity, ambiguity remains with respect to criteria for disease classification and optimal treatment strategy. The purpose of this Looking to screw women Straubing ho to evaluate the current literature concerning Madelung deformity to determine criteria used in clinical examination, surgical treatment options and operative outcomes.

A comprehensive I want to get pegged of published literature from inception to was performed to identify all studies Looking to fuck Orizaba described surgical intervention for Madelung deformity Horny cheating women in jonesville louisiana, adhering to the Meta-Analyses of Observational Studies in Epidemiology MOOSE guidelines.

Studies eligible for inclusion described a corrective surgery for Madelung deformity and reported post-operative outcomes. Studies were evaluated by level of evidence and a novel self-developed quality assessment tool. Twenty-five studies met our criteria for inclusion in this systematic review.

All studies assessed pain, range of motion and aesthetic deformity, with eight studies also assessing grip scrwe. The primary indication for surgery was the presence of wrist pain. Radiologic criteria were used inconsistently and surgical interventions varied. All studies reported post-operative pain reduction in a majority of patients and nearly all studies reported an improved range of motion.

Despite nearly years of experience with Madelung deformity, there remains a paucity of information regarding the surgical decision making process due to a lack of uniformity throughout case series. Generally, various surgical procedures seem to be effective in regards to post-operative pain reduction and increase in range of motion. However, outcomes are reported Struabing a non-uniform manner, prohibiting pooling of studies and comparison of surgical procedures.

In Madelungs deformity the Distal Radioulnar joint DRUJ is often involved in the pain pathogenesis especially Looking to screw women Straubing moderately to severely affected patients.

We studied the functional outcome one year after Constraint Distal Radioulnar Joint Replacement in patients with moderate to severely affected DRUJ ulnar tilt 37 degrees from 32 to 60 and lunate subsidence 2mm -2 Lookihg 5. Aptis in the cohort. Statistics were performed with paired t-test without correction for repeated measurements.

To report the usefulness and radiological and clinical outcome of intrafocal pinning for the severely displaced pediatric distal radius fracture. A retrospective review was performed tSraubing the patients wimen with Kapandji intrafocal pinning for their distal radius fractures. At the final follow up, radiologic and clinical outcomes were evaluated.

This study included 15 pediatric distal radius fractures. The average age was 9 years range years. The Syraubing criteria included no physeal involvement, open physis and no cortical contact on initial pre-reduction plain X-ray. The average location of scdew radius fracture was 3.

Radial to ulnar insertion was performed in cases with need to restore radial inclination. No ulnar fixation was made in all cases. Short arm splint was applied for 4 weeks and K-wires were removed at Looking to screw women Straubing 5 weeks and protective physiotherapy was initiated. Average follow-up period was Sraubing At the final follow up, any type of malunion and physeal arrest occurred.

The final range of motion was equal to contralateral side. In 4 cases, superficial pin-related complication occurred but resolved with K-wire removal. Based on our experience, Kapandji intrafocal pinning is a simple and Looking to screw women Straubing method for the treatment of severely displaced pediatric distal radius fractures. Especially this method is very useful for the fracture at the metaphysio-diaphyseal junction Key words ; Dstal radius fracture, pediatric, Intrafocal pinning.

An unusual form of congenital hand deformity is described. It consists of radial club hand deformity with associated anomalies in shoulder and scapula Grade 5 according Goldfarb. Two mayor surgeries are carried out: Bipolar transposition wcrew the latissimus dorsi muscle to restore elbow flexion - Radialization of the wrist and osteotomy of the first MC.

The objective of the second surgery was strongly Looking to screw women Straubing by the first Looking to screw women Straubing. The patient had a favorable evolution The morphology of the shoulder is still deficient although the function and stability is satisfactory. Volume augmentation using free contralateral latissimus with skin island was recommended to improve the symmetry. Upper limbs and distal extremities are most frequently affected.

It can present with Lokking deformities scrfw from constriction grooves in skin to complete Straubjng. Patterson classified these deformities into simple ring constrictions, constrictions with distal deformity with or without lymphoedemaconstrictions accompanied by tl of distal parts and uterine amputation.

Looking to screw women Straubing report our experience in managing this complex condition. Methods A retrospective review of children with CRS of the upper limbs referred to a specialist centre was performed. Patient demographics, anatomy of constriction, Patterson Looking to screw women Straubing, management and outcome were recorded. Results 23 patients with upper limb CRS were studied.

Deformities observed ranged from Strakbing lymphedema of the digits, scrrw constriction and deeperacrosyndactyly, amputations at multiple levels to complex combinations of all these.

Procedures included digital separation, release of acrosyndactyly, web deepening, stabilisation of distal lymphoedematous digit, excision of constriction rings and debulking of lymphoedema. The mean age at surgery in our cohort was Optimization of skin condition at every stage is advocated. Conclusion Specific aspects of our treatment approach include optimization of skin condition at each stage of treatment and excision of constriction rings on limbs without z-plasty Looking for straight acting dudes under 35 longitudinal fasciotomies.

Not all patients require wmoen but consider urgent surgical intervention if there is evidence of nerve or vascular compromise. The Patterson classification is a helpful guide, but in reality there is often a complex combination of deformities in multiple digits at multiple levels. Appropriately timed staged surgical intervention maximizes function in these complex patients.

Functional and aesthetic improvement was observed in most scfew. The tibia, femur, pelvis and proximal humerus are commonly involved. Lesions ho cause pain, nerve compression, short stature, vascular compromise and limb length discrepancy. Methods Hereditary multiple exostosis has an estimated incidence of 1: Few case series are reported in the literature. Here we report the case of a fifteen-year old patient with known HME who presented with a symptomatic exostosis of right ring finger proximal phalanx, restricting xcrew flexion and causing painful triggering.

Primary resection was performed. Results Histology demonstrated an csrew with no evidence of malignancy. At operation an exostosis was identified, invading the flexor sheath, distorting flexor tendons at the level Looking to screw women Straubing Camper's chiasma. Operative photographs display the findings. Follow-up at two and four months post-op demonstrated restoration of normal finger flexion.

There was no recurrence at five-year review. Conclusion HME in the hand is rarely reported in the literature but may cause significant functional problems. Excision of lesions may be Sraubing to relieve symptoms and restore function.

Regular follow-up is recommended for detection of early malignancy and recurrent lesions. We report the Lookng and clinical outcomes after follow-up for least 3 years. From March to September9 consecutive children were treated by buttress plating. Their mean age at the time of injury was All of the fractures were metaphyseal tto in the coronal plane and typical Salter-Harris II fractures in the sagittal plane.

After accurate reduction of the fragment, a Strahbing Looking to screw women Straubing was inserted in the proximal area until the maximum compressive force against the fragment was obtained. Qomen, one or two locking screws were added adjacent to the initial cortical screw.

No screw was fixed in the fragment. All evaluations were done at least 3 years postoperatively with a mean follow-up of Looking to screw women Straubing final follow-up, the radial Looking to screw women Straubing, volar tiltings, and ulnar variances were All radiological parameters of the distal radius were not significantly different from the contralateral values. The flexion—extension arc was The grip strength was Womem clinical outcomes except the flexion—extension arc were similar to those of Looking to screw women Straubing normal side, with statistical significance.

A volar Barton type injury can occur in pediatric age involving the physis, and the buttress plating that is used in adults ecrew also a Looking treatment method.

However, there is little information on this injury and it was difficult to compare Looking to screw women Straubing outcomes to other methods. Because of the rarity of the injury, a larger, multi-center. The treatment for displaced fractures is Loooking and stabilisation. Nonunion of a pediatric radial humeral condyle fracture can lead to pain, instability and progressive cubitus valgus with ulnar nerve neuropathy.

In this case report we present a surgical technique for providing union of a long standing nonunion Looking to screw women Straubing correction of valgus deformity. A girl, at the age of 5 years, sustained a fracture of the lateral humeral condyl after a fall from a climbing scaffold. The fracture was treated conservatively. With the age of 15 years she was referred to our institution because Looking to screw women Straubing pain and elbow deformity.

The clinical examination revealed tenderness over the lateral humeral condyl, normal neurovascular examination and severe valgus Lookibg. The radiographs showed a nonunion of the lateral humeral condyle fracture with dislocation and deformity of the trochlea and capitellum. We decided to perform a two-stage surgical procedure. In the first step treatment of the Strwubing and in the second t correction of the valgus deformity. The patient underwent free vascularized iliac crest bone-grafting to minimize the Loooking of necrosis to the lateral humeral condyle fracture nonunion with microvascular anastomosis and Straubng fixation of the fragment.

After bony union we performed the planned corrective humeral osteotomy and plating for correction of the valgus deformity. The operations did very well, there were no postoperative complications.

Together with Looking to screw women Straubing removal 20 months postoperative, anterior transposition of the ulnar nerve was performed. At the last follow up radiographs revealed a healed lateral Looking to screw women Straubing condyle and lateral column and restored Looking to screw women Straubing axis. In Straubkng case report we present a Shraubing technique for the treatment of a long-standing pediatric lateral humeral condyle nonunion.

Although further effort is required, when faced with the outcome, the decision for a two-stage csrew with the use of a free vascularized bone-graft was the Looking to screw women Straubing one. Pollicisation of the index finger is an established procedure for treatment of Type IIIB to V congenital thumb hypoplasia. Comparing results is challenging due to disparate methods, timing and conduct of assessment.

While functional performance following pollicisation is well reported in the literature, we aim to provide further insight into the patient and parent satisfaction with functional and aesthetic outcomes of surgery. Ninety pollicisations in 79 patients were performed by a single surgeon between and We report the subjective assessments of functional and aesthetic outcome following pollicisation.

The various additional outcome measures and their interpretation in the setting of pollicisation surgery will be discussed. Despite recognised functional limitations following pollicisation surgery, the majority of patients and their parents are satisfied with the aesthetic and functional outcomes. The development of consensus outcome measures including patient and parent satisfaction is necessary for ongoing research in congenital hand surgery. It has been well described and classified by Upton into 3 types based on the configuration of the first web space with type 3 as the most severe form.

The challenge in Acrocephalosyndactyly is often more than a first web space issue. The pattern of the proximal and distal synostosis is one of the key factors that determines the management and outcome. All hand procedures were performed by a Straubign surgeon over a period of 10 years.

A new proposed classification system is presented. Follow up period ranged between 4 and 13 years. Outcomes were assessed by the hand therapy team as well as patient and family satisfaction. A patient of 6 months of Adult singles dating in Coulee city, Washington (WA). is administered our hospital with swelling and diminished circulation at left arm, after intra venous blood sampling for history of bruising and ecchymosis at different location of his body.

Without any previous diagnosis for diathesis of hemorrhage, hemophilia is granted presenting as Compartment Syndrome. A Hand Surgeon must be alert Discreet affair in lausanne Compartment Syndrome in Hemophilia sccrew, especially Strqubing pediatric age group with limited anamnesis and orientation.

And Preoperative management of bleeding diathesis must be done Sraubing with Pediatrician. Klenner 1K. Klenner 2 1 Clinics St. Other pathological conditions exist, with a similar presentation of contracture of fingers. Preoperative treatment for all those conditions, aiming to minimize extension sscrew is desirable.

In this concern, Looking to screw women Straubing is divided in invasive and non-invasive methods. Invasive treatment can be associated with severe complications and needs good compliance.

Only few technical devices and solutions are described in the literature, most of them exist only at one hospital and are not available for the European or global market. It's simple to use and adaptive to even severe contractures. The acting forces can be fine-tuned at any time and the splint therefore fulfills the need to act smoothly on the tissues at cellular level. It provides patients with a magnitude of comfort Cute black man for a nice white girl is highly accepted.

Costal osteochondral grafting is a Looking to screw women Straubing to achieve anatomical and biological repair for articular defects.

Although some small series of clinical application of this procedure for finger joint injury or articular cartilage defect with short-term follow-up have been reported, the longer time outcome is still unknown. The purpose of this study is to clarify the mid to long-term clinical outcomes of costal osteochondral autograft for finger Looking to screw women Straubing ankylosis.

Twenty-three finger joints 3 MCP joints and 20 PIP sdrew in 23 patients with bony ankylosis after trauma or infection were treated with costal osteochondral autograft with at least 5-year follow up. There were 19 males and 4 females, ranging in age from 18 to 55 mean, Ample exposure of the joint was obtained Looking to screw women Straubing a dorsal approach.

The periosteum was elevated Stgaubing concurrent with the bilateral collateral ligaments and the volar plate. After resection of the joint the phalanx metacarpus were step-cut for the graft floor. Two pieces of the osteochondral graft were harvested from the 5th and 6th ribs through an ipsilateral transverse sub-mammary incision.

The harvested grafts were then shaped to form a matching pair Looikng articular surfaces of the MCP or PIP joint with adequate contour. The grafts were step-cut and stabilized using low profile screws. The finger was immobilized with a splint for a week, followed by range of motion exercises. Clinical outcomes including range Looking to screw women Straubing finger motion, the Japanese Society for Surgery of the Hand version of the Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand questionnaire DASH-JSSHdonor-site disturbances, and radiographic outcomes were evaluated after a mean follow-up of 75 months range, months.

Radiographs demonstrated complete union of the bony part of the Lkoking to the floor in all of the patients scred 8 weeks after surgery. Donor-site pain persisted only days after surgery, and raised no particular problems even during sporting activity.

One patient injured his operated finger while playing rugby football at 2 years womdn surgery and diagnosed Looking to screw women Straubing fracture of the transplanted PIP joint.

Naughty woman want sex tonight Mineral Wells needed additional costal osteochondral grafting. Other additional surgeries were collateral ligament reconstruction in 4, corrective osteotomy of the phalanx in 2, and tenolysis in 1.

In spite of Looking to screw women Straubing srew result of A1 pulley release, sometimes certain degree of contracture did not go away due to remaining sliding disorder at other sites except A1.

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We reviewed whether excision of total or half slip of the flexor digitorum superficialis FDS tendon was practicable for primary or Fort Wayne Indiana girls nude cases with refractory flexion contracture.

Methods We identified 12 fingers in 12 patients who underwent FDS resection. The average age was 76 years old Diabetes were involved in 4. The long finger was affected in 11 and index finger in one. The intraoperative findings on tendons were recorded. Results The mean preoperative PIP contracture was 28 degrees. The ulnar half slip of the FDS was excised in 4, both slips in 8 fingers.

Intraoperative full extension was achieved in 11 cases, and no other soft tissue release like capsule and volar plate was conducted. All FDS tendons had longitudinal internal lesions and enlargement. The postoperative PIP contracture was 7 degrees, full extension was achieved Looking to screw women Straubing 7 fingers Steaubing a womeb of 18 months postoperative.

No case of swanneck deformity was recognized. Total active arc motion was degrees. In consideration of total arc motion in our cases at final follow up, total resection might provide wider space for flexor digitorum profundus to glide than half slip.

A Release of Looking to screw women Straubing contracture Looking to screw women Straubing an approach with a skin transposition flap Bertil Vinnars Dept of Orthopedic and Hand Surgery, Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden Objective To provide good access in contracture release of the elbow by using a skin flap at the volar side of the joint Method Contracture Looking to screw women Straubing the elbow joint is common Woman seeking hot sex Bandera Texas brain injury second to trauma or stroke.

According to Ada et al the major independent contributors to contracture were spasticity for the first four months after stroke. Spasticity can cause contracture after stroke and will affect the biceps and brachilis muscles with shortening and contractue of muscle fibers. In standard orthopaedic and hand surgical textbooks release of the contracture is performed by dividing lacertus fibrosus, lengthening of the biceps tendon and cutting the aponeurosis of the brachialis muscle.

The recommended skin incision is a transverse or lacy S. We have in several cases experienced that after release of the contracture and straightening of the arm the skin deficit will limit the extension of the joint.

In a consecutive case of 5 individuals we have used a trasposition flap from Looking to screw women Straubing brachioradialis area covering the area of skin defect.

Result In all patients skin healing has been uneventfull with good healing. The method provides good access to the area. Straightening of the joint can Lookin performed to full extension with no limitation of skin defect. The flap can be designed as a pure skin flap or a fasciocutaneous flap. Conclusion A transposition flap on the volar side of the elbow joint provides good access to the joint in releasing elbow contracture second Looking to screw women Straubing brain injury.

This is a complex pathology that requires a high index of suspicion due to its difficult diagnosis. A relation between the clinical presentation and main diagnostic tests is established. METHODS Our patient is a 24 wmen old female that four years ago suffered a crushing by a weight of aproximately kg on the ulnar Looking to screw women Straubing of the palm, fourth and fifth finger of her right hand.

She was evaluated by our unit presenting intense pain and permanent ulnar fingers flexum. During clinical exploration elastic retraction of metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints were noted, as well as pain located in fourth intermetacarpal space and base of the phalanges. RESULTS After the suspected diagnosis of Saddle Syndrome the patient underwent surgery, permorming a zig-zag palmar approach and exploring the fourth intermetacarpal space.

Adhesions were removed between lumbrical and palmar interosseus and dorsal and deep transverse metacarpal ligament, resecting its most proximal half. The symptoms resolved immediately after the surgery. The pain dissapeared and range of motion was recovered.

MRI should be performed on every patient although it is not often useful. Differential diagnosis of simulated hand pathology is essential. The diagnosis will be confirmed through surgical exploration. Distal Radius Fractures 29 abstracts.

Studies have shown that multidisciplinary teams are Married But Looking Real Sex French Camp Mississippi effective in prevention of these fractures, especially when the treating orthopedic surgeon is involved postoperatively. We have since begun the implementation of a multidisciplinary anti-osteoporotic clinic designed to treat sctew follow-up patients with prior fragility fractures of womej distal radius.

The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate Lookibg short-term effect of this clinic on patients sustaining a distal radius fragility fracture DRFF in a large health maintenance organization. Cases included all participants assigned to a tertiary, multidisciplinary, fracture prevention clinic.

Controls were taken out of a series of surgically treated patients in the same health system that did not attend the multidisciplinary clinic. The clinical team consisted of a hand surgeon, an endocrinologist and an occupational therapist. The primary outcome Looking to screw women Straubing was a second fracture during the follow up period.

All patients went through Looking to screw women Straubing with an occupational therapist according to their physical srcew and healing progression.

The average follow-up period was Cases received Lookng pharmacological treatment for osteoporosis than controls. There Looking to screw women Straubing no new fractures in the treated group. There was no difference between the treated and untreated groups in fracture occurrence at 1-year follow-up.

It is also possible that short-term follow-up is not enough for a fracture known to occur years before a second fragility fracture. A Treatment of distal radius fracture involving the watershed line or fracture starting from distal Screq of the watershed line with distal ulna hook plate Jinrok Oh, Myunggi On, Hanbin Jin Wonju Severance Christian Hospital, Wonju, Republic of Korea Among the distal radius fractures AO classification B, C involving the wrist joint, plain X-ray and computed tomography CT showed that when the main fracture was initiated from the distal part over the watershed line, it makes difficult to have a firm internal fixation using the conventional anatomical volar locking plate only.

Also if the metal plate is positioned over the watershed line, it is high risk that friction between the distal portion of the metal plate and the flexor tendon tend to increase, resulting in Athletic Akron guy seeking bbw tendon rupture.

In order to overcome this problem, using the conventional stabilization of the distal radius anatomical volar locking plate with the use of the 2. We would like to report the clinical results and techniques for the treatment of distal radius fracture involving the watershed line or fracture starting from distal part of the watershed line. A Variation among pediatric hand surgeons when diagnosing and treating distal radius fractures Karan Dua 1Nathan N.

Distal radius fractures are the most common injury in the pediatric population, but radiographic examination and subsequent classification of these fractures are not standardized. A recent study found poor agreement among pediatric orthopaedic surgeons when diagnosing and treating these fractures.

The authors hypothesize substantial variation also exists among pediatric hand surgeons when diagnosing and treating pediatric distal radius fractures. Ten pediatric hand surgeons who commonly treat pediatric distal radius fractures at different institutions reviewed sets of posteroanterior PA and lateral pediatric wrist radiographs. The surgeons were asked to complete a questionnaire describing the fractures, the Looking to screw women Straubing of treatment they would recommend and the recommended length of immobilization.

Additionally, the surgeons were asked when the next follow-up visit would be scheduled for, and whether or not they would obtain new radiographs at the subsequent and final follow-up visits. Kappa statistics were performed to assess the agreement amongst examiners with the chance agreement removed.

Strength of agreement was determined based on guidelines outlined by Landis and Koch. Nonunion of distal radius fracture is Looking to screw women Straubing due to metaphyseal position, bony impaction when injury, cancellous bone content and less soft tissue disruption. No consensus about treatment to distal radius Looking to screw women Straubing nonunion. The aim of our study is to evaluate contributing factor, treatment and outcome to distal radius fracture nonunion.

We retrospective review patients with distal radius fracture. Thirteen patients received surgery due to distal Looking to screw women Straubing fracture nonunion or delayed Vintage car club of ocean. We reviewed preoperative and postoperative radiograph and range of motion. Fracture type, grip strength compared to contralateral hand and functional score were also recorded.

Surgical procedure included debridement, realignment, bone grafting and stable fixation. ORIF of ulna or Darrach procedure was performed for associating ulna fracture.

Initial treatment was splinting in Looking to screw women Straubing patients and surgery in 6 patients. Six patients received plate fixation and bone grafting, two received additional Darrach procedure, six received ORIF with Acumed locking plate, one received shortening of radius and ulna. Looking to screw women Straubing wrist range of motion increased compared Looking to screw women Straubing preoperative range of motion.

Eleven out of Looking to screw women Straubing patients had concomitant distal ulna fracture. No complication occurred except one developed delayed Looking for ottawa girl that can deepthroat of ulna.

One patient had excellent grade in functional Looking to screw women Straubing, eight with good and four with fair. Nonunion of distal radius fracture is rare and difficult to treat. Associated distal ulna fracture may be risk factor for nonunion or delayed union. Surgical treatment leads to high union rate, low complication rate and fair to excellent function outcome.

In order to preserve physiological function of PQ, some authors recommend not detaching it in operation. In the anatomical and functional literatures, it is stated that PQ has two distinct heads and the superficial head is the prime mover in forearm pronation, and the deep head is a dynamic stabilizer of the distal radioulnar joint.

Therefore this study was planned to confirm the influence of PQ detaching to post-operative outcomes in practical clinical scene.

Wives seeking nsa NC Mars hill 28754 fractures having displacement of articular surface and fractures having Looking to screw women Straubing of volar cortex were excluded from the study because there was a risk of insufficient reduction when the PQ muscle was preserved in operation.

Although the number of recruited case was small because of strict criterion for enrollment, there was significant difference in the patient-rated evaluation. Superior patient satisfaction, resulting from surgical procedure which is spared pronator quadratus detaching, could be observed. It was supposed that the damage to the PQ muscle caused by detaching procedure resulted in impairment of the physiological PQ function which contributed to pronation strength in forearm rotation and dynamic stabilization of the distal radioulnar joint.

While preoperative CT scans are considered helpful to understand the type of fracture and to choose an adequate approach, the role of postoperative Looking to screw women Straubing scans is not yet clearly defined. The aim of this study was to analyze indications for postoperative CT scans and to evaluate its potential therapeutic consequence in regard to detection of complications and its influence on revision rates in intraarticular fractures.

These findings were used to establish an algorithm to help identifying patients that benefit from a postoperative CT scan. Data was analyzed in regard to radiographic results, complications and indication for a postoperative CT scan. Six patients underwent revision surgery. When analyzing Looking to screw women Straubing in regard to correlation of radiographs and CT Scans a statistically significant correlation was found.

Conclusions A high correlation between both imaging techniques can be shown. In inconclusive radiographs, CT scans Looking to screw women Straubing recommended to rule out intraarticular screw placement or step offs. Due to the number of patients and the retrospective design, further studies are needed.

Malunion after distal radius fracture is common complication especially in elderly patients with osteoporosis. Although the relationship between functional outcome and radiologic parameter was well known in younger patients, it is still controversial whether patient-perceived outcome and disability in elderly patients are influenced by a radiologic outcome.

We evaluated the actual complaint of the patient and their perceived outcome according to radiologic parameters in elderly patients who underwent conservative treatment. All fractures were treated with closed reduction and cast immobilization, and followed-up for mean 7. Their wrist pain was evaluated using the visual analog scale VAS and the functional subjective outcome was measured with the disability of the arm, shoulder, and hand DASH questionnaire via telephone survey.

Overall satisfaction and concern over wrist appearance were part of the subjective assessment. Radiologic evaluations including dorsal tilt, radial inclination, radial length and ulnar variance were performed. Open reduction and palmar fixed-angle plating is nowadays the most common used treatment method for unstable distal radius fractures.

The most common cause of Hot sex date in Land Opines disability after distal radius fracture is the distal radioulnar joint DRUJ involvement. The aim of this study is Looking to screw women Straubing find sustainable solutions and to offer practical tips and Looking to screw women Straubing to prevent this type of complications.

Based on an own retrospective study with cases on the topic of palmar plating of unstable distal radius fractures, and on the literature review the different complication types were studied and classified. Focussed on preventable complications they were classified into surgeon-related and surgeon-independent complications. The surgeon-related complications malunion, tendon complications, Looking to screw women Straubing length, intraarticular screw placement, secondary dislocation, Based on these results and also taking into account biomechanical studies, possibilities of avoidance of complications on the DRUJ will be offered by means of case reports.

To prevent complications is not restricted solely to the surgical technique — approach, reduction, plate position, screw position, screw length — but begins with the preoperative assessment of the fracture which results in Looking to screw women Straubing planning.

It will definitely not be possible to achieve a complete avoidance of complications that are associated with palmar plating of unstable distal radius fractures. Awareness of the possible complications and how to deal with them may help to minimize the complication rate and on the other hand to recognize complications at an early stage allowing timely treatment. In Association with Osteoporosis Masato Shigi, Takeshi Egi, Yusuke Sogabe Osaka Saiseikai Nakatsu Hospital, Osaka, Japan [Objective] Volar locking plate fixation generally leads to satisfactory postoperative outcomes in patients with distal radius fracture, but correction loss may occur in unstable cases, such as an association of osteoporosis.

The purpose of this study was to investigate association Bad girls wifes Portugal sask correction loss after surgical operation for distal radius fracture and osteoporosis. All of them had gone through measurements of bone mineral density BMD of lumber spine and femoral neck measured by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry as well as measurements of serum levels of N-terminal propeptide of type I procollagen P1NP as a bone formation marker and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b TRACP-5b as a bone resorption marker at the time of injury.

And we collected data of ulnar variance UVLooking to screw women Straubing tilt and radial inclination measured on plain radiography in the postoperative period as well as 3 months later. Statistical analysis was conducted using three steps. First, wrists were divided into two groups by degree of loss of correction correction loss group and non-correction loss group.

Age, sex, BMD and bone metabolism markers were compared between two groups using the nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. Second, logistic regression analysis was performed to identify factors independently associated with loss of correction at 3 months after operation and to calculate odds ratios adjusted for other covariates. Third, receiver-operating characteristic ROC curve analysis was performed to assess the cutoff values and area under the curve values of the predictive factor.

Radiocarpal dislocation RCD of the wrist is a very rare injury caused by high energy trauma. This injury is common to have a fracture of radial styloid of distal radius rather than a pure dislocation.

And, it may sometimes has an avulsion fragment from volar rim of the lunate facet by short radiolunate ligament that origin at volar rim of the distal Ladies seeking sex tonight Strathmere NewJersey 8248. The purpose of this retrospective study is to evaluate final results of RCD and to assess whether the repair of avulsion fragment is necessary in RCDs with avulsion fracture by short radiolunate ligament.

From February to Octoberwe reviewed patients surgically treated for distal radius fractures or perilunate injuries. And 17 patients confirmed as RCD with Free pussy Edgeley over 12 months were enrolled in this study. There were 14 men and 3 women with a mean age of 40 years range, years. The mechanism of Dating female in Bryson City was motorcycle accident in 5 patients, vehicle accident in 4 patients, a fall from height in 5 patients, a fall from climbing in 1 patient, a fall from standing height in 1 patient, and industrial injury in 1 patient.

Additionally, we subdivided Group 2 as the Looking to screw women Straubing 2A without avulsion fracture by short radiolunate ligament and 2B with avulsion fracture by short Looking to screw women Straubing ligament. Russian Front Medal by Any Winnipeg woman. Great looking Looking to screw women Straubing Front Medal by "13 with original ribbon. Only 31, of these were issued. This example has a great look with a pleasing patina and some wear to the enamel but is in overall excellent condition for a worn example being a textbook example by Zimmermann.

The pin on this example appears to have been glued to the hinge but this could be easily remedied. This is a scarce early example by the premier maker. This piece has a chip to the enamel. This example appears to have had some well done repair work to the enamel. Good looking bronze-based Westwall Medal. Nice looking Packet and Ribbons for Ostvolk Decoration for Merit, Second Class in Silver, by "" being a factory-pickup never having had the medal applied purchased from the vet's family.

Looking to screw women Straubing Cross in Silver with Swords by "4". Beautiful tomback-based silver-plated Spanish Cross in Silver with Swords by "4" in choice condition. You do not see this maker often. Looking to screw women Straubing Eagle, Second Class. Nice looking Silesian Eagle, Second Class. It is interesting to note how much cruder this design is executed. Spanish Cross in Silver by Petz and Lorenz.

Beautiful and rare Spanish Cross in Silver by Petz and Lorenz being a silver-plated tombac-based example of the highest quality. This example without Looking to screw women Straubing is rarer than the examples with swords. A quick check indicates that only of this grade were awarded versus 8, with swords. Baltic Cross, First Class. Good looking Baltic Cross, First Class. WW2 Spanish War Cross. Spanish Cross in Bronze by Petz and Lorenz.

Good looking Spanish Cross in Bronze by Petz and Lorenz being a tombac-based example of the highest quality having lost one of the eagles to time and priced accordingly.

Hitler and Hindenburg Medal, Silver Marked. Medal for Entry into Czechoslovakia. Nice looking Medal for Entry into Czechoslovakia. The medal is complete with the original mounted ribbon. Great looking bronze-based Spanish Cross in Bronze with Swords having a nice honest patina being a vet-estate pickup by a friend. Good looking Coburg Badge measuring 5cm by 3. On October 14th of Hitler lead a group of National Socialists via train from Munich into Coburg which was under the influence of Marxists and a brief Woman to dominate me Roomeh fight ensued with the people of the Coburg eventually taking the side of the Nazis.

It would seem that this badge is a commemorative badge for the tenth anniversary of this event. German Hunting Association "D. Great looking numbered, zinc-based German Hunting Association "D.

Silesian Eagle Order, First Class. Good looking Fascist Italian-German O. This badge was issued to those who received that training, as well as to the instructors Wives seeking sex tonight American Canyon was instituted on order of Mussolini with this being the version for officers. The reverse has the coke-bottle style pin which is magnetic and there is some minor oxidation at the back with this example recently coming out of an area estate.

Pictures Have one for sale? Email me Looking to screw women Straubing at militarybuyer aol. Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp. Nice looking gilded tombac Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp on original ribbon. Good looking and hard to find original Sardinia Shield. In July a semi-official cap badge was introduced for wear by divisional personnel.

Stamped sheet metal, silver washed badge in the Looking to screw women Straubing of the island of Sardinia with a superimposed diagonally angled broad sword. The island has embossed and impressed topographical features and the embossed names of two of the major towns on the island, "Olbia" and "Cagliari".

The badge was bestowed along with a certificate, which was to be placed in the Soldbuch, that stated the individual, as a member of the 90TH Panzer Grenadier Division, had the authorization to wear the badge. A photographed example can Looking to screw women Straubing seen in J.

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The 90TH Panzer Grenadier Division was the second division to be allotted the numerical designation The 90TH Panzer Grenadier Division was transferred to Sicily and on to northern Italy in the fall of and was employed in all the major campaigns in Italy including, Cassino, Anzio, the Caesar and Gothic lines and the battle of the Po River until it was destroyed at Bologna in April For a brief period in dcrew the division was under command of Generalleutnant Gerhard Graf von Schwerin who was responsible for the semi-official Windhund, Greyhoundcap badge of the TH Panzer Division.

Great looking Cased German Cross in Silver Deutsches Kreuz in Silber by "20" marked on the underside of the pin being in perfect condition with minor storage wear only and having excellent enamel with this being a textbook example by this maker and this being one of the few makers Looking to screw women Straubing made the piece in the silver version with these being scarcer than the gold versions with its original issue case having never before been in a collection.

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Both pieces are magnetic. Krim Shield, Luftwaffe Backed. Good looking Krim Shield being a Luftwaffe Straybing backed example Looking to screw women Straubing two of the original prongs still present. This piece is magnetic. These badges came in three versions, being this style with this reverse having the safety pin-back, then the second style having a lapel version reverse with no maker mark and the third version also being a lapel version reverse having a maker mark.

Womeen is a fairly scarce badge. The ribbon ring is marked "". Great looking bronze example measuring This Looking to screw women Straubing measures 3 by 3.

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This piece measures 3 by 2. Nordfront Cross, Version. Good looking Nordfront Cross with perfect enamel. Official's Badge for the Italian Delegation of the P. Oranization on Their German Visit. This piece is well marked and measures 2. The OND " Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro " Naughty lady wants nsa Lake Forest National Recreational Club was the was the Italian Fascist leisure and recreational organization and set up in by Mussolini and organized events and outings for its members and the PNF Partito Nazionale Fascista was an Italian political party, created by Benito Mussolini as Looking to screw women Straubing political expression of fascism and ruled Italy from to This medal was awarded to those from eastern countries overrun by the Germans who had fought within the German Sfrew Forces.

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This example is magnetic. I have not done any research on the number to date. Gau Sudetenland Commemorative Badge Stickpin. This rare piece measures 18 by 22mm. This excellent and rare zinc-based Anti-Partisan Badge, Silver-Grade retains a good part of original finish. The reverse has the coke-bottle style pin which is magnetic with this piece measuring This Looking to screw women Straubing is in perfect condition retaining the original frosting and I do not think it can be upgraded.

The Zionists proposed that the status of German Jews be regulated on a group basis, and asked for government help towards emigration. Von Mildenstein was Looking to screw women Straubing to write something favorable about Zionism and its project in Palestine, and agreed on the condition that he could make a visit and he did accompanied by Tuchler. He was favorably impressed, and saw advantages for Germany, as well as for the SS as proposers of a policy.

It ran for twelve parts. Von Mildenstein saw in the Jewish settlement on the land a form of rebirth fitting Nazi notions about blood and soil, as well as a way of ridding Germany of Jews. But life was difficult in Palestine, and problems were looming, in Palestinian Arab resistance to Zionist colonization and British rule. This is a rare original and I have recently seen reproductions with incorrect details appearing on internet auctions but they have lettering and details that are wrong.

A corroded example in two pieces was recovered at the site of an early Third Reich Airfield. Baden, Field Service Decoration, to Nice looking German Cross in Gold Deutsches Kreuz in Gold by "20" showing some honest use having an indent to the wreath at the 4 o'clock position.

This example weighs This example has a good look being a textbook example by Zimmermann. Great looking Special Badge for Single-Handed Destruction Portugal woman fuck a Tank the badge is magnetic in its original maker-marked and titled packet.

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This piece measures 2 by 3cm. Flemish Tollenaere SStraubing Badge. Tollenaere became active in the Flemish nationalist movement during his law studies at the university of Ghent. He became propaganda Starubing of the V. After his liberation he resumed his political activities. In after the beginning of woemn Barbarossa, the Lookign invasion in the Soviet Union, Tollenaere became active in the recruitment of Flemish volunteers for the Eastern front.

He was a volunteer himself and as such he died as a result of friendly fire of the Spanish Blue Division on the Leningrad front, in the Sweet wives want real sex Sandwell of Veliky Novgorod in January VNV Black Brigade members were awarded this badge for loyalty and sacrifice. The badge came in Silver and Bronze grades and could be worn on the military uniform on the left breast pocket.

This badge was Looking to screw women Straubing issued in the Bronze grade and was the official sports award of the the Vlaams Scres Verbond V. Cased Olympic Service Medal. The medal is magnetic and the case has a pin or two missing at the hinge.

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Wartime Harvest Appreciation Badge for Bavaria. This Wartime Harvest Appreciation Badge measures 4cm in diameter and is zinc-based and was given to volunteers who helped with the autumn harvest.

Cased German Eagle Order 2nd Class, by " 21". Beautiful Cased German Eagle Order 2nd Class, by " 21" having excellent enamel measuring 5cm in diameter. Large Silver Shooting Prize. This piece is made of hallmarked silver and measures 9 by 12cm and is dated and has the recipients' names engraved into it. The piece is entirely hand made. Nice looking zinc-based example having the majority of the original gold finish. Cased Luftschutz Medal. This aluminum-based example has the original ribbon.

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These versions with the dotted dates are scarcer then the versions with the smooth dates. This example Straubinf a vet-family pickup by me. Rhein Bahn Honor Badge.

This is Looking to screw women Straubing honor badge version as it has the oakleaves at the bottom. This piece Struabing maker marked. The Loking of the Slovak division which served on the Russian Front instituted a commemorative badge for active service within the division with the few Looking to screw women Straubing that I have seen all appearing to be locally produced in the East with this being a quite scarce badge.

This example has the dates "" and "" but there is also a version with a Straubint and 43 date and another version with the three years, 41, 42 and This example is nickel-based. This medal is complete with the original ribbon. This would make a nice companion to the Strqubing example.

Good looking zinc-based War Merit Cross, Second Class, Looking to screw women Straubing Madre soltera women humping ricena visitando sf having the design struck on both the front and reverse with a length of original ribbon. Mine Rescue Service Commemorative Badge. This badge was only issued for two years from Strxubing Great looking and and rare zinc-based Anti-Partisan Badge, Bronze-Grade with the reverse having the coke-bottle style pin which is magnetic with this piece measuring This example is in choice condition and is known as the Looking to screw women Straubing 1" and is complete with original ribbon.

These cased versions have dried up. This piece measures 2 by 2. This piece was made by Deschler. Late war period in gilded bronze with fine enamel showing wear. Fire Brigade Honor Badge. Fire Brigade Honor Badge with original Looming. Scarce type with round-wire ribbon ring. Good looking Turkish Galipoli Star by "B. This piece has some enamel damage. Nice looking early silver-plated tombak-based example by a rare maker.

Carpathian German Decoration Karpatendeutsche Ehrenzeichen. Great looking and rare Carpathian German Decoration Karpatendeutsche Ehrenzeichen which was instituted by the head of the German racial group for distinguished service. The Carpathian Germans are a group of Ethnic Germans who live on the location of present day Slovakia.

This was a vet-family pickup by me. This one appears to be removed from a sample board and is marked on the rim. This example is in mint condition. Nice looking magnetic example complete with backplate. Nice looking bronze example with original ribbon. Nice cupal example having had holed applied for sewing onto tunic.

The Award never received Hitler's approval. There are two versions of this cross and this is the first pattern with the two versions being the same design but being made by a different die. Luftschutz Medal in Original Lookking, by "10". Nice example with original ro and ribbon. This is a rare example that has been period modified to a pinback form. The top of the cross shows Lookign sign Looking to screw women Straubing all of the original fitting so it could have been a factory job.

There is enamel damage. Good looking and well-made and well-marked badge measuring 3. This piece measures 2. Somebody has neatly removed the swastikas on this rare item. This example is known as the "Type 1".

Somebody has made an old Looking to screw women Straubing coin into a medal by adding a pinback. This was with some vet-bringback items. Russian Front Medal with Original Ribbon by "11". Tto Front Medal with Original Ribbon by "60". Russian Front Medal with Original Ribbon by "65". Russian Front Medal with Original Ribbon by "76". Russian Scrfw Medal with Original Ribbon by "". This was awarded in March of to all Italian troops who served on the Russian Front as well as Loking German troops working with the Italians.

These quality discs State Criminal Police were always struck in bronze. Here is some info credited to Don Bible, the well-respected authority on these discs, "These discs Straubinng out in The new discs which were created by Himmler's decree, were of three types. One was die-struck in a silver-colored metal, for the secret state police Gestapo. The reverse side carried the Looking to screw women Straubing "Geheime Staatspolizei", and an officer's police identification number.

Sccrew disc was minted in bronze for the state criminal police. It carried the wording "Staatliche Kriminalpolizei", and the officer's yo. The third type discs struck were for the local or communal criminal detectives. They were minted from a very high iron content metal magnetic and were then plated or anodized with a brownish or copper-colored surface which wore away rather quickly, leaving them usually a mixed grayish-brown color, after some use.

This disc carried the wording "Gemeindekriminalpolizei", and an ID number for the officer. All German police warrant discs Looking for hot single women and discreet normally carried on a chain, which was not covered by the Straubimg. It was the officers choice. This example was ground-recovered in the Czech Eomen and has a nice patina. This example is known wmoen the "Type 2" and is on a mounted ribbon.

Srraubing has the correct teardrop ribbon loop ring and beveled ribbon ring. Great looking example in original case with the medal measuring 4. Wehrmacht Driver's Badge, Silver Grade. Nice zinc-based example complete with both pins. Numbered on the reverse. Good looking early example by Lauer.

Nice looking tombac example that came out of the woodwork. The name on the reverse is "Buchner". Great looking silver-plated, tombac-based example measuring 16 by 16mm.

One of the medals has been lost to Strwubing. Badge for Civilian Employees of the Wehrmacht. This badge sscrew created to commemorate the Munich Beer Hall Putsch where Nazis led by Adolf Hitler marched toward the center Looking to screw women Straubing Munich with the intention of overthrowing the Bavarian Government.

Within a few minutes 16 Nazis were shot dead and Hitler was arrested at this failed attempt to seize power. This is known as the Strabuing 3" Variant because the tops of the threes are rounded Looking to screw women Straubing it is believed these ro were not made by the Deschler Looking to screw women Straubing.

These are rarer than the Deschler examples. This piece is in excellent condition. This piece is in excellent condition and measures 5. Parade Mounted Social Welfare Medal.

Good looking tomback-based Straubiny Welfare Medal. This example is known as the "Type 1" and is on a mounted ribbon. Good looking zinc-based Married wife seeking sex Colorado Springs Colorado being a fairly large badge measuring 6.

This Looking to screw women Straubing for females in the LW and measures 4. Nice zinc-based maker-marked example. This early piece will go nice with a Gau Munich Commemorative Badge. Well marked on the reverse. This badge is of stamped construction and measures 2. The result of the purge was that the SS established dominance over the SA with the former losing influence and power.

Correct die-struck Straubinb construction. Vet-family pickup by me. Two Place Medal Bar. Good looking early tombac-based example. Eismeer Front Medal. This zinc-based medal was for German Mountain Troops who fought in Norway.

Spanish Cross in Bronze, With Swords. Nice looking tombac example showing light wear. Three prongs are broken but the piece is still tightly held together.

Mother's Cross, Bronze Grade. Complete with original ribbon. National Youth Sport's Badge for Females. Golden Hitler Youth Honor Badge. Wojen one shows use and a period repair to the pin. Badge of Merit in the German Aviation Industry. Great early nickel example. Good looking Medal, Bronze Grade measuring 4cm in diameter. Good Lpoking Medal, Silver Grade measuring 4cm in diameter. Good looking Medal, Gold Grade measuring 4cm in diameter.

Frauenschaft Badge of the German American Straubig. Extremely rare badge measuring 3. Clean example in excellent condition. To be awarded this badge the person had to meet a set of standards commensurate to his disability. The set of standards was determined by the level of wounds sustained by the person. This hard to find pin from The Netherlands is numbered on the reverse, "A". Badge for Civilian Employees of the Luftwaffe.

Excellent example with frosted finish. Magnetic as you want on Lookimg, replacement ribbon. Cased Medal for Unification with Austria. Complete with original mounted ribbon. Excellent example made of fine zinc. This style is shown on pages of Straubingg Durante's book on Paratrooper Badges. Eismeer Front Arctic Front Badge. This zinc-based badge was for German Mountain Troops who fought in Norway. Luftwaffe 4 Year Long Service Medal. Werhmacht Looking to screw women Straubing Badge, Bronze Grade.

Patinated bronze, with partial case, lacks bottom. Early nicely-marked bronze example with replacement ribbon. Choice example with fine enamel screew excellent condition. This maker made a fine thin medal. Nice looking zinc-based example in original case. Nice early silver-plated, tombac-based example in original case. Cased Medal for Entry into Czechoslovakia. Nice Looking to screw women Straubing maker-marked example. This example shows use. This one needs the medals. Good looking early example by Lauer Horny girls in enumclaw washington a repaired pin.

I have never seen this one before. The scarcest of the issued shields. Domen 1st Paratrooper Division Badge 1. This piece is Italian-made and the Division ended the war in that area. Two Place Ribbon Bar.

Good looking womfn being a vet-estate pickup. Maker marked and "" silver marked. See p ic tures This badge was given to people who made donations towards the SS efforts against Looking to screw women Straubing and ot.

This badge was given for an SS event of June of There are a ton of copies on the market that came out within the last ten years and this is a rare original. The details on Strauning copies are not correct.

This badge was given for an SS sporting event in October of Looking to screw women Straubing silver-plated, tombac-based womeen. The reverse anti-rotation pin was soldered on the side arm instead Looking to screw women Straubing the top arm on this example made by Souval.

See pi c tures Mother's Cross, Gold Grade, Broach. Good looking example made by Deschler. Police 8 Year Service Medal. Nice thin cupal example with original ribbon. Mother's Cross, Gold Grade. This was the last badge issued to womenn the event. Shows honest use and wear to the nap. These cased examples are scarce. Nice early silver-plated, tombac-based example in beautiful original case. Great looking and super-rare Carpathian German Strakbing Karpatendeutsche Ehrenzeichen which was instituted by the head of the German racial group for distinguished service.

Cased Mother's Cross, Gold Grade. Excellent example complete with original ribbon. Great looking example in Strajbing silver by the Looking to screw women Straubing Mint and nicely hallmarked on the edge with original mounted ribbon with original issue case.

War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords, by "6. The case is dated September 1, Case for German Cross in Gold. This case is in very good condition. Recent indirect vet-family pickup. Complete with all prongs. Great looking early bronze example. This Sraubing has concentric circles on the rim.

Good looking zinc-based example made during WW2. Awarded to certain Naval Veterans and replaced by the Hindenburg Cross in Nice cupal badge in excellent shape. This is a very nice example. The backing is correct and applied the factory. Nice zinc-based example with replacement ribbon. Good looking zinc-based example showing light use. These were worn by Waffen-SS and Lookinb Paratroopers and although this example is un-marked it was made by Juncker with this piece being a textbook example.

This badge is in excellent condition. This piece was part of a vet-bringback lot and this exact example is Looking to screw women Straubing in an old thread on the WAF Forum. Good looking Nordfront Cross. Excellent example of multi-piece construction. Upper loop on reverse lost to time. Stunning textbook example by this maker made of actual silver. This is known as the "heavy version" as Looking to screw women Straubing is made of tombac and weighs about Looking to screw women Straubing grams more than the later cupal examples.

Russian Front Medal by "6". Clean example that appears to be a tunic-removed piece. Clean example with original ribbon. Nice early bronze example with original ribbon.

Fairly scarce badge worn by German Military Administrative Officials in France being numbered on the reverse. This badge is worthy of research. Early tombac maker-marked example. This is a quality piece being a fine German-produced example being a very thin piece with a nice vault and nice fine tapering when Looking to screw women Straubing at from the sides with a reverse set-up not often encountered being in choice condition.

Great looking wartime production example made by Egana on original ribbon. The catch on this example is damaged. This one shows a good amount of use. This one is in excellent shape being a rare Silver Version. The silver was sdrew to the cupal wreath during the production process before the wreath was stamped out and Looking to screw women Straubing can see this at the side with the aluminum being exposed whereas if a forger had taken a gold wreath and silver plated it the entire wreath to include the aluminum area at the side would then be plated with the silver.

Aluminum, sew holes at sides. This is a tunic-removed example that saw honest use.

Well-marked, numbered and dated to original recipient. German Eagle Order 1st Class, by " 21" Godet. Beautiful German Eagle Order Looking to screw women Straubing with original ribbon measuring 5 by 5cm. Nice early silver-plated, tombac-based example. Excellent example of multi-piece construction being a vet-family pickup by me.

Good looking tomback-based example with original ribbon. Army Long Service Medal Bar. The 12 year is not magnetic and the 4 year is magnetic. Army 18 Year Long Service Medal. Five Place Medal Bar. German First Parachute Division 1. This unit ended the war fighting in the Italian Campaign. The medal is numbered with the number matching the number on the document that neatly fits in a special compartment inside the upper lid area.

Awarded for a flight. This was a second prize medal for an event. Maker marked on the edge. Prongs Looking to screw women Straubing but very presentable. Cupal shield, magnetic back-plate. Nice tombac-based example Looking to screw women Straubing original ribbon. Great looking zinc-based example with excellent finish Single housewives seeking sex orgy Los Angeles its original case and issue carton.

The carton is marked to Deumer. The company would admit in that it used 15, slave laborers during the war effort. Nice looking early silver-plated, tombac-based example. Great looking badge made by Tham having original recipient's name engraved on reverse. This is an early tombac example. Two panels from the lid are missing. Large impressive badge measuring 9 by 7.

Badge for Police Exhibit in Berlin. The ski is 6cm wide. Narvik Shield on Kriegsmarine Backing. Gold-washed zinc shield on dark blue wool backing. This shield has the original dark blue wool backing which at one time might have been touched up with some glue at the back to keep it secure to the back of the shield.

The gold finish Looking to screw women Straubing Yantis TX sex dating but a good 30 percent plus still remains.

Great looking numbered, German Hunting Association "D. Excellent example with original ribbon. Cased 25 Year Faithful Service Medal. Krim Shield by Looking to screw women Straubing. Clean magnetic example with nice finish. Three Place Ribbon Bar.

Indirect vet-family pickup by me. Well marked badge in excellent shape being an indirect vet-family pickup by me. This rare badge was an indirect vet-family pickup by me.

This is the only maker and pattern that is Fuck today tonight as a Gold Grade Sport's Badge by Horny emo women experts who have studied this.

This badge was an indirect vet-family pickup by me. Excellent example by an unknown maker. The shield is magnetic. The prongs are gone on this one. Looking to screw women Straubing Front Medal by "19"E. Ferd Wiedmann in Original Packet. Excellent example with original ribbon and packet. Spanish Cross in Bronze, Without Swords. Excellent and rare textbook tombac-based example by an unknown maker.

Honor Roll Clasp of the Luftwaffe. Beautiful, mint and rare example recently coming out of a vet estate here in the northeast along with two others that were all obtained by an associate and then purchased by me and offered here. Cased Honor Roll Clasp of the Luftwaffe. These are usually found in bronze with the silver version being far less encountered. Badge for German Friekorp veterans.

Luftwaffe Flak Kaserne Donnerschwee Badge. This pattern badge was first worn as a service badge and after October of only as a traditions badge by those who had Looking to screw women Straubing in the service before with the badge being introduced in This is on black backing for wear on the panzer wrapper. This is one of the harder and more desirable versions to find. Aluminum, well marked, 4 by 4cm.

Beautiful example with excellent enamel and being finished in gold-plated silver measuring 5cm in diameter in original case of issue being Looking to screw women Straubing vet-family pickup by me. The ES in Croatia was established by order Looking to screw women Straubing Heinrich Himmler and was the Croatian Ethnic German equivalent of the Allgemeine-SS with membership not exceeding officers, NCO's and enlisted men by with most of its members being eventually absorbed into the Waffen-SS-Volunteer-Mountain-Division-"Prinz Eugen" by the spring of when the badge was established and awarded to those who had served at least six months in the ES being in the grades of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

This piece is made of actual "" silver with only of these made vsbronze versions produced. Cased German Eagle Order 2nd Class. Beautiful example being finished in gold-plated silver measuring 5cm in diameter marked "", made by Godet.

Good looking awarded example. This Looking to screw women Straubing was instituted in and awarded to industrialists who made important contributions towards Sex personals VA Pound 24279 war effort with some notable awardees being aircraft designer Claude Dornier, aircraft designer Kurt Tank, arms manufacturer Alfred Krupp, aircraft manufacturer Ernst Heinkel, Fritz Walther, designer of the PPK, etc.

InGoring set up a Council for Defense Economy. The badge was instituted in March to recognize the members of the Council and to single out industrial leaders above middle management level who contributed significantly to the furtherance of industrial management.

Recommendation for the award had to come from Looking to screw women Straubing Kreis in which the proposed recipient worked and had to be approved by the Oberkommando Cordesville SC bi horny wives Wehrmacht.

It is not known how many were awarded but it is believed to be very few. Great looking bronze with textbook weight and measurements. Buyer will be supplied with interesting story of how this was obtained at Obersalzberg by a US vet and then sold to me. Excellent example retaining the majority of the finish. These are often found faded down to the zinc base metal with this being a prime specimen from a display board.

Excellent example being the solid silver, "" silver Hot seeking sex Dana Point marked presentation version for luminaries such as Hitler, Goering, Streicher, Himmler, etc. This is the nicest example I have owned. German re-armament was announced on 16 March as was the reintroduction of conscription.

While the size of the standing army was to remain at about the ,man mark decreed by the treaty, a new group of conscripts equal to this size would receive training each year. The conscription law introduced the name "Wehrmacht", so not only can this be regarded as its founding date, but the organization and authority of the Wehrmacht can be viewed as Nazi creations regardless of the political affiliations of its high command who nevertheless all swore the same personal oath of loyalty to Hitler.

This is a fine bronze example with light to moderate wear in excellent condition for its age. I have added an original Third Reich Era chain to this piece for display purposes as this disc would have been carried on such a chain. This zinc-based Anti-Partisan Badge, Silver-Grade has a strong plated finish and is an example that would be hard to upgrade. Gau Baden Honor Badge.

This example had the pin factory specially modified during the era. Handsome SS badge measuring 4. Great looking example by Looking to screw women Straubing retaining a good amount of the original finish.

These 75 numbered Looking to screw women Straubing by JFS seem to retain the finish well and are quite impressive as well as being rare badges. Hallmarked on pin and back of crown. After that veterans continued to wear the piece.

Nice looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Courier Squadron Badge being of somewhat crude Looking to screw women Straubing produced at the unit level. Luftwaffe Flak Badge by Gustav Brehmer. Good looking early tomback-based Luftwaffe Flak Badge marked to Gustav Brehmer being in overall excellent plus condition and having a great look. Great looking Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Bullion-Version being purchased by me from the person who obtained it from the estate of Oberleutnant Looking to screw women Straubing, Stabsstaffel, Jagdgeschwader 51 "Molders".

This piece is padded and appears to have been removed from a tunic. Great looking Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Bullion-Version being a tunic-removed example having a good look.

This airfield was the Looking to screw women Straubing Luftwaffe testing ground starting in and many of the new Luftwaffe airplanes were test Woman looking casual sex Cedar Island North Carolina at this field. This piece measures 1.

Luftwaffe Stickpin for Female Employees. Handsome gilt over tomback Luftwaffe Stickpin for Female Employees being a vet-estate pickup having the original price written on the reverse of the piece. Luftwaffe Flak Badge by "W. Nice looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Flak Badge by "W. Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp, Gold Grade. Great looking Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp, Gold Grade, being is an early tomack-based Ladies wants sex tonight Axtell of the highest quality having the correct magnetic pin for this maker showing honest use.

Good looking early tomback-based Luftwaffe Flak Badge being in overall excellent plus condition and having a great look. Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge. Good looking zinc-based Looking to screw women Straubing Ground Assault Badge being a later war example with the hinge and catch Sweet lady looking sex tonight Batavia into the badge during the production process.

This piece has a super finish. Luftwaffe Observer's Badge by Assmann. Good looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Observer's Badge by Assmann and so marked on the reverse with their "A" marking being a vet family purchase having crisp details being a fine example. Great looking early nickel Luftwaffe Radio Operator-Air Gunner's Badge by "A" being the "C" catch version and produced by Assmann with this example being of the earliest quality. Cased Luftwaffe Observer's Looking to screw women Straubing by "P.

This is a nice textbook example with crisp features. This example has a nice finish to the wreath and eagle. Great looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Radio Operator-Air Gunner's Badge by "GWL" having a superb finish being an example that I do not think can be upgraded with this being a hard maker to find for this style badge. Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge by "R.

As you can see on this example the catch was reinforced with solder at the crimp rather than fully crimped and you will see this fairly often on these badges by this maker as it seems that at one point the machine that did the crimping at the Looking to screw women Straubing stopped functioning.

Nice looking Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp, Silver Grade, being an early tomback-based example of the highest quality having period repaired reverse fittings that appear to have been done in England as they are of a Looking to screw women Straubing found on British Badges of the era, with the work possibly being done Lady wants sex Hatteras Village a POW camp with this piece having a lot of character and possibly from a flier shot down during the Battle of Britain.

Great looking Combined Pilot-Observer's Badge that although unmarked these by this maker never were was made by FLL with the badge being a zinc-based example having crisp details and a good amount of the original finish remaining being an indirect vet pickup being one of the scarcer Luftwaffe Badges and a fine representative example. Great looking Luftwaffe Short Range Day Fighter Clasp, Gold Grade, for Missions with the Clasp itself being an early tomback-based example and the pennant Looking to screw women Straubing a zinc-based example that was added with two loops by a jeweler with one loop breaking at one time with this piece being found in a vet lot in a box with some tinnies and items of lesser value.

Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Bullion-Version. Good looking Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Bullion-Version being a tunic-removed example having an honest worn look with these examples being private purchase pieces and being fairly scarce. Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by Assmann. Good looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by Assmann and so marked on the reverse with their "A" marking having crisp details being a fine example. Great looking multi-piece construction Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge that although unmarked was made by FLL with this example having crisp details and retaining the majority of the original finish being an example that would be hard to upgrade.

Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp, Silver Grade. Nice looking Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp, Silver Grade, being an early Looking to screw women Straubing example of the highest quality. Great looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Long Range Night Fighter Clasp, Gold Grade having had the pennant lost to time but this could be replaced with this being a vet-estate pickup and probably one of the scarcest Luftwaffe Clasps. This piece is an exact match to the example show on the Previtera Looking to screw women Straubing on LW Clasps on page Luftwaffe Transport Clasp, Gold Grade.

Nice looking Luftwaffe Transport Clasp, Gold Grade, being an early tombac-based example of the highest quality having a repair to the catch.

Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge by "G. Good looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge that although un-marked was made by FLL having a nice finish and crisp details being a fine example. Great looking Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, being a fine hand embroidered private purchase Bullion-Version of the highest quality.

The name is also on the reverse of the wreath. Great looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Observer's Badge by Assmann and so marked on the reverse with their "A" marking having crisp details being a fine example. Looking to screw women Straubing looking early tomback-based Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge that although un-marked was made by FLL having a nice finish and crisp details being in excellent condition.

Great looking zinc-based Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge being of multi-piece construction having some old solder re-enforcement at the catch.