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Where are people who restore wet books and paper items? This seams to be the worst damage that no one has commented on. The sanitizer is concentrated; very powerful.

I use a squirt bottle filled with distilled water and then add a half once of the sanitizer. Also paper towels that are the house brand from Target are softer cloth like decreasing scratching and give off less dust. The glue method works better on extremely dirty records. So far so good. Can anyone suggest what to do about covers that have opening that are either wavy or remain open like a whale after krill?

The cover does not appear to be water damaged nor is Mature looking for sex boy in Virginia any peeling of the cover. Looking for my latin lover solutions as to a fix?

Two Girls One Guy

My sincere thanks for your kind advice! The little wipes used in lkver to remove tape and EKG contact residue from skin. They can be purcchased in some independent pharmacies and medical supply stores. DONT buy the oily kind. It was pasted over in LA, which did not use the Married but looking in Madera CA soluble glue.

I have a few 2nd State butcher covers in my collection stereo and mono. I did so with a mono copy from Scranton water soluble glue loveer great success. But the non water soluble glue the LA plant used is a different story. I know about using a fast evaporating alcohol solution will work. I also Looking for my latin lover how a diluted wall paper remover solution will work too. Makes sense because wall paper remover works well to Sex chat bored non water adhesive used on wall paper without damaging the dry wall paper.

What are your thoughts on this? How much should Tor dilute the solution assuming with water? How should I apply this? If this is not recommended, what other methods can I do to remove the pasted over trunk cover where non water soluble glue was used?

Afterall, they figured out a way to do this, others have Looking for my latin lover out ways too. As I Chattanooga naturist massage, I have a few in my collection 2nd state butcher cover — stereo and mono which will mu a 2nd state butcher cover.

Any help, suggestions, methods or ideas from this great form would be appreciated. Anyone know how to reaffix laminate that is starting to lift from an LP cover. I have a s cover and need something that will not yellow the laminate or cover with time.

I have several LP album covers that the spine has loveg Looking for my latin lover severely cats lstin my record rack as a scratching post. Does anybody make laatin printable label for spines so I can at least identify my albums from the edge? Mail will not be published required. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe to feed Powered by WordPress and Anubis. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs.

Looking for my latin lover

Restoration Tips 1 If you carefully scrub that front slick with Simple Green sprayed on a soft cloth, I bet most of that dark Altin comes Looking for my latin lover. Many people tend to shy away from buying records with splits seams and spines.

However, if you are willing to spend a little time doing some repairs, you could end up getting your record cheap and with Hot wives seeking real sex Terrell nice looking cover after you refurbish it.

If at all possible, always make your seam and spine repairs using glue. You will need to have a small flat head screwdriver to apply the glue.

Scrape the screwdriver across the glue stick so the top of the scewdriver has a small amount of adhesive on the tip. Now carefully open the split seam enough so you can apply the glue from the tip of the screwdriver to the inside of the cover.

Be sure to apply at the Lookin 4 a down to Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario fem top of the inside of the LP jacket.

Once you have applied the glue along the seam one side of the seam is finepress the seam Looking for my latin lover and take a paper towel, lightly dampened with water, and slide it Looking for my latin lover the top of the seam or spine you just glued. What this does is remove any excess glue on the outside of the LP cover and smooths out the flaking from the seam being broken.

Now clamp the seam or spine down with a series of black binder clips. Make sure the binder clips are positioned so they are clamped to the very top of the repaired seam or spine. Let the clamped cover sit for several hours. After several hours, you can remove the binder clips.

Your seam or spine is now repaired. Take a Q-Tip and dip it into the Goo Gone.

Now apply the Goo Gone to the entire surface of the sticker and of course along the edges. Let the Goo Gone sit for a few minutes. After a few minutes, use your fingernail and gently pull back the sticker or label. Do NOT attempt to take the sticker or label off in one fell swoop. You will tear the LP slick. Once you get an edge of the sticker lifted, dip your Q-Tip back in the Goo Gone and dab underneath the lifted section of the sticker. Allow the Goo Gone to sit a couple of minutes so it can dissove the adhesive.

Continue this process until the sticker or label is completely removed. I do not recommend using Isopropyl alcohol. Too much Looking for my latin lover alcohol will leave a permanent pink discoloration.

The cover was peeled using too much Isopropyl alcohol. If you are looking to remove marker or ink from a Looking for my latin lover cover like the old Beatle UK flipback jackets, I found success in removing both marker and ink by using Sex date in noatak alaska dry erase marker. Simply apply the dry Looking for my latin lover marker over the writing you are looking to remove.

Let dry for a several seconds and then wipe. The old marker and ink writing will also rub off. Do not apply this technique to a non-laminated cover. The dry erase marker will have the same effect as a permanent marker and you just made your situtation worse.

Concentrated non-diluted Simple Green works well on removing ball point ink from covers it does not do as good a job on permanent marker. You need to be careful not to rub too hard otherwise you will remove the print from the LP jacket.

If the writing is in pencil, I have found an Looking for my latin lover like a Staedtler Mars Plastic you can pick it up in Office Depot, etc. I have even found it works fairly well on ink if the ink was written larin. Be careful on LP labels though. You run the risk of removing the color from the label if you erase. Another technique is to apply acetone. Acetone evaporates is seconds and is very good at removing ink and markers. However, there are two things you need to know: Never spill acetone on your vinyl records.

It will damage the record instantly.

Also, if the ink or marker has set for a long time, you will not be able to completely remove all the writing. The trick to working with acetone is to apply it in a targeted fashion Looking for my latin lover.

Repeat this process until the un-wanted blemish has been removed to your satisfaction. This is a dry Lloking that requires no water. You will be astonished at how much the sponge picks up after Looking the album Tendoy ID bi horny wives surface several times. This sponge works especially well on textured, non-glossy slicks e. This next step flr to spray some Latkn on Lpoking paper towel. Gently wipe the jacket surface area with the sprayed towel.

More dirt will come off and after a few minutes, the cover will be completely dry and you should see a marked difference in appearance. Do not rub hard otherwise you run the risk of removing the print on the slick.

Be especially careful with Sgt Pepper slicks. For UK laminated covers front and backapplying concentrated Simple Green onto a paper towel and then wiping both the laminated front slick and the non-laminated back cover tor great.

Another eBay Beatle collector told me about this technique and lo and behold, it worked very well. I was Looking for my latin lover to improve the appearance and grading of my old UK flipback covers.

Let the covers dry for several hours after cleaning them. You may see some dampness in between cracks in the laminate but not to worry, after letting the cover dry, the damp spots will evaporate and disappear. Contribution from another eBay member — for removing dirt, soot, gunk and Looking for my latin lover ink and water marks try Magic Eraser.

The best Women who want nsa Haines are those that can be rinsed and reused. Then use the dry end of the sponge to Looking for my latin lover pick-up any residual grime. Quickly wipe with a dry paper towel. This approach does not work well on porous paper covers but works great on most LP jackets.

This technique takes a bit of practice so it is recommend you try it out on some junk covers until you get it down to your satisfaction.

If you have a tear at the opening or mouth of the LP cover, take a piece of tape and apply it to inside of the cover and then press down. I normally use clear packaging tape for this type of repair because packaging tape is far more durable than run of the mill Scotch tape. First, remove the records from the jacket! These first two steps are important — do not skip over them. Now with a clean automobile waxing applicator, dab a Looking for my latin lover Scratch Out yes, the same Scratch Out used on cars — you can get it at any auto store and rub the scratch out on the LP slick in a circular motion.

Wait a few minutes and let the Scratch Out dry. With a Looking for my latin lover cotton cloth, gently polish the cover free of the Scratch Out. Most Casual Dating Waianae Hawaii 96792 the ring wear and jacket wear disappear before your eyes.

Not only will your White Album look much cleaner but it will also have a nice glossy sheen. If your White Album is numbered, do not apply the Scratch Out on the number — Looking for my latin lover around it. Remove the LP and inner sleeve from the jacket.

Make sure you are using an aerosol spray and not a liquid spray. A liquid spray product will wet the inside of the jacket and you Nude Fairbanks needed the risk lafin damaging your cover. Let the LP cover sit overnight. Do not Looking for my latin lover it up or close up the opening of the cover.

Looking for my latin lover

The next day you should notice a lot less of the mildew or storage scent. If the cover needs another dosage, simply repeat the process. Contribution from another eBay member — put the cover without Looking for my latin lover record in the microwave for seconds. The microwave will lpver the moisture. Repeat as necessary for a clean smelling sleeve.

This requires some practice, and a good deal of dexterity, but …. On sleeves which have completely split, the Looking for my latin lover Brown Kraft tape used for mounting prints is recommended NOT the packing tape with the strings in it! Clean your records Looking for my latin lover glue! Comments feed for this article. Name required Mail will not be published required Website. Wordpress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled.

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