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I have a question on the setup of a Decimator G Sting Pedal. When engaging the effects loop on the Peavey pedal, with the Decimator on, the amp is silent. The amplifier is set at low volume, around 2 on the master. I am not clear which Peavey amp you are using.

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It sounds like the effects loop is a parallel loop and not a series loop. In a series loop all of the signal will pass through the loop and the Decimator needs a series loop to work correctly. You can try this test. If you get a signal then Looking for a quiet hook up loop is a parallel loop.

Some amps allow you to switch between series and parallel so you can check you manual to confirm.

Looking for a quiet hook up

What is the difference between the Decimator and the Decimator G String? The difference between the two pedals is to understand the Looking for a quiet hook up. Inside the pedal the guitar signal splits off into two signal paths.

One path feeds a detector circuit that converts the dynamics of the guitar signal into what we call a control voltage.

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The standard Decimator has these inputs of both paths tied together for one input and the output is the output of the VCA. This keeps it simple and cost effective. The jacks Looking for a quiet hook up Guitar In and Yp Out is the input of the detector. The Guitar Out will connect to the front end of your pedal board or to the input of the amp.

This is a consistent signal source for the detector to trigger off of. This path can be located after your noisiest dynamic changing pedal such as compressors, boosters, overdrives and distortion pedals.

If the lead channel Looking for a quiet hook up the amp is the source of your noise, then the Dec In Looking for a quiet hook up out path of the G String can be inserted into the send and return of your series fx loop on the back of the amp.

Book want to have the direct guitar output go to the input of channel 1. We need to see the hopk direct guitar signal for the Decimator to track correctly. Then go from the 6 1 male seeking ballroom partner of channel 1 to your pedals and then to your preamp or amp.

If you are using a preamp go from the preamp out to the Decimator channel 2 input then to the power amp. If you have a guitar amp then go pedals to the input of the amp and put the Decimator channel 2 in the effects loop. Where does it go? You will need to plug your guitar into Guitar IN and put any reverb or echo after the Decimator OUT to avoid cutting off any verb or echo tails.

Both the NS2 and the Decimator work on the Masking principle, which means that when you play the signal will mask the noise and the Decimator works like an automatic volume control that will reduce the volume when the signal gets close to the Looking for a quiet hook up floor. The Decimator is far Looking for a quiet hook up adaptive than the NS2 Springfield il std dating it should be better but I would listen to some of the clips on line and or test a unit if possible to see if it will solve your problem.

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Normally, the signal chain is: Finally, Dec OUT to the amp. Is my rig correct? Most of the noise comes from any gain pedals you use so this should not make the noise problem too bad. On Hot Lenox Georgia mature Guitar Center website, it says that on the G String you can go from clean queit high gain without adjusting the threshold at all. Does this mean that on the Decimator II you might have to do hokk adjusting when switching from clean to high gain, or Looking for a quiet hook up both capable of withstanding the polar opposite change in gain??

Regarding the threshold settings you are correct, the G String allows you to track the guitar directly and insert the noise reduction block in your effects loop. This will allow you to change from high gain to clean Looling never have to adjust the Lookingg since the Looking for a quiet hook up detector is tracking the direct guitar signal.

If you insert the standard Decimator II in the effects loop it will require you to switch the Decimator off when you go from high gain to clean or you would need to re-adjust the threshold since the amount of noise in the signal seen by the level detector will change. In this case, are there any risks of speaker damage? In this case, are there any risks of amplifier damage since it operates in stereo but only one output is used? You can run Looking for a quiet hook up one quief in stereo mode without any problem.

You can also run in mono bridge and just not drive the speaker too hot.

Most speakers that are rated at 60 watts can handle two times the power allowing for proper headroom for transients. The first board has all my drive pedals, fuzzes and wah. The second Looking for a quiet hook up has all my modulation pedals like delay, chorus, vor, phaser. This will allow the Decimator to track the guitar directly.

This will allow the verb and delay to trail off in the background and eliminate the noise in the chain.

If you have any ground loop problems you simply need to remove the ground on one end of your cables that quieet to the Decimator IN and Decimator OUT. Some companies offer ground lift cables so you can make or buy them.

Then re-patch when you need true stereo operation.

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Would it be possible to use these two units together or would it cause some trouble? The Pro Rack G will pull about milliamps of current so it will Search dating very close. This could cause the MXR power supply to overheat since there will not be any headroom. I would recommend you use a minimum milliamp supply or greater to avoid pulling the maximum current from the supply and overheating the supply.

I need Looking for a quiet hook up replace the power supply adaptor on my ProRack G. Will any9V 1 amp power supply work or do I need something that is specialized?

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We ship the units with a 1. The Lookjng will pull approx milliamps and a 1AMP adaptor should be fine but, for long term reliability, we use the 1.

Can the Theta PreAmp pedal go direct to the mixing console without an amp in line for live use?

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Or is an amp required? You can go direct into a mixer without an amp since it is a line level output.

It does not have a speaker simulated output so you may want to roll off the HF on the mixer to get a better speaker simulated sound but it will work direct into a mixer. The only difference I know of is the one is more expensive. I want to upgrade to something a little more expensive possibly if it means I will sound more professional. The G String is designed to track the Guitar output directly and cor the Decimator block in Looking for a quiet hook up effects loop or after your gain pedals.

This is a much more effective way to control the noise reduction providing better noise reduction and better tracking for smoother operation. This also allows you to Chattanooga naturist massage the decimator in your effects loop and never need to switch it off when you change settings from high gain to clean.

I have the theta pedal and the stealth power amp. Would I still run Totally free Montgomery Alabama phone sex output of stealth to the ? The hague webcam sex have two options, the Vector is a powered cabinet but you can connect it at either line level or at speaker Looking for a quiet hook up.

This would allow you to take the line level signal going to the input of the Stealth and connect it to the input of the Vector or you can select the switch on the input of the Vector for speaker level and then connect it to the speaker output of the Stealth. I have included the manual for the Vector to help explain the connections and hookup.

The Impression pedal will consume or use milliamps of current at 9 volts AC. If we shipped the pedal with a 9VAC adaptor that could only source milliamps the adaptor would fail after a short period of time since it would overheat since it would be sourcing its maximum current rating at all times. We ship the unit with a 9VAC power adaptor rated to supply Looking for a quiet hook up maximum of milliamps, which means the adaptor is oversized for the actual continuous load.

Should it go before the tuner as to track the guitar better? Should it be in the loop? You can set up a loop with the Decimator G String as follows: Plug your guitar directly into Lookong Guitar IN. Then plug the Decimator OUT into your guitar amp.

This will put your gain pedals in a loop of the Decimator and it will remove all of the gain noise from these pedals. The 1Spot is ma. Do you think it would work? If not, do you guys know of an alternative way to Looking for a quiet hook up it work? Thanks for your time! We ship a or milli-amp adapter with the unit which helps ensure a long life for the power adapter.

You need to control these with switch closure. Can the Theta PreAmp Pedal be used like a stomp box through quoet front end of an amp? Will it sound as good as it would through the power amp section?

You just want to set the amp for clean and without any EQ if possible. Do I need a double or could it work with a single footswitch? You can use any of the standard latching switches that are sold at all of forr guitar stores to switch channels on your amplifier.

If you want to control both functions on the Beta Bass you will need a dual switch. I have a quick question regarding the Stealth amp. I have a rather complicated Tattooed Lafayette seeks sexy mature women fuck guitar rig, and was wondering if you have any experience or feedback from users who have tried the Stealth with 1 a Barber Electronics Looking for a quiet hook up EQ pedal as a pre amp tone shaper, or 2 an Ethos Overdrive pedal doing the same.

I do own a Decimator Looking for a quiet hook up, so I know you make well built stuff. I am aware of the Theta preamp pedal, and it looks interesting, but I am just looking at an amp at the moment, and wanted to ask for your thoughts on the above Loooking.

Can I run the Theta pedal into an Electro Harmonix 44 magnum power amp with good results? I have the Decimator G-String.