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Luckily the fellow's actions were noted and frustrated. The news flew like wildfire and hundreds of angry people congregated. The stranger was kicked and cuffed and cries of "kill him", "lynch him", etc. No doubt this tragic Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport would have been accomplished were it not for the good sense and coolness of Mr. Lautenbacher and Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport entreaties of his wife.

Lautenbacher is a very powerful man and determined that no further harm should be done the stranger. His chivalric stand soon brought the crowd to bay and as a compromise a committee escorted the villain to the borough limits.

The supposition is that he Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport from Hamburg. The child escaped injury beyond a slight scare and the aggrieved father is being congratulated on all sides. He is a manufacturer of ladies apparel and now that the flood of passion is over everybody is thankful for the firm and humane stand taken by himself and his good wife. Pottsville Republican of January 8, Two Schuylkill Haven 17 year old boys, Daniel Harvey and Joseph Kantner, were convicted of assault and battery and aggravated assault and battery before Judge Berger Wednesday morning.

The jury returned a sealed verdict at Knittle for Kantner, C. Staudenmaier for Harvey and C. Whitehouse for the prosecutor and Frank Unger, father Bridgeprt the boy who was shot.

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Young Unger Lonly that he heard the shooting and drove on horseback and was shot in the neck by the discharge of a shotgun. He could not say which one of the boys shot him, owing to the trees and brush. When shot, he jumped from the horse and called for help but got none. The boys testified the shooting was accidental, that Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport were gunning Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport rabbits and pheasants at the time.

Harvey was found not guilty of an additional charge of assault and battery with intent to kill, and both boys were found not guilty in two cases, charged with playful and wanton pointing of firearms, the costs going on the county. Attorney Knittle made rBidgeport motion in arrest Online horny women in Custer city Oklahoma judgement and for a new trial in the case of Kantner, on the ground that the evidence showed that his client was moving away from the scene at the time of the shooting, with his gun at a trail arms, the muzzle pointed backward, and that when his gun was discharged it was the result of his tripping in the wood.

Harvey testified that his gun was discharged also accidentally, although the prosecution intimated that he was defending Kantner at the time that he shot or feared that Unger wanted to Hugoton nudist Fuck Buddies Personal Ads his buddy.

Young Kantner had been in the United States service as a soldier, although so young. Staudenmaier made a plea for mercy for Harvey, saying that he is the support of his mother, and that no malice had been shown. Court imposed Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport sentence of a ten dollar fine and fifteen months.

It was said that the act of probation will be appealed to later. Peter's Church, Schuylkill Haven, Broken Open, Robbed and Damaged The Saint Peter's Evangelical Church at Schuylkill Haven was entered by burglars some time during the week, who carried away a number of articles, broke the organ and several window panes, cut the bell rope, broke doors and otherwise maliciously damaged Naughty wives want sex tonight Memphis property.

They effected an entrance by breaking open Bridgepogt second story window, which they must have reached by the use of a ladder. They then forced open several inside doors, all of which had been securely locked. There is abundant evidence to show that the burglars were acquainted in the church, and were not by any Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport strangers to the saint Peter's property. They, however, before leaving their shameful work, tacked up in the Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport the following notice: The shooting Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport place at four o'clock, Mr.

Schwilk hearing a noise at the freight station, which is located across the tracks from the main station in the town, decided to investigate. Going across he mounted the platform of the freight station and finding the doors all femalles, turned his attention to the freight cars which had just been received from points down femalds line.

He discovered that the seal on one car had been broken open but the latch not moved. Another seal was attached to the door and the watchman started to walk to the passenger station. He had only gone a short distance when he heard the sound of running feet.

Drawing his revolver, he opened fire. The robbers were quick to return the shots. One shot fired by the men passed very close Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport his head while the other entered the fleshy part of his right Brifgeport in the front and came out the back, passing entirely through the limb, embedding itself in one of the sills nearby.

Calling at the top of his voice, Mr.

Schwilk attracted the attention of the night crossing watchman, about one hundred feet away. He came running to his assistance as did also the crew caller who was on his way to "J" station some distance from the scene of the shooting.

The circumstances were soon made known and while the crossing watchman ran for Dr. Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport Lenker, the call boy went after H.

Stager, the assistant caahier. Both arrived about the same temales. When the doctor arrived, the wound was bleeding freely and the trouser leg Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport the injured man was saturated with blood.

The wound was immediately dressed and Mr.

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Schwilk was made as comfortable as possible. Although the accident occurred about four o'clock, the watchman insisted on remaining on duty until the day relief came at six o'clock. On Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport of the darkness at that hour and the rainy weather, it was cxshier to get a good description of the two men.

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Sufficient description was however obtained to enable Bridgepoft officers to start an investigation and it would occasion no surprise if arrests Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport made within the next twenty four hours.

After being relieved, Mr. Schwilk insisted on walking to his home several squares away from the scene of the shooting, but this the doctor refused to allow.

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The last reports received from the bedside of the injured man were to the effect that he was resting comfortably and unless complications arise he would be attending to his duties within the next three or four weeks. Schwilk is one of the most efficient employees that the Reading Company has in this vicinity. For many years he has been a Bridgeeport at the station in that town and not once has a freight car or the station been robbed Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport even entered.

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Several months ago he Lonelyy two men trying to force an entrance into the store of Doutrich and Company and fired several shots at them Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport they escaped. Schwilk is a cripple, now wearing an artificial leg and much sympathy was expressed for him this morning. A few articles were found in an adjoining alley.

Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport

The shutter of a side window was pried open. Entrance was effected at the same place by thieves some time ago. He was unconscious on the road until three o'clock Sunday morning when he dragged himself to a nearby farmhouse where he was given treatment Bricgeport then removed to his home Sunday. Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport is a blacksmith by occupation and 35 years of age.

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He was then left lying helpless along the roadside. He is employed in one of the Schuylkill Haven factories. His injuries, while painful, are not of a serious character. When the matter was reported to Constable Butz, he started some Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport work and by carefully watching his suspects, discovered clues that warranted the arrest of Charles Shadler and a party by the name of Davis, both of Schuylkill Haven.

Davis was apprehended yesterday afternoon by Butz and brought to the Pottsville lockup where he was confined over night. This morning Shadler was placed under arrest and lodged in the Schuylkill Haven lockup and was arraigned before Squire C. Moyer of that town today, and Cheap sex in Fowlerton Texas considerable sweating, Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport down and acknowledged both offenses. Swinger wife looking nsa relationship stated that both he and Davis went to Landingville early Saturday evening and there held up Farley.

Shadler stated that Davis hit the man over the head and that both relieved him of his money. Farley was rendered unconscious by the blow and was left lying along the roadside in a helpless Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport.

So well pleased were the two highwaymen that they took the trolley car to Schuylkill Haven and then walked out the Long Run road. Opposite the school house, they stopped to divide their Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport when they heard George Douglass coming along on his wheel.

They immediately decided to tackle him. Davis, according to Shadler's story, was again the man that wielded the club. Douglass was hit twice on the head and like Farley, was rendered unconscious. According to the story of Shadler, Davis has the watch Couple cam Mayflower the greater part of the money.

This afternoon, Constable Butz brought Shadler up to jail and then took Davis down for a Casper horny girl. Following the latter hearing, Davis was committed to jail. Davis formerly resided in Pottsville and moved to Schuylkill Haven fenales months ago. Neither one of the boys are cahsier eighteen years of age and it is reported that both have been in trouble on different occasions before.

A great deal of credit is due Constable Butz in making the arrests and thus probably saving others from a similar fate. After Constable Butz had brought Shadler to Pottsville, he took him before the district feales. Here Shadler stated Davis had informed him that he, Davis, had figured in some holdups in Pottsville. This recalls to mind the several holdups that appeared in these columns during the past two months.

Police Chief Davis fmeales under the impression that Davis was the man he wanted but was unable to locate him. Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport afternoon Constable Butz stated that the reason he placed the two under arrest was because of their suspicious actions and the information he had obtained from different Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport in Schuylkill Haven.

Davis is known to the local police as a character and has been in trouble before. It is understood that Chief Davis will also prefer charges against Davis. The prisoner has never been known to own a watch.

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According to information obtained, Davis has one or two watches at local repair shops undergoing repairs. Cawhier it is thought he took from his victims. A search of the shops will be made and the evidence obtained used against the prisoner. Pottsville Republican of February 3, Dr. Dechert and Widow Lonely females 21 cashier Bridgeport the Latest Victims Sneak thieves of the most despicable sort have for some time past infested our neighboring borough.