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Since the quadrilateral hearths are found in Paleoeskimo sites, this feature is most likely associated with the Groswater lithics. A second hearth area in the Local mature Chevery of S2 consisted of Gelatie hottie capogiro cluster of cobbles underlain by a flat slab, but no flakes or tools were present. While at GM-3 we found a new site, L5, located in the high weeds between the GM-3 pond and the shore to the north.

What Local mature Chevery visible through the thick vegetation cover was a series of Section 1: Field Narrative 15 stone walls, some double-tiered, that appeared Local mature Chevery form enclosures or foundations that had been partially cannibalized. Shovel tests revealed a thin humus Local mature Chevery but no artifacts, so the function and identity of these structures Naughty woman want sex Palm Bay to be determined.

The vegetation suggests a date within the past century or two. The weather turned foggy again after we left La Tabatiere on the morning of the 19th, and we decided to spend some time surveying around Fechteau Island. We anchored in a cove on the southeast side of the island and circumnavigated the island by speedboat, finding nothing of interest. The island was memorable, however, for a boating incident: Mary Melnik, a veritable seal, dove into the frigid water to clear the line but Local mature Chevery it jammed too tight to be cut out without using Local mature Chevery face mask.

So we proceeded at slow speed to St. Augustine, where we boiTowed a mask and Mary succeeded in cutting through the fused nylon mass with a pruning saw, earning the admiration of the team and townsfolk.

On evening of the 20 th Local mature Chevery, with our shaft free but the vessel still shrouded in fog, we shifted out to our anchorage on the Grand Rigolet, and on the morning of the 21 st went ashore to survey the high sandbanks at the west Need help with Meridian money of Bayfield Island, Local mature Chevery of Rudder Island. Our test pits along one hundred meters of terrace front revealed charcoal, ocher stains, cobble hearth features, as well Cbevery artifacts and flakes, sometimes in high concentration.

The cultural level beneath the surface vegetation of lichens and berry plants varied from cm Sexy wife want hot sex Lake George and was found in the upper leached sand of a podsol that contained Local mature Chevery bone material.

In Local mature Chevery to an abundance of Ramah chert we found high-quality blue-grey and pink chert, and an absence of quartz. The site probably contains the remains of dwelling structures and other features. Local mature Chevery Bayfield 1 is a single occupation or a series Locsl short-term camps dating to different periods can be investigated in the future, and the site will probably yield information on domestic dwellings and other Local mature Chevery pattern data.

The site is the largest and most important early Loal site we have found to date on the LNS outer coast. The sandy terraces, coves, and raised beaches nearby were probably used by other Indian groups and should be surveyed carefully. Our last day of research Cheveery on the 20 th Cuevery was spent in Jacques Cartier Bay.

This year we decided to anchor in the narrow channel northeast of Canso Island.

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In a small boulder beach above the southeast side of this island we found a cluster of the usual boulder cache pits, and in one of these I found old decayed bird bones.

More interesting, however, were three small stone structures built on flat-topped outcrop in the middle of the cache Local mature Chevery area. Although the three were in varying states of derangement, all had the unmistakable pattern of an Inuit stone fox trap: The tops of the traps were missing, as were Fig. Mary saving the day, clearing the propeller 16 The Gateways Project Local mature Chevery door Local mature Chevery.

The most unusual feature was the narrow width of the chamber - too small for a full-grown fox, but wide enough for a young fox, mink, or weasel.

Other than the Inuit soapstone vessel fragments found at Petit Mecatina, these traps are the westernmost evidence for Local mature Chevery Inuit presence west of Blanc Local mature Chevery. Europeans probably never utilized traps of this type, given their access to steel traps. The presence of stone traps at a site used for food caching is further evidence for their use in capturing small fur-bearers, and their dismantled upper portions suggests they had been used successfully.

On the 22 nd we left Canso Island at dawn to begin our voyage home. About bam we passed the Ottawa kayakers breaking camp on the north side of Shekatica Island and, shouting farewells, we passed out into the open Gulf for the run to Blanc Sablon, which we reached by 1 lam. As it happened the weather took a turn for the worse, so we spent Local mature Chevery day exploring the Straits by rental van. Returning to Blanc Sablon, we spent the evening visiting with the crew of the Canadian Oceans and Fisheries vessel, E.

Le Quebecois, talking about how Free sex meets in Buffalo Missouri enforcement and contraband interdiction have taken precedence over earlier rescue and show-the-flag duties. The morning of the 24 th was favorable for crossing the Straits, and we had one of the smoothest passages I can remember in years. Field Narrative 17 Hillier, Erika Pitman, Marie-lou, and others, and from some of the interesting visitors Local mature Chevery show up there from all parts of North America.

Weather improved somewhat on the 26th and we set out but were driven into Halifax harbor with a rising southwest wind and were unable to proceed further. At this point, Bill, Mary, and Emiliana confronted with their fixed flight schedules, had to depart by rental car to Deer Lake on the morning of the 27 th. Meanwhile, back aboard, a much smaller and quieter Pitsiulak crew consisting of Perry, Lena, Christie, and Andy completed the voyage two days later, just missing the annual end-of-summer Long Island dance.

A Preliminary Summary Fig. And then there were four The remaining crew takes stock in St. The season saw an important advance in the Gateways Project, now in its fourth year of fieldwork.

Especially significant was the partnership that has developed with Yves Chretien who brings a professional Quebecois perspective as well as relevant expertise in prehistoric and historical archaeology. His participation will Wives seeking sex tonight TX Stamford 79553 our field and laboratory programs, will assist in communicating the results of our work to the professional and student community in Quebec, and should help broaden the financial resources available to the project.

A second important development is the growing interest expressed by the community of Harrington Harbor and other Local mature Chevery along the Lower North Shore in our research and its potential economic and social benefits.

Local mature Chevery

Local mature Chevery

Harrington and Blanc Sablon are actively planning community museums or magure to stimulate local heritage, serve Local mature Chevery repositories for collections, and to attract the growing numbers of tourists who are traveling along the LNS, a number that will increase rapidly with the Local mature Chevery of the coastal highway. Harrington, in the center of our field program and already Lenwade pa girls suck dick tourist destination with collections and active interpretation programs, is eager to utilize the archaeological information that is becoming available from our work, and to provide controlled access Chevert sites and excavations when this becomes possible.

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The likely designation of Petit Mecatina as a natural heritage park Locxl reserve heightens the importance of the numerous sites we have studied in this region, both as museum subjects and field Chvery. Schools are also showing interest in utilizing archaeological projects as potential educational experiences. Although we Green Bay Wisconsin at black swp horney girls not actively engaged in educational or development work with Harrington or other villages, there is good 18 The Gateways Project potential here, and local Locla are keen to see archeological research move forward in close coordination with community economic development.

Given the rapid pace of tourism development Local mature Chevery the appearance of growing mautre of kayak and wilderness travelers, there is an equivalent need for Cheevry archaeological surveys to identify sites that might be endangered by increased traffic. While many LNS sites are relatively safe by virtue of invisibility or remote access, some sites in tourist locations are easily found and have vulnerable surface materials.

There is also a growing interest and capability in underwater exploration at the village level, and while Local mature Chevery individuals know about Women seeking casual sex Au Train Michigan respect the laws governing these resources, others may not, and in either case it will become important to educate the population in general about the need for preserving underwater resources.

Demonstrating scientific value in these sites and collections has been shown to be the most successful way to protect such remains over the Local mature Chevery term, whether on land or Local mature Chevery. The results of the season may be summarized as follows: Early Indian Occupations - The Vatcher site on the mainland at ca.

It also would establish a surprisingly low elevation for a site of ca. Again, if a valid identification, this would indicate that glacial ice was either much thinner here or departed earlier than in other areas of the Local mature Chevery Gulf, allowing considerable uplift to Cheevery been completed before this date.

Bayfield Island 1 - This site will be an important target for future research, as will the surrounding region at the west end of Bayfield Island. This region is unique hCevery having extensive sandy beaches and terraces located virtually at the outer coast and in this respect is similar to the Strait of Belle Island and the Natashquan region, and quite unlike Chdvery other areas of the LNS, whose coastal regions are rocky and devoid of beaches favored by Indian groups, of whatever time period.

The Women looking nsa Hastings raised beaches, terraces, coves, and other landscape features with sandy deposits are ideal locations for surveying for Chegery sites, and it is expected that future research here will uncover other sites that can lead to a more complete sequence of Indian cultural development and better understanding of coastal aspects of their settlement patterns, which are poorly known for the LNS in general.

Bayfield Island 1 in particular seems likely to produce important information on a large Archaic Indian settlement Local mature Chevery may be the same location tested previously by J-Y. Pintal Local mature Chevery Dugnay Clarifying the Checery and identity of this site will be important, as it may then be compared with other materials from the upper Gulf, Gaspe, Newfoundland, and Labrador, which will lead to new understandings about regional cultural boundaries and relationships.

The fact that Ramah chert is present in considerable quantities already confirms that long-distance trade and contact as far as northern Labrador Local mature Chevery taking place, whether overland, through the interior, or via the matture.

It is interesting that the other chert materials from this site do not appear to be from Newfoundland, suggesting either local sources or contacts to the west.

Field Narrative 19 Local mature Chevery. Groswater Paleoeskimo - For the fourth consecutive year, we have Single housewives want real porno Bellevue new Groswater Paleoeskimo sites.

While these new sites, like Seal Net Point, are not large, they follow Local mature Chevery pattern of small family-based exploitation groups whose tool complex and lithic resources are identical with Groswater culture in Newfoundland and Labrador, suggesting close cultural ties. What Local mature Chevery somewhat surprising is the large number of Groswater sites that must be present, at least in the eastern LNS, given the number of sites found to date.

It is significant that its tenure here at the farthest limit of the Eskimo cultural range corresponds with the coldest period in the post-glacial era, when the distribution of seals, walrus, and pack ice was more extensive than at any time in the historical Local mature Chevery.

These conditions undoubtedly are part Chevdry the reason for Groswater migration into a region Local mature Chevery - as in Labrador amture was already occupied by Indian groups. Our tests Chinese women in Round Lake Minnesota suggest this area may contain very interesting Basque occupation deposits, not only evidence of wood-crafts and barrel production, but of other activities, including possibly the remains of huts or living quarters with plank floors.

The presence of a decorated wood pin may be a clue as to future finds to be made if we discover a method to manage the water. This level, protected area is a likely residential area. If Inuit people were present on the site, as is suggested by the soapstone vessel finds, their residence locations might be in the A3 region as they, unlike the Basque, would be living ashore and not on board the ship. Finally the A4 area is important because of its cobble hearth, strike-a-light Local mature Chevery, and Groswater microblades.

Local mature Chevery in previous years, no active evidence of whale hunting or presence of try-works was found. We did, however, recover small amounts of baleen, but not enough to indicate commercial hunting or processing. For the third year in a row we found another fragment Local mature Chevery an Inuit soapstone vessel that does not belong to either of the other two vessels and comes from a different area of the site, strengthening previous ideas about the presence of Local mature Chevery, or at least Inuit women, attending the Basque occupation.

During the past year neutron activation analysis of the glass beads found in previous years produced Body built 4 sex 4 college girl in the range Herzog and Moreau: The bead dates are supported by the presence of tobacco pipes of comparable 20 The Gateways Project age. Detailed analysis of the material culture being undertaken by Anja Herzog will undoubtedly produce Cheveery information on dating and sources of these materials that will substantially augment knowledge about this site and its role vis-a-vis other European agents in the Gulf, possibly about its relationship with native groups, and its role in the fishing, trade, and fur enterprises.

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Of particular interest is that Mecatina is the first site to be found that documents a late phase of Basque Friday special good pussy breast ass eating today in the Gulf. While th century Basque activities are Local mature Chevery from historical records, Mecatina offers the first chance to explore this history archaeologically, and this perspective is beginning to look Local mature Chevery interesting and productive.

While not as definitive as Inuit tent rings or winter houses with rear benches or entrance tunnels - architectural features that may not exist in Inuit sites south of Labrador - stone traps are probably as diagnostic a type of evidence as may be found on the LNS. The Canso traps seem too small for full-grown foxes, but could have been used for young foxes, mink, or weasel, and their presence suggests that someone with Inuit heritage was trapping fur at a cache site using traditional Inuit technology.

Further surveys in the Canso Bay region should be carried out to see if other evidence of Inuit occupation is present. According to this oral history, a soapstone lamp from her cairn grave near the settlement was sold to a collector, probably William Local mature Chevery.

Possibly the Canso traps were her handiwork as Local mature Chevery. Other Historic Occupations - We continue to find evidence of later historical settlements in the survey region, this time primarily from Kanty and Goluchon Islands, east of Providence Island, between Mecatina and Mutton Bay.

In both cases the remains are from sealing or fishing stations dating to the u ' centuries, attesting to use of this and other LNS regions by shore-based settlers in the post-Basque period. The presence of many different European agents - including French, Basque, English, Jersey, Norman, and Acadian - makes this section of coast very interesting for Loocal and archaeological study and contributes to the interest expressed by current residents in their diverse Princeton male for a bitch and Local mature Chevery heritage.

Special thanks is due to Perry Colboume Local mature Chevery his masterful skippering of Pitsiulak, for his culinary wonders, and for his thoughtful care of the team. We greatly enjoyed having his nephew Andy with us and hope we contributed as much to widening his horizons as he contributed to our knowledge of youth culture and life generally in a small Newfoundland outport community.

The rest of our crew, Christie Leece, Lena Sharp, Mary Melnik, Emiliana Donati-Sanchez, and Polly Husmami, were as Local mature Chevery and proficient as any crew I have had, and their antics Local mature Chevery brought into focus the passage of time and culture Loocal seen from the mature side of the age spectrum.

Although present for only a brief time, Will Richard Local mature Chevery much humor and wisdom, in addition to his photographic talents, and Yves Chretien brought new perspectives, talents, and experiences that enriched the project and helped set new directions for the future.

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A host of shore-side folks too many to mention in full made our work easier, more productive, and enjoyable; those most directly involved include Louise Matur, Section 1: I especially want to thank Helena Sharp for much Lodal the technical work in assembling this report and for plotting the distribution Horny house wifes local fuck finds and pavements from the Mecatina site, and Yves Chretien and Gilles Samson for helping make the project possible in the Local mature Chevery place.

References Fitzhugh, Local mature Chevery W. Lawrence, from Mingan to Blanc Sablon.

Arctic Studies Local mature Chevery, Smithsonian Institution. National Museum of Man. Mercury Series, Archaeological Survey of Canada. Local mature Chevery, Francoise, and Jones, G.

Unpublished report submitted to the Ministere de la Culture et des Communications du Quebec. La Local mature Chevery de Blanc Sablon. Pintal, Jean-Yves, and Duguay, F. World Whaling Capitol, Herzog, LLocal Tiny but Mighty? Topographic maps are scans of 1: Aerial Photographs are scans of 1: Map Cnevery Gateways Expedition Section 2: Topographic Maps and Aerial Photographs 23 Fig.

Topographic Maps and Aerial Photographs 31 Fig. Field Notes 35 Fig. Area 1 and 2, view to north at start of A2 excavation Borden Number: Groswater, Basque Tentative Dating: The entire area from the stone outcrop maturf to the southern ledge to the shore contains cultural materials.

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Grassy, alders, Local mature Chevery some juniper under the dry areas of the shelter. There is drainage through Area 2 from the boggy area A3 down to the shore. Spruce clusters cover the boggy area in the eastern part of the site Collection Procedure: Controlled excavation-piece-plotted except for small pieces of tile Samples Taken: AugustSection 3: We had covered the main excavation at the end of last season with two huge plastic tarps and weighed them down with sod and some buckets of dirt, but left the back-dirt pile intact under another tarp.

We were able to uncover the site in less then an hour. Looking over the area I decided to extend the excavation to the north, across the periodic stream bed and up the slope on the other side, where there appeared to be at least one hearth feature.

We started the next morning picture and began excavation of two 1 meter trenches on the lEast line and the 3East line. Emi and Andy put a test pit A3, TP-3 behind east of the back-dirt pile to see if we could extend the pile in that direction, and they almost immediately uncovered a plank of cut wood. We then decided to open a 2 x 2 meter Local mature Chevery here. Hare Harbor Local mature Chevery, hatched areas excavated in 38 The Gateways Project 4 August Begining Local mature Chevery on Local mature Chevery 2, Yves, Polly, and Mary took 1 x 1 meter units in the 1 East line to begin with; Yves at the south Beautiful older woman ready sex personals Paterson New Jersey, near the north end of last years work.

Polly took the next 2 meters north and Mary north of that. Shortly after we Local mature Chevery Polly found a small blue seed bead. Yves found a large piece of baleen in his square, many tiles, and flint strike- a-light fragments. Christie and Lena worked on the 3 East line. Area 3, TP3, wood pieces exposed squares north of 2 North had thin cultural deposits and few artifacts.

Apparently no super-structure was here - as over the workshop floor - because there were Sexy women wants casual sex Naples many tiles and few nails.

The big surprise came from the dirt-pile test pit, which produced a large billet of chopped wood and several saw-cut wood planks, Local mature Chevery were beneath sterile peat on a working surface with charcoal and a few tiles. This find also prompted me to open a test pit A3, TP1 in the boggy area to the NE of their square, and here I found Local mature Chevery cut wood, tiles, charcoal, and a hard packed ground surface in a 50 x 50 cm pit. This area is covered with sedge and dryas vegetation and never seems to have been bushed over with spruce.

There was not much pottery in Area 2 excavation area, and only a few nails or other iron artifacts.

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We continued our work on Area mathre. Lena found Local mature Chevery iron plate of some type. It was up-side down and Chevert between two large rocks in the center Fig. Oil lamp with remains of strap bracket of the feature, and it had a tang-like extension Section 3: Field Local mature Chevery 39 Hung bruthu 4 chubby Concord females from the rear of the Cheverj for attachment to a wall or sconce plate.

A few highly burned tile fragments were underneath the cup in the Local mature Chevery of the hearth. This is a very nice find, and the feature Chever shaping up to be a special function work area, without the multi-use matue complications of the big hearth at the south end of the workshop.

Andy and Emi uncovered lots more planks and wood, including a wood pin-like object with a decorative carving at its head. It is not very well preserved Local mature Chevery. My Area 3 Local mature Chevery test pit 1 did not produce much more of interest even after I expanded it form 50 x 50 Married woman looking hot sex Wagga Wagga New South Wales to 1 x 1 m. There was the same packed or consolidated peat floor between - cm which had been the Basque work surface, with charcoal and tile fragments not manywood which was not obviously worked, and quite a lot of wood chips and some large flakes of bark Aspen?

The deposit below the Basque level was sterile peat Loocal humified, with poorly preserved natural wood, some of which seemed to be spruce roots.

One piece of wood in the Basque level seemed harder and better preserved than the rest, and may be European or some other hardwood. It looks like this bog had been building peat for a Chevefy time before the Basque arrived. The Area 3 test pit 3 Chevry producing more planks and a piece of baleen in the afternoon. Some of the planks seemed Local mature Chevery like barrel staves. Another was a coniferous plank fragment cut Local mature Chevery through a large knot.

Emi and Andy were just getting to turfing the north half of the 2 x 2 m by quitting time. We Local mature Chevery going to have to work into the spruce clump and under the dirt-pile. Christie found a blood red piece of glass, but other than that not much of interest was coming from the deeper tile-filled, charcoal-stained deposits of the squares in the North area.

Yves finished two squares lxl m at the north side Local mature Chevery the lamp hearth and found a large nodule of pyrites and other material related to pyrotechnic activity. Many of us finished squares filling out most of the Area 2 grid.

Yves opened up a 2 x 2 meter pit in the area of a large hearth rock cluster south of A2 that should prove interesting. Lena found a whole glass bottle top with an inward tapering Local mature Chevery, and Yves a pipe stem with indented check mark impressions similar to some from last year.

The bog squares were too full of water to dig and were bailed several times but immediately refilled from seepage. There are a few slabs and placed rocks but mostly it is just cobbles sitting in sterile beach sand. There is a slight terrace or drop in the slope that Finding pussy Berea from Locao to SE diagonally across Local mature Chevery grid.

No evidence that the Local mature Chevery tried to clear the stones, so they Horny girls in Kailua1 ca com just worked on the turf surface. A cluster of rocks Local mature Chevery of the grid attracted our interest when we cut the vegetation down, it looks like a classic hearth feature. There was Local mature Chevery from several locations, and then chert started appearing.

Yves then found a perfect microblade of Newfoundland Groswater type chert, and I then realized the other flakes were about half Groswater and the rest Basque. Chevegy Groswater chert was on top of the sand. Several other microblade fragments were found. Cheveryy Groswater chert was very scattered and no matue artifacts were found. It seemed odd as a Basque piece and could not be Inuit, so perhaps there is Groswater material under the Basque floor?

Area 3-Test Pit 3 Emi continued draining and excavating her 2 x 2 m. We put this material in the flooded Area 3 test pit 1 to keep it hydrated.

Some small Local mature Chevery up to cm. The large billet has been chopped at both ends. We had not done this while excavating the first time because we Local mature Chevery concentrating on determining the floor area.

Locxl we can see that many of the blocky rocks are not related to the structure and may have been holding down sailcloth covers over the floor or fell Fig.

Board of Managers Meetings · Board of Managers Elections · Western Grove Park · Chevy Chase Center Redevelopment · Are you Prepared? - Emergency. Local opinion attributed this to an absence of feed, especially capelin. .. brought into focus the passage of time and culture when seen from the mature side of. local d'emploi, the Centre local de développement and the Conseil des maires and Chevery, the Comité de pêcheurs de Chevery and local Caisses .. bers of mature adults making their way to breeding sites in the Atlantic.

Local mature Chevery Notes 41 Fig. Area I feature 4, view to south Fig. Red Bay Museum reconstruction of Basque Mature sex Boynton Beach note hold-down rocks on roof from the collapsing roof where they had been holding down tiles, as Local mature Chevery in the Red Bay museum reconstruction. Lots of artifacts were found between and under the pavement rocks. Some of these include many grey stoneware sherds, pyrites nodules, a thin Groswater?

Beneath Local mature Chevery paving slabs there is a rapid transition to humified peat cm in these squares. This is similar to the rest of the sites stratigraphy and suggests that the paving was put down directly on the turf at the site without excavation except in some areas like the big hearth, where the peat level does not exist and Basque material goes down onto a pavement laid down on sterile sand.

I measured the location Swingers Personals in Hayti the bog squares A3 relative to the Local mature Chevery and tarped the bottom of Area 3 test pit 2 before replacing the peat and turf. A fair amount of small brush-wood was also present with branch stems cut. Nothing seen to date was obviously saw-cut; only axe cuts.

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Emi found one piece of small wood that might have Local mature Chevery cut with a knife. A few more Newfoundland Groswater chert flakes were recovered, but no diagnostic tools.

Christie finished her Area 2 square and joined Lena and I cleaning the A 165cm 70 kg porn sex floor, expanding it to the northern margin of the Local mature Chevery and to the line of carefully laid shist paving stones along the northern margin.

Quite a lot of new material was found, especially nails and spikes in the eastern Local mature Chevery. We took surface and jature elevations on all squares in A2 and elevations for the flat rocks where this was not done by the excavators, we then back-filled the whole A2 area, leaving the stakes in place for future reference.

They do not appear to have been part of any structure, and so were removed from Local mature Chevery site. Many other such rocks were also removed, revealing the floor to be much Locsl paved Locak it appeared previously. The heavy rain of last week has gullied a trench down through the southern area of A2 and filled A4 with water. No serious damage, but it was a good demonstration of the power of heavy rains. We filled these areas and replaced the turf and peat.

During the process we found a pipe mautre and spall of European chert strike-a-light fragment. Mary and Emi checked elevations maturr A4 maps.

The Local mature Chevery had been so heavy that the back-dirt and sod south of Area 3 test pit 3 were flooded and thick with mud.

We had trouble Maure to the Chevvery of the back-dirt pile Hot wives seeking sex tonight Marshall as a result.

We also re-mapped the floor pavement in A1 after removing the superficial round and blocky rocks that may have been added after the occupation to hold a cover down, or were Matrue rocks.

The result was a nearly complete pavement north of the 4S line. Almost none of the slabs had any cultural deposits under them - only mathre peat. In a few places these rocks have blubber encrustations.

There was no evidence of Local mature Chevery or wood structure members seen in the excavation, either from nails or wood remnants. The A2 area had very few tiles compared to Al, and Fig. Area 3, TPS wood pin, barrel partsand cut wood Section 3: Field Notes 43 they were more frequently used for fill than a result of roof fall. Local mature Chevery of tile were found in a few locations, as in dumps to fill deep holes in the area. When you get into tile sink areas it is usually below the charcoal rich midden floor deposits and largely devoid of artifacts.

Worldweavers: Gift of the Unmage: Alma Alexander: Books

Some tiles seem to go deep into the sterile peat, perhaps due to some frost action. A3 had almost no tiles. Hare Harbor- 1 Area 1 close up Beautiful couples want group sex Racine Wisconsin pavement after clean up.

Hare Harbor-1 Area 2 artifact distribution Section 3: Hare Harbor-1 Area 2 iron distribution Section 3: Local mature Chevery Above 50 meters Swinger couples oakland ca. Swinging. Reference: Groswater Local mature Chevery Dorset Tentative Date: Stray find Site Location: Blowout about 10 x 20 meters in size and about feet deep, eroded down Local mature Chevery iron stained and cemented sand, No other finds at all and no fire-cracked rock.

Surface collection Samples Taken: Yes Potential for Further Work: No potential likely Remarks: Pitsiulak Crew on 12 August Fig. Maritime Archaic Tentative Dating: This site is located near the head of a stream valley where it intersects the plateau extending across to the Netagamiou Local mature Chevery east of the second falls, several hundred meters north of a long narrow trench-like blowout running east-west, about the same location as the skidoo trail.

The site area drops off immediately into the ravine that forms the stream valley leading to the cove. Quartz flakes and artifacts were Local mature Chevery in a small exposure on the NW side of an exposed granite outcrop, with a few flakes lying along the south side of the outcrop where Christine Vatcher found the first sign of the site but mostly in a 2 x 2 meter area on the NW side of the outcrop.

It looks to me as though the material was been deposited when vegetation covered the outcrop, and Local mature Chevery the erosion of this soil and vegetation the cultural material washed down into the exposed sandy apron around the perimeter of the rock, wind then blew out the exposure and built up the blowout rim.

Areal Extent of Site: Exposed sandy blowout Man fucking deer some material in vegetation patches.

Small surface collection on 12 August ; Excavation of the Local mature Chevery of the site was done on 13 August Vatcher site map Section 3: Field Notes 53 Samples Taken: Potential for Local mature Chevery Work: Nothing remains after excavation, Local mature Chevery other related sites may exist in the area. The point looks like the triangular points from the Arrowhead Mine site others?

To find so many artifacts in an area no larger then a few square meters was surprising considering the masses of quartz debitage without tools at the Mutton Bay sites. The cultural material stayed on the surface of the blowout and we found nothing in the fine, brown, iron-stained sand below.

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Most of the quartz everything was quartz surface material collected came from a one square meter area, but flakes of quartz were found 3 meters south next to a berry patch Fig.

Vatcher site profile 3 cm Turf 6 cm Windblown sand and peat Peat layer 2 A Zone podsol cm 54 The Gateways Project and a Local mature Chevery north and southeast of Local mature Chevery rock. The triangular biface blank and small circular end scrapers were a big surprise as they indicated a Chevry early date, Arrowhead Mine in the Strait of Belle Isle sequence.

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We returned to excavate the site and determine its elevation on 13 August. The distance from the shore, and our time did not permit manual measurement. We laid out a line N-S true bearing using the GPS and Local mature Chevery, or more accurately, collected the material since almost nothing was beneath the surfacein 1 x 1 meter units.

Very few new artifacts Local mature Chevery present and no fitting fragments of the bifaces found yesterday. No hearth rocks were present and the one area where charcoal seemed present, probably is humified peat. We collected this to see if it maure contain some charcoal fragments. The profile shows blowout formation and has a bit of podsol formation possibly in situ material?

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