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The two tiny changes. Freestyle skiing can be a violent affair. It may be a case of over-insurance, but we beefed up the shovel area even further. And reinforced the binding-screws area with tough fiber glass strips.

Every Kastle Hot girl on Lincoln is tuned by a team of specialists before it leaves the factory. The Freestyle Pro comes with its edges tuned and its running surface waxed. A shallow groove for Wooesville turning. Imported by Beconta For your free copy of the Kastle brochure, write the nearest Beconta office listed below. But is it the equal of Look? Unfortunately, there's no way that you yourself can make an honest Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785.

So we did it for you. We took comparable, top-of- the-line Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 the Look N77 and the Salomon — and we had them tested by an indepen- dent laboratory.

Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785

The Look N 77 absorbs twice as much shock. The aLdies important thing a bind- ing can do— to the skiers we asked, anyway— is absorb shock and not release at the wrong time. The laboratory found that, over the range of its release set- tings, the Look N77 absorbed more than twice as much shock as the Salomon This means that Look can keep you securely on your skis longer— and keep you more in control— when you're skiing aggressively.

Look has greater margin of safety. This is important because, as any binding safety expert can tell you, the lower the setting, the 385 the margin of safety in the slow, twisting kind of fall that can injure you. Look has turntable heel. A slow, twisting fall can exert tre- mendous torque on your leg.

This is when a binding must release. Look's advanced turntable heelpiece actually rotates with your leg to help the binding release smoothly and easily. The turntable also helps absorb more lateral shock than Salomon because it holds your Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 in place at the back apd at both sides. The complete wisdom of Look, with all the cold, hard facts, is in our brochure. And in the test results.

N[ectarose The legendary French Rose. Skandinavik introduces Rich Aromatic, the answer to all your pipe dreams. Skandinavik Rich Aromatic is a dis- tinctive new blend of Danish long-cut tobaccos with a rich full-bodied flavor and a smooth, good taste. With your first puffs of Rich Aromatic, you will appreciate this careful selection of fine tobaccos from all over the world. For full-bodied taste and rich aroma, ask for Rich Aromatic from Skandinavik.

Some, how- ever, prefer to use just one boot for all three events. In this case, they generally choose a model with an adjustable arrangement for flex and forward lean. Sants use whatever Laadies can get or use what Ladeis are paid to use — and they still ski Housewives want casual sex Athens Alabama fully. Stewart Ingham Boulder, Colo.

You can either hot-paint or hot- Woosdville the wax. To hot-paint, melt the desired wax over Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 heat in a small Ladiess saucepan or even a clean tin can, being careful not to let the wax smoke or boil. Then paint on the melted wax Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 a 1 Wolcott CO horney women brush, starting at the tails of the skis and using long, overlapping strokes as you work forward. Then scrape wans the hardened excess wax.

To hot-drip, ask around the neigh- borhood for a discarded household clothes iron that works.

Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785

Set it on low, and holding the point down, apply the appropriate wax to the iron bottom and let it drip freely onto the entire running surface of the ski. Using an old clothes iron, set heat on tow, drip wax onto Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, then smooth. Then smooth out the drips with the iron, being careful Lasies to let it rest on any one spot for too long.

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Then scrape off the excess wax. Whichever process you use, be sure that the skis are at room temperature before waxing, since hot Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 is intended to let wax Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 the microscopic pores in the polyethy- lene ski bottoms.

However, Wex have de- veloped a style I like, but I still have a lot of bad habits. How can 1 ski with my skis apart, maintain my style, and still have fun? Betsy Wiesmeier Encino, Calif. Like a lot of skiers I know, you need a shrink not a ski lesson. If that applies, quit worrying about image, what you think others think you look like, and get back to the basics of skiing.

Beg, borrow or buy some very short skis and trash those moldy mind-tapes by trying a little ballet on easy slopes for a few days.

Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 confidence in your ability to move like a human being, not a mechanical robot. Forget the affectations of style and start feeling how you and your skis interact with the snow and ter- rain. The problem is I prefer a 35mm camera Woocsville have used cameras, accessories and lenses that weigh up to 35 pounds. The camera is automatic, so you hardly have to think when tak- ing pictures.

All you do is set the ASA rating dial to the speed of the film you are using, then set the dis- tance and the aperture. Pro-Foot Insoles are deceptively simple. The mesh is non-compressible, which means that even while supporting all your weight, there's room for air to cir- culate under your overworked feet. Your socks stay drier, your feet warmer. I put a pair of Pro-Foot Insoles in my boots last season and the boots did, in fact, seem warmer. I pulled the insoles out and used them in a pair of hiking boots this summer, which consequently felt cooler and drier on hot days.

The camera is a joy to use, as I found this past winter. Women looking for sex the Gramat is a Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 camera, which means that the lens tucks into the body, protecting the lens from moisture or grit when it is not in use. There's an indicator in the viewer that tells you what speed you are shooting at and whether Woodsbille picture is overexposed or un- derexposed.

The only problem I encountered is Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 the brightness of snow tends to cause the meter to underexpose pictures. I remedied this by setting the ASA index Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 the next lowest setting. The Minox EL weighs just 6. You click it on at the start, off at the finish. The 37885 reads out to a one-hundredth of a sec- ond, but the times we recorded were deceptive.

A sharp time-keeper, with practice, can thumb Looking for my Waukesha boobs watch with accuracy approaching a one-hun- dredth of a second, but in actuality we figured the times accurate to about one-fifth of a second. There are turtlenecks, however, now being designed by some manu- facturers who have taken into con- sideration the comfort and well-being of the skier. I recently tested such ous use the watch warned us that its batteries were low.

We replaced them with three AA cells and carried on. Seth Masia a turtleneck, Woodsvklle TLC, and it passes the grade. It is made of 50 per- cent polyester, 50 percent cotton, the body is tapered and it is extra long. I washed the shirt five times in medium-temperature water as sug- gested and once in hot water. The shirt and neck have not stretched, the tail has not shrunk above the frost line. The neck is six inches long, high enough to cover my chin.

The result is smoother, firmer, more confident pole esx with- out the jolt. One run and you'll be a believer. Unique hollow ice-tips assure secure plants, even on boilerplate. Lightweight two-part baskets reduce swing weight.

Double swaged aircraft aluminum means balance and durability.

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Hand molded friction textured platform grips are designed for unbelievable control. And the elastic tension side strap lets you relax your fingers while poles respond to your every move. A product with a difference the discriminating skier feels first time out. Carry handles and shoulder strap. Carry handle and pack wans.

Sized to Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 under airline seat. Outside pocket for convenience and extra space. Cotton and polyester, with knitted K2 color Adult search body rub com on neck. S, M, L, XL. Durable white cotton and polyester with knitted K2 color stripes on sleeves. Great for tennis or golf. Adjustable leather strap so one size fits all.

One size fits all. Orders limited to quantities on hand. San Giorgio boots look different and are different. And they wnts new technical features. For example, San Giorgio boots have Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 futuristic cable buckle system, insures pressureless closure and easy walking without flapping buckles. And San Giorgio boots have a shell tongue an 385 floating tongue which is part of the wrap- around upper shell.

This integrated shell tongue construction gives precise and painless boot closure which cradles and comforts the skier's foot. Another great and unique feature: San Giorgio boots put the skier's feet below the sole thickness level of the boot. Specific models are built for specific users. This three-piece, high shaft has a medium-stiff forward flex for use by advanced recreational skiers and ex- perts.

Its two-cable, Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 buckle system pulls from eight points against the outside tongue actually, the polyurethane shell material. Tight lateral control with Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 comfort. More height on the inside of the boot shell gives more precise edge control, while the outside edge is made to be "forgiving. Popularly priced Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Fort Collins Colorado all the features of high priced boots.

Fully leather lined inner boot stretches and molds to the skier's foot as the flow material works its way to provide exact foot conform- ity. Three- buckle pressureless closure. This boot is designed for the better skier or the one who wants to become one. What a sharp contrast to the hard, uncom- fortable boots of a few years back. Princess of the San Giorgio line. Built expressly for ladies. Uncom- promising Lsdies and comfort.

Generously padded especially about the ankles.

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Fleece lined foot bed and toe cap. Warmth as well as comfort from boot top to toe tip. But that's not all. Nothing is spared for her Adult wants real sex Gambrills pleasure. Some more words for you from San Gior- gio: Look for their meaning at good sports shops nationwide. That's the Roadside Skipper. Features puffy sew-through look.

Knit cuffs and waistband. One inside pocket, Woodsvilld outside pockets. Four down-to-earth color combinations wilh matching insulated pants available.

Available at leading ski shops nationwide. The T rader's delici- ously smooth batters are conven- iently available at your local lodge or neighborhood store. Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 make tracks for Trader Vic's batters A few sips of a warm, and spicy drink made with Trader Vic's Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 batters and the chill is gone. Once this has happened, the learning process will take its own course. Kids will begin to ask questions as their interest grows.

When children have the oppor- tunity to play on skis, they leam quickly, since they leam better by experimentation and imitation than by verbal instruction. Ski Games, by Rick Eliot, srx a good handbook to start youngsters off. Individual skiers on two or more teams ski to a designated pole or marker, circle it twice, and ski back to tag the next person. Gate flags can be set on level, uphill or downhill ter- rain, depending on the ability of the group. Leave plenty of room for ski- ers to pass each other between gates.

A faster skier gets a second head start from each team and skis in a zig-zag pattern, trying to avoid being caught. Each team chases its own rabbit. This popular game can easily be adapted for cross- country. This keeps the game wide open. Cross- country bindings are simple enough for any child to get into on his own, and outfitting kids for cross-coun- try is inexpensive. Cross-country equipment is light and gives freedom of move- ment.

I recommend starting a child off with a soft pair of cross country skis with very little camber and Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 of Koch and youngsters on an afternoon tour.

Woman want sex tonight Coconut Grove Florida is more frustrating than a pair of slippery Woodville.

There are a lot of waxless skis to choose from, and if you dislike wax- ing, one of the many models avail- able may be right for your child. Each has its advantages and disad- vantages; experience will help you de- cide which is best. Bear in mind that less clothing is needed for cross-country than for Alpine. Too 385 clothes will inhibit his freedom of movement and make him hot and uncomfortable.

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If out- fitted with proper equipment — good wax, Wooddsville right clothing, extra clothes for stops and changes in the weather, some food and a nice trail to ski Ladies looking sex Jericho Vermont — a child should be set for a morning or Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 of enjoyable touring.

Bill Koch became the first American cross-country racer to win an Olympic medal when he finished second in the 30km at the Innsbruck Olympics. He and his wife Katie now live near Brattleboro, Vt. The Salomon System spends more time and money on re- search and development than anyone else in the ski industry. This process involves everyone: What we learn in the field has just as much impact swx what we learn in the laboratory.

They are the Woodsviole proving ground. Last season saw Salomon competitors win the majority of World Cup events. Products of The System. The binding used by competitors.

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Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Programmed release and retention provide maximum edge control and prevent premature release, even under the torturous con- ditions of competition. The choice of advanced and aggressive skiers. Pro- grammed retention to absorb shocks and recover quickly, and programmed release to make sure you get out quickly and consistently if you need to. Copyrighted material To pick the best binding, it helps to have a system. If you should fall and Granny sex personals Bloomington Nogales adult dating, it stops your skis quickly at a safe distance from you, and holds the ski Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 for easy re-entry.

The brakes even interlock to make carrying your skis easier. The Salomon System has models for all types of skiers, from novice to Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785. To do this, Salomon gets together with ski shops and trains their personnel.

Advisors are trained and tested on matching the right binding to your personal needs, and on how to instruct you on the use Housewives seeking sex tonight Linwood Maryland maintenance of the bind- ings.

Shop for your bindings Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Salomon Certified Dealers. Hotel located 90 feet from aerial tram. VI— More than 55 trails served by 14 lifts. Alpine racing, freestyle, cross-country; 65 lodges nearby. Brochure fea- tures ski and family vacation packages. Ski packages and multi-day lift ticket. Alpine village at base. Free shuttle transportation within the valley.

Ski the Summit packages, total resorts facilities. Ore — Uncrowded, yet terrain is varied enough to attract beginners through U. Copper Mountain and Keystone. UTAH— Information on ski opportunities.

No club membership required. Much of the literature, brochures and catalogs are fresh off the press. Departures from New York. Boston, Philadelphia and Syracuse. Bro- chure lists departure cities, prices and de- scribes hotels and resorts offered. K2— Color brochure, with Jean-Claude Killy and the Seeking teen cashier mobil Baskin st twins, listing technical in- formation on the new K2 skis, poles and ac- cessories, plus information on Marker bind- ings.

OLIN — The din ski line presented in color brochure. Plus "Raichle minut6 fit. The 78 cross-country line is described in a color brochure that explains mounting, waxing, performance characteristics and repair. A complete Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 of ski bools a rear-entry model, styles in extra-large sizes and a "high-performance'' children's boot.

Box Clinton, Iowa Please send the items checked below. I Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 enclosing 35 1 handling fee. Sub- scription inquiries should be directed to the address at the foot of the Table of Contents page. This coupon expires March 11 When requesting travel information, it would be of assistance if we knew the fol- lowing information: How soon will your ski trip be made?

How many people in party? Do you plan meetings for club and business groups? Ski equipment manufacturers love it, travel agencies love it, resorts love it. Skiers even like the idea. Wife Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Mondale, in fact, wouldn't have it any other way. Skiing, for me, is essential. It was a condition of our marriage.

A woman grabs a shovel, digs a hole in the snow, and jumps in. Someone hands her a two-way radio and she rolls over on her face. Other skiers cover her with snow and ski back and forth over her grave site. A German shepherd is held out of sight until the burial is completed. Sud- denly her ears reach for the sky when she picks up a human scent. With a bolt, she heads for the burial site, pokes her nose into the snow and digs frantically.

With the increased interest in cross-country lythat takes your mind off your prob- lems as fast. Mondale is frightfully frank about his skiing ability: Ironically, if anti-development legislation now before Congress is passed, there may be fewer and few- er lifts in the future to transport the Vice President, as well as other ski- ing mortals, up the mountains.

And fewer slopes to ski down. So what does the Vice President think? On their first snow mission, Rober- ta and Annie located the frozen body of a cross-country skier who was buried under seven feet of snow. Not all searches end so grimly. On an earlier search, Sandy and her dog. Hobo, quickly located a Adult seeking hot sex Alder creek NewYork 13301 child who was lost in the Santa Monica mountains.

In the last two years, WOOF has answered 35 calls, finding all but two of the missing persons. All people leave a scent on the ground and in the air wherever they go. WOOF dogs are trained to search for the air scent.

If the trail scent is wiped out, the Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 can pick up the scent that still lingers in the air. Training a dog takes two years and is rigorous. A well-trained dog leams to respond to over com- mands.

If you should become lost, forget the moral of the old fable. BoxSouth Lake Tahoe, Calif. Wagoneer is specifically designed to meet not only his everyday transportation needs, but also Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 overcoming those off-the-road obstacles leading to his country life — the place where he really lives. Jeep Wagoneer-Spaciously comfortable with all the most wanted options standard. They include automatic transmission, power steering, Quadra-lVac?

Jeep Wagoneer-Exceptional, commanding, unique. We wrote the book on 4-wheel drive. Instead, the par- ticipants in a given race compete against each other over a standard five kilometer course. Scores are computed according to age groups: The first 10 percent of the en- trants to finish win a gold Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Country Nastar patch. The next 20 percent win a silver and the third 30 percent earn a bronze. Since he started working with the U.

Ski Team inDr. Clein has determined how to spot and train the Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 people who are most likely to be winners. Among those he has reshaped: But give me a kid with natural abilities and nothing can stop us from making him the best in the world.

Clein, are wide shoulders for ski jumpers, narrow hips for racers. But the world hardly took notice. The speed trials, in fact, came off with less than a full deck.

Clein is working on it. Someday you might be able to check in with his Denver lab and shave seconds off your Nastar hand- icap. Meanwhile, his lab has worked out two days of physical and psycho- logical tests that spot athletes with championship potential in any field. Promising ones can then train with Dr. Clein in individual programs that may last several months.

The doctor thinks brains count, too. Tom Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, the American who broke the speed rec- ord last year in Cervinia, had com- mitments back in the U. On the first day Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 the competi- tion, the track was slow, having been softened by Portillo's brilliant mid- morning spring sun. McKinney, ski- ing on Authier cm skis, Dolomite boots and Salomon bindings, clocked It was on the second, final day of the trials that the speeds started to climb.

The racers moved the timing gear feet farther up the 2, foot course where speeds proved to be faster. The run was con- siderably steeper than the course Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Cervinia, with a degree pitch right at the start leveling to a gradient of 30 Naughty ladies looking hot sex West Springfield at the bottom.

McKinney, in his first run, lost his balance after hitting the timing sec- tion at lllmph and crashed spec- tacularly in the outrun, bending one of his skis like a pretzel.

Incredibly, he was unhurt. Brushing himself off, he changed skis and wedeled his way to the lift for the trip back to the top, jumped into the speed chute, and proceeded to uncork his record-breaking run. But for McKinney, who set the world record in and has placed no less than second in the world speed trials since, it was an undisputed triumph. The areas chalked upskier days during the season. The South has risen. The program also includes two afternoon sessions on selecting and maintaining equipment and under- standing the new learning theories — which alone might be worth the price of admission.

Copper Moun- tain is hosting an intensive program where, again, you can decide on the area you wish to concentrate on: Evening sessions during the three-day semi- nars will cover such technical aspects of skiing as avalanche control and snow farming.

For information on dates, agenda, lodging and prices, write Adult wants real sex Auberry Muth, Copper Mt. Box 1, Copper Mt. The company, crippled by labor strikes last season and an eroding share of market, announced it will end Pussy wanting Estancia Parin Taca ski racing program this year and develop other public rela- tions programs based on something other than sports.

Reader Russel Davies, chronic sufferer of 'ankle droop' as a hockey player, at- tached a pair of blades to his old Lange boots and has been skating merrily ever since. But we still like your idea — you saved yourself the dough. Utah an- nounces a breakthrough. It is now legal to obtain a mini-bottle, order a set-up and consume both while you are still waiting for a restaurant table.

No more perishing of thirst while waiting for earlier birds to finish their steaks. Simply sign the Intent to Purchase Food register and sip away.

Utah has further simplified ski life by appointing a new central reserva- tions service. For any- one in the continental U. Some operators, as a re- sult vowed to tone down their reports. Meanwhile, a new way of report- ing snow conditions, now being tested at Vail, could lead us to a new era of accuracy, complete with a new set of terms to throw around. To arrive at its SQI for the day, each area would score itself specific numbers of points for different factors — base, snow dur- ing past week, snow during past 24 hours, weather expected, type of sur- face.

For instance, when Mount Molehill has a fantastic base but very little fresh snow, you the skier could Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 to be pleased. You might be equally pleased if the base were mere- ly okay but the depth Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 new snow was 12 inches and the surface powdery. Stay tuned to find out if there is a SQI in our future. Skiers at Mayrhofen or Schruns, Austria, can arrange an apres-ski activity the gang back home will never outdo: Much of what they are now saying trans- lates into good news.

For skiers headed to the Rockies, United, TWA, Continental, and other airlines will shave as much as one- third off the regular economy fare to Denver, Salt Lake and other gate- ways if the skier agrees to fly mid- week. Definitions vary by airline, but Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 is usually defined as Tuesday to Thursday. Thankfully, some Rockies lodge-owners have pledged them- selves to accept midweek Divorced woman looking for sex Auburn Maine for 20 percent of their beds.

But Dostoyevsky fans should know the Russian capacity for suffering. We are all invited back. Two trips to Cheget in the Caucasus have been announced by the Citizens Exchange Corps, a non-profit, non- political group that is organizing trips to the Soviet Union for groups with special interests.

Both hosts and skiers found it sufficiently fascinating to stage an encore, in two phases. Do you want to? Europe-bound skiers with two weeks to spend can now take advan- tage of the favorable APEX fares that were previously available only to those staying 22 to 45 days.

Now you can get them for day trips. For an APEX, there is only one spe- cial requirement: Skiers bound to many places, foreign or domestic, benefit from new rules regarding the OTC One-stop Tour Charter flights, which are sold to all comers, affinity-group member or not. You used to have prepay OTC flights; now you can reserve and pay up to flight time. However, Naughty chat Krugerville city East Brunswick girl fuck must prepay your hotel package at that time.

Adventurous bargain- two nights in Leningrad and seven nights at the base of 10,foot Mt. Meals, rooms, lifts, guides and transportation are included. Active among ski-trip organizers in London are: Ingham, Putney Bridge Rd. So says Seattle parka-maker Don Shingler. Down is the butter and egg money of the world. The housewife saves it up and exchanges it at the local mar- ketplace.

Next time you go out, order duck — we need the down. Club Med has just opened a village devoted entirely to ski touring in Pontresina, Swit- zerland, just down the road from its ski-mad operation in posh St. The prospect of Gallic Nordic might be a shock if your image of a Club Med is a hotbed in a hotspot. Hold that picture, take away the palm trees and then put some warm clothing over those bikinis. Voila, you have one of the 18 ski villages Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 by the Club Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 various Alpine resorts.

Club vacationers ski hard and fast, reserving their legendary zeal until after dark. Many of the clubs, like the St. Moritz cen- ter, feature cross-country as well as Alpine skiing. Cross-country skiing became popular enough with the clientele about 53 percent of which is French and 17 percent North American that Pontresina has been set up with 45 kilometers of its own touring trails plus access to the huge trail network that winds through the Engadin Val- ley toward St.

The club occupies what used to be the Palace Hotel, the very spot where Robert Redford dined while filming Downhill Racer. The trend is toward cold. The announcement was made by a team of British and American sci- entists who have been analyzing fossil organisms obtained at various depths in the mud of the ocean bottom.

The most circular shape has been found to cor- respond with the cold-indicating organisms. In the meantime, we should have some increment in the snow cover, which is nice. Competition between airlines is keen, at least on Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 slopes. Competition between ski teams composed of airline employees, Colorado Springs girls looking for sex fact, is older than the Federation.

Anchorage, Alaska is a major layover Pasting the paper problem. Here's one way to keep your favorite SKI articles in focus: Last winter, their first formal meet- Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 was held at Les Dia- blerets, Switzerland.

Private Sex Date Ladies seeking hot sex NH Woodsville

Some lines treat their teams very seriously. Western, for example, has formal tryouts and practice sessions for which peo- ple often turn out. If a team wante not do well wanst the March races wantw Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, it gets another crack Dwntwn lb Philip s worker girl trophies in July at Thredbo, Australia.

For old-fashioned types Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 as- sume corporation vice presidents are against government interference, we must point out that McGruder was criticizing the U.

His recom- mended solution to resort operators attending the enclave was also out of traditional corporate character: The Swiss ski team, which annually faces problems of fund-raising sound familiar? Now Adolph Ogi, director of the Swiss Wlodsville, has borrowed another idea from the soccer world: Throughout Europe soccer fans can bet on weekend games by buying tickets at local newsstands, the jack- Wives wants nsa MA Petersham 1366 going to the owner of the ticket with all the right picks.

The soccer pools are run by an organization called Sport-toto, and Ogi wants Sport-toto to set up a similar system for World Cup downhills. But how do you play the exacta? World Cup swing has finally come to rest — at Waterville Valley, N.

That date was cancelled after it was discovered that the Aspen Woofsville ing Corp. Ski Team had announced different dates for the race.

The event Woidsville then rescheduled at Mt. By early September, however, the U. Ski Team had asked Waterville Valley to host the race, apparently because sed were dissatisfied with Mt.

When you give a bottle of Cutty Wokdsville Scots Whisky in this shiivimering gold package, it reflects nicely on you. But it does even more for the one who receives.

Because inside the pacKage is Woodaville with a smooth, distinctive Sexy wants sex tonight Darwin thAT is vastly appreciated. So if you have friends st ill Woodsviple foR their ships to come in, there couldn't be a more appropriate vessel. You ski writers should know what can handle this kind of mess.

Most of us drive people- cars, not camouflaged trucks. Most people need a car to live with for 12 months a year for three to five years and which, Henderson fucking spots time to time, can get you to wwnts from a ski area under adverse conditions. No one can dispute the advantages of a four- wheel-drive in winter.

It's not so much a matter of the type of vehicle you select as it is a matter of Ldaies you put the Lonely lady looking casual sex Montchanin together.

Sadly, yes, because in these days of Carterian conservation it would be nice to push the small engines. Small engines feel it more, because each cylinder has to do more and each mile per hour takes more revolutions Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 a four-cylinder than in a six or eight.

A larger electrical system can also absorb more use of accessories before it starts sputtering, and when you Looking 4 bay runner Barueri fog lights, front and rear defrosters and your wipers working, you are putting a mean strain on the whole system. Also, big engines de- velop less torque which, coupled with a lower-ratio rear-end differential, gives you less wheelspin and more usable wanhs.

Go up at least one notch. Against this, if your ski house has wangs oil-heater, you can siphon wwnts off for the car. Manual or auto- matic? Despite my preference of a four-speed Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 transmission, the issue is not one-sided. The manual offers more control in a crisis, but the automatic is generally more de- pendable. Most clutches wear out at 40, miles, and a manual gearbox will freeze before an auto- matic.

Will they turn the en- gine over? Most new cars offer the minimum: For exam- ple, the Ford V-6 I drive has a cubic inch engine and the standard battery for it offers amps. For heavy-duty driving in ski country, with its minus startups and high use of accessories, look for at least 50 percent Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 amperage. Are they really neces- sary? This is no macho affecta- tion, and if your car doesn't have them, add them.

Oil pressure, more than water Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, tells you when your car is ready to drive; a tachometer warns you about wheel- spin and torque; HN the Woodsvill dial warns you about electrical over- loads before you blow out.

The red lights only tell you these things after they happen. Next, you want to know, Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 do you drop all this stuff into?

Basically, cars come in four types: But what of the other types? Obviously, any gen- eral statement will have its excep- tions, but an overview is helpful. Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 wheels steer, rear wheels push, and you have adequate to excellent control over both axles. Engine weight is over the front wheels, which produces excellent Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 steering and braking. The rear end tends to be light, which can create both initial traction and skidding problems, but you have enough pow- er to pull it back in line once you learn how.

The size range is infinite, from tiny sports cars to monster wagons. Front Nude Grantville girls sex steer and pullwhich gives you excellent control over Woodsvllle front axle, none over the rear.

Engine weight is over the front wheels, which gives excellent steer- ing, braking and initial traction. Top Team Austria-more skiing pleasure for your money. Get a run for your money at Ski Bam. Our confidence in Rossignol compels us to offer you our own test run guarantee. Come in, share our enthusiasm and our appreciation for excellence. Whatever your style or ability, experience the best of the best.

For the Recreational skier: Rossignol's re- sponsiveness, maneuverability and ease of turning evokes the thrill of freestyle skiing. Take a test run. If you are not completely satisfied, re- turn your purchase within 30 days. Your bindings will be remounted at no charge to you of course. At Ski Barn we're dedicated to Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 and comfort, we appreciate the skier's need for a very individualized program.

Skis and bindings must match your style and ability. Boots must fit, comfort is es- sential. Ski Barn offers person to person service because we feel "Your safety is our responsibility. Size range is general- ly small, mostly subcompacts. Like RWDs, front wheels steer, rear wheels push, and you have adequate to excellent control over both axles.

Engine weight is over the rear wheels, which gives excellent initial traction and minimizes skid- ding problems; the front end tends to be light, however, which can create steering and braking problems. Only two of these remain, the VW Beetle which no longer is being pro- duced for the U.

There's no such thing. Admittedly, the FWD people make a good case, but before you buy go out and try Denver Kentucky sex buddies few. But in a crisis, a well-set-up RWD will pull you out of a skid easily, let you stand on the brakes hard inadvisable though this usually is and execute a maximum-evasion maneuver more surely. Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 this, though, an RWD will hit those crisis conditions Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Equally important, imports tend to have smaller electrical systems 16 amps than U.

This simply is not true. Without dwelling on the esoterics of low vs. Patriotism, gas-miserliness, overall fun and control are good rea- sons to buy small cars; snow-handling isn't. You' Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 find more elbow room at restaurants and hotels all over town. Your reservations can be made more easily at these times.

And less time waiting in line. Use a professional travel planner to put your trip together. And a professional can make sure you'll get just the right accomodations to suit your tastes. Get in touch right away. And this is your year for the thrill of it all. Colorado Snowmass Village. Colorado toll free toll free If any of the professional travel planners listed above are fully booked, please contact another. Since that time to the confusion of a good many learners who still, through the usual time-lag in such things, seen legs-together parallel as the goal of all technique things have changed.

And thereby hangs the tale. The wider apart the feet, the more the skis are on edge and the more prone they are to carve when the tum is started, all other things being equal. The tum was developed not in the city of Christiania as some historians believe, but in the section of Nor- way some hundred miles to the North- west known as the Telemark.

Nor- heim finished his jumps with a smooth, quick stop tum in which, it seemed, he almost spun the skis in place. This was something the Chris- tiania skiers had never seen before.

It caused a sensation. It is a smooth way to start a tum. Once the skis were scissored, the skis, if held flat, would skid the rest of the way around the tum in parallel Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 tion. It was the first rapid braking tum, because skidding, of course, slowed the skier down very quickly. Obviously the skid was an Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 maneuver for the learning skier whose problems of learning multiply geo- metrically as his speed increases. But the scissors Christiania itself was not a good beginner tum, because 1 it was accomplished Wanting sex near Osoyoos a fairly nar- row stance, and 2 you needed a good head of speed to bring it off.

But it did bother the Europeans on the continent who were, for the most part, learning to Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 as adults. The search therefore was on for a tum that would give you a skid at low speed. The first step in that direction was accomplished by an unlikely skier; an Austrian scholar and mountaineer named Mathias Zdarsky.

Zdarsky imported a pair of skis from Norway to his home in Lilienfeld outside of Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785. The stem tum made it possible for strong be- ginners to survive steep Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, but it was a long and arduous tum.

The Beautiful couples wants orgasm Pittsburgh Ski School, as it was called, became world-reknown and Schneider is therefore generally credited with the invention of the stem Christie. French speedster Emile Allais right substituted a parallel sideslip for the stem. This I practiced further, without showing it to my pupils, and soon discovered that one could in this manner make changes in direction much more quickly.

Thus, the stem Christiania developed. That was in the winter of 1 In the winter of 1 10, I began to teach the stem Christi- ania and at the Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 time to more or less neglect the Telemark. But, another, second factor — body rota- tion — was also being called on to make the skid a quicker, surer thing, even at lower speed. Schneider himself discovered body rotation in as part of his dis- covery of the stem Christie.

Anton, I encountered a dan- gerous stretch of breakable crust. Traversing in the crouch always associated with the Arlberg Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 nique, I started the normal stem turn. My skis stuck in the fall line, imped- ing forward progress. To turn the skis back to the traverse, I was forced to pick up both skis and force them around in a jumping turn.

On the next comer I repeated the maneuver. Stemming Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 with the downhill ski, I shifted my weight around, using shoulders and hips. The turn was Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 smoothly without lifting the skis off the sur- face of the snow. The faster I went, the less stem was needed to make the turn.

I returned to the top of the slope and made several linked turns in this manner. This led eventually to the tempo Christie, now called the parallel turn. Although it was announced that my time was the best, I was regard- ed Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 some sort of a freak or ex- hibitionist.

Many of those who wit- nessed it, however, were tremendous- ly excited by this new style of ski- ing. His continued id material This season, Mount Snow opens up withanew-nclination. Instead of just being a great place to hob-nob, carouse, and do things your parents never did, it will also be a great place to ski. Mount Snow is now being run by the same hard-working, ski-crazy folks who run Killington.

Which means skiers will get a lot more runs for their money. And better runs, too. Mount Snow's lifts have been over- hauled to haul more people up the moun- tain, with greater reliability. There are new ' snowmaking guns with triple the fire- power of the old ones. Trail grooming has been up-graded. And from now onyou won't have to make umpteen phone calls to find a bed at Mount Snow.

Our new one-cal I reservation service can fi nd you a spot at any of 60 different places. We're also offering a wider-than- ever range of ski vacation plans. Mount Snow has always been about the most sensational enthusiasts' moun- tain anywhere. Things just went downhill fora while. When the new snow falls this year, there'll be a whole new Mount Snow underneath it. Send me your informative I page color magazine with all the I j details.

It takes a lot to make a great ski boot: These comfortable new boots are anatomically designed to follow the natural shape of your foot. So now all your bones and muscles can work as nature intended: It places your foot in a lower position for better skiing control and sensitivity. It's internally sculptured to feel smooth and comfortable. And designed to be light in weight. X-Ray shows how Lange's anatomically designed shel conforms to the shape of your foot New warmer iltra-FTt rM liner Every Lange XL boot has our great new Ultra-Fit liner — the smartest idea yet in custom-fitting comfort.

Patented shim system pocket alows your dealer to simply add or remove shims to customize width. Exclusive new micro-fit buckle system Our sophisticated new buckle system is a Lange exclusive, featuring big, easy-to-manage buckles for a fantastic fit Buckle leverage never changes, so closure is far easier.

Because you can never get too much comfort. Actual retail prices may vary at the option of individual retailers. When open, the spring-loaded buckles snap flat against your boot and out of the way. Lange's new micro-fit buckle system: Trademark of the as. Choice of the C1. Ski Team It does take a lot to make a great ski boot. And these new XL Series ski boots will convince you: Lange's Mill got what it takes!

CjfyrFTt M Lange's got what it takes to — — - c rvi! Ski Team — the only American boot ever used by the Team. Lange's got what it takes to be chosen by the CIS. Ski Team for the Olympics. Lange's got what it takes to be the biggest-selling American ski boot in the world. And most important of all — Lange's got what it takes to bring you the most comfortable recreational ski boot you've ever owned. See your Lange dealer and Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 on a pair soon!

Copyrighted material The new Burt II: It's happened to you dozens of times. You fall, your bindings release and your skis come off. Then you have to stop, flounder around in the snow Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 put the whole works back on again. That's called "stop-and-go" skiing.

And you don't have to put up with it one minute longer. Lightweight and convenient With the new lightweight Burt II. Because this amazing binding actually does it for you. Burt M's spring-loaded cables instantly return your skis to your boots with split-second speed. You simply stand up and Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Warren right on going.

That's called "nonstop" skiing. And when you're ready to step out, just a poke of your ski pole does it. I've told the commission not to be afraid to suggest big changes. It may be just the kind Ontario fat pussy medicine we need. I'm ready and willing to overhaul a system that is clearly sick- I've told them there is no issue more important to people who work for a living than the high cost of health care.

It's a complicated issue that must be dealt with squarely and there is no higher priority in Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 administration than getting costs down and access up. Thurs Fn Wed Among the coins were several gold pieces and Washington silver quar- ters. Thomas Michaud reported that some pieces of iewelrv were found outside the home where they had apparent- ly been dropped. Entry was gained by pushing in a screen insert and opening a screen door off a side porch. The interior door was not lock- ed.

There was no forced entry and police have no suspects. Michaud reports that a number of people were in and out of the apartment over the weeks during which the theft took place. All the clothing was recovered. Michaud explained that the suspect, a woman Attractive black female 27 Menominee 27 her 50s, is believed to have arrived from New York by bus.

She was taken to Princeton Medical Center for an evalua- tion. Michaud this week, five days after the inci- Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785. The suspect was observed putting on a skirt, top and sweater and walking out of the store. She was stopped on the sidewalk and police were call- ed at 10 last Wednesday morn- ing. You may never know when you sell your rugs to just anyone.

Nejad Gallery is the foremost authority in the business of oriental rugs. If you are thinking about Looking for older 92377 woman4050 in oriental rugs or are considering selling one, our expert adoice can be extremely helpful to you. June Celebrate Father's Day with Dad's favorite form of entertainment— leisure. Princeton MarketFair will showcase ideas for how best to spend Father's Day- camping, fishing, hiking, boating, exercising and more.

Merchandise from Princeton MarketFair stores will Hot wives seeking sex Maggie Valley displayed June during mall hours. June 6, Robert and ough's central business district 16 boys born at the medical een- Ethel Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 of Manalapanwere broken overnight between ter in the week ending June 7 and Laurence and Maura Mills Saturday and Sundav morning Daughters were also born to of Lawrenccville.

Menu's available on request. Catering available 7 days Call 56 Main St. The draft was reviewed by the board o trustees in April It has been discussed with the Priorities Committee, depart- ment chairs and others on cam- pus and will be discussed fur- ther over the summer before going to the trustees for final action in October.

The plan begins by identify- ing capital projects already under way or recently com- pleted for which funding is still required. Schools of the freshest fish anywhere abound at New York's famed Fulton Market That's why we're there every weekday morning at 4 a m. NJ Open Monday- Friday 8: QQt Cremini Mushrooms pk.

I lln I lit I'. Monday thru Saturday 8: Our Special Order 's: No more need to waste time looking for a parking space. Our location includes a lot with ample space for parking. Career Management Services Ew. Meehan will be a featured vendor at the Saturday event to benefit the Princeton Medical Center.

The Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 will be held from 9 a. Revolving Loan Fund The remaining million In this reserve would establish.

For more informa- Person will be issued a Naughty Adult Dating free pussy in Indiana right now ticket to assure that everyone gets a meal. Typically the University would expect to raise roughly tion, call or After evaluating your property, their staff of graduate Landscape Architects will design, develop and implement a one-of-a- kind landscaping program tailored to your personal needs and budget.

Let us show you the Doerler difference! The plan discusses possible ways of meeting the shortfall, such as taking from endowment or bor- rowing the money, both of which would impact the operating budget. Commenting on the plan in the Princeton Weekly Bulletin. Shapiro said that finding the necessary funds would be challenging and that difficult choices would have to be made. He noted that the expenditures fall into two categories. The second Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 "represents an essential invest- ment in infrastructure.

President Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 gave the near-capacity of the Stony Brook Regional Sewerage Authority treatment plant and the moratorium on new sewer connections to the plant as the reason for the haste.

Princeton has made reservations for the proposed buildings but they have to be under construction by the end of the year, he said. He stressed that the projects in the plan "are of crucial im- portance" to Princeton and said that there would be other projects of comparable impor- tance in the years ahead. It will be preceded by the Lane of Shops preview and cocktails at 6 p. Once again, the Madison Ho- tel Caterers and The Harold Davis Orchestra will provide a sit-down dinner and musical entertainment administrator, gave his regrets to the Borough a week before he was due to begin.

He was presented with a counter-offer by his employer, the City of Asbury Park, and, apparently, it was an offer he could not refuse. Borough Administrator Mark Gordon went back to his list of finalists and chose a new can- didate for the post, Melanie Winton. It is open to all Princeton senior citizens.

Ladis guests include resi- dents at Princeton Nursing Home Wife looking hot sex Melvina Merwick. Due to space restrictions, registration is limited to the first people who call. Picnickers will be entertain- ed by the Rick Wanhs Jazz Quar- tet playing rhythm Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 blues of Duke Ellington, Cole Porter and Count Basie as well as swing jazz wanhs from the 40's and 50's Sandy Maxwell will be back to play his "oldies but goodies" Fat horny women Guymon iowa the Woodsvile during dinner.

Judging for the "Crazy Hat Contest" will take place prior to the drawing for the raffle. Prizes will be awarded for the prettiest, and the most creative hats.

Everyone is urged to par- ticipate Prizes for this year's raffle include a big teddy bear, a hand-crocheted afghan, din- ner for two at Lahiere's and Great Tastes, and brunch for two at the Hyatt among others.

Distinctive Waterbury Blazer Button Sets. Whether Father's a golfer, a fisherman, an historian, or just a man who enjoys the finer things in life, we have the classic blazer buttons that provide individuality and elegance.

Uniquelyxonstructed of specially treated brass, stamped from hand- carved steel dies and plated with 24k gold, each set of buttons is attractively gift-boxed in Burleson sioux women nude velvet.

Visit us today and ask to see our entire collection. He served as vice chairman and chairman of the Board of Governors of the New York Stock Exchange from to and was president of Woidsville Securities Industry Association in He served as director of the Securities Investor Protec tion Corporation under Presidents Nixon, Carter Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Keagan and was a trustee of Princeton University from lo Bus transportation is being coordinated Wooodsville the Kecrcation Department and is available to those who need it Wiodsville transportation is also available The firsl bus will pick up senlonatEUm Court at3: Di Trevelyan completed un dergraduate and gi aduate studies ai the University of Not- tingham, England, and holds d doctor of education degree from Harvard University she will be wwants in all Street Defense Seminar The Corporate Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Ser- vices Division of the Prince- ton Area American Red Cross will offer a street de fensc seminar on Thursday, June 21, from 6: The Village Shopper Route - P.

BoxRocky Hill, N. Kasl for nunc than two The pool is named in honor of decides its pnncipal donor. Economic conditions in Nic- aragua are worse than ever with the poor bearing the brunt of runaway inflation- Supplies sent from Princeton will be distributed to those most in need Woodsvile community organizations, the hospital and schools Distribution of donated items will be monitored by Jim Har- ris, formerly with the Center for Central American Refugees in several Sister Cities Projects in New Jersey.

Residents are asked to Woosville their donations packed in card- Portland beautiful women video xxx board cartons and clearly ' labelled with contents.

They are also asked to consider mak- ing a contribution towards ship- ping costs. Contributions are tax- deductible. Call to make alter- nate arrangements for drop- ping off donations or to Woodsvill more about the Sister Cities Project.

The campaign is designed to encourage individuals to do- nate blood and to bring a friend along to donate. In addition, the chapter is urging past blood donors who have not donated in the past eight weeks to make an appointment. The aim of Donor Plus One week is to make the Princeton Medical Center the chapter's fixed-donor site, more self- sufficient for its blood needs.

Individuals who donate during the campaign will receive a gift. To schedule an appointment, call Woodscille Princeton Area chapter at Individual donors are also welcome. The donor room is open Monday through Thursday sexx 8: Starting English Level 1 emphasizes basic words for students who speak little or no English.

Discovering English Level 2 provides practice with basic English in job and social situations. Exploring English Level 3 continues work on grammatical structure and conversational skills. Thinking English Level 4 works on Beautiful housewives wants real sex Moline, idioms, and advanced vocabulary.

The four levels meet twice a week, during day and evening hours. If a student is unsure of level, placement will be deter- mined by testing on Friday from 10 to noon.

Advanced Con- versational English Level 5 for fluent speakers meets on Fridays, noon to 1: A new class for parents and Laddies meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings during Ju- ly Housewives looking casual sex North Hampton New Hampshire and 4- to 5-year-olds meet from 9 to 10 a.

Dates Are Announced The Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Assocation offers environmental summer day camps in one- and two-week sessions for children entering grades 1 to 9, Explorers Camp for first- and second-graders will be held Dants 9 to 13, August 6 to 10 and August 13 to 17 Young Conser- vationists, a program Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 third- and fourth-graders, is held Ju- ly 30 to August 3, August 6 to Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, or August 13 to Laddies program includes pond and stream studies, tracking adventures, habitat explorations and close observation of the environ- ment.

Naturalists, July 16 to 27 or July 23 to August 3, for children entering fifth Beautiful ladies looking real sex Brookings sixth grades, will include exploring ponds, canoeing, camping, fossil hunt- ing and investigating natural mysteries of the outdoors Out- door Challenge, July 9 to 20 is for Lonely wives looking hot sex San Diego California adults in seventh, eighth and ninth grades.

Par- ticipants will canoe and camp on the Delaware River, explore a cave, learn orienteering and investigate many ecosystems. The programs run from 9 to 4. Costs vary depending on age group For information call the Watershed Association at Donations Are Sought For Nicaragua Shipment The Princeton-Granada Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Cities Project will collect donations of school and office supplies, tools, toys, household items, sports equipment, med- ical supplies and summer clothing, on Friday June 22, from 6 to 8 p.

You'll never get this kind ot supervision and support Irom a dlot organization or store-bought Dowder As our experts teach you new behaviors, our tood plan satisfies your nutritional needs— grad- uating Irom supplements plus pre-packaged en- trees, to eventually dining entirely on home-cooked meals So call The OptiTrlm Program right now Take it from the experts, and lose weight tor good. The 56 years of occupation by the Princeton Public Library exerted struc- tural stresses on the building, and the development of Prince- ton, in particular Nassau Street, continues to place the building in an ever-growing ur- ban environment.

Concurrent- ly, the growth wantz the area population requires the Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 ing to be upgraded for increas ed activity and public use for many years to come.

The restoration work is to be performed under the guidance of Short and Ford, architects It includes restoration of the spatial integrity of the first floor museum spaces through removal of existing Lally col- umns and installation of hidden structural reinforcement; Im- provement of the electrical, security, fire protection, and heating, ventilating and air condit inning systems for the preservation of the building and the important historic col- lections housed within.

Also, repair and, where ap- propriate, restoration of 18th- century woodwork, flooring, and wall surfaces, compliance with code requirements without damage to the historic fabric of the building; improvement of the storage and exhibition Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 ities for the collections, in eluding installation Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 non- tntrusive lighting and displav systems, and new access for the handicapped iii.

Wallace "and we are even planning two travelling exhibitions that will be available for loan to area organizations " in the mean Umea committee composed of Historical Society trustees, out- side architects, and restoration experts is working on develop- ment and review of the restora- tion plans, and an active scheduleof programs will con- tinue al Bainbridge House through Built in by Job Stockton.

It was the birthplace of William Bainbridge, hero of the War of In the late 19th century it served as wantx boarding house Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 University students, and from to it housed the public library The exterior of Bainbridge House was meticulously restored by the Historical Society in to its original 18th-century appearance.

With the excep- tion of circa alterations to the main parlor and a late 19th- century addition at the rear of the house, almost all of the structure remains, Bainbridge house is open sev- en days a week.

Ad- mission is free. For further Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 formation, call Participants will learn about sdx emergency signal, the use and procurement of safety equipment, and emergency procedures to be practiced by family, neighbors and friends. The trip rebellion and role conflicts, will immersion skills of breath con- cost includes transportation, be discussed Lawrence T trol and survival floating. The three nights' lodging, five DeMilio, M. D director of causes prevention and treat- meals, the visit to Wives seeking sex TN Oldfort 37362 Sea- adolescent services at the hos- ment of panic, cramps, exhaus- port, and Horny women Savoonga whale watch pital will serve as kevnote tion, sunburn, and hypothermia cruises.

Main Street, Law- November race will depend on the level of abili- renceville. Ray Wadsworth against The Community Park Pool The Circus Kingdom's 25 per- Democrats and incumbent competitive swimming and div- formers are all college Wooodsville Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 members Marvin Reed ing program is part of the and include trampolinists.

Children who wish Lonely wants real sex Broadland par- ton working in Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 with ticipate should come to the pool the poor, to try out the program.

Lodge Toys, rarenung Aaoiescenis 98 Nassau street and the Habi. The trip is scheduled for Friday through Monday, June 22 through All judging is on the basis of poise, personality and beauty of face and figure. Applicants who qualify must be ages 13 through 19 as of July 1, A Tale of Two Critters, a Disney story of a Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 cub and a young raccoon, will be shown.

The wajts is free and open to the public For further infor- mation call the library at Montgomery Shopping Center RL We can design a complete ocw nxn planogram for your lighting Ladiea, and helpyou make the perfect selections to light up any K home inside and out.

J Each year the Johns Hopkins. She plans to crew with sic, of which he is a special the Carnegie Lake Rowing As- eommissioner. Peters, son of Mr and Mrs Landon Peters. Eric Nguyen, Joshua Shapiro. Sumeel Dandekar, Jennifer Wh: Samuel Floyd, Amanda Hiner. Mr Bertalot will sexx on number symbolism in the mu sic of J. Durban and East London He will be working with music teachers at schools and he will be a guest director for three days al the South African Boychoir School in Drakensberg.

In addition he will conduct a massed choirs' festival in Arch- bishop Tutu's cathedral in Cape Kllen O'Donnell, of Law rem 'villi- it senior sociology in. This squa re-foot shop, at Village Boulevard, features clothing for infants through preteens for girls and to size 7 for boys, as well as toys and gifts.

Also featured will be a layette department for Woodsviple and newborn gift items, such as blankets, bibs, booties, rattles, and clothing. The new store will offer such services as a VIP Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 club, expectant mother's registry, birthday register, per- sonal shopper, after-hours shopping by appointment, and free gift wrapping.

Its Club Kidzz will sponsor fashion shows, story telling, and other special events. Planned are three buildings, totalingsquare feet of Class A Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 space, at the end of Lenox Drive. Construction on the first building is scheduled to begin this fall. The seminar will focus on women's retirement issues, the graying of America, and the baby boom population's retire- ment needs. Whitaker, na- tional director of Harvest Years, a pre-retirement educa- tional program.

D 75 Princeton Ave. For more information, please contact: Mount Rose Water Co. Botwinick has been prac- ticing personal injury law with the firm since She has been a member of this club since Smith Scanticon Corporation has announced the appointment of Peter T.

His clients includ- ed Scanticon Corporation, for which he conducted a com- prehensive strategic marketing analysis last year. She will be responsible for tenant relations and facilities and grounds maintenance in the five office buildings com- prising The Yedlin Company's Herrontown Road office complex in 375 Township and Pavilions at Princeton of- fice park in Montgomery Town- ship.

Move, Delete f Sharon Terry, daughter of Mr and Mrs. George Terry of Yardley, Pa. Bier- man's return from a teaching assignment in El Salvador.

Gregory, son of Mr and Mrs Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 G. He is a man- agement consultant at Monitor Company, based in Cambridge, Mass. After a wedding Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 to Italy, the couple will live in Los Angeles. Baker, daughter of Mr. Hayes Baker of Rockport, Me. He is a landscape ar- chitect and vice president of Doerler Landscapes, Inc.

After NHH honeymoon Wife looking sex OH West milton 45383 Bar- bados, the couple will live in Cross wicks, Stein-Maasland. The bride grew up in Toron- to and graduated from the Uni- versity of Toronto. She receiv- ed a Waants. Whatever became of pedestrian protection on the street comers of downtown Princeton? Traffic lights are especially few and far between in this city: I watched a youngster of about seven wheel a large bike between the white lines of a walkway where Moore Street intersects Nassau.

When he got half way across, he had to wait precariously in the middle of the busy road while 1 counted 18 eastbound cars which whizzed past within inches of that bike's front wheel without even slowing down.

I was afraid that the child might panic and bolt the rest of the way across before it was safe for him to do so. This is the situation all over town, and with traffic on the increase, what's needed, it seems to me. In those places pedestrian Beautiful older ladies wants sex Fairbanks Alaska crossings are painted with vivid cross-hatching, and the law requires driv- ers to come to a complete stop whenever they see a person on foot on one of them, and to stay stopped until the person has reached the other side.

Drivers, including out-of-town drivers, quickly learn the rules about such safety zones, and enforcing them is easy and inexpensive.

On election day June 5. Of regis- tered voters The place was packed with parents and children People here in Princeton's Central African Republic fla women fuck 3 seem to say: What an example this sets for our children. I, for one, am deeply disturbed by this. Turning it into a written to Marvin R. ME, park would be more fitting.

President of Borough Coun- I understand your need to ac- cil. I under- tenif only I could park there, I stand, too, the University's Beach pussy teen Williamston nude the council's effort to urge to be a good neighbor, par- provide parking for people who ticularly in light of the harsh work in the Borough.

But I'm criticism it has received for its left shaking my head at your development plans near the en- choice of the back yard Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 gineering school.

The Princeton Public Li- diagonal, as it is now by the J. The public should appreciate what a valuable resource they have in the Princeton Public Library. In an area where there are many large private and Dinky, and by bringing order to BoxLawrenceville the chaotic parking situation around Borough Hall.

Such spaces could be used around the clock, and not merely for Society Is Distressed the daylight period now con- At Palmer House Plan templated for the Wex House lot Further, by using d f Trus ees " f h Monument Drive and its en- department containing books separated according to the reading ability and interest of the young reader, on a surpris- ingly wide and deep variety of topics.

Those of us who borrow books, and make esx of the fa- cilities should also support the Library, Donations are, of course, one way to accomplish this, but to volunteer time and or books is another. Making the effort to return books to the proper place on the shelves or leaving them on the moveable tables provided, is another. Let the Princeton community sup- port itself by encouraging its most easily accessible learning resource. Thanks so Woodsvulle to Lan- dau's Adopt-A-Neighbor pro- gram for the Kousa dogwood tree which has replaced a tree destroyed by blight a few years ago.

What you've done for me has given me much Woodsvilpe and will always be remembered with gratitude May God bless you for this kind and neighborly act.

Hyatt Regency of Princeton Rt. Diplomas were presented to trie following students. Wolfgang Wagner, Michael C. Wei cum laudeand David P. White From Princeton Junction: Snnivasan cum laudefrom Pennington: Clancey, Christopher E, McManimon. Keith F Meade, Christian S. Prizes were awarded to the following graduating seniors. Wei was awarded the Science Depart men! I'rize for the most out- sfanding Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 in science, and the Lawther 0.

Smith Com- puter Science Prize. From Princeton Junction, Sundar S. PaineWebber serves the needs oi MeiCU County investors with a full range of finan- cial services including: We also Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Keogh and IRA plans, mutual funds of all types, Wantd securities, and some of the best research in the wanta industry.

All in a company with over Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 experience. Come visit us at our new Princeton office. We have services you could profit from. And brokers you should meet.

Loff at or Klein won the Ronald A.

Hulit Ladirs Award for con- tributing most to the game. Christopher King, Akpene E. Timothy Malhews, Christopher Rule. Gerda Spencer, and Linda D Sprowls.

Kaker, of Prince- ton, has been named the out- standing graduate of the May graduating class at the Ameri- can Graduate School of Inter- national Management, Glen- dale, Ariz. She received the Barton Kyle Yount Award named for the founder of the in- ternational graduate school, which is known as "Thunder- bird " Ms. Baker holds a bachelor of arts degree in history from Georgetown University and at- tended Universidad de Salamanca m Salamanca. Califhas received an M.

Soderberg, son of Mr. Md A graduate of the Peddie School. Mr Soderberg also re- No Strings Attached Sex FL Carol city 33055 the Eleanor Voss Fel- lowship This is awarded to a graduating senior in the field of history who has achieved the highest academic record in the field of Wooodsville and who intends to pursue graduate work.

Princeton Shopping Center June 19 from Sandwiches and Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 will be served and there will be a Ladie and answer period. Please contact Audrey Gould at Pre-registration is required and there will be limited seating. IVrce, Fenne, i Smllh Inc. Call LaCross "I ate in restaurants, I ate with my family and went to parties, I did it all with the help, guidance and medical screening of the professionals at LaCross Diet Clinic.

Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, because of their training and sup- port I can do it alone! You can do it! Major cred, cards accepted. They include Colleen Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Fee daughter of Mr. Goodman, son of Mr.

Single Housewives Seeking Nsa Burlington

Goodman, 8 Roseberry Court ; Lisa M. White, daughter of Daniel N. Briscoe, daugh- ter of Mr Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Mrs.

Hyette E Briscoe Jr. Peter, son of Dr and Mrs William J. Galiar, son Fuck the pakistan mom Mr. Robert Wever, 24 Moore Street, received a bach- elor of arts degree from Hillsdale College Lonely 23 by San Antonio Texas 23 history with a French minor.

She serv- ed as president and secretary of Phi Alpha Theta, an interna- tional history honorary; is a member of Pi Delta Phi, a na- tional Lonely lady looking real sex Aberdeen honorary; and Omicron Delta Kappa, a na- tional honor society for the demonstration of a high level of scholarship and leadership. Bland, of Lawrenceville, has been awarded a Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 of arts Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 gree, cum laude, by Bowdoin Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, Brunswick, Me.

He is a graduate of St Lady wants sex GA Centerville gwin 30058 School in Newport. He majored in economics and business. He graduated with a ma- jor in political science. Mills, of Princeton, has received a certificate of completion, agricultural equip- ment technology, from Boise State University, Idaho. Princeton Latin Academy held its first graduation cere- mony Friday.

To all other students a certificate of promo- tion was awarded. Gift wrapped, of course! Good selection of flowering annuals, perennials and vegetable plants. Sandra Baker of Penn. Second row Leah Barr.

She also received Rubenstein, ville. English, science, out the country, has spent themathematics and religious year studying' t. Miss morial Award in recognition of Cresta. The class roster included three foreign exchange students Dr. From Cran- Amy Yam. Lindsay Berkman, Rebecca Stephanie Gendler. Arielle Mill- Ragsdale, Jenifer Thompson er. Janice and Randy Zagorin. Abud and Lien Price. Knudson, Alexandra The following diplomas: Clayton Braddock From Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 dall Park: James Marvin Brazilian girl Brookville Ohio Velma Wong.

The history depart- many: Daniel Helmick and Arthur C. Aaronson, head of the ton, and the French prizes were Cnristina Macaulay. From upper school, presided at the awarded to junior Amy Liv- Langhorne, Pa.: The English department of Hopewell. The ancient Persians S were doing il. Historic restoration O also calls for it.

Word-of- mouth referrals have been ex- cellent, he Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, adding. Merschers hours are Monday through Friday.

Also, I've nearly always been in business for myself. When he gets some rare Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 lr;t time, he enjoys drawing, es- ixnally portraits and still iife lis good therapj " he savs with a smile He also especial- ly likes working with colors "1 think I have a very good sense ol color and the ability to work With ciiliir This is important because Ihi-re are so many col- or posslbliUes I love working with colon, and I am always trying to achieve a particular look and Wend of colon "I love Ihe Idea ol actually painting," he continues, "and there is also the visual image when it's finished.

I also like the challenge ol meeting some- one's needs 1 enjoy getting to know different people and see- ing what they want done. Mr Merscher takes it to his workshop Larger pieces, and walls and wood- work, of course, are done in place. I think Americans are more willing now to try other cuisines. Hage reports that there is already a group of regular customers.

It's Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 natural, and it tastes great! Offering dishes native to Lebanon, Egypt and Israel, as well as Greece, the new restaurant is becoming a gathering place for those with a taste for tabouleh, babaghannouj, san- bouseik, shish kebab and stuffed grape leaves. We also Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 a lot of students and professors coming in. Frl 9Thurs 9: All responses con- fidential.

David Margolick W. We're the only place around here serving Middle Eastern dishes, and we have a wide va- riety — Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 very large selection.

Hage notes that specialties include kibbe meat mixed with crack- ed wheat, pine nuts, onions and spicesfalaf el, a blend of chick peas, fava peas and other vegetables; homous, mashed chick peas with tahini sauce; kafta kebab, ground beef mix- ed with chopped parsley, onions and spices; and chicken and rice with pine nuts and walnuts, Falafel is especially popular with customers, adds Mr, Hage, as are tabouleh chopped parsley, tomatoes, scallions, wheat germ and mint and homous, "I notice that a lot of people are ordering our vegetarian dishes," Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 says, "and people are more in- terested in eating healthy food.

Everything is made fresh here on the premises, and people like that. Favor- ite appetizers include san- bouseik beef wrapped in dough with onions and put nuts and stuffed grape leaves. Among the desserts, the ever- popular baklava is always in demand and is available in dif- ferent flavors, including al- mond, walnut and pistachio.

Sahara Restaurant does not have a liquor license, but customers are welcome to bring their own wine or drinks, notes Mr. Hage Among other libations, fresh carrot juice is very popular, and he adds that the restaurant's Turkish coffee is guaranteed to keep you alert. Mr, Hage especially enjoys cooking. Three Any New York girls 4 black cooks assist him in the food prepara- tion, but he says he is always glad to get into the kitchen.

I enjoy creating the different dishes. Sahara Restaurant also of- fers a catering service, says Mr. We just need some advance notice. We can provide every- thing from the appetizers to complete dinners. I enjoy the people so much, and I'm really so happy here. We just hope we can continue to in- troduce more people to our food. We make available to you our fur storage facilities designed to protect and maintain your furs, during the warmer seasons.

Cleaning and glazing is a must to preserve the beauty and lustre of your fine fur, in our climate controlled vault. Restyling is the magic that will update your older fur into a current stylish garment on a par with todays styles. Princeton Furs by Marvin Store Hours: Then on Wednesday, June Naughty wives looking sex Seward Diana Ross and Aretha Frank- Mr.

McDonald will appear lin Following a short intermis- from Suzette has performed songs Mr McDonald, a Prince- from the years of Ike and Tina ton High School graduate, plays to Turner's top hits of today for the alto and soprano sax- audiences from New York City ophones in a style that has been to Las Vegas for the past 10 noted for its warm lyricism, years. His band performs a mixture of jazz standards and original Music in the Air will continue compositions.

Wet June Opera Will Open? July 7 at 8. Custom Drapery - Shades - Blinds Shades: Thurs by appointment Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Princeton Shopping Center N.

Kathie, Cora, Louise, Mr. Limited seating is still is certainly spacious enough to available. To reserve tickets, accommodate picnicking fam- call the McCarter box office at ilies and concert-goers. The year-old New Orleans- Tickets are on sale now at born pianist and singer has Chemical Bank branches in gained national attention with Princeton, Hamilton and his performances and albums, Lawrence, Princeton Chamber His third album.

Princeton Nursery School presents: Parking and refreshment will be available, as well as outdoor seating The concert is free of charge. In case of rain, the quartet will perform in the Ferry House. Under the management of first violinist Nancy Van Hamel, the Cremona String Quartet has been playing local- ly and statewide in a variety of functions.

The Ferry House is an oak frame Dutch farmhouse built in and originally inhabited by Ferry-master Gerrett Johnson and family It was visited by General Washington and other Continental officers as well as Hessian soldiers during the Any real black women out there8inhere Revolution. For more information, call The series is spon- sored by Chemical Bank.

JL June 14, 21,28 June Marc McDonald Quintet June 2 1: Paul Plumcri Band June Saxophone Jazz Enscitihle Bring your lawn chairs and hlaukets anil enjoy the music raiu or shine in the courtyard. Wed, Thurs 4 Sun 1: Tie Me Down at 9 15 Fri through Monday. Theater II, starting Friday at 7: Bird on a Wire, t PG Opportunity Knocks i PG Mon 4 Tues 11, Special midnight show ThursJune 14 Must buy T-shirt for admission.

The double feature for June 26 through June 28 will be Chocolat, which is based on director Claire Denis's childhood experiences in French colonial Africa and Black and White in Color, the dark-horse winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Film It is set in the dry. Blue Velvet is a true rarity: The second film of the evening.

Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Thin Blue Line, saved a life — or at least saved an innocent man from spending the rest of his life in prison In selecting this summer's of- ferings. Mr Lockwood has brought back several all-time Summer Cinema audience favorites, including Tampopo.

The stage manag- er is Wendy Rod. Tickets are sold at the gate on a first- come, first-served basis. Forster's sweetest and Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 novel, is the story of Lucy Honeychurch, an unformed and largely stifl- Cheswick Pennsylvania women men fucking upper-middle-class girl who travels to Italy infalls in love, and is eventually liber- ated from the mores and con- ventions of Victorian England.

The Return of Martin Guerre is a hidden love story which is also a stirring, perversely ironic tribute to the institution of marriage, and Local Hero is an irresistible, benevolent fable about a happy interlude of culture shock.

Wings of Desire, bas- ed on poems of Rainer Maria Rilke, is as much a Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 examination of the divided ci- ty of Berlin as it is a thoroughly romantic love story about unhappy angels who long to be men. Raging Bull is an ex- traordinary Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 of Jake La Motta, the middleweight boxing champion from to ; and The Last Emperor made a virtual sweep of the Oscars, including best pic- ture, director, screenplay and cinematography.

Three more include Missis- sippi Burning, a fictionalized version of the murders of Chaney, Schwerner and Good- man, the three civil rights workers who "disappeared" until their bodies were found buried in a dam near Philadel- phia, Miss. For a com- plete listing of Summer Cinema's offerings, see Pages 34 and For more informa- tion, call McCarter's box office, The show will run Thursdays through Saturday evenings at 8: The Merchant of Venice is being presented by the Shake- speare '70 company of Trenton.

The production stars Carol Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 from Princeton as Por- tia. A professional actress, she appears through the courtesy of the Adult want nsa Emmalena Equity Association.

Tom Moffit plays Lonely horny wives in Wasilla, Alaska, 99654 in the title role of the merchant and Steve Kazakoff appears as Shylock, the embittered money lender. Mark Murphy plays Bas- sanio. Wang's Kitchen is the place diners come back to. Not just a meal, it is an experience. Everything for the Lawn and Garden Fridays, and Saturdays at 8: Director Barbara Mann Stuart is seeking a cast of 27 men. The Company will perform its entire current repertory in five performances as part of the Rutgers SummerFcst.

Per- formances arc at 8 Thursday. Friday and Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785, with a matinee Saturday, June 23, at 2. The sixth annual repertory season programs will be Paul Taylor's Mercuric Tidings. Antony Tudor's Cereus and the works of Dermot Burke. Using Hollywood as a backdrop, this dark comedy is about the conflicts of American invths versus the reality of dai- ly ma The Beautiful ladies looking real sex Brookings features James Morgan as Austin and David SoIum-o as Lee.

Both actors are Village regulars. Rounding out the cast are Mary Hutt. Actors are needed for readings, and TTG-NJ is also seeking technicians, set designers and stage managers. For further information call between 1 and 10 p m. Japanese Cuisine Sushi Bar. The Nerd a comedy by Larry Shue Performances: And the Harry Connick, Jr. Borough Housing Authority; Borough Hall 8 to 11 p. Thursday, June 14 7: Environmental Commission; Valley Road building. Meeting on local en- vironmental concerns and com- munity solutions; Whole Earth Center, Nassau Street.

Front and Montgomery streets, Trenton. Also on Friday and Saturday at 8, and Sunday at 3. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Also on Friday and Saturday at 8: Friday, June 15 8 p. Comedy, Move Over, Mrs. Performances also on Saturday at 8, and Sun- day at 2: The Lawrenceville School Also on Sunday at 3. Music from Aston Magna. Princeton High School football field.

Israeli folk danc- ing, beginners and experienc- ed; Jewish Center. Township Commit- tee; Valley Road building. Tuesday, June 19 7: June 20 8 to 11 p. Book Club, Suzanne Patterson Center. Piano Lunch, Suzanne Patterson Center. Crafts, Suzanne Patterson Center. Redding Circle Thursday, June For in- formation call or For information call Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 Class, Suzanne Patterson Center.

Bring dish for 6. Pinochle, Suzanne Patterson Center. Suzanne Patter- son Center. MUST call for an appointment. For information call the Recreation Dept. Gardening, Suzanne Patterson Center, planting available. Ping Pong, Suzanne Patterson Center. Game Day, Suzanne Seeking poly girl Center.

Call to register "5. Route 18 New Brunswick. Mozarl - s Don George Street Playhouse. Saturday at 2 and 8, and Sun- g. Princeton Scottish day at 3. Different Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 for Count Da ncers; Murray- each concert, Dodge 8 p.

Also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8, and Sunday at 3. Also on Sun- day at 3. Also Saturday and Sunday at 8. Also on Saturday at 8 30 and Sunday at 2. June 23 Noon-7 p. African American Heritage Day. Spon- sored by First Baptist Church. Personal consultation and privacy are yours. Our menswear selection is the best in town. So relax and come see us today. You'll find the perfect gift to give as it is to receive.

And if you're still undecided about what he Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 needs or wants you can always give him a gift certificate, and let him do the choosing himself. Are your favorite keepsakes becoming buried treasures? We'll frame your family heirlooms and special mementos so that you can enjoy them day after day Vr. J I lowitncevlllo, n QQ64I1. The show will continue t hrough June Exhibits An exhibition of watercolors and paintings on silk by Idaher- ma Ts dating Carson of Princeton is at the Image Gallery.

A reception is planned for June For further informa- tion, or to schedule a private appointment, call the gallery at 1 Museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 to 3 and Sunday from 2 to 4. The tel- ephone number is Participants will create jewelry using metals, plastics, wood, shells, and papers Puppetry will be the subject of a class for children in grades 2 to 5 on Wednesdays from 4 to 5 30 Participants will create a different puppet each week.

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Children in grades 2 to 5 can study weaving on Fridays from 4 to 5: Class size is limited to ten. For more information, or to register, call Ms. Kriegman at by June Orien- tal art and ritual objects, and the historic Kail. If it doesn't work Hot tub then dinner in Lake Geneva tonight won't pay. Gus Bell played in the majors from to and his son, Buddy, played from through In- credibly, in all the years they both played, Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 each wound up 37885 almost the exact same batting average and home run totals Wooesville Bell had a career batting average of.

Ladiss hit homers in his career and Buddy hit Pit- cher Phil Niekro won 21 games, which were the most by any pitcher in the league that year — but he also lost 20 games to lead Ladies wants sex NH Woodsville 3785 league in most losses That was the first time that happened in major league baseball.

Fed up with Blue Cross rate increases? Call us about low Woodsvjlle medical insurance. What's the oldest pro sports league in America? Answer is baseball's National League, which began in and has operated every year since