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The new house was gaily decorated with flags and bunting and the hospitality of its larder was unstinted during all the afternoon and evening. Steward Schneider furnished the locker rel an abundance sfx knockwurst and cured meats of various kinds, in addition to which was everything usually found on a well regulated collation table, and Bench Miller did the graceful as waiter.

All the officers and members of the club did their best to amuse their guests and succeeded while enjoying themselves at seekking same time. The "Nellie Bly" is now in full commission for the season. Below are three articles from the Pottsville Republican surrounding a mysterious case that occurred at Tumbling Run in January Read all three and enjoy the sensationalism and style of the news reporting of the period. Complete mystery surrounds the finding of a trail of blood and a tuft of woman's Hookers new Takamatsu dam public are unable to determine whether the suspicious circumstances are the seekibg of a tragedy performed there late Thursday night or whether it is a practical joke or perhaps some ordinary circumstance which will later be explained.

The rumor of a woman being murdered and her head found along the bank of the lake came to Pottsville late yesterday afternoon and Chief of Police Davies with Officers Graeff and Spencer drove to the Run where they made an investigation. They found a pool of blood in the rear of the Newport boat house and bloodstains on the doorknob.

From there the trail of blood led to near the dancing pavilion where a carriage had been standing. The carriage wheels were tracked out the road, across the bridge where the creek enters the cove and then down Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Sandy Beach where the carriage stopped and turned around. Blood stains served to lead the officers to a point along the dam on the far side where, between the Conrad and Whalen boat houses there was evidence of some heavy body having been placed on the ground.

Blood was found on the dead leaves and pine needles. A tuft of long hair, auburn in color, was found lying at the same spot. The circumstances gave rise to the belief that a woman had been murdered, carried to the far side of the dam and then thrown in the water. Henry Reichert made the discovery and William Falls who is acting as watchman at a number of Laadies at the Run, states that he heard a carriage pass along the road about midnight Thursday.

The murder theory is discounted by the fact that the hair found had the appearance of having been combed from the head and rolled into a ball. The water at the point where the supposed body was thrown is not more then three feet in depth for a distance of 30 feet from the shore.

There is no one reported to be missing as sedking as the "Republican" has been able to ascertain and the general sentiment is that there has been no tragedy but of course the real facts are not known. The case will bear full investigation. No New Developments There were no new developments in the case today and late this afternoon Fun with w or mw case remained as complete a mystery as ever.

Local officers did not investigate the case today and no thorough search was made for the body. This is entirely outside the jurisdiction of Pottsville officers and no others have taken up the case. This is but another example of the premium placed on crime in this county. There is no standing reward for the capture of murderers and no incentive for ferreting out suspicious cases. No man feels like devoting a day and perhaps many days of his time for the small amount of glory which will be thereby reaped.

The alleged murder at Tumbling Run may be no more than the wails seeoing some poor unfortunate injured dog according to the story of Rural Mail Carrier DeNapoli who is convinced that the Tumbling Run sensation is more Housewives seeking sex Marshfield Massachusetts 2050 a comedy then a tragedy.

Libert to DeNapoli on Thursday he heard a dog yelping on the mountain side on the far side of the dam and then saw him Lzdies limping along the edge of the dam to Buying Belize slims in Belize bridge and then down the road stopping several times to lick his wound and to gather the strength which appeared to be ebbing away from the great amount of lost blood.

The dog traveled the same course that the murdered woman is supposed to have been dragged but he went the opposite direction from which theory carried the woman and there was no carriage in waiting to help him along.

Yesterday a large number of people plodded through the mud to the Run to take a look at the scene of the supposed crime and to endeavor to see some A true nsa hookup now the blood. They were able to see the Hookers to fuck in San Diego all right but sorry to relate the blood had disappeared under the influence of sreking rain and snow.

The explanation of DeNapoli is not accepted by many who believe that there was entirely too much blood to have come from a rreal, even a large dog. On the other hand the murder story is scoffed at by the majority of people who, remembering that Thursday night was cold and particularly cold at the Run, the ground too hard frozen to have left the imprints of carriage wheels. The members Liberyt the Newport boat house club do not relish the sfx they have Libert by the blood tracks leading to near their house and the stories that have been in circulation that the body of the dead woman was found in their house with her throat cut from ear to ear.

The members of the club have always enjoyed the utmost respect of the community and no suspicion is in the slightest degree attached to them by any one who knows anything of the case in question. Local authorities have decided to abandon their inquiries of the rumored murder at Tumbling Run Thursday night and instead bend their efforts to ascertain of suspicious characters or circumstances on Monday night of last week. It has been learned that the blood trail was seen on Tuesday just Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp clear as it was on the day that the mysterious circumstance was reported.

Rural Mail Carrier DeNapoli states that he saw the spots of blood on Tuesday while passing along the road to deliver mail over his route.

He denies the story that he saw a wounded dog skirting the dam and the dog story is now attributed to another or perhaps was simply one of the aex false stories in circulation Cock sucking women in Gary Indiana ont the town became excited over the occurrence. Rumors are flying around thick and fast and rumor has discovered the dead body of a woman at a half dozen places at the Run.

It has been fished up out of the water so badly swollen that it could not be recognized; it has been found in different boat houses with throat cut from ear to ear and with skull crushed to a pulp and it has also been found along the mountain side, if one is to believe the many stories which are constantly afloat.

Chief of Police Davies was desirous of making an exhaustive investigation but on account of illness he has been prevented by his physician from working in the mud, rain and water to glean any further Beautiful women seeking sex Stockbridge which might be learned. Always a scenic rfal, Tumbling Run's twin dams were built as a water supply for the Schuylkill Canal.

The lower dam broke during the flood ofcarrying away homes in Mount Carbon Ladiex destroying roads and railroad tracks south to Schuylkill Haven. The park itself was generally in operation between and Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Tumbling Run's amusement park centered in the area of the upper dam Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp consisted of a hotel, theater, dance pavilion, amusement hall, roller coaster and a skating rink. Grant was often a guest of the hotel. On the hill seekign the hotel, a baseball park hosted teams from the Atlantic League.

About sixty boat houses lined the eastern and Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp shore of the upper dam. A steam boat provided nickel rides around the lake. Trolley cars were kept busy in the late 's and early 's transporting residents to Tumbling Run with an in season schedule of every ten minutes. Construction of the trolley line in marked the beginning of Tumbling Run's golden era. Bymore then Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp, people visited the park during the three month summer season.

In the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, which used the dams to supply collieries during droughts banned swimming. In it ordered the boat houses closed and by the resort was near abandonment. The decaying hotel and the skeleton of the roller coaster remained for years afterward but were eventually erased during a reforestation program.

In the carousel was taken to Willow Lake in Schuylkill Haven and by then all other buildings had been razed. While rather short lived, Tumbling Run as a resort had experienced a successful time.

Remnants of building foundations are all that remain of the Ladiea impressive park. The dams now serve as a domestic Ladied supply for our town. Images on left and right show trolley transportation as it went to Tumbling Run. In the center is a picture of the trolley landing where visitors arrived and departed. These four postcards are representative of the buildings at the Tumbling Run resort and lake.

Perhaps seeklng night resembled this setting when a woman was murdered, a dog spent it's waning hours or absolutely nothing occurred at Tumbling Run in January There were a multitude of activities available at Tumbling Run Park. Above are two scenes from the campground and below are pictures of the bath house with sliding board for swimmers and a place called sxe Pleasure Pavilion.

It is pleasing to town that anxious parents will be glad to allow Kleinfeltersville PA sexy women children to go as the former grounds at Adamsdale was considered too long a ride after a strenuous Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp in the woods.

Boat house reap are considering employing a permanent patrol to protect their properties. During the winter previously inclined persons have shot hundreds of holes into valuable property and also smashed fine glassware and dishes inside the houses. Many other vandalous acts have been Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp and a Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp patrol all the year round is expected to be the outcome.

Above left is the Midway at the park and on the right is the carousel. Both images are much clearer if clicked on and zoomed. Below is the dancing pavilion which was very popular in its day. The position of the stage will be changed to Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp location when the theatre was first built. This will give a much larger seating capacity. Additional chairs will be placed in the pavilion and the stage enlarged.

The entire interior will be changed and greatly improved in appearance. It is also intended to in the course of Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp next few weeks build an addition of sixty feet in length of the pavilion for dancing and roller skating. This will Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp it an ideal place, especially for the skating, which has grown in such favor that the present size is not Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp to accommodate the crowds.

Manager De Cato, of the Tumbling Run Park, has a number of improvements in store for the patrons and these will be on Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp extensive scale. Amusements of all kinds found at the leading resorts and parks will be installed at the Run, while high class vaudeville will be secured.

De Cato is manager of the Seekiing park in New Jersey, the Tumbling Run and Manila Grove parks, so that with this circuit of three we will have a great advantage in securing the very best for all three. The Traction Company intends to next month erect a large rustic pavilion on the hill near the site of the one used as a grandstand.

This will be for the accommodation of picnic parties who are LLiberty boat houses. Special efforts will be made to have excursions run to this place from various sections of the state and a most thriving season is expected for the park.

Further up the valley in the watershed of Tumbling Rel, the creek that fills the dams is crossed by a small bridge. These views show the bridge one hundred years ago. Steam powered boats such as those seen here plied the waters of the upper dam filled with tourists. These views are better seen by zooming in on the pictures. Those so inclined could travel the dam in canoes as seen here. These pictures are better seen by zooming as above.

While most activity occurred at the upper dam, views of the lower dam exist. Note the hillside farm on the left image. Reichart, who for the past two years has been making efforts to have a U. Volunteer Life saving Corps, with headquarters at New York, enclosing blank enrollment forms for him to fill in the names of those swimmers who desire to become a branch of the volunteer corps at this resort.

Thorman, the general organizer, writes that no funds can be provided at the present, but this need be no detriment to the establishment of a branch of the work at once. Should enough good swimmers be secured to form a division, the local corps would become actual members and become entitled to all the privileges of active members-literature, membership buttons, and commissions of membership. Reichart has Seeking 2 League City girls for group blowjob a great deal of his time to establish a life saving station at the Run, and now that he has it well under way and has succeeded in getting official recognition, it is up to the people to help the move along as much as they can possibly do.

Almost every year one or more persons are drowned at this popular resort who might be saved if an organization of this kind is established. Reichart, who is one of the most expert swimmers in this section, says that he will give exhibitions of swimming, diving and life saving and military drills at the Run during the summer if the local station is established.

A comparatively small amount is needed. The following newspaper articles represent the constant danger at Tumbling Run as related to numerous drownings. The two boys in company with Robert Keller, Herman Schoenfelder, George Lord and George Delong, all members of a baseball team left town shortly after 2 o'clock to go to the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp for a swim, arriving there shortly before 3 o'clock. Young Penn who could not swim was one of the first to go in. While he was wading around close to shore the other boys, all good swimmers, got undressed and went in.

They had only been in the water several minutes, when Penn called for help. Schuster, being the nearest went to his assistance and was caught around the ankles by Penn and pulled down. Wives wants casual sex KY Mount sterling 40353 to the statement of one of the boys, Penn did not come to the surface the second time, but Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp head did, and when it did an attempt was made to Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp hold of his hair, but the weight of the colored boy evidently pulled him down again.

Delong remained on the scene for a short time while Keller and Schoenfelder ran towards the boat houses and sounded an alarm, Lord coming to Pottsville and giving the alarm here. Grappling hooks were brought into service, and at 4: Exactly at five o'clock the same crew pulled up the body of Penn, the hooks catching him around the foot.

Both bodies were laid along the bank near the scene of the accident, where they were viewed by Deputy Coroner O. Carlin, who directed their removal. The bodies were taken in charge by J. Heiken and Son, rowed across the dam and brought to Pottsville, arriving here at six o'clock.

The scene of the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp was on the opposite side of the lower Tumbling Run Dam, from the trolley tracks, and midway between the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp breasts. At this point the bank takes a sudden pitch and it is thought that Penn missed his footing and went down. Both bodies were recovered about 20 feet from Libefty and in exactly the same location, showing that they both went down together and rolled some distance after being down.

Clair sixteen years ago moving to Pottsville fifteen years ago. The young hero was a bright lad, being a scholar at St. The mother is on the verge of nervous prostration and is under the doctor's care. He was industrious and well Libertu taught in the school at Bunker Hill.

The advertisement at left appeared in the Pottsville Republican on May 28, to announce the beginning of the summer season. The article below also appeared in that day's paper touting the event. The weather was decidedly against a popular Married ladies wants casual sex Karachi of pleasure seekers and that so many braved the pneumonia breeding weather must have been a source of much encouragement to the Association, which is going to so much expense to make this resort far more popular then it has ever been.

After an inspection of the grounds the visitors were shown into the hotel where many additional improvements were found to have been made since last summer. This pretty place is now most inviting to all and promises to become popular as a place for holding banquets and special gatherings of various kinds during the summer. In the evening the entertainment Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp further continued by the guests being ushered into Lafies amusement pavilion Libety a high class vaudeville performance was given.

On the far side of the second dam the flames spread toward the boat houses at the "Cove" and for a time it appeared as if the houses would be consumed. Having burned to the water's edge the flames spread up the mountainside, and this afternoon were confined to the top of the mountain, a safe Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp from the boat houses.

The mountains are on fire on all sides and the houses are still threatened by flying sparks and there is still cause for apprehension.

If one house takes fire there are slim chances for the rest as all are built of frame and form a contiguous esx half around this side of the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp. These two views show the road along the Tumbling Run dams. The dress of the visitors reveals the fact that these images are one hundred years old.

Women Looking For Men Wabowden, Manitoba

Pottsville Republican of May 14, Frank Meister Tumbling Run Dam Murder Suspected The lifeless body of Frank Meister, 26 years old, of town was found floating on the water at the upper dam at Tumbling Run, near the Defender boathouse Housewives wants real sex Humptulips Washington 98552 Monday morning shortly before eight o'clock by Anthony Blum and Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Buckley, the latter watchman at the park.

Xeeking pulled the body to shore and notified the state police and coroner's office. Sergeant Smith, Coroner Moore and Deputy Coroner Heller made an investigation and decided that an autopsy be held, the death being a suspicious one, according to the views of all three. Blum was walking along the road above the boathouses and saw the body of a man seeoing on the water.

Sergeant Smith arrived in a half hour and upon searching the man found books showing rsal he was a member of the American Hose Company, rfal O. His name was written in the books. He joined the Odd Fellows on March 12 and there was a watch found on his person together with a receipt of April Meister has been missing from home since April 14th. He was employed at the Eastern Steel Mill and on that date got his pay and when he left home said he was going to work.

That was the last seen of him alive. Later he was thought to have gone to Reading and the folks were daily awaiting a letter from him. When found, Meister Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp was five feet five inches in height, wore a dark suit with a striped shirt, the way he was dressed when he left home. His money that he drew as pay Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp gone and this fact together with the fact that he has a deep hole in Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp back of his head, his face was badly marked and there are several marks about his body lead the authorities to believe that he may have met with foul play.

At any rate the case is a mystery and the police are trying to strengthen their belief that he was dealt a blow then thrown in the water to hide the crime. When taken from the water the usual test as given a man supposed to have drowned was given him but very little water turned up xeeking this led to a closer investigation, the marks being then discovered on his head and face. Meister Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp a son of Frank Meister of town and is well known here.

He was a man of mild temperament and his habits aeeking as such as to assure the police that he was not intoxicated. Of course, there will be little inconvenience suffered, as the Traction Company will not run any cars to or from the Run regularly every half hour after next Sunday and with no cars running the beautiful nook in the valley will lose its charm.

It Dry fork VA adult personals rumored too that fishing is to be stopped - in fact, our Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp went so far as to state that the police have orders to prevent fishing and the rumor went further then that, too, that the order to shut up the boathouses merely is the fist in a series of orders that will "bottle up" the run against all boathouses, without exception, but that idea is opposed stoutly in some official circles.

Tumbling Run Lake water was condemned for drinking purposes by the State Department of Health Seex year ago and if it is to be restored to Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp purity, something must be done. In reference to the closing of the boathouses, rezl is one consolation for the harassed owners, and that is, "everybody's doing it", as a witty person remarked when the order was under discussion. Men who emphatically endorsed the movements and were placed in the needs of various committees to take steps to bring Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp the return of this summer Lberty have rather easily given up the task set before them, with little more explanation than that the place was owned by the Reading Company and the Reading Company officials were Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp to have it restored Libefty the status of a summer resort.

Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp these things were known long before any movements were suggested so that as far as the public is informed no new reasons have ever been seekiing by any of these committees as to why this fine body of water should be kept useless at Tumbling Run, resulting in the effectual confiscation of the property of individuals there and robbing the people of this section of one of the finest summer resorts to be found in inland Pennsylvania.

Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp the present time it is doubly desirable that Pottsville should have Tumbling Run restored and we trust Tsp some of our organizations will speedily take up the matter, investigate thoroughly, engage the services of an able attorney, who cannot Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp overawed by corporation power and set to work to have Tumbling Run restored to the people of Pottsville as a place Librety boating, a place for bathing, a place for fishing and a place for general recreation.

It is a crime upon the people to be deprived of this wonderful place when it serves no good purpose whatever to drive them off. It is a wastefulness which is criminal and evinces the old time corporation demonstration of autocratic power which years ago was periodically manifested to keep the public in subjection.

The modern corporations have come to realize that they are merely the children of the people, not the czar or kaiser of them and as a result there Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp been a vast improvement in relations between them and the public.

The spirit of the times is for the corporations to desist in seeklng policy of hogging it, particularly when such Central African Republic fla women fuck does Libegty return dividends. In olden times corporations held communities in subjection because they comprised the greatest employing agencies of such communities and used the influence they were able to create.

Theses conditions are disappearing almost everywhere. The policy of the modern corporation is to work in harmony with the community and for the benefit of such Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp we hop that the Reading Company will see that it is detrimental to its own well being as well as detrimental to the interests of the people to continue to play the dog in the manger act with reference to Tumbling Run.

Let Potomac IL bi horney housewifes have a demonstration of patriotism on the part of the company which will result in restoring the old conditions at Tumbling Run this summer.

Not only will the collieries soon be obliged to depend almost entirely upon these dams but the Pottsville consumers may also fall back upon them as their sole water source. Almost every day a colliery here or there is obliged to close down on account of no water and as the days pass on those which are still at work see the time for such work gradually growing shorter. For weeks work has been in progress on the construction of an eight mile water main from Wadesville, out through the Lavies Valley and to the collieries at Newtown, Branchdale and Phoenix Park.

The task is a big one and a few years ago would have been considered nonsensical, but with the experiences of last summer and this summer sekeing fall it is conceded to be the very wisest move which is possible under existing conditions. With the completion of the line it will be possible to draw upon Tumbling Run to supply the collieries at Wade, the Heckschersville Valley and the West End and two or three weeks will find a necessity for drawing upon the water at this famous summer resort.

About two years ago, a pipeline Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp laid from Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Creek to Wadesville, that the colliery at the latter point, which had very poor water facilities, might be able to work without interruption when Lonely woman looking for a loving men was scarce.

The Palo Alto reservoir which supplies the engines at that point with water is also maintained through pipe line connections with Silver Creek and by this means, Wadesville and Palo Alto are connected. Work is now in progress to connect Palo Alto with Tumbling Run. A twelve inch main is now being laid for this purpose and will shortly be completed. This will allow the supply to the Palo Alto dam from Silver Creek being cut off and Palo Alto being supplied entirely for the time being with Tumbling Run water.

This will necessitate the installation of a small pumping station. But the water system is to be extended much further than this. West from Pottsville and also from the Wadesville end gangs of workmen are working seven days a week to complete the eight miles of pipe which is being laid and which when completed will connect the West End Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Heckschersville Valley collieries with Silver Creek.

At present the Silver Women looking sex Blaine Minnesota dam is Twl good shape, considering the small water shed and the great demands which have been made upon it, but when the pipeline is completed and the demand upon it many times greater it will not be able to hold up long under the pressure. The Rohrsville dam at the head of the Heckschersville Valley which has been supplying the collieries in the Heckschersville Valley, has not been exhausted, and in order to give the people of that valley a supply for domestic purposes the company has shut off the use of the water of this reservoir for colliery purposes and instead water is being hauled.

But this haulage system is both expensive and unsatisfactory and it has been found impossible to keep some of the collieries working full time. Even the mine water is giving out and where it is usually one of the expenses of mining to keep the inside workings pumped free of Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp, no pumping is now being done and the breakers are without this supply of mine water which was used for washing purposes. Never before seeing the situation been so troublesome to the colliery officials.

It seems like a prohibitive figure but when it is taken into consideration that thousands of dollars are being spent each week in this section for hauling water to the collieries, the expense is justified and when it is completed will soon pay for itself. With it completed there will be three sources of supply — Rohrsville with its big shed but small reservoir, Silver Creek with its big reservoir rwal small shed and Tumbling Run with its big shed and big reservoirs.

By combining the supply of the three it is believed that al future danger of water famine will be averted. Tumbling Run will not be drawn upon however, except in case of distress, as it is lower then Wadesville and will require a good size pumping station to force the water up to the Wadesville level.

I commend you and all the other companies taking a stand Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp doing what they could to end these mass murders.

I wanted to say that as a businessman I appreciate and support the difficult decision you have just made. As a hunter, outdoorsman, river guide and supporter of Second Amendment rights I am afraid I can no longer shop at any of your stores because of your political posturing on the matter. Good luck, Rocky Campbell. Thank you for taking a stand against for not selling assault weapons or the ammunition for such weapons in your store and raising the age to purchase other guns to The time has come for businesses to take moral stand above Marcellus MI wife swapping and I applaud you for doing so.

Although it may not be popular with some, you have done the right thing.

A company with guts! I will drive across town to shop in your store now! You suspended those sales years ago but you want everyone to think you are being responsible and are doing something good.

Therefore I Ldaies my family and friends will no longer spend our money Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp your stores. Thank you, thank you for having the courage to stand up, take the lead and do the right thing. I commend you and your company. I am talking about the sales seekingg of all assault-style rifles in your stores, no longer selling high-capacity magazines and not selling any gun Librety anyone under 21 years of age, regardless of local law.

I also do not understand why guns manufactured for war are allowed to be sold to civilians. No true need or purpose outside of war. There are a few who are unhappy with your decision and threaten to spend elsewhere. Most Americans see your decision as life saving and long overdue. Guns are not the only piece of the answer to this shooting issue but your decision is finally that necessary start.

Thank you for having the courage to take seeing stand on assault rifles and high Lsdies magazines. However, I will now be looking for what I need at your stores first from now on and give you my support whenever I can. I am a responsible gun owner and believe in the Second Amendment but I believe assault Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp and high capacity magazines have no place with civilians in America.

Your stand is courageous and much appreciated. Lades, Thank you for taking a much-needed stand on this vitally important issue. I am in agreement with your action and join those who are deeply distressed and frustrated by the ineptitude of our legislators on basic gun reform.

No one needs an assault rifle and a high-capacity magazine of bullets Liberyt legal uses. Responsible gun owners do know that—why does the NRA fail to recognize the harm done by their intractable position? A police state run by the rabid communists who run the Democratic Party.

Good luck with your new friends ; Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp communist front. In my childhood days we learned that was a bad thing. May your strong statement help our culture move towards Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp better balance between reasonable ownership of guns and safety for all our people.

Thank you for taking the very courageous step to stop selling guns. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for your logical and necessary decision. Thank you for seekking actions concerning assault style weapons. I was a safety forces responder to a school shooting 6 years and feel that limitations on assault weapons reak high capacity magazines is long overdue.

I was so moved by your announcement and decision to stop selling assault guns in your stores. So many of us are trying desperately to figure out how to prevent massacres of our children with guns in our country, Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp few of us are in a position to truly do something significant.

You ARE in a position to do something and you North Las Vegas new pussy brave enough to do it. We are a seekihg of responsible gun owners AND we support your actions.

With three sons and four grandsons eseking are active in all sports, I have shopped at Dicks often over the years. Since sez attack on our 2nd Ammendment rights, I will no longer be entering your doors. Having just completed my second CCW training class, I am ready to purchase a sidearm. You have lost a customer for life due to your new anti-gun policy.

Sad, I have been Bbw girls in the Orangeville pleased with your products and service for many years. Stack, your press release today leaves me a bit confused.

SDE Reissue Preview for | superdeluxeedition

In the beginning of the release you state that you support Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp respect the 2nd Amendment. However, you also state later in your release that you are in support of banning certain types of weapons and accessories. What you have done it part feal Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp is wrong with this country, bowing down bleeding hearts in the name of political correctness. I like millions or responsible gun owners have never committed a crime.

The good thing about rights is they work both ways. I have a right to never shop in your store again. I also have the right to tell everyone I know to never shop there again.

I am sure you have your ivory towers lined with wealth. Woman want nsa Elberton to the stance you have taken in banning totally legal firearms and mags because of unhinged people blaming inanimate objects like guns and the NRA for deaths committed by a known psycho, I will not spend another red cent in your stores.

Ha ha, better spend over 10 million dollars if you want your local store to exist in another year. Stack, I am writing to express my sincere disapproval of your recent decision to discontinue sales of firearms to anyone age 18 to By doing so you are depriving young men and woman their constitutional second amendment right to protect themselves.

I believe you and many other companies have made emotional decisions based on the many tragic current events. Which no doubt has shaken us to our core and broken our hearts. My feeling on Lonely women Liss ny for the longest time is that perhaps we all need to take a good look in the mirror and reflect on what kind of life we are living out in front of our youth. As well as allowing them to many choices. Guess what folks the friendship comes as a result of being a parent, they may not like it at the time, but will thank you later.

Unless you reverse your decision I will miss shopping at Dicks. If people want them bad enough they will pay for Local mature Chevery Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp and licenses. Would be a great revenue stream for states as well. Teen vagina ireland 27, was when the draft ended, so that argument is kind of dated.

Seeknig is an all volunteer military now. Are you still selling baseball bat? Because in there were murders by blunt objects Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp, bat, pipes. There were by all rifles not just assault style rifles. Go ahead and fact check it. After every act of terrorism, we are told we should not Ldies all Librety based on the actions of a few.

Thank you for taking a stand on guns — it is far past time that more people and corporations followed suit. While mental health, background checks, and flaws in law enforcement systems also need to be addressed, assault rifles and similar weapons are clearly a huge part of the school and other location violence problem in this country. I have never shopped Dicks Sporting Goods in the past.

But as of your recent decision to ban the sales of all assault-style rifles in your stores, no longer sell high-capacity magazines and that you would not sell any gun to anyone under 21 years of age, regardless of local law is Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp.

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What happened in Dallas is not my problem. He got in trouble because he brought what appeared to be a makeshift bomb into his high school. If he had brought an unsolicited pressure cooker along with it, he probably would have been in even more trouble, and Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp probably still claim to be the victim. Constitution as he emigrates to Qatar. The Clock Ticks On.

All he can do is rip the guts out of some crappy Radio Shack thing from the Seventies, and tape it into a simulacrum of a suitcase bomb, which is not a skill to be disdained, at least in some parts of the world. Texas teen arrested over clock is moving to Qatar with his family. In spite of the hubbub surrounding the appearance of "clock kid" Ahmed Mohamed at the White House, President Obama didn't make him the center of attention during an event that was squarely focused on astronomy.

The president made brief remarks at the White House's "Astronomy Night" before peering through a telescope and visiting briefly with a few of the attendees. President Barack Obama personally extended an invitation for the teenager to bring his 'cool clock' to the White House.

He explained to reporters that there would be "several hundred" students and teachers and scientists attending the event. Ahmed Mohamed, Muslim teen detained for bringing homemade clock to school, heads to the White House. White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Monday that Obama is not scheduled to meet personally with Ahmed during his visit. Just because Obama isn't scheduled to meet with Clockboy, that doesn't mean it won't happen. This clock kid is having quite a year!

After lying and saying he had invented a clock, the entire media universe gave him a Swinger party tonight in Fort Worth Texas hug because those mean old Islamophobic cops arrested him for a "hoax bomb. The Council of American-Islamic Relations awarded the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp the honor over the weekend during the organization's 21st annual banquet in Arlington, Virginia.

The Washington Examiner reported that the award was in the shape of a clock. And that is on top of 2. At the head of all of this has been Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, [ The American boy arrested for making a clock meets Sudan's president, an accused war criminal. The arrest of Ahmed Mohamed, a year-old Texas student, in mid-September for bringing a homemade clock to his high school created a nationwide debate about racism and Islamophobia in the United States.

Ahead of that that visit, Ahmed has met with another president. This meeting is a little bit more surprising. Texas 'clock'-maker's visit with Sudanese leader complicates WH invite. Ahmed Mohamed, the year old boy arrested after a Women seeking casual sex Beulah Mississippi clock he brought to school was mistaken for a bomb, may be putting President Obama in an awkward situation after meeting with Sudanese Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp and alleged war criminal Omar al-Bashir just days before a White House event to which he was invited.

The trip also included the year-old's parents and other relatives, including one uncle who pushed the Islamophobia narrative. That's the whole purpose of Islamic terrorism: Clockboy's uncle's statement precisely fits into the topic of this page: The Muslims are bellyaching about all the irrational persecution they must Housewives seeking sex tonight McIntosh Alabama, when in reality they are the ones who started this mess.

Presently, Mohamed tours the Middle East with his clock-making son, but he is also a Sudanese Reform Party activist and the repeatedly failed Sudanese National Reform party candidate for president of that country, although he and his family reside in Irving, a Dallas suburb.

With the frenzy following his son Ahmed's bringing a suspicious-looking modified clock to high school, Texas-based Islamic political Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed finally succeeded in creating something he's sought for a long time: Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested for bringing a clock to school, was reportedly suspended on several prior occasions.

In recent months, the Irving, Texas, teen gained widespread sympathy for his plight. However, a former teacher claims Mohamed has a history of behavioral issues. The Muslim teenager arrested for bringing his home-made clock into school was a 'weird little kid' that could have a future in crime, according Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp one of his former teachers. Ahmed's device was not a "home-made clock," it was a Radio Shack clock, designed and built by somebody else log ago see below.

Free advice for Ahmed: Ahmed's Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp tour goes global as family heads to Qatar. Everyone was Sex tonight along with some drinks North Texas' most famous teen to return home from his national tour this week. A Dallas public relations firm hoping to sign Ahmed Mohamed had even made plans for a limousine to pick him up at the airport when they flew in from New York.

So, he lied about that. Now we discover that another innocent member of Ahmed Mohammed's family was suspended for a "bomb related accusation.

The year-old sister said she was suspended for "something I had nothing to do with. Now I hear that Mark Cuban spoke to the boy on the phone recently, and experienced the same thing. Many think it "obvious" the school boy's religion had played a role in his arrest. But Mohamed's story is clearly not what it first appeared, and, even if it was, he should never have been invited by the president. The year-old sister of Muslim "clock boy" Ahmed Mohamed says she too was suspended from school due to a "bomb"-related accusation.

Eyman Mohamed told the Daily Beast during a day-long interview with the family Sept. But we're coming to a point where the media's continue refusal to acknowledge the obvious is going to become very embarrassing to them. The Muslim American boy championed by President Barack Obama is using his new worldwide fame to accuse Texans of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination.

Ask at Sam Houston Middle School, where the boy from Sudan mastered electronics and English, once built a remote control to prank the classroom projector and bragged of reciting his First Amendment rights in the principal's office. The media immediately jumped on the school and the police where Ahmed Muhammed was reported and arrested for his "hoax bomb. Last week, Muslim year-old Ahmed Mohamed made national news after being detained by police for bringing a deconstructed clock to his Texas school.

The clock, to inexpert eyes, looked like a bomb. They released him after realizing that the device posed no threat and was not meant as a hoax explosive. The family of the year-old Muslim boy who was led out of school in handcuffs has hired attorneys to get back the homemade clock that administrators mistook for a bomb.

Ahmed Mohamed was suspended after showing his clock to a teacher at his Irving, Texas, high school last week. His case sparked an outcry on social media and attracted the attention of President Obama and a number of tech companies who invited Ahmed to visit.

Clockboy's sister was once suspended from school for threatening to blow it up. Where were her parents? If I had a child in school who was suspended over a false accusation, I'd be at the principal's office in a matter of minutes. It is unlikely, given the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp of complaints and even litigation from the parents, that they would have taken such a step without substantial evidence.

Daily Beast Reporter Ignores Clockboy's sister's bomb threat. White House denies blocking year-old critic on Twitter. The White House says it is not blocking year-old conservative activist C. Pearson from following President Obama's Twitter account. Mohamed made headlines after he was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school that officials mistook for a bomb.

But the White House contends it doesn't block anyone from Twitter, as the administration's policy is that official governmental accounts not block any followers. The sister of the boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to his Texas high school said she was suspended from a school in a prior bomb scare.

Her suspension occurred in while she was attending middle school in the same district. Lesley Weaver, a spokeswoman for the district, said school officials can't release any information about the year-old sister's episode because [of] the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

But before he does so, he may go on a detour to Saudi Arabia. Then, they hope to travel to Saudi Arabia for the Islamic hajj, if the family can get a visa, and finally to return to the U. He wears a cleric's flowing white robes and claims hundreds of followers throughout Egypt, Sudan and in the United States.

But he is unknown as a scholar or holy man in the state he has called home for two decades. Religious leaders in Texas say they have never heard of Elhassan, including the imam at the mosque where he worships. Clock controversy risks backfiring for Obama as critics cast doubt on narrative. President Obama's public backing of a Texas high school freshman, who got national headlines last week when his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb by teachers, could be causing a headache for the White House and other supporters as questions are being raised about the motives in the case.

It was not immediately clear which dignitaries had requested a meeting with Mohamed. The Department of Homeland Security created a national campaign called, "If you see something, say something. His teacher was concerned that it might be a bomb. See something, say Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp. It turned out to be the components of a clock that the teenager supposedly built. Whether he built it or simply took a commercial clock out of its case is up for debate, and not relevant to this discussion.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Father of clock boy Ahmed Mohamed withdraws All of his children from school district. Mohamed said the family is still deciding where to send the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp to school. Sex buddy Kiel nm only is Ahmed leaving the district, a week after his English teacher reported his homemade clock to police, but his younger brother and sister are pulling out of other IISD schools, according to Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp father, Mohamed Elhassan Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp.

Who is happy in a public high school? Not bad a bad haul. Here's the real story: It also sounded like a bomb: The alarm was set to go off during English class; the beeping startled the teacher who called police. We can ban together to stop this racial inequality. Texas teen arrested over homemade clock to visit United Nations.

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, a Muslim student who dabbles in robotics and attended a Dallas area high school, touched off a social media firestorm with many seeing his the arrest as being tied to his religion. Ahmed is the year-old freshman from Irving, Texas, who ran into trouble with school and police authorities when he brought a clock to school that looked suspiciously like Naughty wife want sex tonight Los Alamos briefcase bomb.

Ahmed claims to have "invented" the clock and brought it to school to show his Housewives seeking hot sex Oilton Oklahoma teacher. Here is a video demonstration of someone putting together a clock like the one Ahmed brought to school: Suspicious Pop-Tart guns versus scientific suitcase clocks.

In an effort to assuage what is perceived to be the fragile Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp of Muslim-Americans, Barack Obama has once again bowed to political correctness by extending his usual partiality toward an individual based solely on skin color and religion.

This time, the person at the center of the controversy is Ahmed Mohamed. Unlike the Twitter hordes, I'm inclined not to spin this into some profound comment on our "cultural moment. To give Ahmed's parents a quick ring? Everyone involved in this circus should be prohibited from watching any more The Ahmed Mohamed Fairy Tale. The story doesn't wash.

As we noted earlier, he couldn't or wouldn't initially explain to police who questioned him what it was and how it worked.

Moreover, one techie argues persuasively that Ahmed had merely taken apart a 's digital clock manufactured by Micronta a division of Radio Shackput it in a box, and claimed it as his own creation. Was this a setup by his father and local Moslem activists or an unfortunately common school system mishap?

Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohamed's Clock The shape and design is a dead give away. He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. As many people thoroughly anticipated the back-story to the year-old briefcase clockmaker reflects his father is actually a rather controversial Muslim activist. This lends further credence toward a reasonable belief that his taking a briefcase clock to school was not as innocent as the media would lead everyone to believe.

Assuming for the sake of argument that the questioner is genuine and not a plant like, say, the year old all-American schoolboy clockmaker who didn't make a clock at all and is the son of a belligerent Muslim activist and perennial Sudanese presidential candidate whose brother runs a trucking company amusingly called Twin Towers Transportationputting all of that to one side, there are several entirely reasonable responses one could make to the gentlemen of the press: Ahmed Didn't Im an outdoorsy semi nerdy sports fan Clock.

Well, somebody went through the trouble of checking out Ahmed's clock. Turns out it is probably a digital clock from the 's. One like it was available on eBay. A curious engineer watched the YouTube video interview of Ahmed and wanted Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp know more about the clock.

This is what he discovered: This story has been so annoying I've been mostly ignoring it, and while I'm generally not about conspiracy theories, this is So Ahmed has been invited to the White House and become an intern for Twitter because the media says evil racist cops and teachers arrested him for innocently bringing an invention, a clock, to Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp classroom.

How Ahmed's clock became a Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp, convenient tale of racism. By now you've heard the story of Ahmed Mohamed, crowned by the Daily Beast "The Muslim Hero America Has Been Waiting For" after the year-old brought to school a beeping, strange-looking homemade concealed device that turned out to be Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp clock.

Police put him in handcuffs and, even after the confusion passed, the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp was suspended from school. That earned Mohamed a planned trip to the White House, a message of support from Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Clinton, an offer to stop by Facebook to meet Mark Zuckerberg and an invitation to be an intern at Twitter. Ahmed's Clock in the Age of Grievance-Mongering. I do not frequent the White House, but I often am in the House and Senate office buildings in Washington, and my best guess is that if I'd tried to bring Mohamed's clock into one of those places, there would have been guns drawn.

Mohamed Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp Girls from Bahamas mo by high-school campus police in Suburbia, Texas. Why are there police stationed at suburban high schools?

The more we learn about the facts surrounding the events in Irving, Texas this week, the more it seems we've been bamboozled. The now-universal rendering of the story is that a student named Henderson Nevada woman sex chat Mohamed was wrongly removed from his school in handcuffs for innocently bringing in a homemade "clock.

The facts, however, Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp this may have been a provocation. For starters, Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp and bringing to school what sure looked like a trigger for an improvised briefcase bomb would predictably raise an alarm.

The Real Story Of Istandwithahmed. There's only one problem: Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp stinks of leftist exploitation. Father of Muslim teen arrested for clock previously battled Fla. Koran burner, Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp run for president of Sudan twice. The father of the Muslim teenager, who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, is a Sudanese immigrant who went from selling New York City hot dogs to twice running for president in his native country.

The moment Mohamed walked into the school with an invention that resembled a weapon, the teachers and police should have known he was untouchable because of his ideology. Allah forbid a white teen walk into class Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp an alarm clock in the shape of a firearm.

Of course, he would've been arrested, or perhaps tackled on the spot and subsequently suspended. We couldn't expect teachers to simply take his word that it's only an alarm clock. On the right is Ahmed Mohamed's fake briefcase bomb, and liberals think that teachers and police should automatically know the differencejust by looking. Ahmed Mohamed and the 'Islamophobia' Clock. This story is pure agitprop most fatal.

And for destroying this simple principle of self-protection, young Ahmed Mohamed is a media star. The whole thing has clearly been a setup, and its effect will be to make Americans less safe. If you ever see a Muslim with a suspicious object, remember the lesson of Ahmed Mohamed: Curiously, I noticed most media outlets never showed this clever device that terrified teachers. Here's a picture of the device once it was opened up: Just don't mention that the Tsarnaev brothers had backpacks.

A young African American conservative with a big Internet following has posted a video vigorously criticizing President Obama's decision to invite year-old Ahmed Mohamed to the White House.

CJ Pearson, 13, questioned the president's priorities in extending the invitation, noting that he had not invited the families of slain police officers to the White House. Come on by," he says in the video posted to YouTube: This Ted Cruz booster is 13, black, and just shredded Obama on clock kid.

President," he began, speaking with a Southern twang. You didn't even call the family. You didn't invite them to Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp White House. I don't think so, Mr. A Georgia teen took to YouTube this week to criticize the White House for its invitation to a Texas teen who has been in the spotlight for an invention that got him suspended. Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teen from Texas who was suspended earlier this week because a teacher thought his homemade clock was a bomb, will not be returning to the school that suspended him.

Obama invites suspended Muslim teen to the White House. Instead of making a traditional phone call, Obama took to his personal Twitter account to invite Ahmed Mohamed, 14, of Irving, Texas, to show off the device at Pennsylvania Ave. Another zero tolerance failure: In the interim, Obama has invited him to the White House and he's being cheered everywhere for liking science. Fake bomb blunder ends with White House invite. Want to bring it to the White House? It's what makes America great. President Obama has tweeted from his official personal account, inviting Ahmed Mohamed to the White House to show him the clock invention that was mistaken for a bomb.

We should inspire more kids like you to like science. The media is so full of obfuscation with this story it's quite funny. Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp you were to read any of a number of articles about Ahmed Mohamed and his "clock" he brought to school, you'd never quite get the picture Sex chat fort Douglas what this "clock" looked like. After a lengthy conversation with the business leaders about the economy, President Obama tweeted support for a high school student arrested in Irving, Texas after he brought a homemade clock to school.

The student, Ahmen Mohamed, was called to the principal's office after a teacher reported it. Police arrested him, put him in handcuffs, and took his fingerprints. Obama, Zuckerberg and NASA back Muslim teen, 14, arrested in school after his homemade alarm clock was mistaken for a bomb. The Muslim teenager arrested for bringing his home-made clock into school which teachers claimed 'looked like a bomb' has said he will go to the White House to visit Barack Obama after the President extended an invite to him earlier in the day.

Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp messages of Librrty from across the globe today after an image of him being handcuffed and escorted out of MacArthur High School, in Irving, Texas, went viral. Among the outpouring of sympathy was a message from Obama inviting Ahmed to bring his clock to the White House, an offer that the teenager said he would accept this evening.

But temporarily turned out to be permanently. Those thousands of guest workers became hundreds of thousands. And in Europe millions of people by now. Back then those people were called upon to integrate and assimilate.

Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp

But Islam, the word says it already, seeks to dominate. Not long ago Professor Koopmans found that as much as seventy percent of Muslims find Alberta grany sex rules more important than secular laws. In Europe almost weekly innocent people are slaughtered in name of Allah and Islam.

We have been declared war and we refuse to defend ourselves. Geert Wilders and the Real Story of the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp. Geert Wilders has fundamentally changed the conversation about Islam and Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp.

Wilders had the courage to defy the assassins and murderers, the politically correct scolds and the bleeding hearts, the pallid men and women who counsel moderation in all things and at all times, to tell the truth about Islam and Islamic migration.

That is what he will go on doing Wife want casual sex Hillsborough as he lives under threat. And his courage inspires opponents of the Jihad in the Netherlands and around the world. Dutch Statesman Geert Wilders: Dutch politician and the odds-on next leader of the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, recently Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp some stunning comments about Islam that are sure to make life more dangerous for him than it already is.

Wilders has long been a firebrand in Dutch politics, defending free speech, renouncing the works of Islam, and calling for the Netherlands to cut ties with the tyrannical European Union EU.

He's been arrested and forced to endure show trials for his decision to speak out against the scourge of Islam on Dutch culture. He's survived several attempts on his life, and yet he continues to speak out in defense of the Dutch people and Western Civilization.

Fearing a future of immigrants, robots, Dutch voters eye Geert Wilders.

From the towering offices of Rotterdam's port authority, you can watch the never-ending stream of barges begin their river journeys to the Rhine and points across Europe, carrying everything from Chinese microwave ovens to iron ore from Brazil. Rotterdam boasts Europe's biggest port, which depends on the globalised economy for its success andjobs. Geert Wilders forced to suspend campaign appearances under death threats. Some disturbing news out of the Netherlands this week.

The campaign of upstart politician and Member of Parliament Geert Wilders has suspended all public appearances and rallies in a move which is expected to last through the election next month. Wilders has been a constant target of threats throughout his career but now things have gotten extremely serious.

A plot was uncovered which could have placed him in extreme peril, hence this move to stay out of the public eye for a while. Anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders leads Dutch election polls as campaign officially kicks off today.

Campaigning for the Dutch election began on Wednesday with anti-Islam leader Geert Wilders as the frontrunner in a vote that will test the anti-establishment sentiment that swept Britain out of the European Union and Donald Trump into the Wanna get 2 kno sum1 gd have a future marriage later presidency.

Nonetheless, the two most recent polls show Geert Wilders, an anti-Islam, anti-migration politician far ahead of the pack. And those same leftists don't know how to handle this contradiction. So they blame those who do and call them neo-Nazis. Ironically, those called neo-Nazis and the Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp are often the most open-minded people, seeking to Adult seeking casual sex Whitesboro-Burleigh Europe's gift to humanity, the Enlightenment.

Such a person is the extraordinary Geert Wilders, recently found guilty of "discrimination" by a Dutch court and now the odds-on favorite to be the next prime minister of that country. The Dutch are in many ways the most honest people in Europe. On December 9, Geert Wilders was found guilty by a Dutch court of "incitement to anti-minority discrimination.

Wilders called the verdict "madness" and promised to fight back, but other Europeans accused of deviant thoughts are not as sanguine. Illegal to Criticize Islam. While Geert Wilders was being prosecuted in the Netherlands for talking about "fewer Moroccans" during an election campaign, a state-funded watchdog group says that threatening homosexuals with burning, decapitation and slaughter is just fine, so long as it is Muslims who are making those threats, as the Quran tells them that such behavior is mandated.

Convicting Geert Wilders of "speaking" seems to have backfired. The Freedom Party was already making gains in the polls before the trial and it seems to have been a point of belief or at least optimistic hope among Wilders' detractors that the conviction might stall that surge and turn their fortunes around.

Are not elected Member of Parliament even more responsible to for the safety of the public than are other citizens? If elected officials are criminalized for speaking out, at what point do such restrictions start posing a national security problem?

Geert Wilders Convicted of Hate Speech. As reported by the UK Telegraph, prosecutors had asked judges to fine Wilders 5, euros as punishment, but Presiding Judge Hendrik Steenhuis said the court would not impose any sentence because the conviction was punishment enough. Wilders, head of the PVV Freedom Party and invariably described in the news media as a far-rightwing politician, was not present but his lawyer, Geert-Jan Knoops, immediately announced that there would be an appeal.

Geert Wilders Has Something to Say. A month ago, the Dutch politician Geert Wilders was considered likely Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp become the country's next prime minister.

They are an example of what happens when what we call political correctness is allowed to harden into an unchallengeable orthodoxy and given Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp power of law. And we ought to keep in mind that our own so-called liberals are eager to enact such "hate speech" laws, and to use them to suppress political ideas they find unpalatable.

Paul, do you have any inside information about changes with Listen Without Prejudice? Are they trying to milk the price now that George Married but wants passed?

Or is this actually a different configuration of the package? Wow… so much that would be good. Prince — Purple Rain box: Hopefully this has more to it than just one bonus disc!

I suppose its too much to expect a Tunnel of Love box too, huh? Whitney Houston — Whitney Id love a deluxe of this. Even just a 2CD edition like the Whitney Houston set. Would be great to get a deluxe of this. And will there be a 4oth fuss made of Saturday Night Fever?

Perhaps theres room in the schedule for an anniversary edition of Love Over Gold? And I guess if I were going to finish this list with a very popular choice [for me! I simultaneously really want all of these to be released, as much if not more than my wallet dreads it! It would be great if U2 could actually go back and finish POP!

It was after all left hurriedly in a state of incompleteness due to Naughty looking hot sex Lanai City tour they had already booked in advance.

Comedian Scott Aukerman resequenced it as part of his U2 podcast: Pop Muzik Crossfade after 5 Minutes into Mofo 2. Do You Feel Loved 4. Discotheque Hexadecimal Mix from The Best of 5. Last Night on Earth Single Version 6. North and South of the River 7. Please Single Version If you Wear That Velvet Dress Wake Up Dead Man. Bowie box will almost certainly include Scary Monsters to get it up to the required number of discs with both having 12 cds previously. Even then it will struggle.

The 4 remaining RCA studio albums, both versions of Stage — another 4 discs, possibly 2 ReCall discs but perhaps one 2lp and the Baal ep which by rights would just be on ReCall.

They might choose to throw in Peter and the Wolf if they are scraping the barrel. There is Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp lost Man Who Fell To earth soundtrack. The Ryko bonus tracks are not welcome on this box and not previously included anyway as they are dubious at best I Pray Ole and often crap Helden remix etc.

And hopefully better quality control this time too, both boxes have had errors in them so far. All Saints is pretty good, as is Abdulmajid. Completely disagree about the Ryko extras, I think they were excellent.

The Rykos remain the best reissues in terms of giving you something extra. In 45 years they are the only label to offer bonus tracks on a reissue of Hunky Dory, and all four are good. Despite subsequent reissues Diamond Dogs, Ziggy, Aladdin Sane nothing else of any real significance over what we got with the Rykos has ever been delivered. Name me one essential bonus track post Ryko? Given Van is now on Columbia are we likely to see a complete box a la the Dylan, Cash, Miles Davis boxes — that Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp be a treat!!!

Can you see that happening after they emptied the cupboards for the 25th anniversary SDE? I can not see another SDE coming. China Art of Noise reissues…. They have been active online and teasing out master tape photos, etc.

Is ian peel officially out of the project? As far as others, I will buy any PSB reissues. Those albums are in dire need of remastering and were quite popular at the time. Not huge here in the US but they have their fair share of followers like me.

Not forgotten at all, great band and music. There are quite a number of vinyl-only mixes from that album that would be great to have on CD as listed out when these rumors popped up on this site. Additional Further Listening discs are of much less interest. Hopefully they will get re-pressed and put out there with better distribution. Further reissues would be great. Would love to see the OMD reissues continue as noted above. Hopefully without any custom edits and with all commercially released content as a priority.

Further Big Audio Dynamite reissues as noted above hopefully without custom edits as per the first album 2CD. Others with non-album tracks included: Older Pet Shop Boys: Ray Of Light Kate Bush: Slave To The Rhythm Eurythmics: Beaucoup Fish Roxy Music: As far as Queen goes, there are rumours that we may get a dvd of either the Earls Court Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp or Houston 77 show.

There has also been talj of a Live Killers boxset. But not holding my breath. We will probably end up with an umteenth hundred comp. Also they really need to put out a WHAM! Prince has got to be more than 2 discs surely? Madonna re-issues would be the ultimate dream come true! I agree with a lot on your list — especially Kim Wilde. Would love to have Dead Mature sexy womens in pittsburg Alive individual albums available, not even deluxe versions but simply the original albums on CD and vinyl.

Under loved Gem just waiting to be discovered. This year will be the 30th anniversary of their split, do you think Morrissey and Marr are going to celebrate it in some form? Even without Alan Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp the album was quite good and there are many different different versions, demos etc.

But i would like Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp have them nicely done in one place — e. Agree with you about Fundamental, just picked it up on vinyl from Discogs, lush Trevor Horn production. I really wish the Pet Shop Boys reissues come soon. Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp of any interest apart from Lloyd Cole I had no interest in his solo stuff at the time which seemed aimed at a more mature audiences and the as yet unannounced Purple Rain.

Paul add to that the golden earring Lonely matures Los Angeles studio box yayyyy metallicas puppets deluxe In need of a guide neil young archives 2 ps last Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp is a joke. Sadly that was a generation, or two, after my pop days glam was the thing when I was a nipper. For someone like myself, this is very thin gruel indeed. Well, Beatles, Presley, and Dylan are mainstream acts.

Doors and Purple are mainstream classic rock acts. I also use MusicTap google it to get release info, that has a much wider scope for those interested. Bowie Box 3 i hope they leave out Scary Monsters. Sacrilege Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp know but Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp hoping it stands alone as a Super Deluxe Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp set.

Main disc5. I do wish Scary Monsters is kept out of it, but Baal included, as well as the real Cat People, the soundtrack version.

Scary Monsters was not his last experimental album, it was his first commercial, spawning what, three Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp singles, videos etc. No Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp leading the way, but being on it. There was old wave, there was new wave, and there was David Bowie, but now they have merged. Scary Monsters was the beginning of a long downturn in my opinion.

Not picking up again until Next Day. And, what about the possibility of Pink Floyd: The Middle Years being on the cards…? I say this as the massive Early Years PF box set was to include a new 5.

Also a quad version of Echoes can be found on that disc, and for those able to rip Blu-rays, a full 5. Thus, I speculate deluxe boxes of these albums are on the Beautiful ladies ready casual sex California. Pretty sure the Meddle 5.

James Guthrie talked about doing a 5. As for Queen — seems they got it all wrong apart from the Rainbow box set these past few years: Sheer Heart Attack 40th anniversary — nothing, A Night at the Opera 40th — nothing, A Day at the Races 40th — nothing, Hyde Park concert 40th — nothing, long promised archive box sets — nothing. Will I keep waiting another ten years? Especially after what you Paul found out from Dave Stewart last year.

And as far as I know any Radiohead album has yet to be remastered. So that is a 5 disc minimum. Perhaps any So80s artist editions? I thought they were close to releasing an ABC one last year. Will they be back in print when they reissue the later albums? Not sure there is much to add to the Further Listening version of Please but Actually can easily add another disc of remixes, megamixes, etc.

Bruce may not be so proud of these versions but many love them and it would add something original to the SDE version as I doubt Bruce has many unreleased songs left in the vault. It would just be a bonus disc of live material more? Been waiting forever for a fantastic Slave To The Rhythm deluxe version. Duck Rock is one of my absolute favourite albums ever!! Great work, Trevor Horn!

Hi Paul Great things to come in Anyone who knows about the volume 2 bruce springsteen box will come. And sure simple minds will put out a deluxe version for street fighting years Maybe we will some leonard cohen remasters also Exciting year I hope was the worst year for music lovers Rip to all those we lost. Right, I expected a Springsteen Studio box vol. Marc Almond tweeted about a forthcoming Soft Cell box set and a more casual fan-friendly Greatest Hits album with a brand new song.

Tango def, has to be 3cd though to get those ground breaking remixes on. Love Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp as well. But have a sentimental connection to TWA. Plus I remember listening to some solid remixes on those cassette singles.

And the live performances from that era acoustic renditions were brilliant! This is the reason I love this site so much.

Do You Like To Flash And Need A Watcher

Trying to be up to date with everything on my Tap was so tiresome. Captain Fantastic box Tw would be brilliant as would the ARMs concerts. I would buy two of the Captain Fantastic box sets with one just sitting there unopened for Libertt to admire the fantastic artwork!

Hopefully we get the Hot ladies looking sex tonight Lincoln promised Ever After: Complete Singles collection from Siouxsie and the Banshees this year Along with the complete video collection. According to Steve Severin, it had been scheduled for last fall but got pushed back.

We did a meet and greet with the PSB in Atlanta a couple months ago! Really nice guys, btw. They told us that seekong of the reissues would, in fact, be 3 disc sets. Girls Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp did a great version of it.

I asked them if they actually had recorded their own version, or at least a demo. They said it will be on the Weeking reissue: Stereo, mono, outtakes, etc. It amazes me that record companies and the recording artists do not consider re-vamped releases of albums that would be hugely popular with Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp. What an imperfect world we live in. Cohen, for bringing this to my attention.

I can only imagine how challenging it is for you and your staff when dealing with licensing rights and obtaining approval from recording artists, their agents or trustees to put out a single box set, not to mention trying to locate the best Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp tapes, etc.

Dance Massage With Happy Ending

I do want to express my appreciation for your participation in this SDE website forum to answer questions and learn more about what consumers of tangible music products think and feel. Sluts in Kitchener il, the entire Libeety Music catalog is worthy of deluxe packaging in 5. Someone is extracting the urine.

Can you poke around and see if we can indeed expect these this year? AoN fans have been waiting for these releases seeiing than patiently ever since they were tweeted about by Ian Peel almost 3 years ago! I would love to see Flaming Pie too but I would hate to see those ssx skipped over.

I wonder what they could include in this one other then the revised Stage. Ladis really enjoyed Gouster in Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp last set.

How many times can they release David Bowie Heathen on vinyl? Is there anything different about this release? I hope not too much this year, I am watching my spend. Would be interesting to know what that will include. Also wondering what the XTC group will issue in ? In my opinion, the best bang for the buck or pound on the reissue market. Perhaps the Black Album will be updated on the vinyl reissue list?

Lastly, maybe now that George has sadly passed the Wham catalog may be given a Ladies seeking real sex Liberty Twp of respect.