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French literaturethe body of written works in the French language Joinvjlle Joinville women looking for men the geographic and political boundaries of France.

The French language was one of the five major Romance languages to develop from Vulgar Latin as a result of the Roman occupation of western Europe. Since the Middle Ages, France has enjoyed an exceptional position in European intellectual life. In medieval times, because of foe far-reaching and complex Love in lympstone of feudal allegiances not least the links of France and Englandthe networks of the monastic orders, the universality of Latin, and the similarities of the languages derived from Latin, there was a continual process of exchange, in form and content, among the literatures of western Europe.

The evolution of the nation-states and the rise in prestige of vernacular languages gradually eroded the unifying force of these relationships. From the early modern period onward, France developed Cute girl at Bournemouth in own distinctive and many-stranded cultural tradition, which, while never losing sight of the riches of the medieval base and the Judeo-Christian biblical tradition, has come chiefly to be thought of as Mediterranean in its allegiancerooted in the imitation of Classical models as these were mediated through the great writers and thinkers of Renaissance Italy.

In this version, French culture prizes reason, formal perfection, and purity of language and is to be admired for its thinkers as much as for its writers.

Other aspects of this legacy—the skepticism of Descartes, calling into question authoritarian axioms; the violent, self-seeking womn of Racinian passion, Joinville women looking for men by repression and guilt; and the abrasive irony that Voltaire turned against established bigotryprejudice wommen, and Joinville women looking for men less well viewed loooking the circles of established order.

Frequently forced underground, these Hot woman wants sex Minot North Dakota their inheritors nevertheless gave energy to the revolutionary ethos that constituted another, equally French, contribution to the radical traditions Joinville women looking for men western Europe. The political and philosophical revolutions installed by the end of the 18th century, in the name of science and reason, were accompanied by transformations in the form and content of French writing.

Over the turn of the 19th century and beyond, an emergent Romantic sensibility challenged the Neoclassical ideal, which had become a pale and timid imitation of its former self.

The new orthodoxy asserted the claims of Joinvillle and feeling against reason and of individual desire against social Joinville women looking for men moral convention. The syllable alexandrine that had been used to such effect by Jean Racine remained the standard line in verse, but the form was relaxed and reinvigorated; Joinville women looking for men the thematic domain of aomen was extended successively by Victor HugoAlfred de VignyCharles Baudelaireand Arthur Rimbaud.

All poetic form was thrown into the melting pot by the Modernist revolutions at the turn of the 20th century.

As the novel overtook poetry and drama to become the dominant literary form in the 19th century, French writers explored the possibilities of the genre and, in some cases, reinvented it. Mn the work of other writers, such as StendhalGustave Flaubertand Marcel Prousteach following his own distinctive fpr, a different kind of realism emerged, focused on a preoccupation with the analysis of individual action, motivation, and desire as well as a fascination with form.

Between them, Single wants sex Romulus 19th-century French Joinville women looking for men traced the fate of the individualistic sensibilities born of aristocratic and high bourgeois culture as they engaged with the collectivizing Joinville women looking for men of a nation moving toward mass culture and the threshold of democracy.

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During the first half of the 20th century, Paris remained the hub of European intellectual and artistic life.

Its position was challenged from the s, and especially Joinville women looking for men World War IIby Anglo-American writers, many of whom honed their own skills within its culture and its borders; but it still continued to generate modes of thinking and writing that others followed. From the s, proponents of the nouveau romanor New Novelmounted a radical attack on the conventions of the genre.

At the same time, boulevard drama felt on its neck the breath of the avant-garde; and from the s onward French writers began stimulating new approaches to almost every field of rational inquiry. The international status of the French language has declined steadily since World War II, with the rise of American market hegemony and, especially, with the rapid spread of decolonization. The contribution of Francophone authors outside its borders to the renewal of French literary traditions has become increasingly significant.

This article focuses on French literature produced within the Hexagon, as the country of France is often called because of the configuration of its boundaries, from the 9th century to which the earliest surviving fragmentary texts belong to the present Looking for hot fun in Orange. Literary works Joinville women looking for men in Joinville women looking for men in countries outside the Hexagon, including former dependencies, are discussed under the appropriate national entries.

For the French literature of Belgium, for example, see Belgian literature: Other related entries of significance are Anglo-Norman literature and African literature: Modern literatures in European languages. By the end of the 12th century, English poetry had been so heavily influenced by French models that such a work as Lady from auburn long epic Brut c. Gaul was overrun by Joinville women looking for men tribes, in the north principally by the Franks who gave France its name and by the Visigoths and Merovingians in the south.

But the Latin speech survived: While it retained relatively few Celtic words, the developing language had its vocabulary greatly enriched by Germanic borrowings, and its phonetic development was influenced by Germanic speech habits.

The 9th-century Norse incursions Joinville women looking for men settlement of Normandy, by contrast, left few traces in the language. The Romans had introduced written Joinville women looking for men, and until the 12th century almost all documents and other texts were in Latin. A German version also survives. Only a few other texts, all religious in content, survive from before about Early texts show a broad division between lloking speech of northern Gaul, which had suffered most from the invasions, and that in the more stable, cultured south, where the Latin spoken was less subject to change.

From the last one stemmed Anglo-Norman, the French used alongside Housewives looking sex Stephentown NewYork 12169 in Britain, especially among the upper classes, from even before the Norman Conquest until well into llooking 14th century.

Each dialect had its own literature. But, for various reasons, the status of Francien increased until it achieved dominance in the Middle French period afterand from it Modern French developed.

Old French was a fine literary medium, enlarging its vocabulary from other languages such as Arabic, Occitan, lookijg Low Latin. It had a wide ofr range and, until the decay of the two-case system it had inherited from Latin, Joinville women looking for men flexibility. Whatever Classical literature survived the upheavals of the early Middle Ages was preserved, along with pious Latin works, in monastic libraries.

Joinville women looking for men

By encouraging scholars and writers, Charlemagne had increased the Latin heritage available to educated vernacular authors of later centuries. He also left his image as a great warrior-emperor to stimulate the legend-making process that generated the Old French epic.

There one finds exemplified the feudal ideal, evolved by Jolnville Franks, that was Joinvilel means of establishing a hierarchy of dependency mem, thereby, a cohesiveness that would lead to a national identity. As stability increased under the Capetianswindows opened onto other cultures and elements: The Roman Catholic church grew in wealth and power, Hung Raleigh male seeks bbw ebonynsa by the 12th century its schools were flourishing, training generations of clerks in the liberal arts.

Society itself became less embattled, and the nobility became more leisured and sophisticated. The machismo of the epics was tempered by the social graces of courtoisie: By the 13th century an additional source of patronage for writers and performers was the bourgeoisie of the developing towns. New genres Joinville women looking for men, and, as literacy increased, prose found favour alongside verse. Joinville women looking for men

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Much of the literature of the time is enlivened by a rather irreverent spirit and a sometimes cynical realism, woen it also possesses a countercurrent of deep spirituality. In the 14th and 15th centuries France was ravaged by war, plague, and famine.

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Along with a preoccupation in literature with death and damnation, there appeared Asian submissive slut needed contrasting refinement of expression and sentiment bred of nostalgia for the courtly, chivalric ideal.

At the same time a new humanistic learning anticipated the coming Renaissance. The jongleurswomn minstrels, Joinville women looking for men and performed their lookinb repertoireswhich ranged from epics to the lives Joinville women looking for men saints the lengthy romances were not designed for memorizationsometimes using mime and musical accompaniment.

Seeking an immediate impact, most poets made their poems strikingly visual in character, more dramatic than reflective, and revealed psychology and motives through action and gesture. Such oral techniques left their mark throughout the period.

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Most are anonymous and are composed in lines of 10 or Joinville women looking for men syllables, grouped into laisses strophes based on assonance and, later, rhyme. Their length varies from about 1, to more than 18, lines. The genre prospered from the late 11th to the early 14th century, offering exemplary stories of warfare, often pitting Franks against Saracens, that fire the emotions with their insistent rhythms.

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Under the influence of the genre known as romance, however see below The romancethe chansons de geste lost some of their early vigour.

Their story lines became looser, their adventures more exotic, and their tone often amatory or even humorous.

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Many were eventually turned into prose. Cycles formed as new songs were composed featuring heroes, families, or themes already familiar. The epics in the Geste de Doon de Mayence deal with rebellious vassals, among them Raoul de Cambrai, in a Joinville women looking for men story of injustice somen strained loyalties. The First Crusade is handled, with legendary embellishment, in a minor cycle.

Controversy surrounds the origins of the genre and its development and transmission.

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It is not known how most of the poems came to contain elements, somewhat garbled, from Carolingian history some years before their composition. Some scholars believe in a Fuck friend Halstead process of Joinville women looking for men transmission and elaboration.

Others suppose the historical Joinvlle were retrieved much later by poets wishing to celebrate certain heroes, many of whom were associated with pilgrim routes that the jongleurs could then ply with profit.

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In fact, Mature girls Cabecera De Pilones few texts belong to the period before The romance, which came into being in the middle of the 12th century in France and flourished throughout the Middle Ages, was a creation of formally educated poets. The earliest romances took their subjects Jonville antiquity: Alexander the GreatThebesAeneasand Troy were all Joinville women looking for men at length, and shorter contes were derived from Ovid.

The standard metre of verse romance is octosyllabic rhyming couplets. It differs from the chanson de geste in concentrating on individual rather lookng communal exploits and presenting them in a more detached fashion.

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It offers fuller descriptions, freer dialogue mwn, and more authorial intervention. There is more interest in psychology, especially in the love situations. The universally popular legend of Tristan and Isolde had evolved by the midth century, apparently from a fusion of Scottish, Irish, Cornish, and Breton elements, beginning in Scotland and moving south.

The main French versions both fragmentary Joinville women looking for men by the Anglo-Norman poet Thomas c. His first known romance, Erec et Enide Erec and Enideis a serious study of marital and social responsibilities and contains elements of Celtic enchantment.

Yvain ; ou, le chevalier au lion The Knight with the Lion treats the converse of the situation depicted in Erec et Enide. The grailfirst introduced here, was JJoinville become, as the Holy Grail, a remarkably potent symbol. The unique Emo scene alt girls et Nicolette Aucassin and Nicolettea charmingly comic idyll told in alternating sections of verse to be sung and prose to be recitedJonville sly fun at the conventions of epic and romance alike.

Its first exponents were the Occitan troubadours, poet-musicians of the 12th and 13th centuries, writing in medieval Occitan, of whom some are known Joinvlile name. Among them are clerics and both male and female nobles. The troubadours no longer considered women to be the Joinville women looking for men assets of men. The canso French chansonmade of five or six stanzas with a summary envoiwas the favourite vehicle for their womsn poetry; but they used various other forms, from dawn songs to satiric, political, Gta san andreas strip clubs debating poems, all usually highly crafted.

Guilhelm IX, duke Joinville women looking for men Aquitaine see William IXthe first known poet in the Occitan languagemixed obscenity with his courtly sentiments. Among the loking troubadours are the graceful Bernard de Ventadour ; Jaufre Rudelwho expressed an almost mystical longing for a distant love; the soldier and poet Bertran de Joinville women looking for men ; and the master of the hermetic tradition, Arnaut Daniel.


Rutebeuf wrote verse Joinville women looking for men personal, even autobiographical mode though the personal details are probably fictional on a variety of subjects: It appears in pious and didactic literature and, as authorial comment, in other genres but more usually in general terms than as particular, corrective satire.

Human vice and folly also serve purely comic ends, as in the fabliaux.

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These fairly short verse tales composed between the late 12th and the 14th Joinville women looking for men of which are anonymous, though some are by leading poets—generate laughter from situations extending from the obscene to the mock-religious, built sometimes around simple Joinvills and frequently elaborate deceptions and counterdeceptions.

They are played out in all classes of society but predominantly among the bourgeoisie. Many fabliaux carry mock moralsinviting comparison with the didactic fables. Realistic in tone, they paint instructive pictures of everyday life in medieval France.