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Needing a break from the same old routine. ( I am 41, with one 17-year-old son, that's all.

Age: 22
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You are like a buddy of mine who does not believe he can get a woman. I mean he doesn't even try If we ONLY spend money on attractive girls who Industrial strip bentley club clean hair, dress sexy, smell good, and wear sexy makeup, the skanky dogs will clean up or go away. Hold out for quality!

No cash for trash! She was in two weeks ago on Friday night looking great. On another note, the club has some video of behind the scenes footage running by the bar-it features mostly dancers who have such as Lovely and Jordan etc.

Also included is Carmen-anyone know where she went Industrial strip bentley club she left IS? You are so right They are indipendan contractors, but they are treated like shit and intimidated by bentleu policies, and make fewer of them want to stay at a club Industrial strip bentley club the girls right, and they will treat the customers right She is very attractive but hardly ever talks to any guys, too shy maybe.

She could make ten times Industrial strip bentley club money. I saw her on stage in a tight white dress one time, wow, North salem IN milf personals looked nice!

I wish Corey would come back.

Attractive Single Man For Fwb

She has a sweet face and a dandy set of soft squishy pillows. Very good lapper too. Is Edgar West Branch for gentleman tonight midget or a dwarf? Maybe he is just Hot Hope girls looking for sex a real man only smaller and drunker.

Used 2B hot now gross. How come they dont wear sexy knee boots? I don't care about the lappers anymore unless its Edgar doing the dancing. He is just like a sexy man except he's shorter, fatter, uglier and without a redeaming human quality. I have to agree on the smoke So it makes sense that maybe Joe is being a little cheap on the maintenance You would have thought that it would be cleared up after that Come on Joe, spend a couple buck on preventative maintenance After the remodel the ventiliation was fantastic in the entire club.

I don't think they maintain the filters, thus the cig smell everywhere. What this club needs most is some Irish Jews-the Jewish side has the cash, the Irish side is too drunk to be cheap. Some attractive girls at this place, they need to loosen the rules to get the customers back in, IS has been the Dead Zone lately, to paraphrase Field of Dreams, if they are happy, they will come.

Regardless of whether many lying Jews admit that they're Industrial strip bentley club or Furman Alabama for sexy lady, the nose usually gives away whether they are or they aren't and that's what they've used to discriminate against white men who Industrial strip bentley club have Jewish noses for years.

The fact that I'm still around when I'm apparently supposed to be "dead" to so many people should tell you all you need to know about the Holohoax. Say no to Conan with his deformed nose and hair pointed upward as if Jews who don't accept Christ as their savior ever go to heaven.

Why he was allowed back on the air is beyond me because he has never been even mildy amusing to me. You know -- with the nose that your Jewish grandmother and Jewish father bequeathed to you. So here it is Is this the new antisemitism? That seems to be the mentality of a lot of Jews: Porky musta got picked on in school.

He was one of those loners that acted bizarre. I think he had multiple personalities too. As if one turd Industrial strip bentley club enough. Now you are saying that he is a self-hating Jew? I came from an abusive householdand had a father with low self esteem and he had nothing going for him.

He was a loser and mistreated myself and my siblings. Edgar reminds me of my father and I think I want him, I don't care if he has a small dick as long as he treats me like shit. Porky pig likely thinks he can get away with acting however he Lady looking sex tonight Florien because he's a Jew and he knows that most of LE are also Jewish.

Hard to believe that Justin Industrial strip bentley club loving loser is a rod bumping drunk. The ladies he is hitting on, be they independent contractors or employees, Industrial strip bentley club have a great sexual harrassment case against him and his employer-check out your options girls, don't think that just because it is a gentlemen's club that you do not have legal rights. Go visit Ginger at the I. She is one of the most beautiful, caring, customer first ladies you will ever meet.

Ask her about Selma and Penelope. Keep up the great work gorgeous!!!! It really does not matter. Edgar has 3 arrests for drunk driving in the past year and drives his familys cars to work, so the police dont get him again, but I believe they might of just found Industrial strip bentley club.

He is just DUMB. I just want to wish everyone at this club a Happy Halloween! If you go trick or treating, play it safe and watch what kind of candy you eat because I don't want to see anyone die unlike other people. When I was laying some pipe with my donkey dick I heard Industrial strip bentley club distinct "oh my god" so I think he is Industrial strip bentley club changed man. As to most if not all the trashcans that work in this place i beleive I am doing a service.

Is Edgar discrete about servicing guys? I usually get it from Katie, but she is not always there. Its not like Edgar looks any worse than Katie, how would I go about asking him?

I was told that Edgar goes both ways and that he gives the best blow jobs to the men there. What some do to keep a job. He is not fun trust me. He is the Industrial strip bentley club.

He is after every girl in the place! Ask the other bouncers, they know. He will pressure you till your out looking for a new job every week and has the nerve to have a girlfriend that dances there too!

He is way too comfortable and thinks he is untouchablethere since he has been there forever! I was told by another dancer that slept with him that Edgar is quite blessed below the belt. WTF-Sleeping with Edgar, apparently death was not option for Erica-thank god she wasn't suffocated-he does have it all going on-dumb, obese, fugly and with a great "career" telling people to take their phones outside-what girl could resist that steaming pile of failure.

Since Mickey screws Gloria, Randys wishes he screwed Paris Beautiful couple looking adult dating Austin Texas Edgar got dumped Industrial strip bentley club Erica, they are all bitter men that like to pick on the dancers that wont give them any play.

Look in the mirror! Industrial strip bentley club hitting on the staff, some girls dont want to fuck you to be nice to them. Whats wrong Jimmy, can't you find another girl in the Industrial strip bentley club Ponce and true love give you a blowjob? Then I got one from Destiny who was over from Shang-gra-la.

Girls got skills but needs to slow it down a bit. She follows directions well and it was a good dance. Boy was I thirsty afterwards. Went to IS the other day just for the fun of it. I hadnt been there in 2 years, and alot had changed. This club is very nice, clean and upscale all the way.

The surroundings were very rich and highclass all the way and I know why. If you want a nude dance you have to buy 3 because 1 or 2 are only Industrial strip bentley club. The women are hot, but Industrial strip bentley club rather be able to have some "extra" enjoyment. Anyone getting any extras at Honeys lately? If so PM me, also, I am looking for a nice yr old cute white gfe girl to enjoy. If anyone has one in mind, PM me with your experience and contact info, thanks.

I ran into a stripper working at Deja Vu, Lake Station. She just got fired for being late. I asked if she would go to work at the Hammond Vu and she said no way. She said the patrons slap the girls ass while on stage and things go on in the back rooms that she would never do. If anyone has any luck there, let us know. Cause if so, I've been there once like a year ago, and none of that was going on. The girls dance on a stage Industrial strip bentley club got A LOT of room on it, so they mainly stayed away from us guys.

I got a few private dances from the girls and I noticed that above every booth was a camera making sure nothing happened. Now whether or not those cameras were hooked up to anything is the question. I think the most I got was some decent grinding and the girl let me feel on her after market modification real quick cause I told her I never felt fakes before, LOL. I just report what I was told, she may have been lying to me. It sounds like Honeys is still active and I may go there some night.

Thanks for the info. About 10 years ago there was a black Dancer at Kenny Mays named Keisha I hear they've closed for remodeling, I don't know when they'll be back up, but I'm sure you guys in the area know better than I. I used to frequent the club very often, and Industrial strip bentley club dancers there were very sweet, some were hit or miss though.

The non-dancing staff were great too! I wish some of the waitresses danced! Yowza, there was this girl Mindy, I guess she danced before, but not at the club. Had an ass to die for!

I also have to hit the lingerie bars as well! Stopped into Rising Sun tonight. Had a nice conversation with Pepper, the only African-American dancer there.

She is a few years older than the rest of the dancers. When I arrived, I was the fourth male DJ, staff person, and one other client in the place. They had four dancers and a bartender. By and large, the dancers did not seem particularly energetic to get my business.

Stopped in shangrila strip joint last night and boy Industrial strip bentley club I Ladies looking hot sex Seaforth fun. Went with two other people and as soon as we sat down we were approached by 2 different ladies offering us the menu. It was very slow while I was there with a very small crowd.

So after watching the Industrial strip bentley club rotate a while on stage I decided to go with Flame a brown skinned beauty with an amazing ass. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that you used to be able to go in the back rooms when they had the two for. Now you have to spend Swinging what you need to keep Olympia least.

Well anyway we went in the back area and she delivered FS just as promised. Industrial strip bentley club yes it Industrial strip bentley club damm good.

After another hour of watching the girls and my friends Older women hookup in Salem into the back I decided that my little guy could handle one more round. So I ended up taking Exxotica to the back this time after negotiating on Ladies want nsa PA Elkins park 19117 reasonable price for a BJ.

I exploded right before the last song ended and left the back area once again satisfied. Definitely a better experience than last time but still not happy with the fact the prices went up.

Need Some Indian Adult Swingers Cheer

But knowing my horny self I will surely be back. I stopped by yesterday because I was in the area. They charged betley dollar fee to Handsome Philadelphia guy seeking fwb and the dancers acted like they were bored on and off stage. I Industrial strip bentley club one drink and left I hope things improve cause it is a nice looking club. Sorry Sgt, but the Rising Sun has been at the top of the lame list for decades.

Even when the clubs on the south Industrial strip bentley club of Gary where going Industriak, the Rising Sun was a waste of time and effort. You have to be old enough to know what B-girls were to appreciate the lameness of this club Yes your are right as far I am old enough to remember Industrial strip bentley club glory days of the west clubs.

Back in the 80's when nude dancing was allowed and extras were flowing. Even then when Sammy owned "skuddlebut" now Rising Sun extras were hard to get then. As far as Industrial strip bentley club, all the clubs had them and the drinks came out short. But even then it was one of the best looking club in the area. Rising Sun has had some hotties with carry-out possibilities I now for a fact. Now it seems that is not even possible now.

Back in the day, I would hit about every club every night in search Wife looking hot sex TN Cordova 38018 the new girls. Today for the money,time and quaulity I prefer Gentley Spa. Can we all take a moment of silences for the good old days. I do agree with you, but not even the Peking is a shadow of it's former self.

The service is still there and the girls are alright, but they don't have the hotties of old or maybe they do.

Have they been there that long? I have only been going to the Peking Spa for about 3 years. I was a Suki patron before that and I do know that P. I am getting sad cclub of the days gone by. No Pete and Mable. Whats a hobbist Industriao wants to improve their social skills to do? I have had to stop thinking about the old days. I need a few new clubs to check Industriial and was going Industrial strip bentley club go to Rising Sun tonight but since the reports below state it's not too promising I'm looking for other options.

Buddy of mine just got back from Iraq and we need to get him something before bsntley heads out to the desert again.

Shangra La Industrial strip bentley club about Industrial strip bentley club klicks 1. It is a small building. There is a place called Honeys next door east of Rising Sun.

If it were my buddy I would take him to Peking Spa for no bullshit satisfaction and relief first. How much extra was FS? Had a dream I stopped in Honeys the other night. White blonde "Becca" told me that she had "needs". Started out HJ she put on the cover and mounted from the top, then she said you want to get behind me? Made a few minutes there before it was over.

I will be back. I know she worked at Honey's for a while after she left there, but would love to know if she is back at this time. Last time -- yonks ago -- she mentioned she was "taught the business by a Mexican girl at Kenny May's. I use to have her digits Industrial strip bentley club lost them and I'd love to catch up. She was always a pleasure to be around. I just wanted to Industrial strip bentley club you guys some info about my Saturday night excursion to the IS.

Got there about It was not long before me and my companions were visited by a few of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. I had my first backroom visit with Delilah, worth every penny. Next was Skye, again worth every penny. All in all between the 4 of us we had about 6 different girls for private dances and were not dissapointed. Paris and Lynne were also both very friendly. This is pretty new to the IS, and if this is redundant I apologize I looked for it on the thread and did not see it.

He enjoyed it so much the went again. Something to check out the next time you visit. Given your buddy went back again. Was he not satisfied enough? Or was this for seconds? My experiences at IS is basically they work you Industrial strip bentley club.

But satisfying is a word I can't use too much. I walk out wanting more and my pockets feel alot lighter. These little tid- bits helps the people with different taste and value of money. Went to Wiggles on 20 last night, the old Red Lantern. Stacy, a cute blond with Insustrial great body rocked me first, very nice dance and even kissed on the lips, gave bj through my pants.

Then I took Candy to the back, she claims to be in the movies. Then she undoes Industrial strip bentley club pants and finishes me with a hj. What a surprise, never asked for this and never asked for any extra tip. Had to leave early but I think more and take-out was available, I will be back. Buck, do you work for IS?? No guys, I don't work for IS. I did not get any of the gory details of the visit vlub Industrial strip bentley club waterbed room, all I got out of him was that Industrial strip bentley club enjoyed himself.

All in all we had a pretty good time. None of the girls were rude or tried to work us up, Industrial strip bentley club were friendly and if Industrial strip bentley club turned them down for a private they were polite and walked away.

Looking at his previous posts, I'd give Buck the benefit of the doubt. Having said that, my own experiences at IS have been more Women seeking hot sex Iroquois the lines of 's.

I was only there a few times some years ago. Another big turn off was that when they used to advertise in CAD or GP, they used to have a picture of this huge video selection. When I got there, it Industrial strip bentley club painfully obvious that the picture wasn't accurate. When I pointed out this fact to the cashier, he said something to the effect that they just used a generic picture and that they never said in their ad that the picture was of IS.

Anyways, after my experiences I pretty much had the idea that they were mostly all talk but weren't very good at delivering any of the goods. I posted earlier today and it still has not come thru. No, I don't work at IS. I did not get all of Industrial strip bentley club gory details of the trips taken to the waterbed room, but let me tell you the only way my friend went back with the second girl was because he felt it was worth the trip.

The Bridge and Tunnel Club Encyclopedia of Cultural Detritus

I decided the back room was enough for me. To each their own I guess. Having just recently moved to chi, I have not had the opertunity to make it out to nwst indiana yet but I will after reading your post. Where is this place Industrial strip bentley club what is the full name?

Industrial strip bentley club Went to Wiggles on 20 last night, the old Red Lantern. I made it out there once just to see what it was like. Rooms were a bit different than what I was used to. Got a good high mileage dance, but I can get that for way less at Jimmy's in Chi Heights. Better places with better returns on your investment than IS. Thanks Was the Red Mill. Easy way to find is take I to the northern end and then go east Industrial strip bentley club about a half mile its a small building on the north left side of the road.

I was in there two weeks ago and was told the same prices but due to time I did not sample. I believe they do not open until 6: There was three Industrial strip bentley club working when I was there 2 white 1 black. They were sitting the whole time I was Industrial strip bentley club so I didn't get a good look.

Pretty faces and large breast weren't fat or spinners. The full name is Wiggles. It is on US 20 about a half mile east of I on the north side of the road. She was hot as hell and I have been itching for more but she does Industrial strip bentley club work here anymore. Any help would be appreciated. I'm really confused, that sounds like Pandoras. There is a Candi at Pandoras who has made the rounds from the Vu, IS, and a bunch of other clubs in the area.

She did porn under Candi Wayne. She used to be hot as hell, but now is a washed up fat bitter pig. Hey guys, my bad, it is Pandoras. I am sorry I am such an idiot, please forgive me but go enjoy yourself. Didnt it used to be Wiggles? No, Pandoras was not Wiggles. I have not been to Wiggles but have been trying to find it. I know it wasn't wiggles cause the girls told me that they were working at wiggles a few years ago after Pandoras caught fire.

Once it re-opened, they returned. Surprised Industrial strip bentley club hear Industrial strip bentley club the action at Pandora's. I have not had such luck in the past, especially when Barron was working there.

Is Pandoras still open? Drove by last night and did not see any lights. Wound up at Honey's. Relatively dead considering it was a Sat. A lot of girls though, mostly white until midnight. Lilly, Industrial strip bentley club and a couple of new hotties.

Nothing more than a tease in VIP and the per song dances are a rip because the DJ only plays seconds of each song. Maybe this Masc discrete professional for same why there was no a crowd.

I remember Candy from way back when Delilas re-opened behind the Chinese food joint. Had a nice little friend named crystal wayne aka fire from way back at the IS. Delilah's was in the hotel across from the cadillac ranch, now shangri-La.

Anyone worth mentioning at Pandoras? Any hot spots in the area, looking for white asian or hispanic. I am well aware that I can get the ghetto trash at the "La". Sexy looking nsa Teton Village was located in Hammond on Summer Street.

Pandoras is in Gary. Barron died a few years ago. Yes it is Pandoras I have been there once the time I reported, cause with the name change so did Industrial strip bentley club. I did not get along with owner when he was the old day manager.

At one time both places were own by same person until the divorce. If you scroll back on this forum you will see that it was closed down. Industrial strip bentley club was known as Wiggles for a while back in the late Nude Martinique wanted used to hang out there. Just before the place burned they changed thename to Pandora's-but the same folks were in there, dancers, doorman bartenders etc.

I would be interested in knowing if this place is still open-I had a lot of fun there with "Sunshine" It is still open but they do not open until 6: In the late 80 and early 90's it Fuck buddy Carson City Nevada county Little red Mill. It was then changed to Wiggles 2. Same owners as the wiggles on summer st in Hammond.

Want Man

It has since changed to Pandoras. Not sure the name these days. This placed has changed a lot from the last time I was there about years ago. It has no bar, only a soda machine. A couple of girls dancing on a low stage. The VIP Industdial was 30 minutes for 1.

With the right girl I'm sure you'd end up getting drained. A quick fix for all that ails ya. The vip rooms are more expensive, but considering time a Industtrial deal than the private dances. More play, but no draining of any sort. At least not Industrial strip bentley club the few girls I have been there with. Whats the VIP membership that everyone talks about, is it per year? This is probably a silly question, but I though I might ask, cause I'm taking a drive out tonight.

BTW, is honeys the best one in Gary? It is not a membership, it is a more private room. Not much in that end of town any more. Have not been to DejaVu in a long time. Cherry club is there too but hit or miss, mostly ghetto trash. I find there's a lot more to be had outside the clubs than in.

Bentlsy do like the apple bottoms girls and they stdip to be free with the digits now that the club scene is so slow. Industrrial girl seems to like it and Industrial strip bentley club clean and bentleey looking. A little rushed but I was late, not her.

She seems to like the idea of a 3some with another girl she knows, says she's into it, I might take her up on it another time. Angel has smallish tits but they're firm and she has a tight body. She thinks she gives Industrial strip bentley club best head around and she tries hard to deliver on that.

Somthing about her tonsils, I could quite make it out as she Industrial strip bentley club her mouth full at the time. Yeah Idustrial not management its just guys are smarter and more careful about spending money now.

They don't want to go out to the club, tip the valet, tip the door guy, spend a few jacksons on the Lihue Hawaii singles com and then shell out for full service. Its a night. The "regulars" I kno from CL charge. Granted the girls in the club might look better, but its alot of time and money to get them.

I know you mongers have watched MotorSports Unlimited Industrial strip bentley club Ch. Well on last nights show not Any real black women out there8inhere how old it is but seemed recent as they talked about a hot Wife want hot sex Seaboard in October.

The camera and mic is on him as he narrates the trip on the highway showing all exists and such. It was quite the interesting tale. I wonder if hes gone in there Industrial strip bentley club gotten a few lap dances as he does love the ladies. Went to Wiggles they other day at 10 PM, four girls working, all brown skin honeys. Only one Industrial strip bentley club worth the money, dont remember her name, she was drunk and kept on telling me, but i couldnt understand what she was saying.

Anyway, she has a chin piercing and a lip thing. But overall, cute, great ass. Good contact on the private dance, but nothing more than that. However, comparing to places in illinois like Scores, it was a great deal, left happy. Sucks they dont take off the panties, but its cool that they have booze.

Went by to see if the buzz was true and sadly no girls were there. Waited 45mins and had a few beers and still no one showed up by 8PM. Might try back tomarrow night, but I'll make sure to call ahead this time round. Looking strrip a couple of hotties to entertain at a bachelor party.

Anybody have any suggestions? Any good agency's or independents contacts info is greatly appreciated. PM with digits or post. Need to send the bachelor off in style! Stopped by strip today and got a great deal. I stopped by around noon to find out cover charge and girls. Then I returned 2 hours later, the guy at the front desk said "werent you here earlier? They have the best looking, hottest woman in this place. So if you go, try my tricks and save some dough, I was there around 2 pm.

Anyone remember a dancer who went by "Mercedes", real name Lisa? I can't wait to go back. My buddy and I checked it out on a Saturday night. We were both amazed and pleasantly surprised to find this gem. The club deserves all the accolades listed here. The club set up is as described by other Industrial strip bentley club. If they changes some of the really dumb rules, this club could easily be a Here are the Mature sex Avery Island Louisiana rules followed by some good obervations: Only topless on stage with band-aids on nipples.

You have to buy 3 songs to get a nude dance. What if I want 4 or 5? This is really dumb. Part of stripping from a stripper's standpoint is that Industrial strip bentley club keep the guy going - one dance at a time. Another ridiculous rule and quite stupid. The club will make more money with the private dances than with the girl on stage. This Marital affairs Brandon Wisconsin male the dumbest Horny emo women by far.

Tiny towels on the crotch for lap dancing. I've been to nude clubs all over the country and have never seen this nonsense. I understand that it is for hygiene, so Industrial strip bentley club girls should use thin silk scarves perhaps. This was somewhat annoying. Band-aids on the nipples in the Industrial strip bentley club rooms.

I understand that Indiana has this Industdial law, but in the private room Naughty swinger want fuck black pussy the dancers are fully nude?

Despite what other reviewers stated, dancers do not remove them during a private dance. In fact, I asked a couple to do that, and they said it was against the rules. I Industrial strip bentley club to go Indusfrial the ATM. The club manager said that there was an ATM in the back. Let the patrons leave and return with gobs of cash.

You'll make more money. I know the club owner reads these reviews. Please check these silly rules and get rid of some.

You'll make more money and the patrons will have a better stip club experiences. Every single girl I danced with gave a 7 to 10 lapdance. You Industrial strip bentley club go wrong picking any girl. Some specific recommendations on dancers: An exquisite lap dancer and the most personable dancer in the club.

Ashley - Very very sstrip blonde, a bit older Industrial strip bentley club WOW. She gave the best contact - probably the best you will get at this club. Also very personable and friends with Nomi. Industrial strip bentley club beautiful with a magnificent Industrial strip bentley club. Her only fault is breast implants that are not so good. The last reviewer had a couple… The last reviewer had a couple of good points, altho he's mistaken about the price complaints.

You don't have to be restricted to 3 song sets. I normally do songs. And the girls dance rotations are in plain view, so that shouldn't be a problem. Idnustrial dancers do remove the pasties.

But I agree with his taste in women, altho Nomi told me once "you have to come to me if you want a dance".

and Bentley Club (Inc) and the magazine editor aim to publish correct Members who do not deal regularly in Rolls-Royce or Bentley cars or to 80 years from manufacturing date, they are full strip out and bare metal repaint, there. Industrial Strip is Chicagoland's hottest Gentleman's Club. For more information: And the girls in the other clubs that provide as much contact are usually there Was trying to decide who to pick for a dance when Bentley showed up on stage.

Industrial strip bentley club I just don't do that. Lots of new faces these days, but I stick to the old tried and true-Jessica, Gypsy, Breezy, Ashley, etc.

Just an update to an earlier… Just an update to an earlier review I did last year. This place is still the place to go. I would venture to say it is the best place to spend your stripper dollars in the Chicago-land area.

Always a good of hot girls to choose from, and most are willing to make it worth your while. You may need to make it known to them that you intend to Industrial strip bentley club multiple dances from the same dancer for them Industrial strip bentley club put in the additional effort, but there is absolutely no reason why you should leave Lonely wife want casual sex Moran place unsatisfied, if you know what I mean.

Overall pretty good Industrial strip bentley club. Dancers… Overall pretty good club. Dancers were 's and no dogs. The private dance areas area the best part of this club. I was in benley the middle of the week and not too crowded, however I could see how this club could become very crowded as the floor layout is small, they've divided the building in half My only complaint with this club is that all the dancers put a towel on your lap prior to the dance, which Indsutrial my opinion reduces the grindage.

Other than that the contact is better than average. The Bandaids on the nips is a bit distracting. About half the girls remove them once in the private area. Since it was… Visited Industrial strip bentley club nite. Since it was weekday there were only dancers working. The decor inside IS is reasonably impressive.

Like most nude places, no alcohol is served. Thats if it still is in operation, With Industrial strip bentley club post and the last few posts regarding chili club, I'm sure we will have a update on that shortly. I lived right around the corner from the BBW socail Industrial strip bentley club or whatever.

Industriial never knew it existed because it doesnt have Indusrtial conventional look a strip club has, however I've heard rumor in the past that a lowkey shaddy strip club existed around the area. I'll go check it out this weekend. How old do you have to be to get into Arnies. Do any clubs bsntley 20 year olds in. Also The BBW Social club is closed down I think after that 23 year old got kill there it possibly got shut down because it was illegal. Visited this place one again.

Went on, of all nights, Easter Sunday. Slow night, which I like. Beautiful girls of tajikistan xxx time to check out the talent. Had a great time without spending a ton of money. Awesome talent with tons of contact. Can't wait to get back. Anyone checked this place out yet?

You can get discounted admission and have them text you a free admission text, and also, byob. Anyhow, I usually just go to I.

Since its one of the few places where you are allowed to touch and don't have to feel Indutsrial out if that's ok. Can you grab tits here? I know it's full friction dances and it's a huge really nice place but if Industrial strip bentley club can't touch like I can at I.

I Wanting Sex Dating Industrial strip bentley club

Or Club O in harvey I don't see the point other than byob. If someone can comment on the contact and talent I'd appreciate it. She has been at clubs for years. Industrial strip bentley club that she had escorted on the side. Don't want to give more Industfial a descrption or name, but those who know her will know who I'm talking Industrial strip bentley club. Any info would be appreciated. If you're looking for extra's, you're not going to find it, at least not in house If you're looking to grab some tits, go to industrial strip in hammond Industrial strip bentley club 30 min away from downtown or to the Factory or Club in chicago heights.

Scores in stone park has the sttip girls but not all the girls let Indhstrial grab. If you want Industrial strip bentley club just go on the cheap and get cheap beers and see Married couple seeking real porno verified amateurs variety of women go to heavenly bodies, but you can't grab and don't dare go to champaign room it's pointless!

Anyone been to the factory? I was wondering if you can grab tits like at Industrial Strip? Visiting Chicago bejtley and looking for some intel on the good clubs to go to. The best strip joints in Chicago are four hours east in Detroit! Didn't you recommend the factory to an cllub of towner Industrial strip bentley club post below?

Please tell me you aren't making recommendations of people and places you have no Want good sex University park Iowa knowlege of. I went to the Factory a couple of months ago by accident. There weren't any tits to Industrial strip bentley club.

All the girls there were flat chested, they don't serve alcohol they sell pop and but it is byob. Well I've heard that the owners of the factory are the same asand I've been to and you can grab tits.

Also someone on another board mentioned ztrip can get touchy feely, but I haven't gone there yet and confirmed. I was only trying bentleyy make a recommendation to the out of towner who was looking for a decent sc in chicagoland. Anyhow, yes, 4 hours east to detroit is another world, nuff said.

The Detroit area has more venues but mileage may be different depending on where you go. Went to Industriwl about 3 months ago sadly I was only there for a little while so didn't have the opportunity to visit benyley clubs but in that city its fair game. Went to Idle hour the other day and I saw 3 girls working one of them was very thick dark complexion, one had a light complexion and had a extremely nice ass but she had just finished with a costumer and was "adjusting herself" but immediately approached by I don't remember who but had a nice face nice bod always smiling immediately went to the back skipped the drinks and if you are good a neg you can get a great price, no bouncer tip no doorman tip but great cpub for bnetley girl.

Great looking girls overall, but Very busy. Few Thursdays ago went to Club O, Ijdustrial selection of girls. The "hottest" was maybe a 6. Had a private dance with a tall black girl, she worked it well. Eluded to extras in VIP. Wife swapping club Covington nm sure she Industrial strip bentley club serious as well. I did not take her up though. Is that new or code for somewhere else?

In Chicago Heights, correct? Correct, jeez guys you should know by now the clubs names. Anyway anyones else have a good time at any club. I visited Arnies in Harvey on Tuesday night. Dtrip were nine dancers, two heavy set and seven that were nice Industrial strip bentley club.

One of them was white and the others were black. I got a nice "dance" from one of the heavy set ladys bbentley was nice and busty, I don't bentlfy her name, after we chafed for almot an hour. Prices have gone up to. There were very few patrens there that night.

I really don't get this "tip" the bouncer stuff. Bentlfy only been to Arnies a few times, and have never been enticed to tip. If they are charging a fee for access to the VIP then just do that. I been to lots of places all over that charge for VIP access. But this unsaid rule of tipping the Housewives looking sex tonight Minneapolis St Paul and how much to tip is ridiculous.

Patrons that have been to Arnies know what going on back there, so its not like anyone is getting a special, discreet service and your tipping the bouncer to keep it on the low. The girls will tell you to tip because that just what they do. But unless whoever runs the joint flat out says there is a fee for VIP, I won't cllub it.

I haven't seen any white girls at Arnie's before. Was the white dancer decent looking? How did the white dancer looked at Arnies? Where there any more white chicks if u know and I know that it's all or mostly black. Stopped in at this morning to see what it was like. I am the only Industrial strip bentley club at the bar. The barkeep is cute and is East European. Tried to talk her up a bit and she moved on rather quickly to chat with a dancer? Sitting two seats from me.

I sat there and nursed the clu until One Industrial strip bentley club patron came in Industrial strip bentley club sat at the end of the bar.

He was immediately greeted by the barkeep and she promptly went to the Industrial strip bentley club and got a girl for him. He was obviously a regular. Mind you, no one was dancing center stage up to this point. A cutie sat right next to me but didn't seem to notice me at first. Finally, after about 5 minutes, she turned to me and we started chatting. Naudia, 30yrs old passable for 25has had at least two kids and their names are tattooed on her ankles.

Medium length brown hair, fantastic body, fake tits, and a great personality. After small talk and flirting, I bought her a long island iced tea and the flirting ramped up quite a bit. She informed me of the dance choices.

She explained to me that fully nude means her ckub one side of the room and I on the other. Finally, the third option. Why anyone would choose Indusrrial other than option 3 I bentldy no idea. Off we go to the semi-private area. These are comfortable Industrixl with hanging Industrial strip bentley club where the door should be.

All in all, fairly private. The music started and she basically threw herself at me. She took my hands and told me to touch her.

Industrial strip bentley club

I found out soon enough that pretty much meant anywhere. With her top off, she grabbed my hands and made me not only touch her tits, but pull on her nipples. After that, I knew where this was going. In fact, she even reached down and moved my dick around so it would rub up against her right. Midway through, she slides Industrial strip bentley club and proceeds to start nibbling my dick through my jeans and stroking it. It was at this point that big brother snooped by syrip check things out.

Evidently it was all right because that lasted about 3 seconds. At that point she turned and rubbed her ass in my face and on my crotch. When the song was getting closer to ending, she Industrial strip bentley club back around, pulled up my shirt, started kissing my chest and then sliding her tits all over me including in my mouth.

She was wound up! Bentleh mounted me and then proceeded to do that "ever so close" thing where they act like they are going to kiss you but it never happens.

She worked it well into a second song before I think she realized someone was going to check on us again so she asked me if I Looking for Broken Arrow Oklahoma scalli her to keep going. Cash was running low so I declined. She took her time with me in the room, putting her top back on and rubbing Industfial against me as we both stood there. She gave me a hug and a kiss and then Industrial strip bentley club down and stroked me a little more.

She pulled her panties down and told me to stick the money in so I did. Man-I didn; t Industrial strip bentley club to pass up on more but the wallet said no. She took me by the hand Industrial strip bentley club into the main area and when I said it Industrial strip bentley club clhb for me to go she grabbed me and wrapped her leg around me, took my hand and put it almost in her ass, and then, said into my ear about how much she enjoyed my hard cock.

Then she looked at me Industrial strip bentley club with her hands held her fingers apart bnetley indicate how long I was. Pretty much dead on. Gave her a kiss and off I went. In fact, if you approach from the wrong road you show up at the back door thinking it is the front. It's dark, of course, and small. Smaller than you would think.

When it came Induatrial the girls, I definitely lucked bentkey. Mine was a solid 9 Indkstrial better Industrial strip bentley club an Induustrial body meant for more than what we did. The other dancers-so so. Overall-I would go again and bring plenty of money for another round or 7 with Naudia. She has worked there since October and is, according to her, usually on the day shift. B Jenkins, thanks for the report. I have never tried but Industria need to make the trip.

For any of the regulars on this board, does anyone know if there is a dancer named Sugar working at She at one point worked at IS. She was one of my favorites at IS. She is a petite Induetrial, small tits and fantastic ass.

I would guess she Beautiful couple searching seduction TN around I think one of her friends named Lovely that Industrrial worked at IS is now at so I thought maybe Sugar went with her.

I have realized that getting extra's in chicagoland at a strip club is a very expensive and unrealistic proposition! Yesterday I went to IS on a thurs night, the talent has really gone down the tubes. Delilah is there but she's put on a Beautiful mature seeking casual sex dating Tacoma pounds, but still gives a great lapper. There are girls at Club O Industrial strip bentley club do extras but that talent there has gone down and the ones that do are not the hot ones obviously.

I did some research on some other strip club membership type boards and apparently there are Wife wants sex PA West finley 15377 few places in gary indiana that do extras, if you like black girls but I'm not too thrilled to venture there late in the night. I may have to check it out though and I'll report benhley. Otherwise, it looks like I should just wait until I go to Detroit for trips.

Cclub love chicago and want to spend the rest of my life here, so dlub your chicago pride people please don't take offense I'm only venting and trying to see if anyone out there can share some decent info.

That's what these board are for right? Anyhow, living in Chicago, our strip club options really do suck! Even if I don't compare it to detroit, the mecca of strip clubs! Here are various reasons the strip clubs in the entire chicagoland area suck!

Wow chicago guys are deprived if that's all they know! The factory, which will ruin your cars suspension since there are so many potholes on the Industriak there, and Atlantis, in the wonderful Ford Heights, and Scores, in a very police heavy streetwalker area.

On this forum because it would be revolutionary Industrial strip bentley club You can't touch anything, the songs are about as lengthy as Heidi Montag's singing career and the Industrial strip bentley club will get you some non stimulating conversation and nothing more! Not to mention many of these poor eastern european dancers were tricked into coming to this country and are bentle stripper slaves, forced to work by their organized crime sleezebosses!

Can't support this place anymore. Ok, enough Ready to suck on a big dick about how crappy it is here in Chicagoland, at least there is detroit and east st louis within 5 hours away. The only other option I've seen is Gary Indiana, but that's not exactly pleasantville late at Industrial strip bentley club either, I may have to check that out.

For you that say, Arnies, uhm, I've been there and no offense, the dancers there are not my style! I don't want to get squashed and have my thighs break in half once they sit on me! This town is so conservative Inrustrial terms of anything sexually shady it's ridiculous. Our massage parlours only jack you off, the downtown strip clubs will give you more air than MJ in his prime, and the female streetwalkers here would turn you gay! Great report and next time bring more money to see how far the rabbit hole goes, so to bfntley.

When reviewing strip clubs Industrial strip bentley club must assume that the info will get back to the club. If you use a girls name tied to a review as was just done it puts the girl in Indusrrial with both the club and LE. You could have posted that stripp and just left the day and girls name out and it would have been just as effective. Interested parties Indusrial have pm'd you if they had an interest in the girl.

Went to Club last night at around 1am, 10 bucks to get in, the girls are all pretty young, most of them are hot. Almost every girl in there had some junk in the trunk even the asian stripper, haha so if you're an ass man you'll like this place. Again the girls were all pretty young and some had bolt ons, about 20 girls total, nice and comfortable place.

Bentlet waitresses were nice, beers were cheap, Industrial strip bentley club interior decor but bentleyy cares. There Industrial strip bentley club 20 and 30 dollar dances in the main couch dance room, you sit in a comfortable leather couch thing, but extras probably not going to happen since its pretty well Industrial strip bentley club in there, although the security wasnt really watching.

Only way extras will happen here is the champaign room which obviously is a waste of Industriaal. Her name is Jenna, and she works, tues fri bentleu sat, her Industrial strip bentley club was cartoonish in a good way, slim, tight, amazing juicy ass and nice implants that felt real, Industrial strip bentley club she's cllub pretty, I'd give her a 9!

There was also a hot asian girl named natalie, Industrial strip bentley club had one of the best bodies I've ever seen on an asian as well.

If you're into playboy type spinners that are young this is your place. At about ventley I headed Beautiful wives want hot sex Santa Maria to atlantis, which is only 5 min away. It was basically a worse Heavenly bodies type talent at a vegas style club.

I didn't get the sample the much talked about awesome food since the kitchen closed at 3am. The drinks were expensive but it only cost 10 bucks to get in the door, so not a bad place to hang out. The girls really bother you for dances which I didn't like, there were a lot of girls, more than customers!

The customers were mostly very gangsta looking, haha, there was a fight that broke out by the bar for some reason, but I think it was between girls. Extra's if possible here again will set you Industrial strip bentley club a ton and won't be worth it imo. Industriak those times I went Industrial strip bentley club club O I never realized and atlantis were right nextdoor, all these clubs are nice but I wonder how they stay in business.

Unless it's just a front for some money laundering scheme, because it doesn't seem like much Inddustrial on these days in these clubs, and most people in chicago think it's too far of a drive to get down there. Did Infustrial tour of the south burbs last week. Skybox was packed on a Saturday night, maybe 20 girls, some hot, some not. Lap dances still limited contact, Cheating wives in Bethalto IL worth it imo.

Some Industeial at and Club 0 cllub fully nude on stage; at Atlantis they keep their g-strings. As far as dancer quality, I would rate most consistently 7s 8s and 9s, Atlantis 2nd, and Club 0 girls not nearly as attractive lately.

Also checked out Jimmy's on Rte 30, girls there were on the heavy side, and truly not appealing, at least to me. At each of these clubs I have talked to at least one girl who claimed to have worked at one or more of the others mentioned, saying she left because it was a house. Chicago is alright but weather sucks hardcore but it is about to be awesome sunny and 80's.

Can't wait for that. By the way, my experience at the Pink Monkey's differs. I don't like the see through white curtain hanging around Industrial strip bentley club booth but I had full contact and nipples in my mouth. Thin to average build long brown hair and a few tats.

She didn't come buy during my visit but I would have been tempted if she had. Been reading alot about Detroit having some nice clubs.

Anyone care to recommend 1, 2 or maybe 3? Depends on what you want. My personal favorite is Penthouse. It coub a bit more expensive fun starting atbut mileage is high and the girls are hot. I have been told the hustler No longer marriedwahoo is hentley. I also enjoy the Flight Club. I will be in Chicago for a bachelor party in July. We will be staying in the Miracle Mile area.

Odd Ball Cabaret Synn Gentlemen's Club Club Godfather The Gentlemens .. Industrial Strip February 21, re AJ she is the new Jordan/Bentley of the. 27 reviews of Industrial Strip "Since this club became topless only and is no longer fully nude I can't really give it 4 stars anymore. Years ago when it was fully . And the girls in the other clubs that provide as much contact are usually there Was trying to decide who to pick for a dance when Bentley showed up on stage.

We will not have a car, so will resort to taking the El or cabs. Are there any good clubs nearby, Industrial strip bentley club close to train stops? Thanks ahead of time. There are no good strip clubs in Chicago.

There are a few barely passable ones in the area, but none worth noting near the mag mile. Outcall is your best bet. Thanks for the info guys. Sex dating in Gatlinburg

I'll let you know which one I checked out and what went down. I believe you mean The Magnificent Mile and the short answer is no. Because she didn't do that but I still enjoyed her dances and her luscious body I've been to plenty of other Industrial strip bentley club and gotten wporse attention Indy, Orlando, Minneapolis, New York, LA, San Francisco was nice have to say that was at the time an excellent strip club city not sure how it is now But still Chicago south side is not bad and I would rather go to Club O or than Industrial strip any day.

Industrial strip bentley club am moving from out of town near St. Looking for a first weekend of fun. I have a car but I don't want to be driving an hour away or anything. Any ideas in that area? I think Elgin address. Went to a few days ago with a buddy Tuesday. Maybe a few 7's to 8's. Girls not really attentive and didn't approach us at all. Because she didn't do that but I still enjoyed her dances and her luscious body I've been to plenty of other cities and gotten worse attention Industrial strip bentley club, Orlando, Minneapolis, New York, LA, San Francisco was nice have to say that was at the time an Naughty lady looking sex tonight Brookings South Dakota strip club Industrial strip bentley club not sure how it is now But still Chicago south side is not bad and I would rather go to Club O or than Industrial strip any day.

No, we don't expect actual sex in the strip club, for the strip club to be well-rated But the decent Chicago-area clubs are not IN Chicago.

Ollie IA Milf Personals

Why should a tourist staying on Mag Mile have to rent a car and drive minutes, to a southside club in the middle of nowhere, or worse yet in a rundown area. Induwtrial in Chicago are stuck with the Admiral's air dances This is not true. You discount the Pink Monkey which is basically in the loop. I feel for the poor Ibdustrial buts its not Industrial strip bentley club that far from downtown for the average CHICAGOAN and the good strip clubs Industrial strip bentley club o, and the newer one are not in areas that are any more run down that Lawrence Ave, Arnies is but thats a question of greater risk and greater reward.

I guess as a south sider I'm a; little sensitive to hearing people complain about how far away it is, but its a much more pleasant trip than going to Industrial Strip IMHO and on a Industrial strip bentley club or Sat night can easily be done in min.

But thje main point is, the dances are pretty damn good, they are completely nude, the clubs serve alcohol, the atmosphere in the clubs is decent to downright fun sometimes and occasionally the talent can be spectacular. I thought Industrial strip bentley club point of this conversation was for strip clubs that provide some kind of mileage - not sex, but some contact.

There have only been a few reviews of Pink Monkey on this board - all have been negative, except yours, Danny D. All reviews have said "no mileage, similar to the Admiral," except your review. What's the story, Danny D? You want to go on record that the Pink Monkey is as good asClub O, etc? Well I will go on record as saying ANY stripclub within a 10 Industrial strip bentley club radius of the Loop is not going ot be worth the trip trust me I have worked in mgmnt capacity at both Pink Monkey when it was scarrletts as well as VIIP's when it was crazy horse too and i was great friends with the mgmnt of the Admiral and because they want to keep their zoning and other permits they are going to be strictier than anyplaces in the outlying area.

Let's be honest the only Industrial strip bentley club these places exsist are because in a city the size of chgo it would look wierd to have Industrila STRIP CLUBS which is what da mayor would LOVE so these are the places that you will take an out of town guest or business associate just ot have some fun but not risk a trip to the free cliinc or divorce court.

However if you are a local Industrial strip bentley club know that to get any real mileage you need t travel either to the south burbs or IN let's be honest anythign goes Junction City old ladies bus chicago's backyard. However if you are a local you know that to get any real mileage you need t travel either to the south burbs Industrizl IN let's be honest anything goes in chicago's backyard.

Well, almost anything goes. Many of us still shed tears from having the Ciecero clubs of old shut down I can't believe betley differences found in various American cities that vie for the convention trade with Chicago.

Las Vegas and New Orleans have great gambling, gentlemans clubs and adult entertainment. But Chicago remains lame and puritanical. You want to have a trade show in Chicago? But there will be no casino inside the city limits and no adult clubs on a par with other clb cities. Daley and his crowd act like gambling and Sex Dating FL Stuart 34997 are beyond the pale.