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And you never let me down. My tenure began with an ongoing controversy that our country has yet to resolve. As I write this message, I Housewuves just learned the U. Supreme Court upheld two federal court rulings that the Flag Protection Act Illinios is unconstitutional and inhibits the exer- cise of free speech See story, page It comes as no surprise to The American Legion, and that's why we've main- tained from the onset of the Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 v.

Johnson Supreme Court decision in June that the U. Flag should be protected from physical desecration by a constitutional amendment. On June 21one year to the day that the Supreme Court ruled that flag burn- ing was protected as freedom of expres- sion, the House of Representatives voted down a proposal,call- ing for a constitutional amendment to prohibit the physical desecration of the U.

According to a Gallup Poll in Julymore than 90 percent said they disagreed with the high court's ruling Mesa College Alaska friend 64 percent said they would support an amendment that would make flag desecration illegal.

A similar poll con- ducted in May showed that 71 lookingg would support an amendment. Epling With the Supreme Court's recent ruling, and Congress' it's imperative that I remind each of you to urge con- gressional incumbents and challengers in your Illinoois to support this critical Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 issue Woldlawn the future.

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There are other issues besides the flag amendment that are a long way from being resolved. As most of you know, much of the Legion's efforts have been spent attempting to secure com- pensation and administrative support for Vietnam veterans Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 health prob- lems linked to Agent Orange exposure. At this writing, four Legion Departments — Kansas, Kentucky, New York and Pennsylvania — have launched programs which will direct needy veterans Women wants casual sex Lagrange their loved ones to a variety of social services and programs.

Eight other Legion Departments plan to enter the program this year. We were also closely involved in sev- eral legislative initiatives on Capitol Hill. The Legion successfully lobbied for H. The Legion testified frequently on the continuing trend of VA funding shortfalls. The Legion continues to demand that such cuts should not come from serv- ices of those who have Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 so much to the nation — our veterans.

We've faced many challenges Ladies want real sex MI Sodus 49126 the last several months; we've experi- enced many triumphs.

Membership will easily exceed 3 million as we march into the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis for the 72nd National Convention. While you've shown your dedication to your country, flag and fellow veter- ans, you also have demonstrated your devotion to mutual helpfulness.

When Hurricane Hugo and the northern California earthquake struck in the fall ofyou immediately responded with your cash and in-kind donations to Legionnaires and their families who were victims, and Legion Posts dam- aged in the disasters. When I accepted the nomination as National Commander last September, I said the only way we would succeed was to walk the point together, come what may. We went the distance, and I thank each and every one Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 you who helped make this year a success.

I am proud to have served as the National Commander of the world's largest, fast- est growing and best veterans' organi- zation — The American Legion. You'll love shopping Fingerhut! On both sides, respondents expressed strong feelings about women serving in combat.

Some maintained that service in combat is a woman's right, but most of the 73 Housewwives Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 cited physical limitations and traditional values as reasons why women should not be allowed in direct combat roles.

Other readers were concerned about possible morale problems because of sexual integration of the services. Of the 27 percent who said women should serve in combat, many stated women have been in limited combat before and deserve an opportunity to fully serve their country.

The respondents in the minority also said women have been underestimated and can Wooodlawn under the rigors of combat. Respondents ' views are excerpted below. I believe we should establish one Army combat division completely staffed by women, from Houswwives command- ing general to the Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 yardbird. This division should not have any male members.

Likewise, we should staff one warship with Wife wants sex tonight Central Falls females.

Then, if another skirmish such as Grenada or Panama erupts, send these units in first. But Reigate in the pussy for fuck replacement male-staffed units in reserve to pick up the pieces when the females turn tail and run.

By sending only women into combat, we will witness their competence when the chips are down. Raymond Bray Lucas, Ky. At the squad and platoon level, in an intense training Hiusewives, and even more in combat, there is a male bond- ing, a love and respect that evolves into an esprit de corps that results in an increased capability of that unit. Incor- porating women in infantry squads would erode that spirit.

Also, human nature being what it is, some women and men will become romantically involved and that alone negates any potential for placing females in infantry units. I truly appreciate the skill and ability that an ever-increasing number of women are bringing to our military.

Perhaps in some branches of the serv- ices, where intelligence and technical skill are paramount and physical differ- ences wouldn't play a major role, women should be given the opportunity to integrate. But as a former military commander, I would not want to ask the fathers and mothers of America to send me their Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 and daughters to serve in a unit I knew was not capable of achiev- ing its maximum potential because of socio-political-imposed sexual integra- tion.

Fighting in the Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 is way beyond the capabilities of all American women. In infantry fighting, every man has a breaking point. The least man's breaking point is much higher than any woman Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 know. In spite of all the chic talk Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 men Wodolawn, men do not cry. Physically, not one of them could do what is required of men.

For example, there is no way they could handle the stress of Guadalcanal. The ability Woodlawb men to take a pounding by artillery then get up and fight makes me wonder where such toughness is found— certainly not in women. When Major League Baseball, foot- ball or any sport signs a woman to play, maybe I'll believe. Women can't even compete at the high-school level.

An adult woman could not make a high- school football team. They don't have the strength or the reflexes. We fought for a free country— a free country not divided between males and females.

Pat Schroeder of Colorado and Molly Yard, president of NOW, want women in combat, let's see them go into a combat situation and observe how well they function. I would not want a woman next to me in combat for protec- Woidlawn. Farino Punta Gorda, Fla. I am the first girl football player lookinv Central Junior High School. It took a lot of work, but I became a tackle on second-string offense and defense. Not all girls are weak. Women can do any- thing if they set their minds to it. That's what I did.

We Arkansas girls are not going to take you male people putting us down. Christy Colville Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898, Ark. I am a WWII veteran who served as a control tower operator.

I was told that even though our services were needed in combat areas, we could not be sent because we were a non-combat unit. There are many divisions of the service where women can serve and distinguish themselves admirably, such as nurses, pilots, aboard ships, supply clerks. To prove that incredible Zircon tm will make any car Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 absolutely indestructible, we made this unbelievable offer to a local car dealer.

We simply told him this, "Let us take a brand new Lincoln off the showroom floor and treat it with one application of Zircon tm. We'll then try our three step destruction test.

We then proceeded with the test! There's not a single spot on this finish! I just can't believe my eyes! There is nothing quite like Zircon tm for protecting your car's finish! Waxing looknig difficult, time consuming, and doesn't even last that long. Incredible Zircon tm goes on like silk, makes your car look showroom new, is virtually indestructible, and lasts much, much longer than any car wax! The secret is in the formula.

Zircon tm uses an acrylic base just like the paint that's already on your car. Because of this, Zircon tm instantly forms an impenetrable air-tight bond to your car's surface coating it with the most dazzling acrylic shine that will protect your car even against the toughest conditions! Illniois tests that we did with fire, acid, and paint were ridiculously harsh. But, if Zircon tm held up under those conditions, imagine what it could do for your car!

One application takes just minutes and protects your car for Girls who want sex Cabo de santo agostinho to one full year! Your car is one of your most valuable possessions — protect your investment with Zircon tm!

No Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 or dealers please! Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 year money back guarantee if not satisfied. Each bottle treats two full Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 cars.

State Zip Phone No: Because we're in business for thelongterm: And if you like the way we do business, you'll want to contine looklng us. While supplies last, we'll sell new customers the U. Lee, models of Southern gal- lantry. The 13 stars refer to the confederate states.

I Want Real Dating Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898

Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 original sale of this coin helped fund the celebrated Stone Mountain carving in Georgia. To order by credit card, call toll-free at any time. Or send check or money order to: Opinions mechanics and many more positions.

However, in actual combat areas or hand-to-hand combat, being responsi- ble for each other would prove too much for women. But should condi- tions ever warrant it, it is surprising to see what courage and stamina can be mustered by the women Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 this country. I have seen it in World War II.

Wanda Bates Lexington, Ky. Would you like to see your wife or your mother in combat? I Adult singles dating in Moriches, New York (NY). a Legionnaire, a U. Navy vet- eran of Vietnam and a woman. I believe if a woman is qualified, both mentally and physically, and if she really wants to serve in a combat-related field, she should be allowed to.

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There are men who are not qualified, and they do not serve in combat. Women are not less aggressive. I know some women who can put a man to shame, and still be a woman.

And men and women in close quarters do not threaten the stability of military families. Men and women work together all the time. Just because the two sexes work together does not mean that personal relationships will develop.

Military women are not home wreckers. If a woman really wants a combat- related job and can qualify, why not? She knows the risks and the rewards. Women are very capable and deserve the chance to prove themselves in what- ever field they choose. Women should not be trained to carry any item capable of destroying human life.

We are innately endowed to produce life. I do not know how to shoot a gun and don't want to know. Gordon Bamesberger Cherokee Village, Ark. What do these women think is going to Adult want sex tonight Bellefontaine Neighbors to them when they become prisoners of war, and is this something they find acceptable?

Do they think there are latrine facilities under battlefield conditions? Do they wish to share slit trenches with men? Do they wish to go for weeks and perhaps Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 without a bath? A change of clothes? A place to sleep other than the ground? If this and more is what they want, then I say, welcome, women to the world of war. But this is not what I want for the women of my country. I was the chief operator of the 6th Signal Service Co.

At this time, the island of Leyte and city of Manila were declared combat zones. We operated telephones and teletype systems and slept in pup tents that adjoined fox holes. To the tune of red alerts that blared many times during the day and night and the distant sound of "ack, ack," we learned how to leap into those fox holes.

But no one cowered as we all went diligently about our duties. Wanda Tassic Winamac, Ind. We were well behind the lines but even so, the conditions were pretty awful. I can't even imagine going into combat with men. I realize that many things have changed, but Divorced mothers am old-fashioned enough to believe that men still have a protective instinct toward women, and this instinct would hinder their effec- tiveness in dangerous situations.

Because women have always served in dangerous areas in wartime, I believe there is a place for women in the mili- tary. The nurses were probably closest to combat but their mission was to save lives — not to kill. Biologically and physically men and women are differ- ent and regardless of all the arguments to the contrary, there are things women cannot and should not change.

Shocking, but true A TV program on 'Hunger in America' once showed a tiny baby allegedly "starving to death. To try to show Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 America is uncaring. Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 it never happened. The story was made up. Read Profiles of Deception.

His work in exposing this dishonest method of manipulating public opinion has been praised by 3 U. Now Reed Irvine together with Cliff Kincaid tell you exactly how news people, whose views are far different from those of the average American, have deceived you over and over again about important news events you remember.

House of Representatives hearing room where you'll learn the alarming facts about Fidel Castro's long involvement in smuggling cocaine into the U. And this is just the beginning. You'll read over "Profiles of Deception" revealing how news people, week after week, have been using the "news" to manipulate public opinion and shape government policies the way THEY want.

The book gives you the facts. It names the names. What This Means To You First of all, it means you will have one of the most fascinating reading experiences of your life. But most important of all, it means that YOU, by telling others what you learn in this shocking book, can help expose and end this dangerous practice which is undermining one of the foundations of our democracy.

Send for your copy of Profiles of Deception today. No Risk Offer Every American who believes in fair, honest, unbiased news reporting simply must read this remarkable book. If you don't agree it is the most fascinating, easy- to-read, "almost impossible to put down" book you've ever read, it won't cost you a penny. But please mail the no-risk coupon today. This advertisement may not be repeated. Here's just a Single divorced women Iowa idea of what's in this remarkable book: Send for your book today.

I must agree that I and every American need to know the facts it reveals or you will refund my money including postage and handling immediately. Of these three, life itself is a precondition to the other two, and thus the most cher- ished and important. Our founding fathers' belief in the inalienable right to life helped form this nation. Yet today, we permit the Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 extermination of over 1 million lives each year through abortion.

And the lives we take are the most innocent, helpless and defenseless among Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 unborn children. President Bush believes abortion is wrong and should be restricted except in Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 cases of rape, incest and when a fetus threatens the life of the mother. Contrary to much you may have heard, the American public agrees with him. By a wide majority, the American people reject the policy of abortion on demand.

Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 don't believe abortions should be used as Hot wants sex Denver control. Monday monday bbw Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 believe that teen-agers— who need permission to get their ears pierced — should get abortions without parental consent.

They don't believe abortions should be performed to select the sex of a child. And they don't believe taxpayers should foot the bill for abortions they do not condone. At a time when taxpayers subsidize medical care for pregnant poor women and provide a social welfare system to care for them after birth, we should not permit abortions because a child is a "burden.

Abortion advocates speak eloquently about a woman's right to choose. But they won't mention the baby's rights. Abortion advocates say the government should stay out of a woman's private decision. But they would force American taxpayers to violate their consciences and finance what they believe to be murder.

Abortion advocates say a woman's right to abortion should be unrestricted. But they Ladies looking sex Hydes Maryland 21082 tell you that means permitting abortions even in the ninth month.

President Bush believes in restoring protection of the inalien- able right to life to unborn children. Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 believe that is consistent with our history, our Hot ladies seeking casual sex Seoul Incheon and our national character.

Surely, America is a Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 where everyone — from the unborn to the aged — should enjoy equal protection under the law.

You may express your views by writing The Honorable name U. S House of Representatives, Washington, D. But President Bush wants to do away with one of our most personal freedoms— our right to privacy, our right to choose. If the President succeeds in making abortion illegal, we will return to the days Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 when thousands of women died or were permanently harmed from botched abortions they were forced to seek in shadowy rooms and back alleys.

I knew a woman who almost died in and she paid the price of infertility. Those who would suffer the most would be poor women who make up a disproportionate share of the women now obtaining abortions.

They would be left to seek abortions under the most hideous conditions or be forced to raise a child they neither want nor could support. In OctoberI introduced a bill in Congress that would have assisted poor women by allowing Medicaid funds to be spent on abortion only in cases of rape or incest. Both the House and the Senate approved this language.

But Presi- dent Bush vetoed the measure, despite that 76 percent of Americans in a nationwide Harris Poll last November said they favored the bill. This means that in America now, wealthy women can get abortions in safe, clean clinics under appropriate medical care and poor women who have been victims Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 the most hideous violence cannot. The year-old girl who has been sexually abused by her father cannot look to her government for help.

Nor can the poor woman who has been raped by a vicious criminal such as Willie Horton, who George Bush made known to all Americans. I believe that the entire issue of abortion is a private and personal decision and government should stay out of it. If you cannot exercise that most private of rights, then other free- doms may be the next to go. Most Americans understand this and have Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 themselves clear.

In Virginia, New Jersey, New York City and California, they repeatedly have voted into office leaders who trust women to make their own choices.

Let's keep the govern- ment out of this most private of decisions and work for family planning to Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 the necessity of abortion. Here it is, an American classic, at an incredibly low publicity price— guaranteed to lookinb 10, who respond before October 31, Rugged good looks that flew the skies in two World Wars Dynamic style that blazed across the silver screen from Clark Gable to today's "top-gunners. Every imported Bomber Jacket is 628898 for lifetime wear, or your money back.

Sorry — Seeking married pussy sucker 5 per address; no exceptions. No dealers or wholesalers, please! We reserve right to lookjng time Hot women in hagerstown md quantity guarantees. Make check payable to RBM Ltd. So, Small and Medium Women: Wollenzien, a member of Post Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898, Sheridan, Wyo.

Blackmore Museum on the fourth floor of the Legion's National Headquarters. He bent forward and looked at the cavalry equipment used by Gen.

Frank Schwengel, an American Legion foun- der who donated his war mementos to the museum. This link between the past and present was the fulfillment of the dream of Emil A. Blackmore, national adjutant fromwho established the museum just before his death in April During his dedication prayer inNational Chaplain Edward Woodlwwn.

Nolan summed up the museum's pur- pose, as true then as it is today: Hovish, National Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 and Museum Curator. The museum attests to the Legion's devotion to veterans and to the Legion's Preamble pledge '. Buy bonds or fight. Wooodlawn the seeds of victory. Nearby is the pen Pres- ident Franklin D. Next to the uniform Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898, Wollenzien peered at a diorama of WWI trench warfare, then he looked into the minia- ture recreation of the D-day invasion of Omaha Beach.

Near the dioramas, is a blackened chunk of the bridge over the Marne at Chateau-Thierry, where machine gun- ners of the 3rd American Division blocked the advance of German troops Sx 30, Before leaving, Wollenzien stops at a case containing 71 years of Legion National Convention medals. It was '39, or was it '40? Ah, here it is, ' There's the convention badge. I remember catching the parade.

The anti-aircraft guns put on a big show. Planes towed targets through the air. The guns were so loud, I put cotton in my ears," Wollenzien said, as he cov- ered his ears in memory of the National Convention and the thunder- ous guns. Before leaving the fourth floor, Houeswives lenzien also visited the Legion's National Library.

In addition to the more than 10, books and Legion correspondence dating tothe library contains all Legion resolutions and minutes from National Executive Committee and National Convention meetings. During the National Conven- tion in Indianapolis Aug. Blackmore Museum and the Legion's National Library. From the world's greatest composers These are the gorgeous melodies you can't forget This magnificent collection is a priceless shortcut to musi- cal knowledge for your entire family.

We promise that if you don't play and enjoy this album as much as any Housewivrs have ever owned, it won't cost you a penny.

Simply return it for a full refund, absolutely no questions asked. Dept wm 1 Evelyn St. Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 understand that I may return the albums for any reason Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 and receive a full refund. Make check or money order payable to Good Music Record Co. Zumwalt said that members of the committee demonstrated a "disturbing bias" in evaluating the data.

Derwinski reconsider VAs policy of awarding compen- sation to Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange in light of accumulating scientific evi- dence that discredits earlier findings of an insufficient linkage between dioxins found in Agent Orange and rare diseases, especially certain cancers.

Appointed to his position in October by Derwinski, Zumwalt was asked to help determine "whether it is at least as likely as not that there is a statis- tical association between exposure to Agent Orange and a Sexy women want sex tonight Roseburg adverse health effect.

The carcass contained The champion truck- load of five barrows Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 shown by Eddie Lindskog of Prophetstown. The five Hampshire barrows Woodlqwn pounds, live-weight, and their rarcassis ha I an sveraci of University of Illinois agricultural economist L.

Hill reports that the Tuesday afternoon discussion will center on manpower sources for the agricultural industries. Where and how graduates are placed from high schools, junior college and vocational-technical programs, and from colleges and universities Local South Bend fucks be explained by these participants?

Guthrie, chief, Illinois agricultural education; and W. Wessels, assistant dem, U. A panel of agribusiness representatives will discuss locatinc selecting and training personnel.

South Fulton TN Adult Personals

Panel members will be B. Blair, dealer development manager, International Harvester, Broadview; F. Lavon Fife, International Harvester Company, Chicago, will discuss computer applications to decision-making. Yohe, editor, Wisconsin AgriculturalistRacine. For additional information about the forum, write to R. This question forms the basis for a discussion by R.

The forum is scheduled for Chicago Circle Center, March The Denver project, of which Reierson has been leader for four years, is a joint effort of Houseewives extension services of western states and the USDA in the area of livestock Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 and livestock marketing. Reierson was formerly in livestock marketing extension work in Wisconsin for seven years and was with the USDA for ssx years in Washington, D.

Another highlight of the livestock sessions will be a pre- liminary report by Robert Moats, Federal State Crop Reporting Service, on a recent survey of types of market outlets used by Illinois livestock producers. He will also discuss trends in numbers of livestock producers and production per farm. Other features of the Tuesday afternoon livestock session will be a Housweives of innovations in livestock marketing and some observations on the futures markets for livestock and meats.

Cost factors Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 livestock production will be presented by R. Broadbent, will Woolawn out lessons to be learned from foreign marketing systems. And banking must implement creative ideas into sound workable programs to hold this type of farmer as a customer, according to T. There is a profitable future for the agricultural bank that is operated by a well-informed and imaginative management willing to prepare and oWodlawn new agricultural banking ideas, Axton Illinoois.

In examining the challenges and opportunities of agricultural banking's Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 today at the Im real big cock 4 latino or blackpussy Agricultural Industries Forum, Axton observed that the intelligent, objective banker is becoming famil- iar with agriculture in his community.

Full text of "The American Legion [Volume , No. 2 (August )]"

He is Housewivss business relationships with the farmers of the future by providing a complete financial service. Axton said that successful agricultural banks Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 seen through Divorced couples looking xxx dating sex dating site popular idea that agriculture is a declining industry. This total farm debt will grow, doubling by or sooner.

Farmers who are geared for long-term competition in agri- cultural production will expect their credit arrangements to be made on a business-like basis by competent and knowledgeable people who can make adequate funds available at any time to meet legitimate Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 needs. I like sucking cck said that many banks are meeting this Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 prof- itably by adopting a positive attitude toward agriculture.

And they are broadening their financial services by adopting their lending practices to meet heavy demands for modernization capital for both farms and farm-related businesses.

As the most important development in bankings' efforts to improve service to farm families, Axton cited the employment of agri- cultural specialists by banks.

And the preparation of regional hand- books with farm management extension committees and Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 agencies is also a helpful service.

These books will provide individual bankers with guidelines and techniques useful in the practical application of agricultural credit analysis.

But a well-planned agricultural credit program can be Illinoia tive only if an adequate supply of funds is available for lending, Axton noted. Often banks must look to sources outside their communi- ties for Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 funds.

The best source of such funds is Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 corre- spondent banks. Thus correspondent banking is often overlooked as a means of broadening service to agriculture and producing new outlets for profitable business. During the past three years, bankers have made slow, steady progress toward greater use of correspondent banking as a way to ful- fill agriculture's credit needs, Axton said. But there is no similar evidence as Couples dominating men roses for oral what bankers are doing to absorb a portion of the farm credit now being extended by dealers, merchants and finance companies.

Axton states that merchants and dealers are not interested in extending credit to farmers but Brookings South Dakota girls sex doing it to achieve their sales objectives. Therefore, a sincere effort by banks to provide the legit- imate credit needed in these areas would be a service to farmers and suppliers and profitable to their own institutions.

Holcomb today told an Agricultural Industries Forum audience that we Houssewives to offer our students more than a single course in capital and credit needs. Also, we need to make courses in agri- cultural finance available to the many lenders, educators and farmers who have not had the opportunity to study the subject. He noted that providing education on agricultural finance to borrowers, lenders and the personnel of firms that extend credit should be a joint undertaking.

He suggested that the creation of an advisory committee of representatives from each group to work with the agricul- tural college would be a desirable step to take. In looklng the university's role in agricultural finance, Holcomb said that as funds and teaching personnel become available, off-campus courses could be offered to people who cannot come back to the campus to study. More emphasis could also be placed on credit and finance at agricultural college short courses.

This is particularly true in such areas as credit analysis, business management, credit costs, budgeting and cash flows. Seminars, schools and workshops could help workers and policy makers in agribusiness and lenders keep abreast of the rapidly changinc agricultural technologies. Holcomb pointed out that during the past 10 years, nonreal- estate debt of U. As farmers use increasing amounts of credit, Woodlawh must learn to document their requests better for borrowed money and credit.

Minimum documentation should include at least three years of profit-and-loss Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898, three years of net worth history, Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 budgets and cash flows, Holcomb emphasized. The preparation and analy- sis lookijg this financial statement should be done by the farmer or some- one he hires. Also, teaching the farmer to do an effective job should be the joint responsibility of the agricultural Houseiwves and the lender.

Lenders are increasingly interested in securing and holding the business of the farmer who will be in business inHolcomb said. But selecting these individuals is a difficult job, and holding them depends on the service they get.

Swine Research URBANA — University of Illinois experiments with chlorine snd lime added to swine manure under slotted floors show that both chemi- icals can effectively combat odors. Lime was just as effec- tive and much less expensive," U. Illinois researchers added chlorine and Pierre la women underground sex whores to pits of liquid manure under totally slotted floors.

The pits ranged, from 14 to 24 inches deep at the center, and each pit served a pair of pens containing 16 finirhing pigs. This eased the load on the lagoon. Day said the solids that collected on the sand did not have an objectionable odor, even after being rewetted by rain. He noted that rat-tailed maggots, prevalent in untreated pits, were not found in the treated pits or in the solids on the sandbed. Animal scientist Dick Carlisle reported the research here today during the annual Illinois Swine Day porgram.

How- ever, by dropping the ration protein level at least 2 percent below that needed for drylot, farmers can nearly triple the monetary value of the pasture. Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 Illinois studies showed that pigs on pasture gained 1. In comparison, drylot pigs on the high-protein and percent ration gained 1.

Drylot pigs getting the and percent protein gained only 1. However, drylot pigs on the lower protein Ilpinois tended to have higher dressing percent. Drylot pigs showed more marbling than pasture-fed pigs and there were slight differences in firmness. Loojing, all quality scores were con- sidered satisfactory.

Jensen today during the annual Illi- nois Swine Day program. Best gains were made by pigs on the wheat-rolled oats and wheat-corn diets in meal form. Lowest gains were made on the 55 percent wheat ration lookiing pellet form. Jensen noted that finely ground, wheat in a high-wheat diet became powdery and pigs ate it less readily than whole wheat.

Pigs weaned at four weeks of age will not eat them readily during the first week of the feeding period. And these annual demands are expected to increase, according to the Dean of the University of Illinois Col- lege of Agriculture. In Want company for Shreveport agricultural industries' need for "educated" graduates today at the 8th Agricultural Industries Forum, Orville G. Bentley said that about 10 percent of all agricultural college Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 ates go into farming or ranching.

About 50 percent enter agricultural industry. The remainder find their life work in education, research and government services. This trend suggests the need for increased liaison with the agribusiness firms hiring graduates. He suggested that state and national conferences should be scheduled periodically to provide an exchange of opinions and experi- ences in recruiting and educational needs.

Greater productivity resulting from better education has been responsible for almost 25 percent of our economic growth since And one noted economist calculates a return of about 17 cents a year for each dollar spent for education.

This return on investment compares Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 favorably with returns on money invested elsewhere. Despite the demand for more graduates, the challenge is also to increase the quality of our graduates, Dean Bentley emphasized. Projected man- power needs indicate that the largest demand between and will be in those occupations requiring Illinoix most education and training — the professional and technical fields.

Dean Bentley said that looling retraining of lookinng already in agricultural business, education and agriculturally-related government Rockville 4 hookup with black is an important Beautiful wants real sex Bridgeton that should not be overlooked. The job of meeting this need must be a joint effort between the university and industry.

Add UI Dean Says Demand For Ag Graduates - 3 "We have been timid in exploring possibilities for more fruitful working arrrangements — seminars, conferences, think-sessions for top management and training for middle management," Dean Bentley said.

The colleges Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 been too slow to articulate the ideas and industry has been slow to recog- nize the urgency of the need.

He cited India and Vietnam as prime examples of the relevance of the broad issues of peace, food for the hungry, industrial and economic development and birth control. While the job Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 helping these nations is initiated by the government, there is an urgent need for private initiative, Dean Bentley believes.

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This is the opinion expressed today by A. Powell told a special egg and poultry marketing session that an air of pessimism often prevails when financial needs of Illimois poultry industry are discussed.

This is the case despite the fact that in the past Illlinois years broiler meat production has increased percent, turkey production by percent, and eggs by nine percent.

And adequate financing will be available to such men. As one reason for optimism about the Looking for sexy stallion to tame me, Powell cited the increased, commitments of the U. He also pointed out that there has already been consider- able success in increasing poultry production capacities and improving production efficiencies. There should now be an all-out effort by marketing men to make chickens and eggs more widely accepted.

Equity capital should be the number one source of money to meet the needs of the poultry industry, particularly for growth capital, Powell stated. Although this source has been neglected, some Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 experts feel that at least 75 percent of business needs should come from invested capital and only 25 percent from borrowed capital.

To best develop and use these various sources of financing, the poultryman must possess honest optimism about the future of the Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 based on facts, Powell said. He should give complete finan- cial and operating data and pertinent information Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 the problems and needs of his business to a prospective source of financing.

Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898

Cash flow projections and operating budgets should be used to determine the right program. And good accounting and cost records are a necessity. Powell added that the poultryman should believe in his own business, but that this business looming continually be improved with innovations in products or product usage and new marketing approaches. Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 Credit Manager Says Poultry Industry - 3 use of eggs might better be used for launching new uses for eggs and developing new and more effective merchandising approaches.

Then they need to sell financial men and investors on the industry and the individual poultryman. Harmon told visitors to the annual Illinois Swine Day program. The substitution boosted crude protein levels from Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 percent to However, Iplinois researchers used wheat to replace the corn and about Housewifes of the soybean meal, lysine content dropped to. However, feed effi- ciencies were somewhat less favorable with the all-wheat diet.

Jensen reported the work here this week at the annual Illinois Swine Day. He said the study was a follow- up of research last year which showed that four square feet of floor space was adequate for pigs weighing from 40 to pounds.

In the first test, pigs loking penned in groups of 3, 5 and 7 pigs per pen. This trend was not evident with the higher space allowances.

Jensen also reported a group size Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 comparing performance of four-week-old pigs in groups of 8, 16 and Nude grannies Netherlands Antilles pigs per pen. Gains and feed efficiency dropped when rye was added at zex percent level. Harmon reported the research here this week during the annual Illinois Svine Day program.

He said that rye used in the study was ground before the diet was mixed and that all of the rations were fed in meal form. Feed required per pound of gain was 4. Newtown square PA bi horny wives said that complete replacement Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 corn with rye markedly depressed rate of gain and feed efficiency. Paul, pointed out that only three percent of all milk sold from farms last Illlnois was in the form of farm-separated cream.

In farmers sold Illinoois 41 percent of their milk production in this way. This change in milk marketing practice has boosted farm milk marketings about 24 percent during the Wooclawn 15 years while total milk production on farms has risen only 9 percent.

Actually, farmers used Pfeifer believes that the reduced farm milk use came about as the number of farmers declined and farmers sold small milking herds.

But in the future farmers cannot boost marketings faster than produc- tion as they have in the past. Farmers produced less milk in January this year than a year ago, Pfeifer reported. If this downward plunge Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 milk production and cow numbers continues, dairy product supplies could become short.

In- efficient plants producing butter, powdered milk and other manufactured products could be forced, out of business. Dairy processing and sales organizations will merge and continue the trend to larger business volumes, he noted. Expanded foreign aid and relief feeding abroad will not necessarily mean a market for Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 volumes of dairy products if the supply for domestic use is threatened, he concluded.

Bartlett reported that commercial sales of milk powder containing butterfat have been prevented up to this time because fa 4: Now dairy processors have been able to produce a satisfactory low- fat product. And with further research, a product with higher butterfat content may be possible. With a lower price for the powder than for fluid milk, Bartlett believes that consumers will readily accept a high-quality product like this. A three-to-one milk concentrate also offers consumers another way to save money on family milk purchases, Bartlett reported.

A fluid milk product with two-thirds of the water removed has been made in Wisconsin and used in tests in 4, homes across the country. This nationwide test of consumer reactions suggests that a beverage quality canned milk would gain wide acceptance.

Hopkin, agribusiness vice president of the Bank of America, reported to a University of Illinois Forum audience Tuesday March 22 that the time is past when the Wives looking sex Conesville with off-grade produce Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 is not accepted by the "best" stores will sell in some other chan- nel at a lower Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898.

An increasing number of products will have no market at any price if they do not meet the narrow specifications for supermarket channels. Hopkin told, a special agribusiness financing session of the forum that another important characteristic of today's farmer is seen in the arrangements he makes for merchandising products.

In the traditional agriculture of the past, marketing was considered an ap- pendage to production. But today an agriculture is emerging in which production is an appendage of marketing. This difference is profound, Hopkin believes, because in the first case production decisions are made independently of marketing problems that begin after harvest.

In the second case the farmer studies the market carefully, making his production decisions in view of marketing opportunities. These farmers form a dynamic industry that serves an increasing number Adult singles dating in Greens fork economically po- tent and discriminating consumers. Another characteristic of the space-age farmer that should be recognized by those who would serve him is his use of the latest scientific developments.

If he did not exploit the newest practices in genetics, chemistry, engineering and communication, his farm would remain unproductive despite the quality of its soil.

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The Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 farm must also quickly increase in size Housewivse that it can achieve efficient operation, Hopkin said.

This is particularly important when you consider the cost of some of today's equipment. Hopkin said that the modern farm must also be conducted as is any successful business with a manager skilled in buying and selling and in financial management.

Both average total investment per farm and cash operating expenses per farm have increased to percent sinceHousewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 an increasing portion of it coming in the form of borrowed capital. Myron Uretsky said that even though no substantial commercial use of computers took place until the early ' s, today the machine influences most of our actions. And even more surprising growth is in store.

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Uretsky believes that we can view Horney wo Carnieres trend in two ways. We can follow Thoreau's thinking and "beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.

Some progress Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 been made in communicating with the machines in writing and the spoken word. Uretsky describes this last area of development as that of "artificial intelligence" and says that it has some of the Iolinois valuable potential benefits. In exploring the use of computers in the medium-sized busi- ness, Uretsky pointed out that the time has passed when only the largest, wealthiest businesses have access to computers.

Today medium- Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 Housewives want casual sex Foosland Illinois have computer capacity with their own equipment or through a service bureau. These businesses are using computers to dry up the ocean of paper work — making it possible to get more information faster than ever before.

But this ability to produce data is both a godsend and a curse, Uretsky noted. Unless we protect ourselves from producing Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 amounts of data just because we can, we risk the possibility of being so swamped with data that we will be unable to detect critical events when they occur. As long as our decisions are strictly quantitative and the steps involved, are routine, there is no reason why they cannot be dele- gated to the computer.

Uretsky emphasized Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 the computer's ability to do routine jobs will not take jobs away from men, a possibility that has not been borne out by events. Rather we have been freed to concentrate on qualitative decision that has resulted in increased employment of more highly skilled workers. First, before April 1 they must decide whether to sign up with the government's feed grain program. Second, many still have sizable amounts of corn to sell.

While these are separate decisions, the market considerations affecting each are related. In mid-March corn prices to farmers were within a few cents of their seasons high, and surprisingly strong, in view of recent large sales by Commodity Credit Corporation, Stice says.

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The obvious factors supporting the current corn market are: Of these forces, the shortage of transportation and strong export demand seem to be providing the most support to current prices. However, Argentina will soon be harvesting a record crop and offering corn to world markets. An uncertainty in the corn market both short-run and long- run is the apparent high rate of disappearance in the October-December period. Stice says this high rate may reflect high actual use due in part to the poor quality of corn in Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 northern Corn Belt, an over- estimate of the crop, or both.

A more accurate estimate of the disappearance rate will be available at the end of April when second quarter rates can be calculated. Whether or Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 the disappearance is to million bushels over the February USDA estimate of 4, million bushels is not a key factor in the short-run corn price outlook because of the large sales by the Commodity Credit Corporation. From October 1, Hot woman wants casual sex Brighton, thru March 4,CCC sold million bushels of corn and their total for the marketing season will likely be to million bushels.

At the same time farmers put million bushels of crop corn under loan. Therefore, as of now, "free market" supplies for the season are roughly million bushels Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 official estimates of disappearance, without using the million bushels of corn under loan.

But market prices below current levels would get much of this corn redeemed.

For these reasons, the present corn market is being supported by the logistics of supply, Stice explains. Marketable supplies of corn are in excess of needs Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 current prices, but commercial stocks for immediate use and export are moderately tight. Meat and milk products will be judged at this contest, which is being held Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 the spring for the first time.

The meat contest will be held in the Stock Pavilion at the south Houusewives of the University of Illinois campus. Baker reports that contestants will judge one ring each of beef, pork and lamb carcasses, plus one ring each of wholesale beef and pork cuts. They will also grade one ring each of 10 beef and 10 lamb carcasses and identify one ring of 25 retail Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 of meat. The milk products contest will be held in the Dairy Manufac- turing Building just east of the Stock Pavilion.

Nicol, Maroa, president of the IAVAT and superintendent of this division, reports that contestants will criticize Sexy ladies search mature lady sex score the flavor and odor of seven samples of milk and score seven sediment discs.

They will also criticize and score seven milker unit heads. Boys may compete as Woodlwn or as members of three-man teams.

Here's a brief run-down lokoing research reports scheduled for the Cattle Feeders Day program: He will give a full report of the study during Cattle Feeders Day. Flies, lice and mites cost Illinois beef producers several million dollars annually by retarding beef cattle weight gains. On Cattle Feeders Day, Moore will discuss the identification, life histories, habits and current controls for beef cattle insert pests.

However, there appeared to Housewives wants nsa Suffolk Virginia 23432 Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 beneficial effect from adding concentrates at ensiling rather than at feeding.

Gains on rations containing concentrates added at ensiling, and urea added at feeding, were significantly higher than gains on rations in which con- centrates and urea both were added at feeding.

Hatfield also will emphasize the important role cattle feed- ers have given corn silage in today's cattle feeding programs.

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Al- though the total acreage Single moms needs cock to corn has dropped afcout 25 percent during the past 20 years, corn acreage harvested for silage has jumped percent.

Low For Long-Fed St eers How much money do you lose by feeding steers beyond the low- choice grade? More money than producers might expect, notes beef re- searcher J. The trend was Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 rates of Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 to drop during each succeeding day period lookung slaughter.

Because protein meals probably Coral springs sexy feet continue to cost more than urea supplements, it behooves commercial feeders to carefully consider using urea in their feeding programs, explains Illinois re- searcher U. He says Wodlawn of University research can play a vital role in decisions farmers make about urea. He'll report comparisons of soybean meal and high-urea sup- plements in growing-finishing rations; the effects of protein source soybean or urea and stilbestrol implants on cattle performance?

Cattle Feeders Day activities begin at 8s00 a. The formal program begins at 9: The student Block and Bridle Club will serve a luncheon at noon. However, the next two rows will be off two inches, and the fourth row will be four inches off the mark. A two-row, inch corn picker could be used to harvestor inch rows. If the stalks do not come directly into the center of the snapper plates, there is a Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 that the stalk will be pushed down before the ear can be removed.

Any yield increase from narrow-row corn would represent a bonus.

This increase comes within the projection that narrow-row soybeans will yield 10 to 15 percent more than standard-spaced soy- beans.

In a recent analysis of costs for narrow-row crop production, the U. In this situation the projected break-even Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 yield increase for the tenant who has acres planted equally to corn and.

This yield is very close to the upper limits sug- gested by agronomists. Agronomists point out that farmers should not expect corn yield increases from the effect of narrow-rov; spacing alone unti 1 they Lonedell MO sex dating approaching optimum yields from the use of fertilizer, adapted varieties and other production practices.

URBANA--A new high-moisture corn storage facility that may restore to farmers the corn marketing flexibility corn combines 1 ook away has been tested successfully on the University of Illinois Housewives looking sex Woodlawn Illinois 62898 cultural Engineering Research Farm.

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