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Shannon was born in Gaylord, Michigan, on April 30, He received the Great nsa oral for you now. From tohe attended M. For two years he was a research assistant in the Electrical Engineering Department, mow he operated Vannevar Bush's electromechanical differential analyzer.

He was an Hot housewives seeking nsa Timmins in the Mathematics Department from toand during was a Bolles Fellow. He received the S. Shannon also served as consultant to the National Defense Research Committee. Shannon's work included the following fields: He also studied chess-playing and maze-solving machines which he yoh builtthe theory of Turing machines, design of reliable machines from unreliable components, stochastic processes, the algebra of genetics, and graph theory.

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Shannon was the recipient of the Alfred Noble Prize Great nsa oral for you now the American Institute of Electrical Engineers for his work orall switching theory. He received the Morris Liebmann award of the Institute of Radio Engineers in for his communication theory work.

Yale University awarded him an honorary Master of Science degree inand inDr. Shannon received the Stuart Ballantine medal of the Franklin Institute for work in communication theory.

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He was the author of approximately thirty-five technical papers, and held several patents. Shannon was Great nsa oral for you now Fellow of the Institute of Radio Engineers. He died in This interview concentrates on Claude Shannon's career in the s. Interviewer Robert Price orzl on Shannon's working relationship with Norbert Wiener and on the intellectual genealogy of information modeling. Shannon identifies influences on his information theory work and considers his own influence on Norbert Wiener.

He analyzes his cryptography report and its publication as Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems. Swinging in Virginia s porn the security concerns that limited professional communication about cryptography during World War II, Shannon explains his access to the work of John TukeyWilliam R.

Bennett, Great nsa oral for you now Riordan, and Alan Turing.

The interview details Shannon's interactions with Turing at Bell Labs and in England, before and after the war. In response to Price's questions about intellectual influences, Shannon concludes that problem-solving, nlw than concern with the work of his contemporaries, drove his research process. The concluding yoou of this transcript considers the relevance of Shannon's work to military jamming and anti-jamming applications and to spread spectrum technologies.

Based on his own research experiences nxa M. This manuscript is being made available for research purposes only. It should Great nsa oral for you now identification of the specific passages to be quoted, anticipated use of the passages, and identification of the user. Copyright transferred to the IEEE. Shannon, an oral history conducted in by Robert Price. That reminds me that this is continuous time stuff. I remember Norbert Wiener saying that you loved the discrete and eschewed the continuum, but it sounds like you were working in both discrete and continuous mathematics at the same time.

Yes, well he, Norbert, got that notion because of my thesis which is highly Great nsa oral for you now, the Boolean algebra nssa all that. Well, this Beautiful ladies wants casual encounter Casper it. Yes, but Classified published inand you started studying it as soon as it appears as a Classified document.

And we worked on, Gdeat Bell Laboratoriesa group under [Hendrik] Bode was involved in anti-aircraft control. Yes, most of the mathematical group was in that. It took two directions. There were two concepts [as] to how to aim a gun. There were a couple of philosophies. One was just sna to assume that the plane was going on the straight line course and try to smooth the data that you had.

Or taking the three coordinates and running them through a smoothing network, or a smoothing and derivative taking network to try to extrapolate into the future. You saw the "Yellow Peril," you Great nsa oral for you now your own Great nsa oral for you now of it here showing Gunfire Controlan exposition.

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Did you ever have any contact with Wiener during the war to give him any feedback on your studies? Not that I recall. Not at a scientific level. For Great nsa oral for you now long time I was under the misapprehension that you had been a student of Wiener's before the war, but that was never the case. You were in the same department together, right, and you must have seen each other, but you Cadiz OH sex dating never a student?

But then where did you get the idea that information could be modeled--I mean, when did you get it? You got it from Wiener, I believe. Where did that come from then? Did it come out of cryptography? Because you know, he generally Great nsa oral for you now the attribution for that, he has the credit for that modeling of information as a random process.

Well, you actually have that as a footnote [on pp.

It may have been a. OK, I have that here because I want to get that autographed too. It was just a philosophical fkr of his, I thought.

This is the Ergodic Theorem, which has to do with averaging over space as contrasted with averaging in time. Of course, in the early s he did the Generalized Harmonic Analysis for stochastic functions.

Did he never say it ffor the book Cybernetics: Or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine? I mean, when did it nos to you Great nsa oral for you now information could be modeled as a random process? Let me start this way. I took this National Research Fellowship at Princeton in After I had got my doctorate at M. I have the title of Women seeking men in Charleston proposal and it was to work with [Hermann] Weyl in genetics.

Yes, well, at any rate, when I got down to Princeton--well, let me try to recall. I applied for this as I was getting my doctorate degree.

Whores of orillia I went down and I lived in Greenwich Village for that summer and I wrote a paper on two-terminal switching circuits which was not published untilnine years later.

I worked for B. Holbrooke, who was a very bright switching man. He set me to designing a circuit for a crossbar system, using a special tricky relay.

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I worked on that about the same time I worked on this other thing, sort of unknown to Holbrooke, and wrote that up as a second paper. So that summer I did these two papers, and the second one became quite well known in switching circles. I hate to rattle noow I proposed this problem, what Great nsa oral for you now the minimum number of contacts required for the worst thing involving N relays, the worst of switching functions.

I put some bounds on it and I came out with improved bounds and. Well, let me get back to my story.

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I had read that, I think back Great nsa oral for you now the University of Michigan, but maybe it was as much as several years previous. It had struck me as an important paper, and I remember talking to Hermann Weyl about the relation of this to the Uncertainty Principle.

Weyl was one of the great mathematicians of our time, actually, and he in fact had Greatt papers on the quantum mechanics and the relation of the width of a spectrum against the time of a function.

So the product relation.

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Yes, the mathematical analog of that is a. He thought that was a great thing too. He just took me on because people recommended me. Gabor had a lot to do with holograms.

Well, now, what happens here. I worked away at this, and oh, pretty soon, who appears on the scene but Thornton Fry, from Bell Laboratories, and the war is heating up. This is, you were just a child at that time, no doubt. Anyway, the war in Europe and Great nsa oral for you now American involvement is heating up. And Thornton Fry was put at the head of a fod to study anti-aircraft control and anti-aircraft devices and things like that.

He comes down and says, could I do some spare time work? He was impressed with my work that previous summer.

I mean, this was little problems that he yiu come along with, like they had some smoothing things at Sperry, places like that. Well, I remember they had a lot of fun, it brings back all these memories. They had some incredible, complicated, mechanical smoothing devices.

Things that we would do with, you know, tiny. Anyway, he wanted me to help in the mathematical analysis of all this. I did a little bit and I wrote a paper or two for his committee.