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Phantom on May 3, at 9: Boethius on May 3, at Brigadon on June 7, at 1: No government agency is more dedicated to the proposition that black lives matter than the police. If the next administration continues to disregard that truth in favor of a false narrative about systemic law-enforcement racism, the next four years will see more urban violence and race riots, and more dead cops. Fuck friend Austin Texas Houston Chronicle reports http: Other pension boards in Texas also are facing significant problems.

Copyright The Associated Press. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or Is there any real women on craiglist. Fuck friend Austin Texas decades, California courts have prevented any cuts to luxurious public employee pensions, but the California Supreme Court is now reviewing arguments in a case that could allow slashing benefits.

The ruling was a shock to unions that have been able to sustain public pension spikes, even if they put cities like San Bernardino in bankruptcy. The appeal now before the California Supreme Court could have an impact that reverberates across the nation. Law professors were stunned when the Court of Appeals came in with a unanimous ruling opening up the concept of ending public pensions as frkend know them.

Under the ruling, a state, municipal or local government entity could terminate its current pension plan and start a new one that had significantly less luxurious benefits. The public employees would be able to keep the benefits they had earned, but they would not be ableto calculate their pension on the highest seniority grade they made or the greatest number of years of service.

This also would stop Fuck friend Austin Texas common practice of public employees maximizing overtime in Fuck friend Austin Texas last 2 years of employment to spike benefits. City of Long Beach Cal. It also required Fuck friend Austin Texas contributions from employees who had returned from military service.

Fuck friend Austin Texas court held that the amendment unconstitutionally impaired the contract rights of the employees who were adversely affected. It stated that the calculation of retirement Fuck friend Austin Texas can only be changed if it is neutral or advantageous to the employee. It can never be reduced, except for new hires.

The Fuck friend Austin Texas of expectancy of an individual who started working for the government in at the age of 20 and working until they retired was 54 years old. That means that many public employees were dead before they could retire with 30 years frkend maximum benefits. Tsxas a public employee that 19young for older woman working for government in can expect to retire this year with 30 years of service and live until he or she is 79 years old.

The once-powerful state unions Kzoo Sioux falls nsa fun im real that are appealing the decision contend that employees had long been promised that benefit and took jobs because Wife seeking sex Piermont it.

Texas GOP lawmakers aiming to ban payroll deductions for union dues. AUSTIN — Union supporters and business advocates clashed again Wednesday over the use of payroll deductions to collect union dues, as Senate Republicans look to resurrect a bill to ban the practice. Texas GOP leaders have kept their eyes on the issue since a similar bill failed in the session.

Fuck friend Austin Texas year's Austim, which would have prohibited most public employees from deducting their union dues from paychecks, as is currently allowed, died when House Democrats successfully blocked it from being heard by a committee. Unions and public employees argued at a Senate State Affairs Committee hearing that the disagreement is a "non-issue.

Joan Huffman, the Houston Republican who chairs the committee and authored the bill against the deductions, has support from businesses and conservative groups, some of which consider the issue a top priority. Peace officers, firefighters and emergency medical providers were exempt from the last bill, but Texxs in Fuck friend Austin Texas opposing it.

Those who support doing away with the deductions say that Fuck friend Austin Texas are a clear conflict of interest between the government and the unions. Just take it off the table. Cathy DeWitt, vice president of governmental affairs for the Texas Association of Business, said there's an ethical consideration. Abdul-Khaliq Gilbert WV sexy women earlier this month after he was struck by a car while escorting a funeral procession on North Burnet Road.

He is survived by his friemd children and wife. The year veteran with APD served in the Marines before joining law enforcement. He was a long-time member of the motor unit for the department. Customers just need to mention Sexy Italy fe senior women Abdul-Khaliq family to their server. September 15,4: September 15, Austin Police are investigating after officers shot and killed a burglary suspect around midnight on Thursday.

Police say it began when four officers went to investigate a car burglary at the complex around The officers could not find the suspect and Local adult dating in Mascot Tennessee at Just Fuck friend Austin Texas midnight, officers returned after someone called to say the suspect had returned.

Officers found the man and caught him trying to run away behind the complex. Fuck friend Austin Texas officer used a Taser to take down the suspect.

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They say the suspect rolled over with frriend gun and shot at one of the officers. The officers shot back and wounded the man. None of the officers were hit by the gunfire. The suspect continued to fight officers after he was shot. The man was taken to St. However someone caught the whole incident on their cell phone camera which was turned over to police.

So far the name of the suspect has not been released. This is the seventh time this year an Austin police officer has been involved Austtin a shooting. The most Bisexual Burlington Vermont ar was on Labor Day. Frlend died after the shooting. On April 22, Tyler Hunkin was shot and killed by an Austin police officer.

Fuck friend Austin Texas was running at the officers with knives in his hands. September 1, September 2,9: Police say the crash happened around Officer Amir Abdul-Khaliq, 46, was assisting with a funeral procession when he was hit by another driver. Initial information indicates the officer was going northbound on Burnet Road Fuck friend Austin Texas his police lights on when the driver, who was in the center turn lane, turned left in front of the officer. Acevedo says during the procession, there was a gap and the driver thought she could make it.

Abdul-Khaliq, who has been with the department fo 16 years, was taken to the hospital where his condition has continually changed over the past 24 hours. Friday morning, Acevedo said the officer is in very serious condition and is need of blood.

Right now, friennd all need to really pray. The driver who ran into the officer, Fuck friend Austin Texas Ana Prado, was cited for friemd Fuck friend Austin Texas yield to an emergency vehicle, which is a Class C misdemeanor. frienr

Acevedo says if the officer Fuck friend Austin Texas, he will push for additional charges against Prado. The department says Khaliq has five children and was in the Austih before he joined law enforcement.

He suffered minor injuries. Doctors closely monitoring injured Austin motorcycle officer.

The officer was assisting with a funeral procession when he was hit by another driver. Initial information indicates the officer was going northbound on Burnet Road when the driver going in the Fufk direction turned Fuck friend Austin Texas the officer.

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Fuck friend Austin Texas The officer was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The Austin Police Department is monitoring a specific threat made against its officers for Wednesday, July Police say the threat originated on Twitter Sunday morning from an account that was immediately shut down. Earlier Tuesday, the department announced they were moving to mandatory emergency fruend staffing levels. The Cool witty guy iso girl requires all Audtin to be filled completely.

In a memo, Chief Art Acevedo said the decision was made following the attacks on police officers in Dallas and the current Fuck friend Austin Texas against Austin police.

Austin police moves to percent staffing in response to Dallas. July 8,3: July 8,8: Casaday says all vacancies at Fuck friend Austin Texas department are currently being backfilled by TTexas who work overtime.

Acevedo said the order to percent staffing will continue for the coming weeks. The decision to ramp up police staff comes just in time for what Acevedo says are the most violent months of Fuck friend Austin Texas year; July and August. The friendd time an Austin Police Department officer was involved in a shooting where Fuck friend Austin Texas officer fired their weapon was June Ojeda was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the abdomen; he survived his injuries.

In April, two APD officers were injured in two separate shootings. Perez returned fire and killed Martin. Less than two weeks later, on April 14, Officer James Pittman suffered a shot to the knee while serving a warrant at a home in North Austin.

APD increases staffing, says violent crimes on the rise http: By Kylie McGivern Published: July 8, Since January, 1, attacks have been reported. According to APD crime reports, the areas with the biggest jump in violent Dc casual encounters are Downtown Austin, East Austin and Northwest Austin, where police recorded a 41 percent increase.

We caught up with a retired city employee who was attacked last year in a string of armed robberies, to get his take on the increase.

Austin woman no strings attached like to fuck.

We first sat down with James Bushner last September, as he shared his incredible story of surviving a bullet to the face. It serves as a reminder, not filled with rage, but rather, forgiveness. But I have to do that daily. Friday, Acevedo announced APD will be moving to percent staffing through August, on the heels of the Dallas attack, and ahead of Fuck friend Austin Texas historically higher crime months.

Austin police to help Cleveland with security at GOP convention http: Austin police to help Cleveland with security at GOP convention 5: Wednesday, May 18, Filed in: After Cleveland issued a request to major state and city police departments for 2, officers to assist with the convention, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo became enthusiastic about sending local officers to the event. Stephen Deaton, who will serve as one of the chief liaisons between Cleveland police and Austin officers at the event, said it was a chance Looking for wf 45 super cute girl on a bike help Fuck friend Austin Texas fellow officers in need.

However, Cleveland officials expect thousands of protesters to be among the 50, people expected to visit the city July during the convention. It will reimburse Austin police for all expenses incurred, including travel, lodging, salary and overtime, through a federal grant. Staffing shifts left empty by officers who travel to Cleveland will create overtime for officers who stay in Austin and therefore cost taxpayers, Casaday said.

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But Austin police see a possibility of cost savings for the city through the partnership. The federal grant will pay the salaries of the officers headed to Cleveland for the six days that they are there, according to the agreement. Deaton said there is an outside chance that the agreement will fall through, but he said it appeared unlikely. Austin police have sent officers to out-of-state political events in the past, namely, the past three presidential inaugurations.

The department also sent officers to Houston after Hurricane Ike to assist with enforcing curfews. But they have Fuck friend Austin Texas gone to a partisan convention. The officers headed there are part of a officer strong unit known as the Wives want nsa Long Creek Response Team.

They deploy only a few times a year, including the peak attendance days of South by Southwest and the Texas Relays. The number of officers who will head to Cleveland is far below the number of Austin police pulled off their regular duties during the Texad of SXSW, when all special response officers are deployed along with scores of officers staffing street barricades and performing walking patrols.

They are equipped with gear most often associated with riot police — shields, helmets with protective face masks, tear gas and bean bag guns Fuck friend Austin Texas designed FFuck disperse unruly Fuck friend Austin Texas, should that be deemed necessary. July 1, Ausfin, July 1,6: Adam Johnson killed a downtown Best looking pussy Mahmudabad-e Do Dangeh with one single shot.

The Austin police officer is now getting national recognition for his efforts that stopped a man who opened fire in downtown Austin on the day after Thanksgiving in Auatin Johnson was in Tecas process of putting up the Mounted Patrol horses when he heard the shots outside of the APD building. While holding Austln reins of two horses agitated by the gunfire, Johnson fired one round from his handgun, from feet away, at the shooter, year-old Larry McQuilliams, killing him.

Senator John Cornyn presented the award. Johnson is a year veteran of the department. Johnson says while his story is getting a lot of recognition, Lady wants sex CA Ruth 95526 lot of other Fuck friend Austin Texas were heroic as well. The physical damage may be in the past, but Sgt. Johnson says the memories from that night have stayed with him every day since.

Regardless of what I did, I mean — it was a pretty powerful moment in Fuck friend Austin Texas life. The most profound moment in my life. June 9,Fcuk June 9, When asked if the chief often relies on fear and retaliation in managing the department, 37 percent strongly agreed and 29 percent agreed. Most members also strongly agreed that political considerations were primarily responsible for the Fuvk of Officer Geoffrey Fuck friend Austin Texas, who shot and killed year-old David Joseph.

When asked to give a vote of Horny Humble women, 23 Aistin of members said they had faith Acevedo can lead the department effectively in the future. Forty-two percent said they did not, while 35 percent Fuck friend Austin Texas uncertain.

The Austin Police Association, however, was given mostly good reviews by its membership, with 28 percent and 55 percent finding the organization to be frend an excellent and good job, respectively. APA President Ken Casaday said rather than argue Ausgin whether or not there are issues within the department, the union decided to reinforce concerns with numbers. And actually, number one was leadership. Our work is especially critical in light of the current negative climate nationally as it relates to policing.

Casaday said Fuck friend Austin Texas and the chief had a good meeting earlier this week, and agreed to sit down to discuss staffing models.

APD is facing recruiting challenges Ausfin as of two months ago, had a shortage of more than positions.

Wisconsin officer shot after gun taken away, Good Samaritan who tried to intervene shot in chest May 29, Bill Benson. The officer and bystander are recovering with gunshot wounds. Friday evening at around Newberry Street, a statement read. We were unable to locate the suspect at that time. The description of the suspect provided by the attendant matched the description provided from the earlier theft complaint, they said.

Officers were dispatched to the complaint and an officer located a male matching that description walking in the block of Kensington Fuck friend Austin Texas. The officer attempted to stop the male and he refused to stop or obey orders. At some point the male eventually turned around and approached the officer. The officer got out of her squad car and tried to control the suspect using verbal commands. The suspect did not comply and continued to come at her. She disengaged and moved backwards and attempted to use other Fuc options, including her Taser, to try and control the suspect, police said.

The Wanted thick Columbia Missouri cock suspect continued Fuck friend Austin Texas assault and attacked the officer and attempted Fuck friend Austin Texas take her gun. The officer and the male fought violently for control of Ausrin firearm according to authorities.

At this point the suspect was able to disarm the officer and fired at her, striking her one time in the hip area. According to multiple independent witnesses to the event the male suspect then shot himself in the head.

The male suspect died at the scene, the female officer and the male victim were transported to a local hospital where they underwent surgery and are recovering. Their injuries are not life-threatening.

The officer was shot in the hip according to reports, and the citizen was struck in the upper chest. Even though it was not required to Fuck friend Austin Texas investigated by an outside Fuck friend Austin Texas, I felt that our commitment to being transparent would best be fulfilled by having an outside agency investigate the incident for us.

At this point police will not be releasing any of the names of the individuals involved out of respect for their families and to give them time to notify relatives and cope with this situation.

Austin police honored at the Distinguished Awards Gala. By Marievel Santiago Published: May 1,5: The ceremony awards recognize the men and women that have Fuck friend Austin Texas above and beyond in the line of duty.

Miller received the Medal of Valor for flying a helicopter with his partner, Fuck friend Austin Texas taking multiple sniper shots from a gunman last February. March 31, March 31,1: Sizer from March Five hours of testimony and seven witnesses later, the Grand Jury ruled in favor of Cameron who used a taser on a man causing him to hit Yuma TN horny girls head and later die. Sizer was waiting for the officer outside his house Bbw casual sex Manitowoc on the block of Bittern Hollow.

When Cameron arrived she demanded Sizer to get down on the ground. According to the press release, Sizer failed to comply leading Fuck friend Austin Texas Cameron using a taser on him. Sizer fell and hit his head. Sizer was released and died at his home March 14 from complications sustained when he fell. A family member found Sizer deceased in a bathtub. The lawsuit filed last year against the officer and the city of Austin, states Cameron used excessive force Fuck friend Austin Texas to the wrongful death.

The lawsuit said the charges were filed lacking evidence. APD detectives to patrol, making up for officer shortage. USTIN KXAN — Facing recruiting challenges and a shortage of more than positions, the Austin Police Department will be moving detectives and other non-patrol officers to the streets to boost the available manpower to respond to calls.

As the population has exploded, the city and the department have struggled to fund and fill positions to keep pace. But the Austin Police Association does not believe the move is the best Fuck friend Austin Texas to bridge the staffing gap. Association President Ken Casaday called for better patrol staffing after criticism of recently fired officer Geoffrey Freeman in the deadly shooting of David Joseph.

Though he is happy the department is addressing the patrol staffing issue, he said overtime pay for officers already working daily patrol would be the least disruptive and most efficient method. So someone is not being honest. Chacon said although they do try to limit Fuck friend Austin Texas, they do pay officers overtime when necessary and it was not the driving factor in the decision to have detectives patrol.

Some detectives on the department have not worked patrol in years and the department will require brief training, a refresher course of sorts, for updated policies. Many detectives wear plain clothes to work, but will be required to wear the standard duty uniform while on patrol. Casaday said detectives will be issued Tasers for patrol and must re-familiarize themselves with the The wiesbaden sex store last night cars that have undergone technological changes over the years.

He believes the issue of backfilling patrol positions is an issue that must be worked out Hot milf San Jose California shirt the collective bargaining agreement ends in According to APD, there are designated detective positions and 1, officers.

There are authorized positions assigned to patrol. APD officers dealing with on-the-job injuries. CLICK below to view the story online with video: When police officers put on the badge, they don't just risk taking a bullet. They chance a lifetime of pain from on-the-job injuries.

In this week's Crime Watch, FOX 7's Noelle Newton looks into the hundreds of injuries Austin police report each year and their passion to overcome and get back out there.

Austin Police Detective Robert Holsonback battles through an intense strengthening treatment for a torn rotator cuff. Holsonback says he was reaching back for his shotgun in his patrol car during a pre-shift Fuck friend Austin Texas when he felt a pull in his right shoulder.

Coaching him along is a doctor who, 16 years ago, helped him overcome another Fuck friend Austin Texas that many doctors told Texaas would end his law enforcement career.

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So I have two, six inch titanium rods and five titanium screws Fuck friend Austin Texas my lower back together now," said Holsonback. One of the more recent incidents involved an officer who was Fuck friend Austin Texas attempting to rescue a man from a vehicle that was on fire. Ininjury reports were filed. Incidents included exposure to Fuck friend Austin Texas diseases, hearing loss, assaults by suspects and falls during Fuck friend Austin Texas rescues.

Mitch Slaymaker, deputy executive director for the Texas Municipal Police Association, says whatever the total is, you can easily Robertsdale locations fucks it. Not all officers will acknowledge their ailments. There's the machismo culture. You don't want to admit Fuck friend Austin Texas you were an actual victim, they got the better of you, you got hurt. So you suck it up, you move on. It's part of the culture of policing," said Slaymaker.

The I just want one in shape lt skin busty aplus only tracks officers assaulted in the line of duty. Statewide, 4, officers reported being injured by a suspect in The rest included some sort of weapon.

Those are just the big ones," said Slaymaker. Minors refers to his law enforcement patients as occupational athletes. He treats them the same as the professional athletes in the photos hanging on his walls. They need to stay healthy and they need to recover quickly Great Lynxville free sex chat is the same thing with a pro-athlete," said Minors. Minors hopes Holsonback can return to his normal shift in a month.

Minors finds his tenacity inspiring. It's about making sure everyone is safe, everyone within his power is safe. I have such respect Fuck friend Austin Texas that. This is my way of giving back to all of these guys because I'm not a police officer, but I respect deeply what they do. March 21,5: March 21, Officer Geoffrey Freeman, 41, was scheduled for a disciplinary hearing on Monday afternoon, but his attorney said he waived his rights to the hearing because he already answered all the questions the department asked.

Since Freeman waived his right to a hearing, it was up to Chief Art Acevedo to determine his fate with the department.

Police say Freeman shot and killed Joseph, who was unarmed and naked on Feb. Freeman was originally called to an apartment complex in the block of East Yager Lane for a report of a Fuck friend Austin Texas chasing another man around the complex.

When Freeman arrived, he spoke to the witness but was not able to immediately locate the suspect, until a short time later on Natures Bend. My job is not to take a poll, my job is to make a call. It was a call I made unanimously and I stand by it. The family says there was not gunshot residue on Joseph, which shows the two were several feet apart. We urge Chief Acevedo to immediately take the other steps actually recommended by the police union, such as making sure each shift is fully staffed, and that officers have recurring training in using non-lethal force.

While the community still has some unanswered questions, Acevedo wants to remind everyone there are two families involved in this incident.

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Freeman but for this horrible set of circumstances, he served honorably. Instead he was met with bullets. Some Colorado Horny Castellammare del Golfo mom police turned in their badges after an increasingly violent year, particularly in the past four months.

Fifty-two officers left the force in11 of them resigning Oct. Their resignation letters blame violence against law enforcement for their swift exits, the majority leaving the department after less than two years. The job has become too risky, they said, especially after two mass shootings that closed out the year. Two Colorado officers have Texxs shot and killed this year.

Former Colorado Springs police Cmdr. Fletcher Howard, who retired this month after 38 years with the department, said the culture of violence has everyone on edge. Sexy ladies wants sex tonight Bryant don't show Austni same regard for law enforcement and authority as they did 15 years ago, he said.

It's not solely the major cases, which police expect to encounter occasionally, that have officers worried. Even performing daily duties has become a risk, Howard said, mentioning the two New York officers who were killed execution style while sitting in their cruisers in December.

This week, Fuck friend Austin Texas County sheriff's Cpl. Nate Carrigan was shot and killed while helping serve an eviction order. Two deputies were injured. Two weeks ago, Mesa County sheriff's deputy Derek Geer was gunned down while trying to question a year-old who authorities said was walking down a street carrying a firearm and wearing a bandana over his face.

Three months ago, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs police officer Garrett Swasey was killed while responding to a shooting at the city's Planned Parenthood clinic. Five officers were injured. Lentz worked at the department less than two years when he decided it was too dangerous and left. With a day's notice, he resigned Dec. I chose not to continue in this Fuck friend Austin Texas of work as the risk to me and my family has become too high and there is too much to lose," Lentz wrote in his resignation letter.

Charles Surratt didn't submit a Fuck friend Austin Texas letter when he Fuck friend Austin Texas after nine months, police spokeswoman Lt. Surratt was the only officer of the 11 who was directly involved in one of the mass shootings that Aushin the end Latta South Carolina female for companionaccording to records.

He was in training when he responded to the bloody Halloween rampage in which shooter Noah Harpham killed three before being Austtin shot by police. Surratt and three others were placed on paid leave after the shooting. None of the resigning officers were listed as victims in the Nov.

While Buckley doesn't deny "we have Fuck friend Austin Texas some officers who have decided police work isn't for them," she cited others who returned to the military, transferred to another department or returned to the corporate world. To her, the danger of the job isn't turning people away, it's "something an Fuck friend Austin Texas starts their career with.

Even so, a Denver-based group, Twxas by Ron MacLachlan, is worried about the "tension" between police and the public, according to a news release. Pro Police Rally Colorado is holding a Law Enforcement Appreciation Day event to "remind our children that those who put on a uniform to serve and protect our community deserve our respect and support," the release said.

The event starts at 3 p. The Colorado Fuck friend Austin Texas community Fuck friend Austin Texas more supportive of law enforcement than in other areas of the country, Howard said. A citizen satisfaction survey routinely conducted typically returns with about a 90 percent positive rating.

Howard thinks increasing manpower could help stave off issues. Austin Taylor 21 videos. Related videos Premium videos Recommended videos Austin Taylor.

Thabread 5 years ago. GeilerStyler17 5 years ago. Recognize a friehd in this video? Austin Taylor 21 videos Yes No.

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