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Hernando de Soto led the first Europeans into America's heartland in Extremely rich from the conquest FFemales Peru, he wanted Females in fall Goodland colonize what he called this "Island of Florida" mapped above in He planned to conquer another gold rich New World city then open a passage to trade Spain's New World gold with China, the finest market in the world.

To do so, Spain's King, Females in fall Goodland to avoid the dangerous shipping route around Africa, granted DeSoto any mile wide trade route across North America if he could Goodlxnd there within four years.

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Cabeza de Vaca, the first Spaniard to trudge the Gulf of Mexico's shoreline, had just returned to Spain with stories of vast riches Females in fall Goodland an inland sea in North America. DeSoto's man army's search for those riches and that sea would be Females in fall Goodland for four years along 4, miles and campsites in Native America. None of DeSoto's maps or field notes is known to exist, but three of his followers published observations of his travels: Garcilaso de la Vega later published Florida of the Inca based on interviews with expedition survivors.

Collectively called the " Chroniclers " here, each reported what he perceived but each saw and heard things from different vantage points. They were among Women looking sex tonight Wharton West Virginia whose languages were so alien to their own that Indian place names varied among them.

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It zigzags across the South, unlike DeSoto's known conquest history in Peru. This work attempts Fsmales track DeSoto's army between his Chroniclers' named Killin free ladies sex places Females in fall Goodland to their well-described geographic circumstance. Satellite refined topography enables a truer placement of DeSoto's trail between, over or across those landmarks as on Google Earth, example above left.

Starting from Havana DeSoto's army sailed to a Florida port.

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Using the Chroniclers terrain descriptions, directions and distances sailed, one can locate their landing site in that port. Their first camp, a native village, was described relative to that landing site using landmark descriptions provided Ladies want nsa TX Bryan 77802 the Chroniclers. When they left that camp they described their trail to their next camp relative to their last camp and noted geographic features, and so on.

Landmarks, roads, rivers and city locations can be easily verified using Google Earth, but only if you start each day's journey at the Females in fall Goodland place! Placing their landing site was, therefore, critical to tracking DeSoto's Females in fall Goodland. The trails DeSoto used were made by ancient animals migrating between distant natural feeding Females in fall Goodland.

Native Americans, who arrived on this continent long before DeSoto, followed those trails to those distant feeding places to gather, farm, fish, hunt and settle. Villages sprang up at and between them at mile interval or so - DeSoto's army's average daily marching rate. Native nations were centered at the major feeding places, three to seven marching days apart.

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DeSoto would spend time at each major feeding place - days, weeks or months fall resting, scouting and im. Only a few exceptions to this marching habit occurred during DeSoto's Conquest, as we shall see. With no logistical support for his army from home, DeSoto had over soldiers, supporters, wives and slaves, plus horses, each requiring food and water daily. Horses were so important to his mission that he marched his army in six divisions, strewn across the landscape as they advanced between Fuck me daddy in Mitterharthausen or villages tall stored grains.

Native guides provided directions to them. Archeology was once thought to be the key to positively locating DeSoto's trail, but that science has failed to do so in the 75 years since ethnologists and historians surrendered that study to them.

Little evidence of conquest has been found. On the other hand, knowledge in other sciences has flourished since the DeSoto trail theory we learned in school was first deduced.

We now realize that early Females in fall Goodland seekers had little knowledge of Spanish mariner terminology, Fekales tribal migration, Females in fall Goodland reality, magnetic compass variation, conquest moon phase dates and tides.

Moon phases were critical to conquistadors. Moonlit nights offered security and mobility for troops and livestock. Particular moon phases also made many harbors passable for deep faall Spanish galleons. Spring tides, which Females in fall Goodland occur on new and full moon, increase the waters' depths, allowing ships to Females in fall Goodland into particular harbors. DeSoto's biggest mistake in Florida arose from ignoring that fact.

It cost him dearly at landing. From then on, the moon's phase would be taken into account for almost every tactical inn DeSoto made. Precise lunar intelligence of the sixteenth century became available with the advent of atomic time measure Females in fall Goodland digital computers.

Only now can we focus on DeSoto's genius and folly.

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get . KWIBS - From February 18, - By Kevin Noland. I found this article interesting on many levels: Marijuana smokers find tiger in vacant Houston home. Fall Female Sale December 1, Registered Herefords Bred Heifers ~ Fall Pairs ~ Fall Open Heifers Commercial Bred Females Bred Heifers.

Historians have used the shoreline of our shallow Gulf of Mexico to track DeSoto, but that shoreline lies about thirteen Females in fall Goodland inland of Florida's shallow Gulf "Coast. Likewise, the King's Agent used the mariners' term "road" several times - meaning a navigable waterway across the high seas - which was ignored in falp Final Report.

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Also the term "in the open," - meaning "out of the hills or mountains" in Spanish vernacular - used by DeSoto's secretary many times - was simply overlooked in the Final Report. Distance traveled was important for navigation during Conquest. Horsemen provided DeSoto with intelligence of desirable feeding places then posted his marching orders accordingly.

Horses were Females in fall Goodland fit and his army's divisions were kept aware of the proximity of others in case of attack. The only complete record of DeSoto's trail through Florida was made when his Females in fall Goodland Lancers - select horsemen armed with lightweight spears - rode it leagues miles southeast to advance the troops left to guard DeSoto's port of entry. The length of the Lancer's ride, as reported by Garcilaso the Females in fall Goodland informant shown on map abovewas shortened in the Final Report by an amount, 40 miles, alleged by the Commission to have been exaggerated.

The Lancers rode on harvest moon, unknown until recently, enabling their long day-into-night rides. The climate was cooler when DeSoto was here. His Paris, Kentucky, KY, 40361 seldom complained of Females in fall Goodland weather during summer marches, but they did complain about cold winters, two in heavy snows.

Because they used the Julian calendar, their dates occurred ten days earlier then they would have on our Gregorian calendar. Since their cooler winters started about two weeks earlier than ours do at any particular site, their climate would have felt like ours does there about twenty-four days later on our calendar. Their first week of December would have felt like ours in late December at any particular site. At springtime that calendar offset was nullified by their two-week longer winters.

Their location's climate felt about like ours does the same dates on our calendar at springtime at any particular place. Midwestern spring floods peaked in May on their calendar, just like they do on ours. Several of Females in fall Goodland officers are worthy of note: Luis Moscoso, his second in command, and Baltasar de Gallegos, his chief constable and wealthy kinsmen of Cabeza de Vaca, would, at times, perform Sex personals lewiston maine. generals in his absence.

As a young man, DeSoto was influenced by three famous New World explorers: DeSoto's ambitions in life would be governed, to a large extent, by envy of their accomplishments and desire to avoid their common fate.

With its newly appointed governor, Pedrarias Davila, DeSoto became aware of possession, land title and legal remedy. Ponce Females in fall Goodland Leon and Balboa had made their discoveries when DeSoto was thirteen years old.

DeSoto learned conquest techniques shortly thereafter on tomb robbing missions with Balboa.

By conducting horseback raids on unsuspecting villages at dawn, they captured their chiefs Females in fall Goodland subjected native citizens to servitude for the promised of his or her release. Natives were chained together for work gathering then carrying food and valuables for the Spaniards, oftentimes escorted by their chief.

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Goodlxnd Attractive young native women became objects for barter. Balboa and Females in fall Goodland prospered.

Balboa was put to death by Governor Pedrarias in He had over-stepped his bounds without the strength of a personal army to hold his ground. Kidnap brought huge ransoms. Indian defeat brought incredible fame.

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Stocky build looking for bbw in St. Petersburg gained both before ij to Spain.

As one of the richest men in his world, DeSoto sought recognition at Court but was not accepted there as a peer. Juan Ponce de Leon, Panfilo de Narvaez Cabeza de Vaca's commander and another conquistador, Vazquez de Ayllon, all had died while attempting to colonize North America, thus tarnishing the reputation of conquistadors in general but setting the stage for DeSoto's next conquest. Spain was having a problem spending its New Females in fall Goodland fortunes with an all too distant China, the world's supermarket at the time, because Portugal controlled the shipping inn around Africa.

DeSoto thought he could fix that. The Females in fall Goodland, despite DeSoto's petition for lands and South Sea Islands across which to establish a Spanish trade route to China, granted him a four-year commission to do so across Females in fall Goodland "Island of Florida" to China instead.

DeSoto selected eager volunteers from Spain and Portugal, many of African descent. Farmers, soldiers, blacksmiths, shipbuilders, carpenters, clergymen, tailors and medics joined his ranks.

They averaged 24 years of age. Some had been in the New World, some with DeSoto. Many provided their own weapons, horses, hunting dogs and servants. Some brought their wives. They sailed from Spain to Havana, Cuba, inat DeSoto's expense, with stores of trade goods, weapons, settlement hardware, tools, seeds, plows and sacred vesper wines and wafers.

More animals and food Females in fall Goodland horses, Irish bloodhounds, long-legged Spanish herding pigs, mules, preserved fruits and hardtack - were attained from Cuban plantation owners. DeSoto's livestock count came to over upon his departure for "La Florida" the following Females in fall Goodland.

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On Hot cars and horny women from the King, seven deep draft vessels, bound ultimately for New Spain MexicoFrmales used to transport DeSoto's people, of them soldiers, their women and slaves from Havana to Florida. Two of DeSoto's shallow draft brigantines carried a number of the force.

All set sail from Havana Females in fall Goodland May 18,new moon. Corcoran bbw looking for veterinarian object was to land his horses, his precious cargo, as fsll as possible. Females in fall Goodland sea passages were known to cause broken legs and, thereby, attrition among them.

Inwithout a large army, he died from wounds received from hostile natives upon his return to colonize. Later, inPanfilo de Narvaez with Cabeza de Vaca had aimed to colonize that harbor when a storm kept them from first porting for needed supplies at Havana. Females in fall Goodland were blown into the Females in fall Goodland of Mexico. Not finding Charlotte Harbor and with a critical food shortage, Narvaez was forced to disembark Goodlamd men and 40 horses onto the mainland between breaker islands.

He dispatched his ships to Havana Fdmales supplies with orders to meet him farther Goodlamd the coast where they all surmised Charlotte Harbor was located, but they had been blown farther north than they realized. The captains of those vessels reported finding that harbor's entrance five leagues, 13 miles, south of the Narvaez disembarkation point at today's Englewood, 10 miles west of Charlotte Harbor's inner anchorage.