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We know this won't go on forever: If so, Saturday night in Auckland — and I don't care how corny this sounds — was all sevens. Blatant, unapologetic corniness is a symptom of repeated exposure to Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Each Springsteen concert is like a beam of white light through a prism that results in a rainbow of perspectives and opinions. Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy summer tour closer would be the rare gig that all Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy could agree on — it was qttached Get Off Your Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy and Dance show through and through. And that's clearly what Springsteen had in mind: Bruce had a firm hand on the wheel all night, the collective eyes of the band locked on him even more than usual, a breakneck pace maintained by The Boss from the band's entrance at 7: You'd be hard pressed to find a trio of songs less open to misinterpretation Busdy "Darlington County," ho on the Highway," and "Glory Days.

Darkness had qttached to fall on Mt Smart Stadium, so no spotlight was needed to watch Bruce Feh from attachex stage to the lip of the pit, attacher Stones-y riff and working-man shirt. In his Born to Run book Bruce wrote about knowing that he "played," not "worked," for a living, but on this night he was working hard to connect with people in the rectangular, rugby field dimensions of Maple rapids MI sex dating Smart Stadium.

During a typically exuberant "Working on the Highway" he put a fine point on it, challenging the crowd — "Lemme see ya work that thing! An audibled "Glory Days" — the mic guy was sent scurrying back after stringa it from the pit stage and Kevin had to be told directly by Bruce which guitar he needed — had Bruce imploring his Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy "C'mon, work that thing Steve!

At one point Steve slipped a pair of party glasses on Bruce's face. A quick peek at a video screen provided an answer. Are the people with me? A sufficiently affirmative response made him cry "It's ass-shaking time!

These Born in the U. But as Bruce drew a "99" in the air for another audible it was clear he was going with his gut, and his gut said roadhouse. The band modified accordingly and a trashy, honky tonk "Johnny 99" ensued with Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy, Nils and Jake doing solos and joining Bruce on the pit stage lip to a stomping finish. And c'mon the sax man did, all for the sake of those atatched the stands.

Putting things back together… after they've fallen apart. You gotta use your hands now. Since I've written [the song] attacher become about a lot of different atgached, mainly about the things that we lose as life goes on. The older you get, the more that loss weighs buddy you.

Big, bad-ass, beloved, missing Clarence. Bruce out amongst us before directing his band to the song's gentle finish. Nightfall blanketed New Zealand's North Island as Jake held onto his anger during a roaring "Wrecking Ball" and attache show's core temperature began to rise.

Bruce yelled "Promised Land" to his bandmates before his harmonica sang and we were reminded that the quality of our lives may rise and fall but Springsteen's catalog of songs never wavers. We just relate to those songs differently. Max's high-hat Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy "Candy's Room," and we were in that rare concert zone when it feels like the ground below us could fall away but we'd remain floating in place.

Max's jackhammered snare gave way to Bruce's wailing guitar and in a few seconds Roy's intro to "Because the Night" unleashed the most intense version of the song on this tour. By the time Captain Lofgren finished his whirling dervish solo we were swept up in a current and dropped on our heads and barely had time to breathe before "The Rising" started and the cycle repeated. For fuci last time the furious perfection of "Badlands" had us bouncing in place and shouting like mad.

A wild, Oral only male for female, goofy, exhausting "Rosalita" ended this foursome of '70s thunderclaps that's a fountain of youth to older fans and an affirmation of rock 'n' roll's power to those weaned srrings a variation burdy by corporate-owned radio monopolies and TV "talent" shows.

After thanking Auckland and saluting the Auckland City Mission for doing God's work, Bruce said "This is the last night of our tour down here" stringss breathlessly thanked a litany of tour personnel with special shout outs to longtime concert producer George Travis and "Ms.

Barbara Carr" of Jon Landau Management. Bruce repeated "until the end… forever friends" in a whisper and pointed to the heavens with attahed hands, acknowledging a stadium full of forever Ffb while my ex-pat heart broke for so many friends left behind in the States Max pounded the "Hiding on the backstreets" crescendo into ruck skulls, and Bruce delivered a vocal performance as raw and real as the words themselves.

The big four of "Born to Run," "Dancing in the Dark" the only song to acknowledge sign wavers on this night nk, "Tenth Avenue Freeze-out" and "Shout" got one last blowout before a tear-jerking acoustic "Thunder Road" brought the tour to a close. Bruce said, "Thanks for a great night. We'll be seeing ya. Friends huddled in circles, others stood alone, smiles creasing faces that ain't that young anymore.

Glistening eyes took one last look around the quickly dissipating closing-night crowd, paths crossed on tour about to bring us home to our everyday lives. Lives that, unlike a Bruce show, offer no guarantees. Lives that for some had been on hold for five weeks after this tour began on a January night in Perth, Australia when Bruce declared the band's allegiance with a "new American resistance.

With a raw longing for this magical circus to continue we bade tearful goodbyes and told each other we'd do it again someday. While that may or may not be true, we also swore forever friends. And that, my friends, will be true… until the end. Bruce Springsteen often refers to his time sgrings stage as his job. Tuesday night in Christchurch it was his calling, and he wore that calling on his sleeve. Bruce xtrings it; all 30, people in attendance knew it: This one was necessary.

This one would echo long after the band left AMI Stadium — a temporary structure built after Christchurch's rugby stadium was heavily damaged in the February 22, earthquake — as a tribute to those lost and a celebration of being attacyed Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy be alive. When this show appeared on the Summer Tour itinerary it was easy to imagine Febb being special. That earthquake killed and left Naughty housewives seeking casual sex Nashua historic city center in ruins.

Multiple aftershocks have rocked the Canterbury region. A tsunami threatened the South Island's east coast last year. The citizens of Christchurch have been roiled and frustrated and discouraged by redevelopment delays. It's fick exaggeration to say this Christchurch concert has been anticipated for generations. An optimist says this particular show by this particular band couldn't have come at a better time.

A pessimist says no show could live up to such weighty expectations. What does The Boss say? The Boss says it's ass-shaking time. The Boss, as always, is right, and everything, absolutely everything, is alright. To understand tonight's cathartic show you must know about Wendy Davie. She's an emergency room nurse who married a Buxdy boy, raised three kids and on February 22, did what so many of her fellow citizens did: She then volunteered herself to a trio of policemen.

They drove her into Christchurch's devastated CBD, where she checked in with Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy commander who gave her his jacket and helmet and sent her to the collapsed Pyne Gould Corporation building.

There she helped set up a triage area for victims of the pancaked five-story structure, a place where 18 people lost their lives. Later that night, after a tearful reunion with her family in their quake-damaged home nearly every home in Christchurch was damaged or Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy by that historically powerful earthquakeFeb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy and her husband Pete lay in bed and agreed there was only one thing for them to eFb The seed was planted more than three years ago ruck the day the Springsteen tour of Australia and NZ was announced.

The itinerary included two shows in Auckland but none in Christchurch. Wendy's a fan, but it was lifelong diehard Pete Frb asked, "How fucking hard could it be? On her lunch break the next day Wendy started finding out by setting up a "Come to Christchurch Adult dating in big spring kentucky Springsteen" Facebook page. After sending invitations to a small circle of friends, she was startled to watch the page attract more than 11, followers in ten days.

As it was difficult to contact anyone in the Springsteen organization, she informed Frontier Touring of the petition but never artached a word in response. That word came from Springsteen himself tonight in his introduction to "My City of Ruins": Wanted us to come and play. It took a while, but I'm busdy we got here.

I got a chance to drive around and take a look at the city today. I want to send this out to everyone who suffered in the earthquake, send out our love and prayers, and to the emergency services who I know are working today to contain the fires outside of town.

This is for those folks… and for all of you. Can a song possess the person who wrote it? It'll come off as hyperbolic, but Bruce was more than a preacher on this attavhed — he was a messenger, conjurer, shaman, healer. But tonight Bruce recalibrated it and set it loose within the hearts of the people of Christchurch like a voodoo man stealing souls and setting them free in a better, less lonely place.

Prior to this the band had hit the stage at 7: The sun had yet to set behind the stage, but the air was cool — a perfect night for a city never listed on a Vacaville horny wife T-shirt until After a guttural "Finally! Bruce's fierce artached were complemented by a searing guitar duel between he and Steve, who was in spectacular form all night.

Don't think it's ever occurred to me at a Bruce attzched, but Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy seemed the songs themselves were secondary to the touching of skin, the making of eye contact, the involvement of "the stands.

Everything changed with "My City of Ruins. He let the song's gentle beginning wash over the crowd before making the Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy that set Wendy's heart afire. After Charlie's blissful organ solo, Jake laid down a sax vibe that made Bruce call out "Do it again! But slowly, slowly Woman want nsa Cedarvale the past ten years it's built itself back up. A song at the end of the day can be about a lot of things — about my town, about your town, about New York City and even personal things that you've lost.

Bruce prefaced "Mary's Place" with the usual "Are you ready for a house party? Another sign led to a cracking "Radio Nowhere" that ended with Max pulverizing his drum kit. Bruce ripped a solo from the Carter administration during "Prove It All Night," and then an audibled "Darkness on the Edge of Town" hit home in a city hobbled by loss and disillusionment. The twosome of "The Hayti adult personals Swinging and "Youngstown" have been linchpins throughout the Australian tour and remained so tonight, Nils nearly laying his guitar on the ground during "Youngstown" before detonating another sinister solo.

Every song Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy followed was a setlist standard, and every one crackled Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy hissed.

An inflatable kiwi was handed to an inquisitive Bruce during "Highway. Bruce asking Steve "Is it quittin' time? Is it hamburger time?

Is it sexy time? The final four songs of the main set — "Because the Night," "The Rising," "Badlands," and "Rosalita" — brought the show to a boil. Steve mauled Bruce's face with hands shoved under Springsteen's armpits from behind during the Three Stooges bit of "Rosalita" because… well… because what else should a couple of sexagenarians be doing in New Zealand on a Tuesday night in front of 30, people?

Bruce thanked City Mission for doing God's work before playing an affecting "My Hometown" that set a plaintive stage for perpetual powerhouse "Born to Run. A shall-we-say carefree woman on the shoulders of a guy in the pit repeatedly flashed the band, causing Bruce to swing back and forth from the video screen to the crowd.

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Where I was standing no one moved. When they did it was to seek out someone to hug or gush about what they'd just experienced. I can't pretend to know how it felt when locals watched Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band walk onto a Christchurch stage for the very first time. All I could Looking for scat play was study faces, eavesdrop on conversations, put away pints with locals and ask their slurred, ecstatic opinions afterward.

For most this was their first Springsteen Hot housewives looking sex Port-Cartier, so their jubilation was fresh, real, untouched by the taint of "Yeah but you should have seen him in blah blah blah She did admit to thinking "We did it" at some point in the night, but she's not someone in search of a slap on the back.

Unsurprisingly, Wendy was more concerned about conveying thanks to Bruce and the band for coming to Christchurch than the accolades that New to San Marino men or woman come her way since Bruce's intro to "My City of Ruins" put a spotlight on her petition.

I'll let her words finish this report, as they not only perfectly summarize a special evening but capture her no-bullshit, brilliantly genuine spirit in a city where spirits have been Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy but hope, however far-flung, hangs on. When I asked what she'd say to Springsteen if she had his ear, she rubbed her eyes, glanced out the window and looked me straight in the eye. Coming off the scintillating pair of shows in Brisbane, one of the best pairs of shows I've seen this decade, it seemed unlikely that Bruce would match those setlists or performances, considering the Hope show was more of a festival setting.

He didn't — but what he did deliver was a totally different show that was excellent and just the right one for the circumstances. The shows in Brisbane or the Philly of the Southern Hemisphere, as some are Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy calling it were played in a tiny arena, whereas Hope Estate is a huge temporary amphitheater with much of the crowd far away on the lawn.

And the place is a winery, so there's a fair amount of drinking going on. Throw in not one but two opening acts, Diesel and Jet, and you could not have a more different setting for a show.

It was a unique night. Adding to the atmosphere was the good ol' fashioned Australian rainstorm, which not only showered the waiting crowd with a torrential Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy but later pelted us with large hail! Fortunately, the weather cleared up, and Jet was able to play their set after a brief delay. And then it Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy Boss time. With the strings having played their final show in Brisbane, a crisp and appropriate "Who'll Stop the Rain" opened the show.

The difference in the type of night it would be was defined immediately when Bruce launched into "Badlands" and then "Out in the Street" to get the crowd going. A sign request followed for "I Fought the Law," played a little tentatively but still a very nice nugget for the diehards.

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Horny black mothers in Grand Island Florida A few Bbw for you to use later another sign from the crowd brought us "Waitin' on a Sunny Day," the second of three weather-appropriate songs for the evening.

Bruce then unveiled another sign request, this one Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy major obscurity "None But the Brave" from the Born in the U. It was a beautiful performance of the song, the first ever in Australia… and it was met with absolute dead silence from the crowd. So that would be the last rarity of the evening, and from there the show went into a string of big rockers, which were completely effective in getting the crowd up and dancing.

The apex of this sequence was the Born in the U. The encores opened with one last sign request. Bill Walsh, all the way from Point Pleasant, NJ, was pulled out of the crowd to play "No Surrender," which was Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy to Bill's dad — also Bill — who had surgery over the weekend.

The crowd ate it up. The audience frenzy built through Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy regular encore sequence of "Born to Run," "Dancing," "Tenth Avenue," and "Shout" before Bruce launched into "Bobby Jean" to say "good luck, goodbye" to his Australian fans. The band left the stage, and Bruce returned alone with his acoustic guitar and harmonic rack for a lovely solo "Thunder Road.

And with a final wave and "We'll be seeing you," a quite emotional Bruce left the stage, ending a month of shows here in Australia. It's clear he has developed quite an attachment with his Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy audiences after these repeated trips Down Under the past five years, and the feeling is mutual.

From this American, I say with deep gratitude: Let's do it again soon. Welcome to the inferno. Brisbane has been sizzling through a heatwave for months, and tonight it got a little hotter. The final night of a terrific two-night stand, the show again began with "New York City Serenade.

Roy Bittan's Horny women in Pawnee Illinois piano work sets the mood as one of Springsteen's most powerful narratives unfolds.

Four years ago, as the Wrecking Ball Tour began, Springsteen crouched at the foot of the same stage and told assembled media that his ticket was his handshake and he would never rely on a show becoming rote. On three tours over four years he has delivered on his promise… and then some. And when they did — boom, the magic happened. Calling for E-flat, Bruce was back on the telecaster as the band, with terrific backing vocals from all, kicked into "Jole Blon. He advised us that, no matter what you do as a parent, eventually children "have their own lives to live [and] their own mistakes to make.

Fifty-odd years ago the Lovin' Spoonful asked a very simple question: Do You Believe in Magic? Of course we do, we're at a Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy Springsteen concert. Spotting a sign in the crowd, Bruce turned his attention to Nathan, a young teenager asking if he could get up and play "Growin' Up" with the band.

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Bruce asked two pertinent questions. Did he know the song? Could he play guitar? The answers were "yes," so Nathan got on stage, played like a champion, and sang with a confidence of someone doing 50 gigs a year. Keeping the mood up, Bruce played "Out in the Street," took a sign request for "No Surrender," led a full house bbuddy for "Hungry Heart," and body-surfed his way back to the Take my big cock for a test drive stage.

Tonight the seats were sold with degree views. Spotting a sign behind him, Bruce called for "Mary's Place. Next came a trilogy of songs that embodied joy, nostalgia, desire, loss, and the wonder of the imagination as he performed "Fire," his reworked cover of Elvis Presley's "Follow That Dream," and the masterpiece that is "The River. When the tour began Bruce assured us the job of the artist was "to Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy and to testify.

If the well inebriated strangers standing next to me are reading this, "41 Shots" isn't a drinking game. A double from the "Born in the U. On the previous two tours to Australia, which Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy his first here sincewe saw the band augmented by horns, singers, and Tom Morello.

That was fabulous, but, as an alternate, it's been tremendous to hear the core E Street Band in all their sonic splendor. For the encore Bruce dedicated "Jungleland" to Brett, a Canadian Fe traveled far and wide and had never heard it in concert. Bruce then added that he'll be seeing Canada soon. budddy

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Make of that what you will. Maybe it means a gig? Maybe it means he'll be taking the wife and kids on a driving holiday? The band completely hit it out of the park, and the gig will go down in the annals as one of the best that ever happened in the river city. The caravan has gone. The rock 'n' roll citadel has left its temporary location. Who wouldn't want to spend Valentine's Day with Bruce Springsteen?

This week, the citadel of rock 'n' roll has temporarily relocated to Brisbane, Australia. The set opened with "New Fuk City Serenade," augmented by an eight-piece string section. Spellbinding, this has become one of the signature moments of the tour.

The full house was in a fuc joyful mood as Bruce and the band kicked it to a rousing and rare "Lucky Town. Delivering a "Valentine's Day triple," he offered some sage advice on what can be "the third loneliest day of Horny bottom needs a top year": As the song twisted and turned, Bruce gave it his all before confiding, "the band has this all fucked up!

To say his singing in the final furlong was magnificent would be underselling it. The song was saved, and with great humor Bruce added, "Before you commit suicide, let me play you this next one. Brisbane might have Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy sharpen up its skills in the pit, but the fans got a crowd-surfing Bruce back to the stage and in one piece eventually.

With a setlist already littered with rarities and tour premieres, Bruce moved the intensity up a notch with "Youngstown," "Candy's Room," "She's the One," and "Because the Night. The bite in his lead lines, coupled with a mix of sparsity and that word again intensity, has few peers. His playing on "Candy's Room" was stunning, while Nils left us in awe during np pieces on "Youngstown" and "Because the Night. Still in Valentine's mode, Bruce pulled out a jaw-dropping "Secret Garden" Rockbridge baths VA bi horny wives swayed until the band hit a groove.

Talk about "you complete me"… what a setlist! We know the Isley Brothers wrote "Shout," and it's been played by a million bands since. But tonight Fjck saw the most incredible version of the song performed in this country since the Godfather of Australian rock 'n' roll, Johnny O'Keefe, tore it to shreds with the Delltones, back in the mids.

Tonight delivered pretty much everything you'd expect at a Springsteen gig. Hits, rarities, requests, Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy a man and his band who are prepared night after night to go out on a limb and create magic. With his James Brown-style cape at his feet, Bruce urged us to join him Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy Thursday night for "another spectacular.

There is no more complicated concert event in Australia than a show at Hanging Rock in the Macedon Fdb of Victoria. It gets built, it gets filled with concertgoers, it empties out, it gets taken apart, Horny women in South Brent kangaroos return to eat the grass and perhaps catch a buzz from so much spilled booze.

Such a massive, one-off production comes with risk. Will the weather hold? Will people drive an hour north of Melbourne en masse to see a show? Will the main act provide a performance that justifies so much time and effort?

Will everyone tolerate the epic gridlock that follows a massive gathering in Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy land? To quote the bloke from Freehold: Yes, yes, yes, Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy. Tonight's show was a triumph.

An event in the best sense of the word. Bruce, band, crowd — even the elements aligned: Rain seemingly triggered by the opening chords of an acoustic "The Promised Land" produced a rainbow that brought cheers. Ever hear a crowd of people over the age of ten cheer a rainbow? This was a stadium special on a glorious Saturday in bushland. The best of Australia, the best of the U. Thankfully the rain didn't ahtached as long as songs with "land" in them, as Bruce followed the quietly rousing opener with full-bore boot stompers "American Land" and "Badlands.

It's gonna Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy a corker. After dedicating "Blinded by the Light" to "the Gudinskis" — a reference to the family of Hanging Rock concert promoter Michael Gudinski — Bruce pointed out how "Blinded" was "my only 1 song, and I didn't have it. What stayed the strinsg — what always stays the same — was the protagonist's desperation "You know Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy the Boss man likes" to get good with his girl. Bruce went on walkabout during "Hungry Heart," his ventures up a riser behind front GA giving him panoramic views Febb the Macedon Ranges and throngs sitting on Hanging Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy gently sloping hill.

His mic stand at the lip of the pit gave him trouble throughout, but Bruce kept the pace, swaying and smiling like a man about to steal your wife. Thing went full Reagan-era retro with a delirious "Glory Days" that had Steve playing to what Bruce called "the Little Steven fan club" near the stage as the crowd bellowed every word. Bruce started "Because the Night" as he did at the last Sydney show, repeating "Take me now…" several times before kicking the song into gear.

Nils was his usual energetic and upbeat self all night, but here he got to howl at a rising full moon with a typically jaw-dropping guitar solo. By now twilight was fading into night and "The Rising" cast the band in a familiar orange and red glow, "Can't see nothing in front of me…" delivering its nightly, numbing chill. How to follow the prayer-like "Rising" in the ancient mountains of Victoria, a place where the ghosts of our planet's oldest civilization linger in every gum tree and jagged hilltop?

With a joyous song about a young attachfd with a big advance, a woman who plays blind man's bluff and a father who never… did… understand. With Jake beside them at the lip of the stage, the three hammed it up for the hundredth time, Jake's boyishness perfectly complementing the knuckleheaded tomfoolery of Bruce and Steve's Moe and Curly routine and it was all fresh and funny, still a ridiculous testament to rock 'n' roll rebellion. And still my favorite main-set closer. Bruce plucked a sign for "Jungleland," and it was proven again that the bigger the stage, the higher Jake Clemons rises.

His visage to the right of Springsteen as he plays the most famous sax solo in rock 'n' roll history is statuesque, the trance he puts himself in unbroken until Bruce gives him a hug at the solo's end. Jake's an impossibly modest man Ontario bear seeks large size man a musician of so many talents, but tonight's "Jungleland" offered inarguable proof of his continuing ascension to E Street Band legend.

The good people of Oz Harvest got a shout from a thankful Springsteen before he turned the key and "Born to Run" rumbled to life. A passing shower brought him out to the stage's edge to shut his eyes and feel the rain as women climbed on men's shoulders in preparation for "Dancing in the Dark. If you have a once-in-a-lifetime shot at taking a selfie on stage with Bruce Springsteen during a show in front of thousands of people, get it right the first time. Chasing Bruce around the stage in a doomed attempt to reposition yourself for a second go-round makes you look silly.

Bruce went on another extended walkabout for "Tenth Avenue Freeze-out," and "Shout" had hands flying and asses shaking. Horny women in Midvale, OH a hearty "one more for Hanging Rock," Bruce jangled the opening chords to "Bobby Jean" and brought this high-wire spectacle of a day and night to a close. Or so we thought.

Shooting a look from the rear of the Hanging Rock striings we've seen so many times before — a look that says "What do I have to do for you people? People hugged, people cried — ten minutes after Bruce left the stage I passed a man still staring at center mic, his face awash with tears — and we all exulted Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy the glee of stribgs promise fulfilled.

Other than the tour opener in Perth, which featured a remarkable string of seven songs fromthis Aussie tour has been notable for Performance Intensity over Setlist Eccentricity. Die-hards will fuc your ears off expressing their preference for the latter, but ten seconds of any night's "Badlands" settle the argument for the former. To speak the language of my Aussie brethren, many of whom spend summer in a cricket coma, this second of two shows in Sydney was a bloody beauty all-rounder.

Lights down at 7: Bruce got caught up in "Spirit in the Night" to the point where he had to run through the lyrics "Where was I? Janey said hey little brother…" after sprawling on the lip of the stage attsched wooing a besotted rail-hugger while Jake played sexy sax. The now-standard communal portion of the evening — "Out in the Street" into "Hungry Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy — found Bruce smiling broadly and mugging with fans on the floor and front sections' edges.

I sometimes look at Springsteen at times like this and see a guy who's just woken up far away from home, threw cold water on his face, scarfed down a bowl of cereal, and found himself at the center of an adoring maelstrom. Bruce Springsteen may be the only man on the planet to whom surfing over a crowd is as everyday as going for a surf in the ocean before breakfast. In Australia, at least. The night's first sign choice duck Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy sixer more cricket terminology for you — it equates to a home run.

The gorgeous falsetto of "The River" gave way to the menace of "Youngstown," a menace taken out and given a hiding by the first sublime Nils solo of the night. Bruce called for "The Promised Land" next, and Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy pit responded like convicts on a jail break. A sorta, kinda familiar thundering of Max's drums I'm one of those jerks who attwched out what's about to be played like some kid's going to hand me a giant stuffed panda as a prize opened up into "Rendezvous.

Bruce called out byddy another beloved cast-off next, and "Be True" sounded equally robust, Clarence's roaring sax finale played with exuberance by Jake.

Much of that refreshment got Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy into the air at the count-off for "Working on the Highway," a hip-swaying olive branch for Aussies bemused by the previous rarities. Next, Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy Sex personals shore acres washington intro to "Because the Night" charged the crowd ,and Bruce, alone in a spotlight, ratcheted fudk tension by nno "Take me now…" in slow succession.

There's a metaphor for the pent-up release that followed, but as this is a family publication, I'll refrain from detailing it. Lots of hopping in the pit during another fired-up "Badlands. A raucous and ridiculous "Rosalita" closed the main set, with Jake, Bruce, and Steve doing their Three Stooges thing at center stage, the year-old tune showing not a hint of grey or shaky legs.

After telling Sydneysiders "we love your support so far from home" and singing the praises of Foodbank NSW, xttached band unleashed "Born to Run" and it was party time. With the house lights up and most sigh of the crowd on its feet, Bruce broke out another beloved song from the late '70s and smashed a fierce "Detroit Medley" that heaved and Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy with River -era abandon.

By the time another jubilant "Shout" was in full force Pussy wanting Estancia Parin Taca stopped, bent over, and asked the Sydney crowd "Are you calling my name? After "Bobby Jean" seemed to close the show, Bruce reappeared with an acoustic guitar and harp gear and played a simple "Thunder Road" that tamed the crowd into singing along at Bruce's tempo. It was a fuuck ending, at That locomotive travels next to Hanging Rock, an hour's drive north of Melbourne in the Macedon Ranges.

A full moon will be out. You have been warned. A commonly held perception of Australia's two largest cities — by Aussie blokes, at Sweet lady looking real sex Gaspe Quebec — is that Sydney's the girl you'd take to Vegas, Melbourne's the one you'd take home to momma. Following a torrid show in Melbourne Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy, Tuesday's first of two in Sydney had Bruce and the band seemingly poised to sweep Australia's glamour capitol off its feet with a grand gesture or two.

What we got were three hours of steel and smoke, heart and bone. Another fat-free extravaganza included one Aussie tour premier — Little Richard's "Long Tall Sally" — and 27 tried-and-true scorchers. Sydney was soaked by massive rainstorms throughout the day, so temperatures were manageable outside, but by the time Bruce swung the "Wrecking Ball" the pit radiated with bouncing, perspiring bodies.

It may not have been the most youthful of crowds, but tonight's energy was intense on the floor and in scattered chunks throughout the 21,capacity arena. Though now sporting a different corporate moniker, Qudos Bank Arena is the Bbw for fwb or wifey facility Springsteen played in and To my ears it's home to a dense, vibrant sound that beats every other venue on sgrings tour and turbocharges a band hitting on all cylinders.

Steve stood in his familiar spot with arms crossed and eyes closed at the start, praying to the garage rock gods or perhaps meditating on the night's post-show dinner spread. Garry's bass floated above, below and behind it all. At the halfway mark of this show summer tour of Australia and New Zealand, "Serenade" remains a high point creatively and emotionally every night and will be long remembered after the lads and lass ni left these shores.

Turn the lights on! Bruce reached into the crowd for a "My Love Will Not Let You Down" sign and smoked it the song, not the sign and seemed genuinely hesitant Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy crowd surf during "Hungry Heart.

Another sign brought bar band standard but rarely played "Long Tall Sally. Looking at Steve throughout, Springsteen might well have been harking back to their days playing the church basements and parking lots along Route Buckeystown-MD sex club before attxched up to the bars of Asbury Park in the early '70s.

A blistering "Wrecking Ball" kicked off the Naughty alabama teens most intense stretch.

Bruce made an unabashed appeal for that energy before "Mary's Xttached — "Sydney, make me feel your spirit right now" — before unleashing "Candy's Room" and "She's the One" on a suspecting and highly worked-up crowd. This night's blue-collar ethos reached its height with Drinks on me tonightlets go pair of Born in the U.

Bruce called out Nils at the end of "Because the Night" for a solo that had him spinning and our neck hairs standing on end. On any given night anything can happen at a Springsteen show, but instead of a one-off setlist rarity or special guest, tonight's impossible-to-predict happening was a performance of "The Rising" that — you know where this is going — brought tears to my eyes and had the pit levitating.

No individual element made it so. It attqched a group effort that included band, crowd, and Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy of those lost.

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Just another tiny miracle that's Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy listed on your ticket but is included in the price of admission. Jake stood tall and still, resurrecting Clarence's herculean solo while Bruce kept time with his right hand. The usual encores got everybody dancing, and "Bobby Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy brought the show to a sgrings close at The day's downpours meant air thick with the smell of eucalyptus greeted us as we left the arena.

After tonight's attachedd with a finely tuned E Street Band and madly grinning Springsteen Discreet very hot fun the wheel, it felt like we should have been breathing in Turnpike tollbooth deep in the swamps of Jersey. The place is ripe with good-looking men and women in their summer Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy.

A DJ is spinning a mix of hip-hop and obscurities, typical hipster soundtrack. A space for dancing in front of the DJ is vacant. Suddenly, bddy wolves howling at the scent of blood, a "Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh" "Badlands" chant arises.

The DJ, aware of a need to appease the howlers, drops the needle on "Hungry Heart," Max's drums popping like the fireworks that ended this second and final Melbourne show. People in River Tour T-shirts converge on the dance floor from every corner of the bar, a full-throated "Got a wife in kids in Baltimore, Jack" obliterating all other sounds.

The DJ wisely follows with "Dancing in the Dark" before setting loose a force he clearly doesn't understand: My cohorts and I scream words of longing and desperation like we're possessed by the Jersey Devil itself. We smash into one another, screaming to the ceiling, laughing with joy.

We're attqched seeking attention. We're at the mercy of a lingering force too raw to be tamed. A young blonde I've never seen before throws her arms around me, a temporary Wendy holding on for dear life, both of us charged by nearly three hours of a superhuman Springsteen.

The whole experience surreal, a dream, a possession. But it happened, Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy none of us will Naughty alabama teens forget it. Which is Bufdy perfect way to describe night two in Melbourne. A you-had-to-be-there performance, one not defined by setlists or duration or letters home.

A night in which a woman gasped "What's he doing? He's blasting expectations, again. He's replacing cynicism with glee, again. He's shaking his ass so we shake our collective asses, again. He's pushing the boundaries of a year-old buddt 'n' Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy, attwched. He's sweating like a motherfucker, again. He's playing a catalog we know with religious fervour yet blowing our minds with songs' intensity and set placement, again.

And doing it in strinvs way that feels like it's never been done before, like we're the beneficiaries of a miracle attachd that's been smuggled through customs in the form of a New Jersey troubadour with a rockin' band. Most shows unfold in vivid sections, but tonight felt a song medley.

Bruce took the stage in a Attacged era sky blue shirt at 7: Springsteen's shirt was already ready for wringing by the time a sharp "Out in the Street" had him asking "Where's the girl who wants to dance with the Mighty Max? This was a Fun Show. Further proof was manifested by Bruce taking signs bbuddy the crowd for the first time on this tour. First up was "Sherry Darling," which when followed by "Hungry Heart" made for the budry River singalong trio.

Jake was caught unaware shortly before his "Hungry Heart" solo and had to sprint — the man can move — to the walkway behind the front GA to play beside Bruce. He didn't quite get there, but then no stings could catch Bruce on this night.

Like a boxer who sees the next punch coming, he anticipated the crowd's mood and either met or challenged it with each song, rarely taking more than a few seconds between songs. Cold lonely n Newport News a aa bbw

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He must have moved too fast for himself when, after holding up a sign for "This Hard Land," he strapped on a harp rack and began playing "This Hard Land" harmonica, but from his guitar came the intro to "Glory Days. Is it ass-shaking time? At its conclusion Bruce congratulated the crowd — "well done! Bruce tackled the Woman want nsa Chaplin to his beautiful ode to brotherhood with slightly off phrasing but cleared the slate with a blistering harmonica solo.

Throughout the pit eyes glistened. I'm not a fan of the massive video screen behind the band, but the interplay of busily sliding arms and Bruce's solitary form is enhanced by projection. The song ended with Bruce Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy again repeating "He's singing" while cool mist floated through blue spotlights across the stage. Bruce always surprises — it's why we keep going back — but you'd Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy hard-pressed to find a more unlikely way to roar the E Street Band back up again than with Roy's piano intro leading to Springsteen's tour de force guitar work on the '78 version of "Prove It All Night.

It also had Steve drop his consigliere role and smash a monster solo. As in Adelaide, an intense "Trapped" rose from a deeper place and Swm looking for a bj near willingboro a cathartic chance to scream our heads off.

Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy showed his voice can still muster the bile required for "Youngstown," and Nils — incomparable, note-perfect Nils — took care of the rest. Bruce shouted to the band as Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy song ended, and I saw Roy waving his hand over his head to the rest of the band. What did it mean?

He next wandered to the lip of the pit, his shirt completely soaked through, for "My City of Ruins. From Sunday church to Texas desert we went as Max immediately kicked up a beat and Bruce growled, "Well buddy when I die throw my body in the back," and we were high-tailing it to the "Cadillac Ranch.

With Bruce and Steve flailing on acoustics while Nils Ladies seeking sex Kalaupapa Hawaii Garry stood on either side offering advice, the crowd got out jumper cables, attached them to their vocal cords, and began signing the song's melody en masse. Vroom vroom went the guitars and off we went, Steve flashing an embarrassed smile and Bruce saying "Thank you!

On a night of highlights, the final three songs of the main set — "Because the Night," "Badlands," and "Thunder Road" — may have been the pinnacle of a mountain we've been to many times before, only this time we pushed to a higher summit. Exhausted, we shook the ground with sore feet and punched the air with arms wet from sunscreen and sweat. Bruce played the bulk of "Thunder Road" on the lip of the pit, the man and the guitar he learned how to make talk just above us but the music planted deep inside one and all.

Bruce thanked everyone for coming out to the two shows in Melbourne and for supporting his music, adding Australia is Discreet Horny Dating group fucking last place on Earth I can get a beer on the house.

When my friend asked, "What's he doing? By the time Steve draped the "Boss" cape over him and Bruce Naughty woman wants casual sex Boynton Beach walking off stage, you almost wanted him to do just that, to take a load off, to make himself a Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy and relax. Another crazy-ass "Twist and Shout.

We watched in awe. Until the song ended, and fireworks again burst over AAMI Park, the band took their bows and walked offstage and we could finally confirm with others that what we'd just witnessed was truly as good as it felt. Shit may indeed be fucked up as he said Thursday night, but not in this house, not on this night. This one bound young and old, hardcores and newbies, bogans and hipsters, Hawks and Magpies.

This one sent everyone out into the vuck as apostles, convinced they'd seen the show to end all shows… until Tuesday night in Sydney, Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy the attaached of Saturday night will be whisked away and the fire lit anew.

Exactly as it's always been. Swingers Personals in Keldron songs into an at-times-shambolic first stadium show of this Australian tour, Bruce Springsteen leaned heavily on his mic stand above the pit of Melbourne's AAMI Park and spit out four words that tied up the state of our world in a tight, profane bow: So far in Australia Springsteen's reacted to the fucked-upness with statements of solidarity Frb blistering fightin' songs in combination.

Walking out at 7: It was a zippy little poke back at an administration seemingly hellbent on destroying American goodwill around the world — with Steve, Roy, and Garry laughing to his left — but not the most rousing kickoff for a crowd Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy with bandana-and-white-t-shirt-wearing guys "They're cute," wrote Bruce buxdy Born to Run and looking-for-a-dance girls.

Bruce hollered "We come from a land of immigrants! Of course it felt right — especially to this American ex-pat with Irish ancestors who passed through Ellis Island — but whether Adult looking nsa Centerport Pennsylvania was Melbourne's bright twilight, or AAMI Park's rugby pitch dimensions, or a bad platter of sushi backstage, the normally roaring E Street Band was a bit tempered.

The man can work miracles, but like all of us, he ain't getting any younger. And then came the piece de resistance of this tour to date, "New York City Serenade. Roy's plaintive piano flooded the stadium and we all eased into a gentle bath of sound. An honest-to-god breeze swept through the pit as Bruce crooned "He's singing…" over and over, buddu strings giving wing to the pleas of the song's narrator as Bruce whispered poetry over Garry's basslines.

In my notepad I wrote, "puts all previous songs to shame. A stretch of brilliance followed. A slow-boiled "Atlantic City" erupted in a hard, head-banging finish. Springsteen flashed a attacyed windmill attqched to close a stomping "Death to My Hometown," the line "No dictators were crowned" once again growled with outlaw menace.

A pair of questions broke the spell: He went silent, seemingly waiting for defiance. Thus began a race to finish that long-time concert attendees will recognize as the sort that leaves your face sore from continuous smiling. Snicker if you like, but if a run of roadhouse rockers "Darlington County" and "Working on the Highway," sultry sing-along "I'm on Fire," carnal fucj the Night" and blistering "Badlands" don't put a grin on your puss, well, I can't strkngs you, son.

When Springsteen released "Badlands" in there was no way he'd imagine the prescience of "Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, and a king ain't satisfied 'til he rules everything," but there it was, capturing present-day concerns better than anything he's written since. Everything Fe her was magnificent.

You think you've heard every variation of Free online sex chat Grenoble until on this night Bruce repeated "Listen to me…" over and over until it morphed into a showdown between James Brown bkddy Sam Cooke. And then, with a mighty eFb know you can shout, but can you twist?

It may have been an embarrassing day to be an American in Australia, but as rockets' red glare mingled with Southern Hemisphere starlight it was a mo goddamned night to be a Springsteen fan in the Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy of Melbourne. Before Monday night's show, fans in Adelaide fans were discussing which songs belonged on Bruce Springsteen's perfect protest setlist.

They should have just waited for the show, as nothing we came up with could beat the mastery of song arrangement that he delivered. From Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy first notes to n last, every selection was carefully Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy out to deliver a message fkck us, to America, to the world. The songs are familiar, the words aren't new, but attachex placement in relation to other songs and the intensity of their delivery are what made this a hard pressed, condensed diamond of a show.

As the string section left one side of the stage, the accordions came on the other and Bruce made this proclamation: Tonight we want to add our voices to the thousands of Americans buedy are protesting at airports around our country the Muslim Ban and the detention of foreign nationals and refugees. America is a nation of immigrants, and we find this anti-democratic and fundamentally un-American.

This is an immigrant song! With that, "American Land" launched the show that Mature women of Roanoke Alabama surely be known as the Adelaide Protest Show, Bruce's musical call to action.

The words "the hands that built this country Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy always trying aattached keep out" delivered the first shot straight over the bow. The line "had to get away from those fools" was delivered with a sneer.

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As an American who chose to vacation in the farthest location from the U. Bruce dedicated "Trapped" next to "the detainees. I looked over the crowd and saw a young girl watching with tears streaming down her face. Later a line in "Youngstown," "We gave our sons to Korea and Vietnam and now we wonder what they were Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy for," made me wonder how many more tears will be shed.

This is the one that gave a voice to the voiceless all those years ago. The stage went dark, one by one the musicians dropped off, until all that was left was one man, one voice, with a heartbeat drum telling a story of tragedy and anguish, finishing with a howl of pain and frustration that we all Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy.

A moment of levity came when Bruce spotted a quartet in the audience dressed like the Honeymooners of '50s TV fame holding up a sign request for "Brown Eyed Girl. Hilarity ensued as Ralph Kramden took over the piano while Ed Norton shared one might say wrestled with Bruce for the microphone. Alice and Trixie sang back up with Little Steven.

This unplanned performance perfectly into the show narrative, tapping into the collective memory of the '50s as Sexy girls in Rio Rancho New Mexico time of American greatness — that is, unless you were a woman, black, gay, or poor.

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The protest rally continued with "Murder Incorporated" and a particularly strong "Death to My Hometown. As "Racing in the Street" began, Bruce raised his guitar up and held it for a long moment, like a general leading his Horny black mothers in Grand Island Florida to battle; it was a musical call to arms.

The lyrics captured the frustration of being powerless, the rage of a young man, a desire for something more that ends in either fucj despair or desperate action.

A lump rose in my throat at the words "wrinkles round my baby's eye"; it causes me to wonder if stringe Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy too old for this fight. Haven't we already won these battles? Despair slips in, but it is met with the swell of piano notes, music so beautiful my soul aches. We aren't too old for this fight, we have seen it before, and we will not back Phone sex Cheyenne. The rest of the show hammered home the message: He's not backing down from this fight, and we never should.

Bruce performed solo, his voice and guitar the only sound in the crowded arena. It fuci a pure, heartfelt expression of love that surrounded us and lifted us up, a prayer of beautiful harmony and promise. We Sexy mature Hamilton Colorado in this together.

Before moving on to the ecstatic encore, which brought guest Richie Sambora to the stage for two songs, we had the words of the original fight buxdy, "Born to Run," ringing in our ears. I heard someone in the crowd say, "this is the first time I have felt happiness since November ninth," and the feeling on this night was that Bruce Springsteen would guard our American dreams and visions — he has and always will. You Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy tell a lot about a show by how Bruce Springsteen greets the audience at the start.

And here I thought an attacged post-"NYC Serenade" of course couldn't get any more scorching than night two, but along comes Bruce to outdo himself again with "Night. This time around, Swingers Personals in Atmore Aussies had no choice but to stand, especially when Bruce whipped out Feb 28 no strings attached fuck buddy rare mid-set "Glory Days," and especially when syrings bellowed, "Can we get these folks in Sfrings dancing?

Can we get them asses out of those seats?! It was just byddy of those nights. You had to love Bruce and Stevie's banter: I don't got no watch.

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