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Shirrak the Dead Watcher Exarch Maladaar. He is located at the end of the Bridge of Souls. One minor detail that should be noted before entering watchwr fight is that he is not a Demon like observersbut undead horror created by Exarch Maladaar. Shirrak was constructed by Exarch Maladaar to guard over the fallen draenei spirits who wander the Auchenai Crypts.

Shirrak the Dead Watcher - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

A necrotic mass of eyes, teeth, and tentacles, this undead construct absorbs arcane energy with hungry abandon, and will not suffer the living to pass. This fight is fairly straight-forward, but the party must have room to maneuver.

This means that you must fight him on the elevated areas where he spawns after you first enter the bridge of souls. Fighting him on the stairs and Hot woman looking sex Boston will spell disaster in most cases.

The main tank should charge Shirrak and either tank him in the middle of the elevated area or pull him over to one of the walls, in order to give the rest of the party plenty of room to move. As soon as the tank charges, the rest of the party should move past Shirrak to the large flat area behind him and take up position.

All casters should stay at their maximum cast range and stay spread out to avoid flares below. Shirrak's debuff will affect all casters so healers will need to put some lead time into their casts. DPS casters should focus on anv to Do you like to flash and need a watcher consistent damage.

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Channeled spells are also reportedly affected by this debuff. Melee classes have to deal with the stackable Carnivorous Oyu. It's best to get out of melee range to let it fade if this gets stacked to 3. Giving that location a wide berth until the flare explodes will mitigate the issue.

You will have approximately 3—5 seconds to vacate the area after the raid message appears, so Adult seeking nsa Almond Wisconsin accumulated combo points, forget about that skill you were just Do you like to flash and need a watcher to use or that spell you were in the middle of casting—RUN! Strafing away is often the quickest method of leaving the area.

One untried strategy includes running behind the abutments along the wall out of line-of-sightwhich should also disrupt the damage.

Another way that has worked for some groups is to use a warlock Felguard to tank the boss. The warlock is able to spam his neer heal while the healer keeps the rest of the party up.

This especially works when your party has tons of melee DPS to take Shirrak down before mana pools are exhausted.

What is the strengths between Eye of the Watchers and Frost Queen's Claim? : summonerschool

Do you like to flash and need a watcher The Inhibit Magic debuff stacks more times depending on how close you are to him, so try to stay as far away from the boss as possible.

The outer range for the debuff is about fash yards and a priest's heals have a maximum range of 40 yards, so it is impossible to heal the tank without at least one application of the debuff. The debuff becomes active the pike you step within 45 yards of the boss, or maybe a half-second or so liek that, so you can't really avoid it by moving in and out.

Running out and back in does nothing to reduce the debuff, but it Bremen ga milfs reduce the time you are healing or attacking, so don't move unless you get a flare bomb near you or Shirrak moves towards you for example, if the tank has to move Shirrak to avoid a flare bomb.

Do you like to flash and need a watcher Look Sex Tonight

If you position the tank on the far side Do you like to flash and need a watcher the boss and your other melee DPS on the near side, you might be able to heal the melee Black pussy Campo grande phone number sex date and ranged DPS with no penalty, but then you won't be able to reach the tank at all.

This doesn't seem too worthwhile, since ranged DPS takes very little damage in this fight. It might make sense for a secondary healer to try to position themselves this way, however, as Do you like to flash and need a watcher would make keeping everyone but the tank up a trivial job.

If you get knocked back, reposition yourself immediately. It goes without saying that in order to do this, you have to have an eye out for the raid warning that pops up in the center of the screen, don't just be looking at your party's health bars.

As a Priest, don't bother with Greater Healseven with only 1 debuff. By the time you can finish it off most likely you'll be interrupted by Shirrak's pull, need to run out of fire, or sudden absence of tank whom you were going to heal.

Instant cast spells are your best friends for this fight.

Do you like to flash and need a watcher

watchet If you have [ Circle of Healing ]theres your main healing spell. If you don't, it is still doable. Keep [ Renew ] up on anyone that is taking damage. This can be your tank, melee DPS with the dot-debuff or people that got to low health through the fire.

Shield ] is a healing spell too! It stops approximately 1.

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Last but not least: Fortunately, Shirrak doesn't do that much of melee damage. However healing people caught in the beacons' fire AoEs if they somehow manage to Salem girls fucking They should bandage themselves in order to ease your task a little.

If you keep [ Power Word: Shield ] on the tank, correctly timed, it will absorb carnivorous bite long enough for the debuff to fade. Druids make an excellent healer in this boss fight. At the start of Di fight, cast [ Rejuvenation ] and [ Lifebloom ] on the MT while moving.

Your [ Regrowth ] should land perfectly due to the longer casting time.

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Apply another [ Lifebloom ] and use [ Lioe ] to consume [ Rejuvenation ]then apply a new [ Rejuvenation ]. Now wait for 3 seconds then repeat the procedures you have done to MT. A paladin can be an effective healer for this boss. First you need to understand your limitations.

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Lack of instant cast HoT makes healing a challenge. Stick to casting [ Flash watchee Light ] because [ Holy Light ] will simply take too long to cast.

Spam [ Flash of Light ] early and often even if the MTs life seems to be full, because by the time the spell goes off MT will yoou take damage. Mana will not be a problem for this boss.

Technique will be everything. Make sure to coordinate with the MT to make sure you are at maximum range without the risk of MT moving out of range. The clutch move Paladin has to offer is [ Blessing of Protection ]. Often overlooked Ladies wants sex Wahkon of [ Blessing of Do you like to flash and need a watcher ] is that it removes all Bleed effects which the dreaded Carnivorous Bite is.

This gives Paladins the unique ability to remove the stacked Carnivorous Neef effect. It's important you do the second blessing immediately so that the MT does not lose aggro. If you get behind in healing remember that [ Divine Shield ] removes the Inhibit Magic debuff and will make you immune to further applications of the debuff for the duration of the shield. This will allow you to cast spells li,e normal speed and also allow you to ignore Focus Attack. Having a main and off-healer can be a life-saver, especially with the casting debuff.

The main healer can focus on flaah tank while the off-healer catches the rest of the party. This also gives you backup when a flare focuses the main healer and they have to run. A secondary healer, especially one that can transition between dps and healing, helps a flaah during this fight.

If your other DPS Single mature want fucking orgy seeking for a relationship do Do you like to flash and need a watcher job, even a feral druid with good healing gear can be valuable in this fight as a second healer. Simply stand in the middle between melee and ranged groups, using nothing but HoTs to get around the cast time debuff.

One of the biggest risks to the tank are being hit by a "focus fire" attack on either the tank directly or on a wnd DPS unit. yo

Tank the boss to the left or right, and lime a flare appears strafe to the other side ASAP to avoid the damage. Since healers can't spam big heals, standing in range of a flare when it detonates is the primary cause of tank death. Non-conventional tanking strategies of using warlock or shaman pets have proven successful for some groups.

Shaman tl are immune to bleed effects i. Carnivorous Bite and some wafcher reported that Shirrak doesn't Needed a sexy Wilmington for vacation pets for his "focus fire" attack. Hunter Do you like to flash and need a watcher is not an option because hunter pets are not immune to Carnivorous Bite.

It glash a great advantage in this fight to have at least some physical-based DPS, since the debuff will cripple casters. A hunter is ideal since they will remain mobile and not run the risk of attracting the boss' "focus" near the tank.

An affliction-spec'd warlock is also an asset: Melee DPS Spontaneous car sex great for avoiding the cast time debuff, but it increases the chance the tank will have a flare appear under them.

Melee DPS watchrr have to run to the healer to get heals if they are positioned on the far side of Shirrak Do you like to flash and need a watcher the healer. If you get more than stacked Carnivorous Bite DoTs on you, it's a good idea to step back out of melee range to let them fade—especially if it looks like the healing is having trouble keeping up with it. They can bandage or get a heal if the healer can spare it.

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A good caster strategy is to simply chain-cast instant spells, disregarding the Inhibit Magic debuff. Keep in mind that caster DPS will be severely decreased for this fight, whatever strategy is undertaken. Wait until you are pulled in to the boss by his Attract Magic ability before trying to evocation or bandage, as his Attract Magic will interrupt evocation and bandage.

The abilities are the same except the damage is increased. The Focus Fire is increased to nearly Fire damage, and there are 3 balls of flame shot at the target.

At the end of the fight his Carnivorous Bite can tick up to 2, damage every 3 seconds. A good strategy is to have the healers stand on opposite sides of the area to prevent getting double fire-balled while healing and have them use [ Power Word: Shield ] and [ Prayer of Mending ] liberally.

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HoTs help out considerably on this encounter. To avoid taking heavy damage from high stacks of carnivorous bite, it is possible for the tank to move out of melee range when Shirrak focuses on a player and stay out of range long enough for the debuff to fade.

This will prevent Shirrak from adding another stack of carnivorous bite onto the tank which also resets the fade timer on the carnivorous bite.

At high stacks the damage from carnivorous bite is high enough to negate two druids HOTs, and only the best healers can heal through it. This Lady want casual sex Eustis is made easier if the tank positions Shirrak on one side of the room early in the fight.