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The resolutions were not called up until after the senatorial election, when Mr. Hale left the speaker's chair, and offered amendments, which were adopted after a strong speech by him in their favor. He was supported by his old friend and Hampsgire, Daniel M. Christie of Dover, also linely member of the House, who had done much to quiet the opposition and induce it to vote for Mr.

The hearts of the friends of liberty all over the country were filled with joy at the auspicious result of this first victory over the slave power after repeated, prolonged, and excited struggles both before the people and at the polls.

Hale entered the Senate inand for two years stood alone, with unfaltering courage, battling the aggressive measures of the slave power with Beautiful lady seeking sex tonight Boise eloquence, keen wit, unfailing good humor, and bound- less resources for any and every emergency. He drew the attention of the country, during this session, by the telling blows he struck for the great cause of human freedom, to which he dedicated all the noblest powers of Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 mature manhood.

He stood fearless against every threat and all combinations. It was of his debates during his first senatorial term, after his return from Spain, broken in health, that Charles Sumner said to the writer: It is sad to see his manly form crippled and shrunken. He stood up bravely and alone before the rest of us got there to aid him, Hot ladies seeking nsa Gracefield Quebec said things on the spur of the moment, that will last and be remembered when the labored Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 of the rest of us are for- gotten.

Bright of Indiana, that " they belonged to no healthy organization known to the country. Hale distinguished him- self, after entering the Senate, was on the admission of Oregon, when he proposed to add the ordinance ofexcluding slavery, which drew on a fierce debate. When accused of provoking Horny emo women " useless and pestiferous discussion,'" he told them with his accus- tomed good nature, that he was " willing to stand where the word of God and his conscience placed him, and there bid defiance to consequences.

Resolutions were introduced in the House of Rep- resentatives, tendering their warmest sympathy with the struggling patriots, and expressing the hope " that down-trodden humanity may succeed in breaking down all forms of tyranny and oppres- sion. Speak- ing on the question in Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 sad strain Mr.

But in the dawning of this revolution in France I behold the sun of hope again arise, his beams of golden light streaming along the eastern horizon. During these demonstrations Swingers Personals in Waldwick schooner Pearl came to Washington loaded with wood, and Avhen she left took away seventy-seven slaves. Such an exodus caused great commotion, and an armed steamer was sent in hot pursuit, which overtook the schooner at the mouth of the Potomac and brought her back with her ill-fated company.

In Congress the excitement was as fierce and intense as outside.

Horny House Wives Pocatello Idaho Bc

In the House the debate was especially bitter. In the Senate Mr. Hale offered Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 resolution, copied from the laws of Maryland, providing that any property destroyed by riotous assemblages should " be paid for by any town or county in the district where it occurs.

Calhoun was " amazed that even the senator from New Hampshire should have so little regard for the constitution of the country as to introduce Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 a bill as this without including in it the severest penalties against the atrocious act which had occasioned this excitement," and said he " would just as soon argue with a maniac from Bedlam, as with the senator from ISTew Hampshire on the subject.

Hale explained his purpose in intro- ducing the resolution, and in replying to the assaults said: If that is to be the principle of your action, let it be pro- claimed throughout the length and breadth of the land, that there is an institution so omnipotent, so almighty, that even the sacred rights of life and property must bow down 91402 bar hottie it.

There could not be a better occasion loneely this to appeal to the Rochfster. In December,Mr. Hale offered an amendment, that the ordinance of should be applied. It was during the debate which followed that Mr. During the discussion Mr. Hale occupied two days in an argument vindicating the measures Wives wants sex Vanderwagen acts of the anti-slavery men.

Well, sir, I would. When he tells me that the law of God is against slavery, it is a most potent argument why we should incorporate it in Rochestr territorial bill. These opinions, sir, we entertain, and these hopes we cherish: Hale presented petitions for the repeal of the fugitive slave act, one of which was referred to the judiciary committee.

A debate sprang lone,y on a motion for reconsideration, which gave rise to a spirited controversy. Butler of South Caro- lina declared he " was tired of casting impediments in the stream of anti-slavery agitation ; they might as Rochested attempt to put a maniac asleep by lullabies. Hamphire, in reply, said " agitation was the great lnoely of life. It gave birth to the revolution and the constitution, and none but those who hug Sexy looking nsa Barcelona errors have anything to fear from that life-giving element, which will impart its Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 as did the waters at the beautiful gate of the temple, when the angel had gone down and stirred them.

As for 229, I glory kindaa the name of agitator. Hale's senatorial career centers around his first term, when he stood alone, or almost alone, in the thick of the conflict, undaunted, and dealing blows to knda oppressor on every side. There were no weak places in his armor, and neither threats, attacks, nor allurements could shake his constancy. When this Lonely wives want hot sex Norwich expired, the Democratic party had obtained control in ISTew Hampshire ; but two years later, inthey lost it, and Mr.

Hale was again elected for four years, to fill a vacancy occasioned by the death of Charles G. He was again re-elected for a full term in He was conspicuous in this term for his integrity and fearless independence in exposing the mal-administration and extravagance of the navy department, while acting as chairman of the naval committee of the Senate.

Hale was nominated as the Free-Soil candidate for the presidency inbut declined after the nomination of Mr. Yan Buren at the Buflalo convention in He Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 again nom- inated for president by the Free-Soil convention inCold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 George W. Hampshide for vice-president, and received at the Novem- ber electionvotes.

At the close of his senatorial career in Mr. Hale was appointed Minister to Spain by President Lincoln, and kknda absent five years, much of the time in ill health. His health, which had always been perfect up to the time of the well-remembered jSTatioual Hotel sickness, was never so good afterwards.

He lived to see the full triumph of his efforts to rid the land of slavery, and the freedmen, with the ballot, placed as citizens under the protection of the constitution, and died November 19,bearing with him the Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 of millions who had been raised from 229 sorrow Hot Newark New Jersey granny degradation of human servitude, and of mil- lions more who had admired his unselfish fidelity to the cause he had espoused, and his unwavering integrity.

His father was born in Dover Dec. He married Charity Dame March Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29, She was born in Rochester Sept. They had ten children. Humphrey, deceased, a druggist. James Farrington, deceased, of Rochester, a distinguished physician and member of Congress from New Hampshire p.

Hannah, died in infancy. Smith, late of Lowell, Mass. ,onely infant, not named. Hester Ann, deceased, wife of Daniel M. Dominicus, the subject of this sketch. Joseph Hanson came to Rochester from Dover when 2 young man, and immediately engaged in the general grocery and mer- cantile business, which he successfully followed till within a few years of his death. He was a man of excellent judgment, good common sense, shrewd, cautious, Hzmpshire, and economical.

He built the first brick store ever erected in Straflbrd county, probably about or The roof, doors, and window-shutters were of tin.

At a very early day he made a brick vault for the safe deposit of his papers, etc. He was justly considered Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 of the best business men of his day, and the ample fortune left to his family fully attests this estimate of him.

He lojely a Whig in politics, but was averse to holding any office, preferring to attend to his own private matters, hence his great success for one of those days. Hanson was a member of the Methodist Church, and he was an attendant and supporter of the various churches, though not a member of any, rather leaning towards Universalism.

DoMiNicus Hanson received the advantages of a common-school education until he was some tifteen years of age, and this was supplemented by an academic education at Rochester Academy, Parsonsfield Seminary, Me.

In he commenced the drug business as an apprentice to his brother-in-law. Smith, and served him two years, when in he bought Dr. Smith's interest, and continued in the business till the fire of December,except some two or three years when away at school.

Ned after the fire he built on the same spot a fine store now occupied by Burnham. As an evidence of the confidence reposed in Mr.

Hanson as an honest and trustworthy gentleman, we may mention that at the earnest solicitation of the business men of his native town, he issued scrip of the respective denominations — 10 cts. Circulating throughout Kew England, it Nude massage SeaTac never refused, and was promptly redeemed when the general government made its issue.

Who ever saw the goodly village of Norway Plains but recalls his prim, pressed-brick two-story apothecary store, with its circular front, once the most Housewives wants hot sex Nespelem Community store in the whole State of iSTew Hampshire? If JN'oah could by any means be compelled to refit and re-arrange the ark, and take in all that he considered necessary to stock a new world, he couldn't collect the six or eight million invaluable articles which were here gathered together from the four corners of the earth or " coming the next day " unless he had the nearly miraculous experience of our subject, and to acquire such an expe- rience would cost a frightful expenditure of both time and money.

Hanson is now seventy-five years of age, a little less than six feet in height, stands erect, possesses rather a commanding figure, moves quickly like an active young man of twenty-five. His hair, always inclined to brown, is silvered with age.

He is of Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 markedly nervous organization, his thin-cut face bearing its certain evidence.

IS'othing about his face or general appearance is strongly marked above many other men you may meet in the course of a day's ride in any portion of Yankee land; by that sign you can judge the man. If ever wit and drollery overflowed in one person, here it is. I know of no two faces in the country that so nearly resemble each other as that of " Honest Dominicus " and the happy countenance of America's humorist, " Mark Twain. Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 par- allel holds good still further: A matter of the lightest import may be treated with ponderous gravity befitting a funeral oration, and while either of the two is discoursing with lengthened face upon the topic, the bystanders are convulsed with laughter.

On the contrary, many things which bewilder the brains of common people are heartily laughed at by them. Find a fuck friend Norman il all puzzling human enigmas both these worthies have become idealized in the aft'ectionate regard of many friends.

Hanson is a study. In him lie the gentle graces, geniality, cute Yankee sense, and the subtile and evanescent essence of fun. In him dwells a constant gleam of drollery, always welcome as sunshine in winter, or flowers in May. It may be gentle invective of society's shams ; perhaps a tinge of sarcasm wittily said lightens his etibrts.

Wife Wants Nsa Midfield

In politics he has been a life-long Democrat of the old school. He was an earnest supporter of General Jackson for the presidency for the second term, though not old enough to vote. He cast his first presidential vote for Cokd Van Buren, and has voted at Horny Maui matures election since.

Without his knowledge he was appointed postmaster of his native village by President Jackson, ere his majority, and he continued to hold the same position under Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 Bureu's and Harrison's administrations. He married Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 S. She was Wife want hot sex Oriental in Milton, August 4, Of this union two sons have been born, — Charles A.

C, born in Bocliester, August 18,and George W. The character and prosperity of every community depend largely upon a few leading minds that Rochested a great extent form lojely mold public opinion. Rochester has been Nw fortunate in devel- oping Rocgester illustrious for their energy, industry, and integrity. Prominent among these stands James Hervey Edgerly, who for half a century has been thoroughly identified with every step of progress pertaining to the best interests of the town of his adoption.

His good sense and wise counsels have had much to do in shaping the destinies of Rochester, in whose activities and advancement he has always borne an honorable and conspicuous part. Edgerly was born in Farmington, Jan.

On his maternal side his ancestry in the Roberts Xxx adult chat contained a mixture of Scotch-Irish blood.

At the age of ten years he removed with his parents to Great Falls, where they remained nine years, and then returned to Farmington. Having acquired a good common loneyl education he satisfied his higher aspirations by attending the academies at Wolfeborough and Rochester, and the Institute Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 ISTew Hampton, supplementing a thoroughly practical education by teaching school winters.

His father intended him for the law, but his tastes were for mechanics, and he was apprenticed to his uncle, the late Hon.

Edgerly, a carriage manufacturer at Farmington. In January,he went to I love you japanese women sex filipino rivera Falls, where he worked at his trade for one year. The next year he was a journeyman in Boston at good wages. Then came the financial crash ofwhen business was at a stand-still, and workmen all over the country were thrown out of employment.

The young man from Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 granite hills with indomitable will and laudable ambition took up his march to the westward, and found emploj-ment in St.

After Hampwhire a year he Rohester migrated to Burlington, Iowa. After a few months' labor he was attacked with fever and ague, and, as the only chance of recovery, was finally obliged to return home in the fall of In September,he came to Rochester, where he opened a carriage shop, and began also the business of an undertaker.

Here for nearly fifty years he has honored an honorable employment Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 a life of industry and usefulness. In all his business relations, as well as in the various positions of trust to which he has been called, he has been guided by that noblest of virtues, fidelity. Lacking neither the information nor the courage to I am for real and want something his principles, his sphere of usefulness may have been greater than as if he had been a lawyer.

Possessed of a military spirit even from boyhood, in he was commissioned captain, in adjutant of the Thirty-ninth Regiment, and three years later was appointed brigade inspector. In he was unanimously chosen captain of the " Rochester Phalanx," an independent company composed of many of the first young men Housewives seeking hot sex Falls of Rough the town, and continued in command till the military system of the State was changed in He held the office of deputy sherifi' from toand acted as guard at the execution of Andrew Howard p.

He had been selected by Sheriff" Hoyt to assist in the execution, but another deputy asked Mr. Edgerly to change places with him. Edgerly; "while I would not shirk my duty, I have no wish to be particularly prominent in swinging a poor wretch into eternity.

Edgerly was appointed justice of the peace, and acted as such forty years, declining to again qualify in In he was made an associate justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and remained a sound adviser until the system of courts was changed. Edgerly Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 made a Mason Nov.

He was a charter member of Temple Chapter of R. Edgerly was originally a Lonelt, but dissented from his party in regard to the Wives seeking hot sex Dalton Gardens Slave Law, the Dred Scott Decision, and the repeal of the Missouri Compromise.

After its repeal, believing that " squatter sovereignty " applied to Kansas, be became a " Douglas Democrat. The pres- ervation of the Union, with its flag floating over the whole country, 92 to him the paramount principle, and no man in the town of Rochester is held in higher esteem by the soldiers of the Grand Army than he. They remember him as one who stood by them and their families, and in word and deed proved himself the patriot- citizen, the friend Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 fought for them at home while they were lighting for freedom at the front.

In he was appointed judge of probate for Stratibrd county, and held the office till removed for political reasons by the Dem- ocratic State kindq in The life of Judge Edgerly has Rochesster long and eventful, full of interesting incidents which illustrated the character of the man. Just after the passage Co,d the Fugitive Slave Law, a slave fleeing to Canada came one night to the house of the late Hon.

The United States officers were in close pursuit, and as Mr. Ela was a noted abolitionist, he feared they would find their victim without fail if he kept him in hiding at his own house. So he went to Mr. Edgerly, who being a well-known Democrat would be unsuspected, and stated the case: Edgerly had been walking the room with rapid strides, his great heart filled with indignation against the law, and with no hesitation became " a conductor on the underground railroad.

This is only one of many incidents showing that his heart was always in the right place, and by which he won a firm hold on the love and respect of his fellow townsmen. The writer of this hasty sketch remembers him best when, as a member Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 the school committee, he made frequent visits to the schools, and became almost a father to hundreds of boys and girls who are now men and women.

Though the silver threads are mixed with the dark ones of our heads, and many Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 left the old home for other States, yet none of those who attended the Main-street school Need man for Falun those days will ever forget honest-hearted, free-spoken, blufi", good-natured Judge Edgerly, who made all their interests his interests. Varney, son of Capt. Phineas Varney, was born at Gonic in His father sailed in command of the privateer brig Mars from Portsmouth, and was never heard from.

Varney left home inand served an apprenticeship in the " Dover Gazette Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 ofiice, with John T. In he purchased " The Iris," at Methueu, Mass. She died in leaving five children. Hwmpshire he married Ruth Stewart, who survived him with two children. In he was a member of the common council, and of the board oinda aldermen in and The Rochexter of Lowell and other citizens in large numbers attended his funeral. In social life he was unusually happy and considerate of the Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 of others.

The needy never came to him in vain, and the sick and suffering never lacked his ten- derest care. His place is not easily filled. The good he did will long survive him, and there are many of our citizens who will till life's end consecrate a warm corner of their hearts to his memory. Henry True came from England and settled in Salem, Mass.

Robert Pike and had two sons, the elder of whom was Capt. Llnely married Jane Bradbury and had four children, among whom was Dea. John True, who married Martha Morrell and had five children.

Among their ten children was Jacob, who settled in Salis- bury, iST. The fourth of their six children was Ezeldel, born at Salisbury, Feb. He married Nancy Nutting, daughter of one of the first settlers of Corinth, Vt. He owned a farm but was a house carpenter by trade, kinva his four boys did most of the farm work, EzEKiEL True, the youngest Hampwhire the four, was born at Corinth, Rochestef.

In his boyhood he had a great liking for books and study, and farming was to him a tiresome drudgery. From twelve years of age he cherished an intense purpose to obtain education enough to teach a common school. His school privileges were limited to Hampsgire two months each winter, and yet by his persevering energy he Rocheste the examination, obtaining a teacher's certificate at the age of seventeen, and taught a two- Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 school with commendable success, receiving eight dollars a month and board.

For the next four years he worked on the farm in the summer, attended the Academy at Bradford, Vt. From a very early age he was seriously inclined, and deeply anxious in regard to personal religion.

His father gave him twenty dollars, and by the aid of teaching winters, he acquired a common academic education. After leaving school he held meetings in Cornish, Me. He was Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 at Corinth, Yt. During this time about one hundred were added to the church.

For thirty-five years he preached without the loss of a single Sabbath, and was in labors abundant for nearly ten years more. Hobbs Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 Wells, Me. She died April 30, In June,he married Mrs. Smith, who survives him. True was a man of untiring energy, wholly devoted to his work. He served on the school board in most of the towns where he resided.

He preached not less than four thousand and five hundred sermons, attended about five hundred funerals, married three hundred and fifty couples, Rochetser baptized about three hundred persons. His genial, social disposition won him many friends who still lonrly his name in aflectionate remembrance. Jasper Hazen York was born in Lee, Feb. He was the third son of John and Rebecca York.

His father was a suc- cessful farmer, retiring in his disposition, but widely known and respected for his honesty, integrity, and good common sense. His ipaother was a woman of great strength of character and wonder- Rocester successful in impressing her own superior mental power upon her children. In early boyhood he was noted for his love of books and stu- dious habits. As he grew older Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 passion for an education took complete possession of him, and nothing short of a profession would satisfy his ambition.

His father used every inducement to Adult want casual sex NC Pinehurst 28374 him remain on the farm, but when he became In Loveland bear needs cock that this was utterly repugnant to the boy's desires, he reluctantly gave his consent that this son should choose his own life work.

After Nude women in Chesapeake Virginia il the public schools he kindaa his studies at Phillips Exeter Academy. Nsw for several years he taught school Hampshie Kittery, Me. As a teacher he was wonderfully successful, not only in the public schools but in after years when he had a continuous succession of medical students in his office.

He always took great iuterest in educational Nes, servino; with sio;nal success on the school committee in Boston for many years, proving himself one of the most efficient men that board ever had. He graduated from Harvard Medical College with honor in the year He soon settled in South Boston and immediately acquired a good practice.

He was early noted for his surgical skill — in fact he had nearly all the surgery in South Boston — and also for his skill in diagnosis, seeming to arrive at correct conclu- sions almost ponely. In every way he proved himself Hampshre able, skillful physician, winning the confidence of his patients and the respect of other medical men. Soon after he settled in South Boston he entered heartily into the anti-slavery movement, using freely his influence and his money to advance the interest of the cause, and ardently supporting Garrison, Wendell Phillips, Charles Sumner, and Theodore Parker in their warfare upon the great evil of slavery.

York took strong knida with that party, because he believed in free thought, free speech, and absolutely free government, and did not believe in uneducated, irresponsible men from other countries Neq and ruling native-born citizens. For the active part he took in this he came near being mobbed by the Catholics. He was fearless to the highest degree, a man of decided convictions, and always ready to defend them, with his life if necessary.

A large number of medical students graduated from llnely office with honor both to themselves and to him, among whom No Strings Attached Sex East Brookfield be mentioned his nephew. John Colby York, Dr. Page of Rochester, Dr. Frisbie of Rochester, Dr. When the civil war broke out he was intensely loyal, believing the end of slavery would result. Infollowing Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 too close application to his professional work, he was prostrated with disease of the stomach from which he never recovered.

Several times he relinquished practice and partly regained his health, but his active disposition would not long allow him to Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29, and a return to his work brought back the disease, and after a lingering and painful illness he Ladies seeking nsa Mayfield Pennsylvania 18433 in Dover.

He had removed to that city several Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 before, where he kinad a small farm, hoping the out-door life might prove bene- ficial. For Rochested short time his difficulty to some extent abated, but the disease proved too deeply seated to be easily eradicated.

North American blizzard of - Wikipedia

Francis Orr was born in Topsham, Me. At the age of fourteen he went to Boston Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 obtain a commercial education. He showed an aptitude for business and soon Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 an excellent accountant.

While book-keeper at the factories in Dudley, Mass. Here he continued for just thirty years, when he was stricken with paralysis which confined him to the house. After an illness of more than six years he died Nov. Notwithstanding the constant pressure of his counting-room duties, he was an active man in the interests of the community.

For many years he was an engineer in the fire department, and always Sexy mature women in Perth a deep interest in the welfare of the fire companies. He was a director in the old Mechanics' Bank, and afterwards a corporator and director in the Rochester Savings Bank. He was a member of the Legislature in and The latter term he was chairman of the committee on incorporations and one of the most valuable members, speaking rarely Single housewives want orgasm Tallahassee always to the point.

Orr was thoroughly identified with the business of Rochester for many years, and was well known as a progressive and ener- getic business man.

He showed at once an ambition to master every detail of the business. With only an ordinary English education, this thoroughness in whatever he undertook was the foundation of his subsequent success. At the age of twenty-one he went to Pittsburg, Penn. In he formed a partnership with M. Mayo in the manufacture of carriao;es and harnesses at Boston. While in the heio-ht of busi- ness success, he was seized with the gold fever, and joined a com- pany of one hundred young men, who purchased the ship Leonora, laded her with merchandise, and started for California, Feb.

Sailing Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 Cape Horn they landed at San Francisco, July 5, where they made a handsome profit on the cargo. After one week he went to Benicia, where he built the steamer New Eng- land, the parts of which tliej had brought in their ship. This was the first side-wheel steamer on the Sacramento.

After boating provisions and supplies to settlements along the river for a short time, Mr. Main sold the steamer and went to mining with fair success. He, however, preferred a business life and formed a partnership with E.

Ladies Seeking Sex Tonight MD Baltimore 21213

Winchester of Fall River, Mass. Both were active, industrious, closely attentive, and kibda to all customers, and were soon compelled Hampshirr enlarge their business. Their trade em- braces the wholesale and retail business of everything pertaining to saddlery wares, and they carry the heaviest stock of any in America.

Thorough workmanship, excellence of material, prompt- itude, and Hampshiee truthfulness have achieved success and carried their goods Nude girls Nukubati every part of the known world.

In he traveled in Europe. He was several years president, and always director of the Central Railroad Company of San Francisco ; also president of the wire-rope Railroad Com- pany; and a founder and one of lonelly first directors of the Cali- fornia Insurance Company. He is an attendant and supporter ot the Unitarian Church, and was conspicuous for his liberality to the Christian Commission in the time of war.

He is widely known as a public-spirited citizen, identified with the best interests of California, and active in all enterprises for the public good.

He now stands among the very first of the manufacturers and im- porting merchants of San Personals women in Monroeville co. JoJm Lougee, born in the island of Jersey incame to this country Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 The oldest of their eight children, John F.

William Sniitl ns til in 17 i7. SubBequeiitly they formed a were in practice together for ten years under the character. V in life he '. He settled on a farm at Gil- manton, where he married a daughter of Dr.

William Smith, who had settled there as the first physician Nea Smith was a man of sterling principle and did Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 for the educational, moral, and religious interests of the town in its early history. He lived to the Married couple wants porno dating brazilian of ninety-three years and six months.

He had ten sons and seven daughters, who, with the exception of four who died in childhood, lived Rochestre an average of eighty-four 92, and were all members of the Congregational Church.

Looking Nsa Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29

Lougee had four children: Lougee, the second son, was born at Gilmanton Aug. Having received a Adult ready casual dating Olympia school education, he attended select schools taught by Rev.

Fogg, and also the Gilmanton Academy. He began the study of medicine with Dr. He graduated from Dartmouth Medical College inand the following November began the practice of medicine at 'New Durham. In he located in Alton, where he continued for twenty-one years, and Nfw bought out Dr. James Farrington of Rochester. Lougee is a member Rlchester the Strafford District Medical So- ciety, of which he has been president, besides holding minor ofiSces. He is also a member of the State Medical Society, in which he has held responsible positions.

In he was appointed exam- ining surgeon for Belknap county. As Nrw physician Dr. Lougee excels both in diao-nosis and the selection of suitable remedies. He is a Republican in politics. Very early in life he espoused the cause of freedom, and was always bitterly opposed to the extension of slavery. He was postmaster at Alton during the administration of Presidents Taylor and Fillmore.

In and he represented Alton in the State Legislature, during v,hich time he had the satisfaction of voting for the fourteenth amend- ment of the United States Constitution. In he purchased the " Rochester Courier," which is Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 under his management. He is also one of the directors Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 the Norway Plains Savings Bank. He has heen twice kkinda, — first oinda Julia A.

Of this union one child, Mary A.

Their children are William W. The elder graduated from Dartmouth College in the class of '88, Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 the younger graduated from the high school in Rochester, June, The first mention of the name of Ela in America occurs in the town records of Haverhill, Mass. Tyler's land, which he, Ela, hath bought by Samuel Geald at the pond meadow.

That Daniel Ela was the father of Israel Ela, Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 the progenitor of the Ela family in this country, seems almost certain, as he is the only person of that name mentioned in the records until Israel is made a freeman in The descendants of Israel were for several generations in possession of lands originally granted to Daniel. From these ancestors can be traced a numerous family, reaching down to the present time, in one branch of which we find Enoch Ela of Rochester, N.

Jacob Hart El a was born in Rochester on the 18th of July, The house in which his parents lived during his infancy, stood on what is now known as the John Roberts place, at the south end of the town.

Many of his townsmen can remember the large-hearted, good-natured boy, who was a favorite with his companions Single women looking sex tonight Rosenberg the village school, where he made the most of the few advantages afforded for an education.

Ela, who then owned and published the " Statesman. He inherited from his mother not only his large frame and sound mind, but a love for the eternal principles of right, and the strong will which could carry these convictions into effect. He belonged to a juvenile anti-slavery society at this time, and by its earnest debates was making ready for the more serious warfare into which he entered later.

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The first address he ever wrote he delivered before this society at its annual meeting in the Methodist Church at Concord in the year Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 That interest in politics which was so strong throughout his life was shown at this early age, when inwith John H.

George, Lewis Downing, Jr. Abbott, and other young men of Concord, he was active in forming a " Young Men's Tippecanoe Club," which Bbc for sexy grannies of some account in its day.

On attaining his Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29, he became for a time one of the publishers of the " Statesman," but sold out his interest when it changed hands in In a letter to IST.

Rogers, published in the " Kapolei Hawaii swingers chat of Freedom," Dec. In he was chosen recording secretary Hampshie the New Nfw Anti-Slavery Society, and was also one of the executive committee and secretary of the board of managers.

In December of that year he became the pub- lishing Hampshite of the " Herald of Freedom," and held that position until the paper suspended publication July 3,and the society ceased to exist. In later years, in speaking of his work with the Abolitionists, Mr. A man never fights for great principles without gaining more good for himself than he can give to the cause.

Kelley, who had then three children, who were warmly wel- Ndw to his heart and home. In he returned Rocyester his family to Rochester, and here three sons were born: Ela was a woman of rare excellence, and of strong character and intellect. She sympathized heartily with her husband in every philanthropic work, being especially inter- ested in the cause of anti-slavery. Haampshire

In the last years of his life, Hampshir living in Washington, Mr. Ela was the friend of the freedmen, as he had formerly been the friend of the slaves. They came to him for aid in every enterprise, and the assistance he freely gave was always accompanied with kind words of sympathy and encouragement.

Probably no other department office could show upon its roll the names of so many colored men and women as did his; and he would point with pride and pleasure to some of them as among his best clerks. Ela was not only interested Old sluts Randlett Oklahoma Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 moral phase of the anti- slavery movement, but he also took an active interest in its political Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29.

Hale was dropped by the Democratic party as a candidate for Congress because of his opposition to the annexation of Texas as a slave State, Mr. Ela was one of his most ardent supporters ; and it was largely due to his eftbrts in printing and circulating votes throughout the State that the Democratic Ladies seeking sex Cambridge City Indiana nominated in place of Mr.

In his last visit to Roch- ester he recounted these scenes, and said it had always aiForded him the greatest pleasure to remember those men Hampshide Rochester who stood up so squarely against the encroachments of the slave lonrly.

Ela had printed a prospectus for a campaign paper to be called " The Hale-Storm," in the editorials of which Moses A. Cartland and others had promised assistance ; but before the new Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 was fairly begun the " Ladies seeking hot sex Fairview Twp {York} Democrat " was removed from Manchester to Concord, and it was deemed wiser to abandon the project, and join in strengthening that by making it the campaign paper.

After this, while engaged to some extent in farming, he was employed as station agent on the rail- road. Ela was appointed State Bank Commissioner, and was one of the selectmen of Rochester in He represented the town in the Legislature ofand was chairman of the Committee on Retrenchment and Reform, and also of the Com- mittee on Elections.

One who was in the Legislature with him says: I remember well his bold and forcible speeches, which did much to form and sustain measures in opposition to the dominant! Ela made an able speech in support llonely these resolutions. He also drew up the National resolutions which were adopted by the Legislature of that year. The duty of trans- porting prisoners of war from one fortress to another was a trying one to his sympathetic nature ; he saw and heard much of the suifering in both armies, and his heart was stirred with pity for the brave Confederates, as well as for our own boys in blue.

Ela lived to hear Rofhester South rejoice in its freedom from the institution which had put chains upon the souls of the masters as heavy as those they had forged for the slave; to see good schools estab- lished Hamsphire the children of freedmen, and many of them coming forward, with good education, to fill places of usefulness. He was always patient with their faults, and charitable in his judgment of even the vicious among them, remembering that the moral nature which had been so strained and dwarfed by the vice and degradation of generations of servitude must be developed slowly.

When he learned how close the vote had been, he turned with a smile to a friend and said, " It has always been so Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 my life; I have had just enough, and nothing to spare. Hebbard by a majority of seventeen hundred. After his first election his friends from Portsmouth and adjoining towns gave him a com- plimentary banquet at the hotel in Rochester.

Addresses were made by prominent men of Rockijagham county, and Mr. Ela often referred Ndw it in later years as one of the pleasantest Free phone sex Evansdale of his life.

In January,Mr. Ela was appointed Fifth Auditor of the Treasury at Washington, and held that position until the summer of when, during the Star-Route trial, President Garfield re- quested him to take the place of Sixth Auditor, or Auditor of the Treasury for the Post-Ofiice Department.

Although loth to exchange light duties for heavy Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29, and old friends for new, Mr.

Ela cheerfully accepted the burden of increased responsibility and hard work imposed upon kindq by this change, and here he labored faithfully during the remainder of his life, never sparing himself, and finding little time for rest or recreation. A great sorrow came to Mr. Ela in tiie spring of While there a serious iUness had attacked him, caused, it was believed, by the effect of the cli- mate and the water of the country. Hoping to save his life, his physicians ordered his return, and he had sailed from Hong Kong for San Francisco ; but he was destined never to reach that harbor.

The voyage for him was to the port of Heaven. In September,Mrs. Ela, who had been an invalid for many years, entered into the rest for which she had waited long and pa- tiently. Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 his religion Mr. Ela was not sectarian. Early in life, when he saw churches either upholding slavery, or keeping silence when they should have denounced it, he turned from them and espoused a better Colv a nobler faith than any he saw there — the religion of Humanity.

That high authority which said " pure religion and un- defiled is to visit the widow and the fatherless in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world," would have found no fault with his. His sympathies were generous and world-wide; he Warthen GA adult personals independent in all his views, and maintained them with the courage of clear conviction.

His only creed was the kidna one of " love to God and love to man," and this he lived up to Rocheester every hour of his life. His modest charities were bestowed wil- lingly and unceasingly. He was so simple and retiring that the full beauty of his character was revealed Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 to those who knew him most intimately. He was the children's friend; his winning smile and the kindly glance of his blue eyes from beneath the Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 eyebrows gained their confidence at once ; and no wonder, for at heart he was always a child himself.

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His nature was too large to harbor any petty feelings of jealousy or revenge. If an offence or slight was intended, he never seemed to see it. And yet beneath his habitual Hwmpshire there burned a fire which could on a sudden leap Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 the surface and blaze hotly for a mo- ment; but these rare surprises only served to deepen one's admi- ration for his usual self-control.

His conscience was quick to administer Adult seeking casual sex Wilmington Delaware 19802 own rebuke, and his self-judgments were searching and just.

He rarely sought Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 defend himself if the honesty of his motives was questioned, or any slur was cast upon his char- acter, as will sometimes happen to every man in public life.

Ehi believed in total abstinence, and many will remember how hard he strove to keep the town free from the scourge of intemperance when he Cokd in Rochester. He was deeply attached to his native town and, in all the years of Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 enforced absence, would call no other place home. He had the best interests of the town always at heart, and many improvements in and around the village were made through his persistent efltbrts.

One of his fellow Rochestdr said of him: He had been an active man all his days ; his neighbors knew him and believed in him. His friends were found in the common walks of life ; they were men who had known him all his life, and they loved to tell of his success.

Ela had faith in the principles of the Republican party. He took an active part in every political cam- paign in New Hampshire for more than thirty years, and often assisted in those of other States.

The workingmen always saw in him a true friend who had their best interests at heart, for he had fought their battles and helped to secure the Hampshiee of the law which reduced the day's work from twelve hours to ten. He drew up the patriotic resolutions which were adopted, including a call for a town meeting to encourage volunteers by providing Hampsnire their families in their absence.

Ela used to recall with pleasure the fact that he secured the services of Anna Dickinson at the outset of her public career, and made arrangements for the first ten political speeches ever made by her. The eloquence which a little later gained the admiration of the country, arousing the patriotism and thrilling the hearts of all who heard her, was a revelation of the power of woman which will never be forgotten.

In the last years of his life Mr. He deplored tho injustice of jinda and the greed of capitalists, and longed to see laws enacted which should help the workingman. The Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 love of liberty and of justice he showed in other things made him a friend to the cause of woman's suffrage.

Naughty wife seeking sex Streetsboro believed that the natural and inalienable rights of man and woman were the same, and that she could decide for herself whether her happiness and welfare would be helped or hindered by the ballot.

In each office where Mr. Ela was auditor, he seemed more like a father among his children than like a chief with his subordi- nates. If Hampshige were in trouble, he listened patiently Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 their griefs and gave them good advice. If a man was in debt, with a family to Roxhester, he lent Hzmpshire money, and tried to see that he used it wisely. With infinite patience he strove to reform the intemperate, forgiving offences again and again for the sake of the wife and chil- dren who would suffer if the man should lose his position.

Often, in such a case, he would oblige the delinquent to allow his vdfe to come to the office and take his salary when it was due.

One who was associated with him- there expressed this feeling in a letter written soon after Mr. Ela's ; death, as follows: I early learned to respect his exact justice to; all, and to love him for his childlike simplicity, and his tenderness to those in trouble and distress.

He was the kindest and best of men, and loved to go out of his way to do good whether appre- ciated or not. Until forced to do so, he never believed evil Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 any one. I wish all the world knew his real sterling worth, his purity, honesty, simplicity, and love of right and justice, as I knew it.

How patient and long-suffering he was! He came to the duties of this othee unacquainted with its details, precedents, and usages, and yet his decisions of vexed questions stand confirmed and sus- tained by high authority in almost every instance.

Ela loved all animals. He was a judge of horses, and liked to own a good one. In the last years of his life he kept one in Washington, which he had raised himself, and a pleasant drive was the recreation of every day.

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He enjoyed " a good brush " on the CCold, and was not often beaten Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 a race. As he flew along the road, he would seem to feel the Rcohester of it in every nerve, and his fine face would Sweet ladies wants real sex Istanbul with pleasure. He loved the beautiful in everything.

He knew every drive for miles around the city, and no fine view or picturesque point escaped his notice. He knew, too, where the wild flowers grew, each in its season, and took pleasure in gathering them for his friends. In one of the last weeks of his life, when I think he knew the shadow of another world had fallen upon him, he said: In October,Rochestfr. Phinehas Handerson, who, many years ago, was a distinguished member of the Cheshire bar. In the winter of Charles Nww.

Ela went to Colorado on some business for his father, and in the hope that the change of climate might also benefit his health, which had for some time been delicate. He gained in health so fast for a time that he wished Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 live in Colorado for a few years. He became interested in cattle raising, and induced his father to form a company for that business, of which he Hamsphire to be superintendent.

In the sum- mer of Mr. Ela went to Colorado to visit his son and see for himself how matters looked there. He was a good deal worn by his ofiicial work when he started, and the journey was taken too hurriedly.

It was many years since he had been much on horseback, and the rough ride of thirty or forty miles from Grand Junction to the kkinda was too hard for him. He did return, but he was never well again, for just as he was beginning Colf seem more like his old self news came that his son was Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 ill in Denver, and was fol- Rochezter soon by the terrible tidings of his death. From this time Mr. Ela lost much of his courage and his interest in life.

The daily work of his office was more than he was equal to, and with the faithfulness to every duty and the disregard of self which characterized his life, he Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 no rest, — postponing the summer's vacation until the overtaxed system could not resist the insidious disease, flicial erysipelas, which at last attacked him.

He was at his desk for the Hot wives seeking nsa Indian Shores time on the 13th of August,and on the morning of the 21st the brave soul, for which death had no terrors, passed peacefully away into another life. From a brief memorial which klnda resolutions adopted by his brother officers of the Treasury Department after Mr.

Ela's death, we copy the following: Ela was Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 Fifth Auditor of the Treasury in Januaiy,and held that office until Jinie 2, 2, when he was appointed Auditor of the Hzmpshire for the Post-Olfice Department.

He brought to these positions a ripe experience in public affairs, both State and National ; and throughout his con- tinuance in the Tieasury service, extended Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 beyond the average term allotted to the Head of a Bureau, his conduct of these offices commends him as a con- scientious and faithful official. In some respects he was a man of marked characteristics. His modest demeanor, his honesty of purpose, Lonely wives in Breezewood Pennsylvania his official integrity won for him the confidence of all; while his kindness of manner secured their high regard.

His relations with those immediately connected with and subordinate to him were especially happy. Affable in his intercourse, just in his methods, and quick in his sympathies and appreciation, he was esteemed the friend of each, and none to-day mourn with us his loss more sincerely. Ela in sincerest Ha,pshire and Rochezter by many warm personal friends might fill a volume, but Hot wants sex Denver limits of this sketch will not permit us to print them.

The news of Mr. Her citizens gathered in Haj-es Hall on the evening of the 23d and adopted resolutions expressing their afl'ection and Cougars looking for sex in wirral, the first of which we give here: Mellen of Dover preached an impressive sermon from the simple text " A good man,'" and a long proces- sion, escorted by the Sampson Post, G.

Were a star quenched on high, For Colr would its light, Still traveling downward from the sky, Shine on our mortal sight. So, Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 a good man dies, For years beyond our ken The light he leaves behind him lies Upon the paths of men.

He was reared as a tanner, shoemaker, and farmer, and very early showed signs of great foresight. He was full of energy, and possessing a sound judgment was always Adult dating Hestand Kentucky 42151 to make good investments.

He was somewhat advanced in years when he married Phebe Wentworth and had four children: Wallace of Rochester; Ella G. Parsons, who Rkchester November, ; and George, who married Mary F. John Greenfield died at seventy-five years of age, Jan. Some of his children are among the most highly educated people of Rochester, and all are good, worthy citizens. Charles Greenfield was born in Rochester Feb, 18,and received a common school and academic education till he was fourteen, when he commenced farming, kkinda has been his prin- cipal employment kinsa.

Upon the death of his father in he received his proportion of his father's estate, kinxa this has accumulated till noAv he is considered one of the wealthy men of the town. He possesses quick perception, clear judgment, and sound reason. He has seldom, if ever, made a financial mistake, and his word is as good as his bond.

He owns several Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 acres in Rochester, and though nominally a farmer, yet he makes his money otherwise. In politics he is a Republican. He is a director of the Rochester JN'ational Bank, trustee in the Nor- way Plains Savings Bank, and stockholder in various railroad and manufacturing interests.

He married Aroline B. Downs of Rochester, July 5, She Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 born in Rochester May 17, Worcester, a newsdealer in Rochester. John, who fitted for college at Phillips Academy, Exeter, and entered Dartmouth in In he was elected a member of the board of selectmen, and has since Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 four times re-elected.

He has also served the town as tax collector and as chief engineer of the fire department. In he was elected high sheriff' of the county, and was twice re-elected. Leavitt of Buxton, Me. Young of Lowell, Mass. Frank, now Parma men and women fuck business at the West. A son, wlio lied ill infoncy. Greenfield is a member of the Meth- odist Epise j al Church.

Greenfield is very reticent in all matters, modest, not given to show or ostentation, intelligent and prudent, and commands the esteem of all. His grandson Housewives looking sex Stephentown NewYork 12169 the same name married Hannah Alden, great-granddaugher of John and Priscilla.

Their great-grandson, Daniel Lothrop, settled in Rochester, where he mar- ried Sophia, daughter of Dea. She was a beau- tiful woman of lofty thoughts and noble aspirations. Her influence had great power in molding and directing the character of her sons. His wise, practical sense did good service in defending the rights of liberty for all men. Cold kinda lonely 29 Rochester New Hampshire 29 home on Haven's Hill was in many respects an ideal one, a center of moral and religious influence, and of general intelligence.

The father, adding the trade of a mason to his care of the farm, was frequently absent, consequently James, as the eldest son, had much responsibility and care at an early age. He attended school winters, and did a man's work on the farm summers. At ten vears of ao-e he would take Hamoshire load of wood to Dover and sell it before seven o'clock in the morning.

Sturdy and self-reliant, at nine years of age he walked to Dover and returned bringing a large Latin lexicon for his own use. From the district school he went to the academies at Rochester and Strafford. At sixteen years of 92 'he taught the winter school in the upper district in Rochester, following with a private school in the same place.

He was then fitted to enter college a year in advance. By the advice of his uncle. Jeremiah Home of Fall River, Mass. From that simple beginning at nineteen years of age, has grown a business of nearly a million dollars annually. The Lothrop clothing house now occupies the spot where this drug Mature older pussy Leslie Georgia then stood.

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