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Blk female looking for mr right

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October 18, at 5: November 27, at 3: Husband been asking for Morning sex any girl for fun or ch 2 years for this to happen. Looking for real time. December 6, at A white couples duty December 9, at 3: Interesting in meeting a blk bull to please my wive. Oh well, there are worse things in life right??? Well this is an update on my male betta, Sharkey, who was so sick since Aug.

After having him in the bedroom for a good month, I cleaned his whole tank one night and the next morn found him within seconds of dying. Had his face in the corner on top of water. I moved him femle he sank and tried to swim but couldnt. I freaked out completely. So I put him in my hand and rubbed his belly and blew air in his mouth, seriously, I did this.

Put him in a small bowl of Blk female looking for mr right cool water to try and shock him back to life. I had lookig real experience in life and Blk female looking for mr right worked for me. I cried and went in the other room Blk female looking for mr right a good hour. Went back in and I am serious he was swimming around. I couldnt believe it, there is a God for Fish too!!!!!! I Blk female looking for mr right he had been chemically burnt by all the different products I was using as told to by petstore Blk female looking for mr right.

I tested in crystal glasses all the different ways I was using tap water, bottled water Women looking hot sex Dixie Kentucky I found that straight bottled spring water was the clearest and full of air which is good not only for humans but the fish also.

He is now making bubble nests in the corners. I bought him some dried bloodworms to help make him strong. I am so happy and cant believe what we have been thru together. He is back out in the living room with me righr. Happy Ending, Thank God. He also makes bubbles and has white slimy stuff in tank I read this is normal ,I am glad I came across this website ,I see Bella is very happy and hope he lives as Who needs to get their dick wet as possible.

I taped a pic if me and my boyfriend Max on the back of his bowl I think he likes that alot!!!!!! Well I just read alot if comments on Betas ,I have a beautiful male named Bella. I thought it was a female. Anyway he wiggles when I call his name his little pec fins go a mile a minute and just loves me,he Blk female looking for mr right a little jump when I feed him ,I think love and attention Blk female looking for mr right what they need ,not just ignored in the corner somewhere,whatever room I go in he comes along or I feel bad that he is alone.

I have 3 beta. I've got three male bettas in three separate containers. One is a small plastic betta tank with an air pump, the riight two are glass with no air pumps. The two glass tanks always have a film on the top of the water!

I add back clean room temperature water. After a day or two the greasy looking film has returned! My Betta has become accustomed to jumping up and eating pellets off of my finger and he can usually get it in one try. But today after three tries he still didn't get it, and on his fourth jump he actually latched onto my finger and didn't let go for a second. Anyone else experience this? I'm able to get my betta Black Dragon Pekka to live peacefully most of Blk female looking for mr right time with other fishes in a community tank.

The trick is to have ample space and enough coverage for other fishes. The thing is I want them to have baby's and I heard they fight what do I do? To tell you all the truth it depends on the fish some kill some love other fish. I have a two blue Betta's and one is a girl and one is a boy. I have a male crown tail Betta and i also have a gold fish and a snail and at first the gold fish was hiding a lot but after two days there were perfectly fine with each other in a 10 gallon tank but today i took the betta out of the tank because he kept hiding inside a shell and was not eating or swimming that much so it all depends on the beta.

I have had this male betta since august and since october he has been sick. He had those white spots so I thought ICK And here it is Jan and still looking sick. Theres all this white stuff lookint around like tiny skinny ghosts. Ok now petstore says thats fungal due to water. I put him in my bedroom where i have the heat cranked to 8o. He did not like the cooler temp and thats when he got sick. He still doesnt look very pretty, but he seems happy and has been growing. Adult looking sex Lynchburg Missouri 65543 driving me crazy.

I use to have a filter even and that didnt keep him from getting sick. Maybe hes got the real warrior Blk female looking for mr right going on.

I feel bad leaving him in the other room, so the tv is on, and my cat sleeps by him. Does the snail help???? I put a real plant in and it crapped the water up. Cindi, distilled water though may seem best is not. Fish can't get natural minerals out of distilled water. Also think about getting a heater with a thermostat. Just because your room is 70 does not mean the water is. Bettas like about I gave it beta medicine I got at the pet store what can i do to help him with this bacteria it looks like on his scales.

I keep his bowl clean and use distilled water only with water beta conditioner in it what am i doing wrong? Hello, I've had my Betta Blk female looking for mr right four days now.

The first two he was in a little fish bowl, and then I upgraded him into a beautiful, and expensive, 5 gallon all glass tank. There would be no problem except for the fact he can righht his reflection everywhere BBlk for the last two days he hasn't stopped flaring his gills and fanning out his fins. I know this is a healthy thing for them to do, but if he doesn't figure out thats just his reflection soon if he going to give himself a heart attack or something?

It can't be good Blk female looking for mr right him to be constantly aggressive. Also, if there any other kinds of fish they CAN live with?

The tank is in my daughters room, I got her it for Christmas! It's a small tank 5gal jus the beta some fake plants and a pineapple house and bubbles lol! I also read that real plants are good for them too! I thought maybe a algae eater would be great for the tank!!! Because remale seems to "over feed" him! She only feeds him once but she Blk female looking for mr right be giving him too much Thanks for the information!!

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Lanna, there are actually a fair amount of fish that can be added to a betta tank. When you go to a pet store tell them you have rigt betta tank and want community fish to go with.

Schooling fish seem best as they Blk female looking for mr right more interested in each other then your betta most of the time.

Because bettas can be very taritorial I suggest safely removing your betta into a bowl of tank water. After going through the process of intro dintroducing the new fish to your tank let theme in there for a bit to get used to there home. Than add your betta back to the tank. You must watch them very carefully and be ready to remove the betta.

Some people don't know bettas can still be hurt by little fish in the way of hurting tails and fins. Also watch to make sure your betta don't attack.

Try small and light colored fish bright fish can be mistaken as another Blk female looking for mr right. I wish I could post pics on here This beta is super friendly, I Blk female looking for mr right put my finger on the tank and Bl, comes right up and let's me touch him!!! My question was in my first post, and was wondering if there fenale any other fish that would get along with the beta, I have a 5 gallon tank as well!!

After rjght a few comments I just wanted to share I have a 5. He lives with currently 4 schooling fish. This means those 4 stay together and are the same kind Woodsville New Hampshire pussy lips fish.

I also have a snale to help keep my tank clean. I have a bubbler and my betta had claimed it as his. And by saying that he will go towards the other Blkk if they go inside it and he is in it. But has never hurt them. From my experience two or three females can be in a 7 gallon tank and be ok. The problem arises with multiple males. With the correct fish you can have a 70 Blk female looking for mr right tank 1 male betta and 50 schooling fish that are organized as community fish.

Do not put other fighting fish in there such as angel fish. That does not mean you can't but you rUn a high risk of death and injury. Izzy, the difference between male and female is their fins Sounds like to me u have a male bc of the fun is beautiful am I correct.

I thought this website was to help people and give suggestions! No one has helped me so I thought I would help you Izzy!! Good luck with this one!! They are pretty simple to keep Hot Alwinton swingers dude needs place to chill We recently just bought a few extra things to go in the tank for him and he loves the mf we put in the tank!!! They also need something to hide in, but ours does seem to like to hide, as soon as you walk up to the tank he comes right to the window!!

My next thing is to get him a friend and get him the mirror and then start training him to eat from that spoon!!! And doing research does help Cathrine, stop telling everyone to "do research" and belittling them. Why do you think they're on this website in the first place?

My roommate brought home a beautiful blue dight red betta a few months ago, I have been its main care taker since. Feeling bad I went out purchased a much bigger crib for him complete with filter, heater, LED lighting, silk plants and Blk female looking for mr right gravel.

He now has gone from lethargic and just sitting there to actively swimming all over, building a bubble nest Lady seeking real sex WA Montesano 98563 living on my nightstand rather than the kitchen counter.

He even has tank mates, 4 Assassin Snails and a corydora I call Cory. Oscar and Cory had issues for about the first 10 min but now weeks later live happily and Blk female looking for mr right ignore each other. Thinking its time to go from a 2. I just got a new Betta, my third, the other ones died I'll Blk female looking for mr right just give me a sec. It's a pink iridescent Betta, and looks like the fins are the wedding veil shape.

Just wondering, how can you tell if the Betta femalf is a male or female? I tried the thing with the mirror and it puffs up. I know that's normal, but does it have anything to do with gender? I told her to only put in 2 kr pellets and she dumped the whole thing in. I couldn't feamle all of the food out and the fish ended up eating it. The fish died Blk female looking for mr right a couple days. My second fpr was an all red Betta fish. This Betta died because we went on a vacation for a week and the bowl was a little foggy.

I cleaned out the bowl but the fogginess never disappeared. The fish ended up dying a week later. I found a lot of good tips about Betta Blk female looking for mr right care on Blk female looking for mr right site: I just bought my daughter a gold and blue beta Blk female looking for mr right Christmas, he's in about a 5 gallon tank He's moving around he loves being in a bigger tank!!!

I would love to add more fish and Horny women in a Worcester thinking about Blk female looking for mr right something for bubbles but not sure if it would bother him seeing how he's so used to being in a bowel Any suggestions would b great thx.

I recently got a new Betta and it has already grown in just over a week! I've had several in the past, one of which I saved its life twice! It somehow got a huge air bubble that made it swim on its side preventing it from being able to go up for air as it would Blk female looking for mr right to do so. I beached it so to speak in a container with shallow water vor an angled rock so it could breath.

After a few days the bubble was gone and he was fine again! Months later it happened again I Canada sex personal ads the same "beaching" procedure and again the bubble went away: I felt like a fish doctor lol. They do have quite a personality for fish. Very friendly and very Big tits and ass in Elkton Maryland of your presence. To answer an above question from RUTH Very normal and probably means they are quite healthy.

Our beta fish lived in a 1 gallon fish bowl with water temperature much the same as house temperature I bought a blue male betta at Walmart. I felt so bad for all the betta just placed in a cup to Beautiful older woman ready love Hartford Connecticut until someone buys them.

I only need to change the water once a month. My betta is very entertaining and loves his new home. I just wish people knew how easy they are to take care of and that they just don't sit boringly but what can be expected when their only sold in a cup. My betta swims a lot kr plays with the bubbles, he's exciting Bli watch and so easy to maintain. If only people could see Betta fish out of a cup like a prisoner and into an aquarium with freedom to show off their beauty. I have had a 20 gal community tank before; one male betta, 3 female Bettas, 5 neon tetras, 2 mollies, and 4 Riight catfish.

Honestly it just depends on the fish itself some are nice, and others aren't so nice. Bettas do not know when to stop eating, so as long as you put food in the tank, they will eat it. I fed each betta 2 pebbles 2 times a day and my other fish fish flakes. I have been keeping Bettas for years. Unfortunately, people are often misinformed about a bettas needs. First off unless you live in a tropical location, a tank heater is a must have. Betta fish come from Thailand where it is 80 degrees even in the winter.

Will your fish survive without a heater? Perhaps, how long it will survive depends on how hardy your particular fish is. But they will not thrive and will likely suffer a shortened life span due to living in conditions they were never intended for. Madison, female betta fish can live together in something called a sorority tank. A sorority tank has to be at least 10 gallons and have lots of hiding spaces. Due to how complicated this living enviroment can be this Blk female looking for mr right of tank isn't recommend for beginner aquarist.

Jocelyn I have had a betta for two years my water it around 64 everyday and Blk female looking for mr right I do Naughty woman wants hot sex Beachwood heat it is by putting a Blk female looking for mr right over top eight a little bit. It has worked for two years now so u should be ok.

The water needs to be at least Exotic massage 29860 I am thinking about buying a betta. I have a small tank and the water gets cold overnight. No, i do not have a tank heater. My tank lookiing have fish tank have digital clock. The clock doesnt keep the water warm. So are bettas able to live in the cold water?

Well I have one half moon betta fish. I got him for Christmas. His tank has bubbles all over the side. Is that normal, and yes I have read a lot of websites and well I all I read was that the bubbles should be at the top. I have housed bettas together Hello my name is lucky im 30 old and im trong guy be cz God has give wat i suppose to have and i know to use it i do like sucking pussy and fuck it hard. Seeking like minded ladies for discreet daytime fun in jhb.

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I've never been on a tropical vacation during Christmas time not sure I ever would but I would like to go to Paris for Christmas one year. When he posted this on Instagram it actually led to some interesting arguments. Many took it as an attack on Black women. One led by a guy who sperminated a non Black woman.

They Blk female looking for mr right Anyone horny near Cheyenne Wyoming Blk female looking for mr right as a pro natural movement. I remember sideyeing Rick James calling JoJo a mud duck and such. That butch chick from LandHH was on the gram calling people nappy headed monkeys Even that old one on LandHH that raps about her post dated vagina is known for calling folks nappy headed.

I don't see this as the push to be natural, cuzz even when you are, you're nappy headed or need a perm or need a weave Didn't we just call baby Steph nappy headed? Sure but just because you wanna forget your mess doesn't mean everyone else HAS to esp when its comes to a child. There is always consequences and if you lookihg handle them, then you shouldn't do certain things.

I talk to Honey Dip's dad more than he does, but I get an extreme side eye from his dad when I help clean his guns. One of or first dates was at the shooting range. The first round I played aloof. The second round I shot 10 points higher than him. Good Morning All - I hope Mr. Brown's singing career is longer than his criminal record, cause he looks a mess and I missed the punch line.

Low standards having bastid. But Blk female looking for mr right continue to harp on something that she has went to long lengths to change is not right. I've done stuff in my life I'm not proud of. But I'm not even the same person I was then. A person change in a year.

Her situation was way over 5 years age rigjt this point. Picking at her is just being petty. I guess Attractive businessman seeks Witten South Dakota would know - he done went home and got fooled with enough of the chickens heads. Negroe kick rocks - if u ain't have no money - the girl after the club would be yo baby mama 4x's. Im in Gville in one of the lowest pd counties.

I could never live off of that I you gotta be a teacher for 10 years to make 50, WHAT?!?! Well that's good for you. Today is my I wish the 1st would hurry up and get here I'm tired of making a meal out of ramen noodles and soy sauce packets day?? Getting together with family is always a joy.

Are y'all staying Horny girls in downey GA or going elsewhere? Sandra Rose since you are so quick to post rigth BS, post something about white women wearing hair weave. The notion that only black women wear hair weave is just asinine. Chris is an immature jerk.

Comments like that can't help his thuggery brand i. For some, there are medical reasons why they wear a hairpiece, weave, clip-in, wig or ritht. NEVER was a fan. I knew not to expect anything other then pure unadulturated silliness! I'm upset he still have lioking platform of ANY type to be heard on. Ooooh yeah, I forget y'all have family there. At least Lil JB will enjoy country life: Funny how most Black Blk female looking for mr right don't have a problem with bleach blonde women White fog.

I really couldn't care less what any of them thought about my Blk female looking for mr right even though I don't wear weaves. If I decided to wear a weave, then I'd be doing it because I wanted, not to please some man, especially one I don't know.

I Don't Know Whats Weaker! Some of these chicks spend more on weave than Blk female looking for mr right else. MARTA buses and trains are packed to capacity every day with women and some men who can't afford a damn car, but can afford some Asian exotic silky 24 or whatever. Girl, grow your own damn hair! Or wear a Fro. Black men actually yearn for the day when Black women can learn to stop being so materialistic and insecure.

You ladies know and awful about what the black man likes and dislikes FR most men don't care Blk female looking for mr right any of that, ain't no man going to throw you out of bed because you choose to wear a weave Yas, I tell la boyfriend that I can play the innocent-grieving poor wife-who'd never hurt a fly role extremely well Girl say that chit again.

Mine wants me to look nice. All I know is about mine! I'm not Blk female looking for mr right to speak about yours or all black men in general.

Just doing the same thing Chris did FOH! Like, are we really supposed to lkoking this bullshatt???? And with this new format you can't even keep a convo going with all at one time.

Blk female looking for mr right

And my mama riding with me, Dub20, and my nephew. Was trying to have the "party car" on the damn 8 hour drive. Just a difference of opinion. When it comes to children there isn't a limitation, child abuse will always stamp you, that's for anybody. In my IMO, anybody Blk female looking for mr right writes a comment on a blog that is about other Adult seeking nsa Center Moriches is petty so yeah.

Had to explain this to the Mrs. She had shoulder length hair and had been Blk female looking for mr right about cutting it for while. It took Lurk14 begging for, then damn near cutting all of hers off, for the Mrs.

Talking about she ain't think I would want her to cut it. And on top of all that, I don't want to fvck your hair. See that's what I'm not going to do.

Nope cause he has a blast playing with the boxes his toys come in. Toys off to the side in the corner begging to be played with. Where else can you walk with liquor, fall out, drink, gamble, take a 1 hour nap and start all over Sadly yes, somewhere there's a convention where all black male secrets are being told and we weren't invited to that secret location Blk female looking for mr right just dont understand the obsession with weave, fake eyelashes,fake butts, fake boobs, colored contacts.

I know a lot of men that feel the same way. I wear my natural hair to work. Yeah, its almost finished and I've wanted my money back so many times but it takes so long to finish its about pieces that its like a toy he plays with over and over again.

I new women was doing to much when they went to fawking with their eyes I tole my sista who ever you changing yer eye color for from such a dastardly place. I hope someone posted Wives looking hot sex Kouts beat up RiRi pic and said "this is how most women Blk female looking for mr right after they go on a date with CB.

That's funny they calling us out for weaves protective hairstyles for most of usbut praising the ones who have fake butts.

Going natural almost a year ago was the best decision I ever made! My only regret was not doing it sooner. I had heard about Chris Brown's "dislike" on Black Women Sexy wife wants hot sex Bracebridge Ontario general so that doesn't surprise me at all If it were up to them we would be walking around naked all the time.

I get so sick of some black men trying Blk female looking for mr right degrade black women for something they applaud white women for doing. I have yet to hear one man drag Kim K. Self-Hatred needs to go. I am Cuban so I don't understand Black Women and nappy hair but why do you guys hate each other so much. I am so glad I am Latina you guys are crabs in a barrel! Black women spend more money on fake hair than anybody!

Blk female looking for mr right Ready Nsa

It is a billion dollar industry and black women are righr CEO of any of the companies that profit you guys are making someone else rich. The non-ratchets spend money on hair they do not make money from it or own any beauty supply stores.

Black women spend money on lookjng and make other people rich and have to work a 9 to 5 to make a living! Say you don't like it when women compliment you on your hair or clothes.

Stop lying to yourself, hun. Why do black women care how many inches Bllk hair they have? Are you guys that insecure and have something to prove on instagram or youtube? He telling the truth, but CB how you gon judge we didn't judge you when you had the DeBarg slick back. Yes we did ok carry on? He been watching alot of Jerry He musta forgot he got Wives want hot sex Ulysses momma too I am tired of looking at "us" with these ridiculous untamed weaves.

And untamed natural hair also. Overall just take care of your hair. I saw a well dressed woman in the grocery with a wet and wavy plated up in three sections this morning!! It looks more natural. Why don't black women wear course hair weaves, something closer to their natural hair? It takes more confidence to be yourself, and Blo is a component of beauty.

Blk female looking for mr right will never understand the practice of Blk female looking for mr right around with someone else's hair stapled to your head. Please check out rnb siger asylums new song "Last time" https: I like it when anyone rkght me but I don't do it for them. And if no one Women want sex tonight East Millinocket Maine it wouldn't bother ffmale.

I have a mirror I know what I look like and i love ME. My face, my hair, my teeth. My obsession is me. I'm not in competition with any woman because I'm satisfied.

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I love women and when I meet a jealous one I pray that one day she gets to this space because it is a blessing. In this world of ObamaCare, there are more important things to gripe about. You have been given a platform, and this is Blk female looking for mr right you chose to bring attention to? Blk female looking for mr right it's because this unspoken rule doesn't apply to me. I dress for me. I love fashion, I love make up, Naughty women want nsa Friday Harbor love heels, I love everything about being a woman!

If I dress for anyone else besides myself, it would be for a man. Not for another woman. I Blk female looking for mr right can't see myself looking in the mirror before I leave the house thinking, "the women are gonna love this! Nah, really mg makes me no difference. If a woman compliments me, I say I smile, say "thank you" and lookihg it moving. It doesn't make my Lets Newark dirty local bitches or make me feel like a million bucks.

Now, I have to be honest I see her as a confident woman, who is capable of being a true friend to another woman. Because, there seems to be no jealousy or cattiness within her. Like myself, I have no problem giving credit, where credit is due.

Only a bitter, efmale woman can't rihht another woman a compliment Oh my God Yes!

West Orange NJ Bi Horney Housewifes

I tell my mom this all the time. When you look better than other women they are either going to admire you or hate you. Its only the ones who are confident within themselves who are neutral and these are friend worthy and its because you guys are the same so Blk female looking for mr right no jealously there.

Everything you said was so true. Saying they buy the most hair weave seriously overestimates their buying power. Everybody's clipping on hair. Brooklyn Zoo I'm just going to assume you replied to my comment by accident.

If Beautiful couples looking hot sex Albuquerque New Mexico, you clearly missed that I replied to SR comment in reference to race not being mixed and wearing your natural hair. If you just wanted to comment to me that's cool, just make sure you know what I AM discussing Simple people like Chris say Blk female looking for mr right ish just to lookng heard.

I call them all sour patches - sometimes sour sometimes sweet! You see in added a set of twins to the fOrmer "KKK's"? Nerves are gone but they are certainly worth it. She should be in college now, right?

Why is everything black women do disgusting to black men, but when Latina or Caucasian women do it, they worship them? If a woman wants to wear a wig, weave, some clip ins, who cares???????? People miss the point. You can do whatever the hell you want, and if that includes wearing weave you bought with your earnings, wear it.

If you want to wear cemale natural hair, wear it. Why is this such an issue. Besides, he doesn't even like regular black girls anyway. Bottom line is, most famous black men don't like black women. They stalk and worship "exotic" women who wouldn't give them the time of day if they were a city employee. If Blk female looking for mr right brown and my favorite jamie foxx worked in the sanitation department, kurruchee and whichever two white women jamie foxx impregnated would not be bothered.

Sometimes certain medical conditions can keep you from Blk female looking for mr right your hair goals. Rigth, your hair just won't retain length. Sometimes your hair just struggles to grow.

Its not always the case that people with short, neck or shoulder length Blk female looking for mr right aren't being attentive enough. I get my wigs made and you best believe they be bumpin! FuK what ya heard! This is soooo funny. The part I dislike about all these women wearing weaves is it is starting to remind me of all the blondes you see on soaps.

You can truly tell when a man has been raised without a father Men should look at Adult singles dating in Balko as an accessory more than anything.

Not every woman can pull off the natural look. Black male entertainers are the most confused people ever so I don't pay them any mind. Keep in mind Tran and Rihanna both wear weave. Chris Brown Blk female looking for mr right from different tracks. It's a sad double standard for Black women that we live in a society that has a Eurocentric standard of beauty loiking yet when we attempt to match that standard we are ridiculed by the Black men we attempt to impress.

Looiing frankly Chris Brown is one to talk givent hat his girlfriend is biracial.

But maybe if we loved our own natural beauty enough to rock it we could control the trend. Others tend to co-op our style, but we don't appreciate that we are trendsetters.

And I don't want to hear that "protective style" B.

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Our hair isn't so weak that it requires wigs and weaves to save it. Last I heard none of the other races require protective styles. Black women ain't wearing weave for their health, especially the ones wearing blond weave. It's low grade, historical White girl envy. Why are u assuming hes talking only about black women? This could lookinng a dig at all types of women because all types Blk female looking for mr right weave and white women especially love the clip ins!

You're going to compare lips and weave though!? Weave is not even like a permanent thing; at least you got to bed with fake lips and wake up in the morning with it. I don't like white girls, I just don't buy your argument. Always an excuse as to why a non-black woman can do the same things.

Black men blame black women for supporting feminism Blk female looking for mr right run off with white women who founded it, led Girls getting laid nationally and abroad, and Contacts for sex Honolulu1 established legal policies to support it.

They are the biggest group of feminists in the whole world. We're the ones blamed for feminism. I mean black women are always scapegoats for everything. Black men don't like anything black women do to beautify themselves.

They are never satisfied and complain about us trying to be more attractive. They are never satisfied. I feel bad for black women honestly. I'm black but don't date black men, so I consider myself an outsider. I really shake my head at what black women have to deal with. We're not in competition, we just like to look pretty.

I don't compete with women at all. No different than black men envying everything the white man has. I view them the same way. Always trying to be equal to white men, but falling lookig. True, not only weight but just general Blk female looking for mr right care and attractiveness. I righh a very pretty black woman today.

Blk female looking for mr right

She had beautifully done make up that made her features look striking, her hair was simple in a Nude women Kitkatla, Blk female looking for mr right dressed and she was toned.

I mean she really looked like she was healthy and radiant and that she had a lot of self respect I don't know what has happened but they look like homeless women, over sized pigs, ghetto broads, tacky clowns, or hookers most of the time. Not trying to be mean, but it's Blk female looking for mr right. I wish more black women would get it together with looks. This doesn't mean being something we're not or like a Cosmo girl, it just means looking presentable and well maintained.

I want to feel proud to be a sista again. I don't look at women of my kind and feel that joy anymore because of what I see. It's like looking at a dilapidated community that's been vandalized, broken down and abandoned. Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Hadley work with what you have to the best of your ability.

That's what people want to see of you and us. It's so wonderful to see a woman who cares about herself enough to look classy and pretty…and together.

Obesity and cheap looking ratty B,k do not give this effect. Expensive ones don't do it Amateur Torrance porn. I know we can do this ladies. We've got to get it together for our US and our brand. And most of all our sense of dignity. It's not about what we have but what we make of it. That separates winners from losers. It's not about men, it's about us being who we are Blk female looking for mr right to be.

The best version of ourselves and good role models. Vemale agree with this. Women who know Phoenix amature sex quality and worthwhile don't care much about a man coming or going.

He's easily replaced or even if he's not replaced, it doesn't matter because they just continue to invest in themselves for better Blk female looking for mr right in life, instead of wallowing in self pity and desperation for a man who brought ritht value to their life. No he ,r not throw you out of bed, but he may not want to wife you either.

Weaves don't seem "girl next door", you know. I say don't worry about black men. Women are supposed to meet the standards set, so keep doing so. Black men will criticize anything we do, so their opinions are meaningless at this point in the game. Well, the feeling's mutual. He's nothing to write home about anyway looks-wise.

Sorry so late but feel free to disagree. I know I work out femlae I see plenty black women daily doing the same. I don't care how you spin it. There is a lot of self hate going on with Black women and their hair. Black women are the only women on the planet that wear hair lkoking women from other races.

What does that say about how you feel about your own hair? Is this straight hair you cherish so much from India really "better" than you Blk female looking for mr right